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Suicide Girls in the Afterlife By Gina Ranalli,

  • Title: Suicide Girls in the Afterlife
  • Author: Gina Ranalli
  • ISBN: 9780976631088
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • After Pogue commits suicide, she unexpectedly finds herself an unwilling guest at a hotel in the Afterlife, where she meets a group of bizarre characters, including a goth Satan, a hippie Jesus, and an alien human hybrid This novella is from Gina Ranalli, an author of bizarro fiction, including Chemical Gardens and 13 Thorns with 0utsider artist Gus Fink Suicide GirlsAfter Pogue commits suicide, she unexpectedly finds herself an unwilling guest at a hotel in the Afterlife, where she meets a group of bizarre characters, including a goth Satan, a hippie Jesus, and an alien human hybrid This novella is from Gina Ranalli, an author of bizarro fiction, including Chemical Gardens and 13 Thorns with 0utsider artist Gus Fink Suicide Girls in the Afterlife is weird and fun and hauntingly bittersweet I read it in one evening and enjoyed it very much Brian Keene, author of The Rising and The Conqueror Worms
    Suicide Girls in the Afterlife After Pogue commits suicide she unexpectedly finds herself an unwilling guest at a hotel in the Afterlife where she meets a group of bizarre characters including a goth Satan a hippie Jesus and a

    One thought on “Suicide Girls in the Afterlife”

    1. I was extremely disappointed with this book I have only read Ranalli s Wall of Kiss before this, which was original and super creepy, unlike this book, which was annoying and full of stereotypes The idea was nothing I hadn t heard before and I really could have cared less what happened to any of the characters There were a few ideas that gained my attention, such as how and why rooms were assigned and I did enjoy some of the exploration of the lower levels, which is the only reason I am not rati [...]

    2. Whimsical Reminded me a little of the earlier books in the Incarnations of Immortality series, sort of that mythological meets modern day juxtaposition I did find it sort of odd that the afterlife here was based on a Christian style form of judgement on a good evil scale, but hell didn t seem that torturous and heaven didn t seem that idyllic Both just seemed like the philosophical extension of the rich get richer , with the tedium and repetition of day to day life filling in for overt suffering [...]

    3. No one knows what waits for us in the hereafter I can only hope it s something like the Sterling Hotel in Gina Ranalli s Suicide Girls in the Afterlife In this novella we are introduced to Pogue, a young girl who may or may not want to end her life Regardless, her death is labeled a suicide and she is forced to await final judgment in a modest hotel room while heaven and hell undergo renovation and expansion Not content to sit she decides to go exploring, grabbing her new friend and fellow suici [...]

    4. This book is about a young girl named Pogue who kills herself and is sent to stay in a temporary hotel while heaven and hell are undergoing renovations Each floor of this hotel represents different levels of the afterlife based on the circumstances of the individual s life and their death Through Pogue s exploration, she encounters several vastly different characters, which include a depressed goth Lucifer and a pot smoking hippie Jesus.The afterlife isn t much different than the real world Almo [...]

    5. Judging by the title, I had been expecting some sort of extremist radical fiction examining the damnation of a particularly promiscuous group of models Such ended up not being the case with Gina Ranalli s Suicide Girls in the Afterlife, however, and I was instead presented with a tongue in cheek tale of one condemned gal s quest to extinguish her boredom in the realm beyond death The characters are traditionally bizarro and interesting enough, as they include a naive former junkie with maturity [...]

    6. I found this book to be a sweet and charming read, but it was not what I expected and I find myself mostly lukewarm towards it The premise that basically every act of self neglect, from overeating to failure to procure proper health insurance is suicide, that Heaven and Hell are under construction, and that there are levels of worthiness in Heaven is not that bizarre I suspect every college freshman has had a similar conversation The idea of Satan as a goth and Jesus as a hippie are also trite G [...]

    7. This feels like it was written by a 13 year old girl trying to fit in with the goths but not quite succeeding I read this right after readin CM3 s Punk Land which is a quite good and interesting story of the afterlife where nothing is cliche or overused , so it is possible that I had too high of expectations going in, but this is flush with stereotypes and one dimensional characters, hoping that just having characters plural makes the story multidimensional Some of these are insulting the angry [...]

    8. Short review to come as this was a short quick read Not too bad, but would have loved depth regarding both the characters and setting Jesus was a real hoot though.

    9. This is my first Gina Ranalli story, but it won t be the last Suicide Girls in the Afterlife is a fascinating and fast paced look at the tragic afterlife of Pogue, a young woman who supposedly commits suicide under fairly bizarre circumstances and arrives in the afterlife during renovations Put up in a hotel, Pogue teams up with another suicidal arrival named Katina, and soon they are trying to stage a revolution in the afterlife to protest the random and arbitrary rules Most of this behavior se [...]

    10. Well, it was my first bizarro book Or so i used to think, cos if this is bizarro, i read a lot of this It s nice and really interesting My only problem is that it s too damn short I kinda feel it a lit bit of rushed, but a great amount of interesting ideas.Some are cliche, like Lucy being a depressing goth, but all in all, great ideas I really liked the hotel It s very entertaining.Some ideas are a lot like Damned, but i really like it better on this book My only complain is that it s too short [...]

    11. I got the book because it seemed, according to the description, that it would be quite interesting Unfortunately, the book was extremely disappointing I didn t care for any of the women characters at all Lucy Lucifer could have been sort of funny but wasn t and a pot smoking Jesus just didn t work The story proposed a discrimination between the rich and the non rich the rich got the better rooms in the hotel and had the broadest definition of suicide I ve seen anywhere if you die from smoking, f [...]

    12. Una novela corta amena y con unas cuantas ideas interesantes, como el que los ricos blancos son due os no s lo del mundo sino tambi n del cielo, o que dios y el diablo son unos imb ciles absolutos.Pero a pesar de ello, la autora parece preferir detenerse m s en los elementos irrelevantes, en vez de explorar aqu llos m s interesantes para el arte y la literatura.No recomendable, salvo para amantes del g nero Bizarro Fiction.

    13. A good book, this is, though a short one, but I found it enjoyable, and must recommend it Gina Ranalli s writing is imaginative, and her imagination s voice is the paintbrush by which she haphazardly flings paint at the wall, the mirror, and even at us readers now and again, so bring along a poncho or an umbrella with this one and prepare yourself to follow a suicide girl s journey through her unexpected afterlife.

    14. I thought the idea was grand I thought most of the imagery was fantastic I thought it could have been a wee bit The premise was very neat but the hotel could have been disturbing in parts and the ending seemed somewhat unresolved Gina is great and very helpful and I can t wait to read of her stuff.

    15. This novella is an intriguing and darkly humorous look at the afterlife An aspect that I really enjoyed was that where the characters were supposed to eventually end up after their deaths had little to do with how they lived and everything to do with how they died Wonderfully written with great characters This is a compelling piece of Bizarro fiction.

    16. I was a little disappointed in the ending I think was because I wanted the story to continue but otherwise another brilliant and well written book I really enjoy the way in which Gina Ranalli explores subjects that are considered taboo in our society Lots of food for thought

    17. Wow Twisted and strange, but highly character driven Read carefully, there is also effective social commentary regarding wealth and the value of relationships amongst all the bizarro happenings in the book.

    18. i really want to enjoy bizarro lit as a genre but when dudes write it it comes of as a reaffirmation of hegemonic patriarchal view points anyways this book was rad, i liked it, particularly the way the book ended.

    19. Excellent story The setting and characters are vividly drawn I wish I could have stayed longer in the afterlife hotel so I could explore every inch.

    20. I didn t like this one as much as Gina s other books Most of the story is 3.5 ish star, but the ending is fantastic.

    21. This book, through its wonderful creepiness and tongue in cheek scenarios was too much fun to read Gina is the Mad Note

    22. This book was very interesting, its interpretation of purgatory was great and exhilarating thinking anything might be possible.

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