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Uniquely Us By A.M. Arthur,

  • Title: Uniquely Us
  • Author: A.M. Arthur
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Taro Ichikawa needs his weekly routines Working from home as a programmer allows him to work around his constant struggle with anxiety and OCD everything from exact meal times to his weekly dinner dates with his best friend Cris Sable Openly demisexual, he s comfortable knowing he s different from most, and he s content being single until he breaks routine to attend CrisTaro Ichikawa needs his weekly routines Working from home as a programmer allows him to work around his constant struggle with anxiety and OCD everything from exact meal times to his weekly dinner dates with his best friend Cris Sable Openly demisexual, he s comfortable knowing he s different from most, and he s content being single until he breaks routine to attend Cris s birthday party and makes an unexpected new friend.Dell Greenwood moved in with his uncle eighteen months ago to turn his life around, and after a serious setback last fall, he s finally healthy and heading in the right direction His full time job as a porn videographer keeps him busy, so he doesn t have to think about the fact that while he seriously dated one man last year, he s not attracted to well, anyone It s easy to assume that his traumatic past is to blame for his lack of interest in dating, but when he meets and gets to know Taro Ichikawa, Dell wonders if there s a different reason.Befriending someone mired in strict routines isn t easy, but Dell is stubborn when he wants something, and being patient with Taro is easy From emails to tentative lunch dates, what begins as a simple friendship slowly deepens into something much stronger and completely unexpected But Dell knows that for him to be all in with Taro, he not only needs to come to terms with his sexuality, but he also has to be honest with himself and his family about the absolute worst moment of his life.
    Uniquely Us Taro Ichikawa needs his weekly routines Working from home as a programmer allows him to work around his constant struggle with anxiety and OCD everything from exact meal times to his weekly dinner dat

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    1. La raz n fundamental por la que le este libro es que los personajes son demisexual spectrum de la asexualidad y asexual y es own voices Es un tema que desconozco bastante as que me decid a probar y el resultado ha sido bueno y malo al mismo tiempo.La experiencia de leer el libro ha sido buena porque siento que he aprendido mucho, he podido comprender a los personajes y c mo ellos desean y llevan una relaci n sentimental, ha sido muy enriquecedor adem s de una lectura con sensibilidad y muy dulce [...]

    2. Uniquely Us runs somewhat simultaneously with the first two books in A.M Arthur s Us series and I ll admit I was intrigued by the pairing in this book Two men with baggage than anyone should even have at their young ages, explore a friendship that turns into in this emotionally charged and hopeful romance.Less than two years ago Dell Greenwood s life was saved after he contacted his Uncle Charles for help following a severe beating at the hands of his father and another uncle and being kicked [...]

    3. One of the best things about reading MM, especially when it comes to favorite authors like A.M Arthur, is how much I discover and learn, far beyond just simple romance stories Several subjects are addressed in this volume, since Taro has OCD and anxiety, and Dell is a recovering addict, rejected by his religious family and has a transplanted kidney Taro and Dell are coping fairly well with their individual issues, but one thing Dell hasn t reconciled is his sexuality Learning that Taro is demi s [...]

    4. Where do I sign for there to be many, many books like this This story just about killed me These characters were so precious and so soft, and their relationship was such fucking goals This was such a lovely, heart warming, moving, hopeful story I can t tell you enough how close to home this one hit Dell s character really meant a lot to me although one could argue that I should have connected to a deeper level to Taro, what with both being demi and whatnot I could relate to his insecurities, t [...]

    5. This started out strong, but kinda fizzled for me at the end However, I loved that sex was not a priority for this couple It was refreshing to read.

    6. Originally reviewed at Sinfully.Although the third in a series, this book can be read as a standalone You may miss out on some of the nuances of the side relationships, but the story timeline runs concurrently with the other books and is from Dell and Taro s points of view from their first meeting forward If you have read the other books, you ll be happy to catch up with Chris, Chet and Jake, as well as some of the other men of Mean Green.Dell harbors a lot of self doubt and guilt over his recen [...]

    7. I have been waiting for this book since I read The Heart as He Hears It because I wanted Dell s story And I was not disappointed This is a beautiful story about how everyone is worthy of love, no matter how broken and damaged you feel yourself Both Dell and Taro are broken and dented but they are also so incredibly wonderful and their story is so beautiful The absolute sweetness of both characters is so wonderful to see They are so invested in making themselves better without requiring the other [...]

    8. I am a HUGE Am Arthur fan And Uniquely Us is yet another fantastic readDell and Taro s story is amazingly beautiful and so very refreshing I thought it was really brave to have not one but both MCs on the Ace spectrum I loved how AM showed that you can find love, have relationships, build intimacy without having full on sex Don t get me wrong when a sex scene is put in at the right time for the right reasons love it But I get so frustrated in books when there s a penetrative sex scene every seco [...]

    9. Sweet, low in angst in my opinion and of discovering for Dell who he was as a person with his sexuality and understanding himself and believing he wasn t a burden to friends and his uncle For Taro it was learning to overcome some of his OCD tendencies and learning to trust It was a good read, nothing truly exciting but sweet read all in all.

    10. So my opinion of A.m Arthur is very high I have read many of her books if not all of them and consider her a good friend This book was very sweet and I had been waiting to read Dells story Dell being so damaged and trying to cope with his recovery and the fact his uncle has not one but two lovers in his life has turned his world upside down and learning his kidney that was donated was actually donated by one of his uncles lovers The unique relationship he builds with Taro who is that same lovers [...]

    11. I have been anticipating this book for a few months It did not disappoint Taro, Cris friend, and Dell meet at a birthday party at the house and become instant friends Through a mostly online emailing friendship, Taro, who is demi, helps Dell figure out he is ace They do get closer and fall in love, and then learn to navigate a relationship that works for them Of all the books I ve read recently that features ace or demi characters, this was the most informative, though I thought it was borderlin [...]

    12. I received a copy to read and review for Wicked ReadsIf you have read the previous two books in the series you know that this book is happening at the same time, but from Dell and Taro s perspective We finally get to see what is going on with Dell, who is so quiet in the first two books, but we all knew something was going on I really liked the connection between Dell and Taro I even liked the emailing back and forth, which is shocking for me because I am a huge dialogue person, I hate inner mon [...]

    13. The third book in the Us series, this wonderfully written book covers topics that are gut wrenching and hit very close to home for me Drug use, suicide, OCD and sexual identity aren t everyday topics in my world I m so glad A.M had foresight to be all inclusive, to make folks like me and others on the asexual spectrum, feel not so alone.Dell, Chet s nephew, was introduced early on in this series Because of a strict southern upbringing, Dell turns to drugs when his sexuality doesn t fit into a pe [...]

    14. A.M Arthur s Uniquely Us, the third in her Us series, is perfectly paced to highlight asexual spectrum relationships Arthur specializes in slow burns, love before sex, and compassion over lust In Books 1 and 2, readers were introduced to Chris friend, Taro, who supported his developing threesome with Jake and Charles Charles runs, a gay porn company in his home, where his nephew Dell, the company videographer also resides Uniquely Us, which works well as a standalone, is Taro and Dell s story.Ta [...]

    15. Originally appeared on Love is Love Book Reviews.An asexual porn cinematographer falls for a demisexual programmer Wow, that sounds so much simpler than the reality of this book Both heroes have baggage and a lot of it Nothing has ever been simple for these guys from the day they were born until they found each other and the relationship that slowly and carefully develops between them It wasn t always easy but it was a lovely journey nonetheless I also loved that Dell and Taro didn t let their i [...]

    16. I really liked this one It was quite different from the other books by this same author It wasn t as much angsty, that s for sure I mean, it had angst, but not as much It was of a sweet romance, and it made me swoon than once 3 I loved Dell and Taro separately and together Especially Dell He was so, so cute and precious, and I really felt for him I know not everyone experiences asexuality in the same way, but I could totally see myself and part of my own experience reflected in his and I cheer [...]

    17. Taro Ichikawa lebt nach einer strikten Routine Nur so kommt er mit seinen Angstzust nden und Unsicherheiten zurecht Sein engster Freund ist Cris, ber den er auch den jungen Dell Greenwood kennenlernen Zwischen den M nnern entsteht fast augenblicklich eine Bindung Sie haben beide mit Problemen aus ihrer Vergangenheit zu k mpfen und brauchen all ihre Energie um ihr Leben zu meistern Taro ist in dieser Hinsicht schon weiter, auch wenn ihn ein traumatischer Vorfall aus seiner Jugend noch immer verfo [...]

    18. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsDell and Taro were prominent side characters in the first two books of the Us series, and so I was thrilled to hear they were getting their own story Both men were fascinating in earlier books, especially because we got hints of their relationship but didn t see most of it on page So Uniquely Us was a great chance to see them again and get into much detail on their story.What I loved here is the way Arthur showcases these two men in a way that lets us really get to [...]

    19. Uniquely Us is an apt title for a unique book It is the highly anticipated third book in the Us series with Dell and Taro as the main characters This book is set in the same timeframe as Sound of Us and Here for Us Although we see the relationship between Chet, Cris, and Jake develop from Dell s perspective, this is definitely his own and Taro s story All his life, Dell felt that he didn t fit any known boxes His struggles turned into drug use and drug OD He gets his second chance at life when h [...]

    20. Oh man this is such a good book It s amazing to me there was so much lightheartedness and so many fun times in such a heavy setting I m not sure which character my heart breaks for they both have been through major tragedies Dell is a bit of a mess still His self esteem is very low and his self loathing is very high Not a great combination He s questioning his sexuality while trying to muddle through what s going on in his mind which stems from his history and it s causing complete chaos in his [...]

    21. What an amazing read A couple of tears and laugh out loud moments.There really aren t that many books out there with characters under the ace spectrum and it was so very interesting to read each characters perspectives on working through and discovering what who they are.This is the third book in the Us series and it s not necessary to have read the previous two but I think it would be beneficial with the other characters and background info on current events through the book.A.M Arthur is so ve [...]

    22. While there are issues that make this story only good rather than great details to follow , the character arcs are wonderful, and the supporting cast is great I don t know if the ace aro rep is good, not being either, but it felt genuine, as did the emotional hits That earns this a solid three stars These parts are the only reasons I actually got to the end.I haven t read the first two books in the series, and didn t feel I needed to Which is good, because I m never reading this author again She [...]

    23. Excellent Such an excellent story I really enjoyed it MCs Dell and Taro were amazing people and the perfect match for each other This story was emotional, sensitive, full of love, family and true friendship and of course.lf acceptance Fact.We are who we are and love who we are meant to love There is no exception I loved Dell and Taro Their separate journey was unique and inspiring It was so nice for the many appearances from all the characters from the previous books in this series This was most [...]

    24. Uniquely us was such a wonderful story I loved it so much Taro and dell stole my heart from beginning to end there journey was a emotional one They were heartbreaking moments but also heartwarming moments too I really connected with taro and dell I felt like I was with them every step of the way and also proud of them for fighting their demons dell and taro were very strong characters I just loved themEvery part of uniquely us were powerful and meaningfulUniquely us was powerful emotional meanin [...]

    25. While I love all of AM Arthur s books, this book was incredibly special Dell and Taro are on the ace spectrum, and Arthur writes these character so well with compassion and care Their conversations about their sexuality are poignant and compelling Additionally, both Dell and Taro come into the relationship with mental health issues with which they are dealing Again we see Arthur s ability to write these issues so very well This is an amazing read I hope that everyone struggling with understandin [...]

    26. I am so glad that Dell go this story because I wanted to know about him His quiet presence always told me there was something there in his past, and wow was there The story was great, bringing together two unlikely people who were actually pretty perfect for each other Or as they like to say, two imperfectly perfect people It was also good to see of the others we have met befored it also makes me want to know about other characters that we got to know about cough Benny cough Fantastic additi [...]

    27. Perfect You know how some people are so careful and reverent when opening gifts Gentle with the gift wrap and peeling the tissue paper back lightly with shaky hands That s me with books Especially ones I have high hopes for and this one surpassed those The title is perfect Unique complex characters and a moving story that also educates Sexuality and mental health are often misunderstood Thank you A.M Author for showing they are valid and for expressing through Dell and Taro that its important to [...]

    28. I have been anxiously awaiting this story for what seems like forever Oh my word, A M Arthur does not disappoint.Dell and Taro are perfect together Both of these yummy men are sweethearts who have been broken by life Neither of them is ready to step outside their comfort zone and even start looking for love By then they metd became friendsd then things happened Filled with sweetness, this story takes us along for the ride as a beautiful relationship grows and develops You will ugly cry Consider [...]

    29. I must give credit to author of great sensibility to write a story about sexsual identity ,OCD, drug problem At first the plot can seem a bit slow but this because , the relationship between Taro and Dell can t be approxitimate or superficial It s attentive and realistic, cautious , and not easy with the problems of two protagonists To the end is the love and respect and sincere dialogue to make Taro and Dell a happly couple.

    30. Loved this book.This is Dell Taro s story and runs along side the previous books in the Us series Dell is lucky to be alive, following an overdose he is lucky to receive a new kidney and a second chance at life Taro lives within boundaries and routines that keep his OCD manageable his life in order When the men meet a tentative friendship grows enabling both of to grow A fantastic book thoroughly recommended

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