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  • Title: Heroes & Ghosts
  • Author: S.A. Payne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kenichi liked to keep to himself He liked working with his insects on the secure, middle of no where space station He was proud of his simple, quiet life and if it was lonely, well, he knew it would be isolated when he signed up As the only gay man on a station of 16 other straight people, he was used to having no romantic elements in his life When his first vacation iKenichi liked to keep to himself He liked working with his insects on the secure, middle of no where space station He was proud of his simple, quiet life and if it was lonely, well, he knew it would be isolated when he signed up As the only gay man on a station of 16 other straight people, he was used to having no romantic elements in his life When his first vacation in years is canceled and worse, his on again, off again lover dumps him, Ichi follows his friend, Will s advice and gets roaring drunk Only, when he wakes up hung over he finds that he s gotten than a headache Will s teasing joke about ordering a state of the art, high end, very lifelike sex doll no longer was a joke Only, when the toy finally arrives months later, Ichi is horrified to learn he s been randomly selected for a free upgrade to a real live, living sexual pet Looking like a human but with the intelligence and awareness of a dim witted dog, the new pet is straight from a dirty fantasy But as Ichi learns about his unwanted new pet, he starts to suspect that things may not be just what they seemed The first time in ebook format, Heroes Ghosts combines sci fi and slash yaoi gay romance.
    Heroes Ghosts Kenichi liked to keep to himself He liked working with his insects on the secure middle of no where space station He was proud of his simple quiet life and if it was lonely well he knew it would b

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    1. Please, do me a favor dear reader of this review Imagine a good sci fi book done Ok, now multiply it for 1000 Done again Ok, now multiply again for 1000 Done it Great This book is better than that And no, I kid you notIchi is an entomologist Nothing ordinary happened in his life, other than a few strange and deadly insects mating That s his life, his research in a space station He is the only human, in the middle of Avalons They are also humans but only for their humanoid look Avalons are telepa [...]

    2. I had no freaking idea what to expect from this book, other than a kick ass review one of my peeps wrote The writing reminds me of Manna Francis, so detailed you see the movie playing before you You ll laugh but to me the book was like a Spock and Kirk love story with imperialism, child sexual abuse, identity crises, BDSM, hot smexin, part psychological thriller, mystery, and ridiculous action READ eet P

    3. I m actually blown away by how GOOD this novel was Excellent world building, great characterizations and a love story that flowed naturally Heroes and Ghosts sat on my TBR stack for at least a year and once I picked it up, from page one I was hooked.Ichi is a cool, detached scientist who comes a culture in which showing emotions is frowned upon Unfortunately, he resides on a scientific station in which the residents are all psi gifted and whom are much open with their thoughts and feelings Look [...]

    4. A FANTASTIC novel The depth, adjustment, and unique turn of all the characters just grabs you from the beginning and doesn t let you go Honestly, Ichi s fascination and love for rabid carniverous bugs is kind of repelling and pretty darn confusing but in the sections focusing on only him and bugs, his reaction and emotional attachment to them, it makes sense That s incredibly hard to do, from a writer s point of view making something so weird seem so normal.Rye is a charming character, well buil [...]

    5. I don t know how to review this I don t want to ruin this for anyway with my stupid fumbling words This was just God so adorable, so sexy So surprisingly dark and intense as well It was just perfection.100% recommended the whole doll thing makes you think this is trashier than it really is But oh God It was not Not at all I just sigh.

    6. I started this book expecting a good story And it did deliver on that account But as I gradually read on, I found myself less enthusiastic about the characters So the rating stops at 3 stars view spoiler It had a great starting point A reclusive and clumsy scientist, being rejected by his part time lover, orders a living companion after too many drinks one night It was fun to read about his embarrassment at having the entire station know about his purchase and him trying to get along with someon [...]

    7. Ichi, the only gay male on a science space station, is devastated when his first holiday in over 3 years is suddenly cancelled due to a sector shut down Frustrated, horny and lonely, Ichi gets drunk with his friend Will, who tries to cheer Ichi up, by designing a human pet artificial human to Ichi s deeply buried desires When Ichi wakes up the next day, he s horrified to see the confirmation of his order flashing on the screen, something he must have done in the midst of his drinking binge.After [...]

    8. This was just so frustrating I started off really liking it, I m a sucker for stories about sentient sex toys Sadly it was pretty downhill after that The middle dragged horribly, there were random tangents all over the place and it was much too long, which is a complaint you will almost never hear from me I was getting so bored and couldn t wait for it to be over It picked up again at the end though, and I think I ended up liking it overall The story is great, it just really needed tightening up [...]

    9. I thoroughly enjoyed this book The most amazing part about it is that the plot is so detailed, complex, and believable This book is most definitely NOT all about sex There is suspense and drama It would be a page turner even if there was no slash Believe it or not, the plot is what makes this book great.On the downside, there are some remaining typos, but they can be overlooked I was a little disappointed that the post pet recovery phase was cut so very short I would have preferred a gradual im [...]

    10. ok, this was a surprise I didn t expect it to go the way it did I really liked it.I loved all the characters and the story, how it evolved It got painful and I wanted to smother some people and hug Rye close The only downside is the editing Some mistakes were distracting but anyways view spoiler I would have loved to meet the rest of the siblings though And see how they cope with freedom hide spoiler

    11. This is a hard book to rate Let s start with one of the most obvious problems with this book I have read a lot of self published book, but I have never come across something as poorly edited as this one It s full of homonyms, bad grammar, spelling mistakes and just plain bad writing The POV jumps to the point of confusion and there is always way too much going on inside the characters heads that should have been edited out.This being said, this isn t an altogether bad story This is the story of [...]

    12. Wow This story was simply amazing I originally tried to keep this short, but there is no way to offer even a half glimpse of what this book is without rambling a bit I keeping coming back to add one thing that I loved.Right off the bat, though, I will say the blurb doesn t do it justice I didn t read this for weeks because I thought the blurb made it sound vaguely fluffy, shallow, like it would be a cliche typically poorly written m m romance That is absolutely not what the book is It is an ama [...]

    13. Heroes Ghosts surprised me in a good way The description by certainly gave the novel the appearance of a really perky typical yaoi storyline of sex man toy falls in love with the innocent nerdy scientist I frankly expected the scenario of a hot guy popping up, wooing the shy scientist, lots of bed action, and throw in some angst for good measure I certainly didn t expect to find Ichi and Rye and the rest of the crew Both the characters are adorable, innocent, and hurt in their own ways The story [...]

    14. Main Characters Kenichi Vitorui Sullivan Rye SullivanKey Themes Incest, Abuse, Slavery, Amnesia, DubconLocation Outer SpaceIchi is an insecure, sexually frustrated but brilliant entomologist He is a foreigner and the only gay guy on a remote station on a far away planet One night, Ichi gets drunk and orders a sex companion doll from a company called PETS A few months later, the genetically enhanced, stunningly beautiful but brain stunted Rye arrives in PETS packaging This is a great story it is [...]

    15. i love SA Payne s stories, but whenever i read any of her books i wonder if she is using some sort of voice to text program because honestly, i cannot for the life of me come up with another reason for so many horribly tragic homophone errors it s not just things like two too and to or their and there, it s bare and bear and numerous others it drives me crazy to the point that i contemplate cleaning the books up and mailing them back, just to spare anyone else that kind of irritation.if you can [...]

    16. 4.0 4.5This book was completely unexpected The blurb had me kind of freaked and curious at the same time, yet still wondering how this wasn t going to be like some B movie What I got was a fascinating inventive world with characters that had layers of emotional depth Payne seamlessly made something so unbelievable, believable I abolutely love Ichi and Rye, which only happened with the help of great secondary characters The pace of the story was strong and I feel very satisfied at the conclusion [...]

    17. When I first started reading this, I thought it d be just like the mangas I ve read before about people owning dolls That s why the book has been on my TBR list for so long I m glad it wasn t like all the others It was different and I loved everything about it What I liked most about the book was that the past was revealed in sections Every time something else was made known which made it even interesting I really like Payne s stories and can t wait to read them all.

    18. 4.5What a wonderfully enjoyable sci fi adventure romance I read it in 3 hours, and it was great If it weren t for the head hopping and numerous spelling and grammatical errors, it would have been a 5 star read.

    19. This is a book I am still struggling to finish after so many years I have tried like 3 times to finish it yet I failed Will need to relaunch sometime in the future.

    20. This was an interesting and surprising story Ichi is a geeky nerdish character, he finds pleasure in his research, almost dismissing his loneliness He was brought up with scientific achievement in his mind and in a cold family environment He is currently doing his research with people from a planet where emotions are important Ichi is by far my favorite character in this book.One night, after being disappointed in a lover who doesn t want him any because he s too old, Ichi orders a PET, a sexual [...]

    21. So I finally managed to gain access to S.A Payne s website to read Heroes Ghosts it s not actually free to read the full story and I must say I was NOT disappointed I expected it to be the usual fluffy read about an owner and his sex toy, not having read anything by this author before, and was pleasantly surprised when it turned into a story with actual depth and plot Not that there wasn t lots of hot mm smuttiness, but I didn t feel as though it overpowered the story.The author manages to creat [...]

    22. Honestly I don t care about grammar mistakes, okay sometimes I had to read a dialog two times because I didn t get it the first time mind you I was so damn excited that I might have skipped a sentence and as a result was lost.Nevertheless.This book made me uncomfortabel at first I wasn t open to the idea of a PETEVER After the first, I think 30 50 I m not sure, have to check sites, it was like OMFG I want to read Everything changed, was explained and I could only hang on for this amazing ride I [...]

    23. Almost 4, but I couldn t quite make it that This is a surprisingly sweet narrative, and it doesn t do anything annoying by doing the sort of sex toy cliche In fact, the way the sex aspect was handled between the leads was interesting, meaningful and surprising to me, but in great ways Like a lot of Payne s works, sex is there, but it s almost like sprinkles on an already good cupcake with great frosting If I was to complain, aside from needing an edit for some grammar, the reason it s not my fav [...]

    24. Ichi is a gay, shy, serious bug scientist Socially he feels comfortable with his bugs He hasn t left the research station in almost three years.When the transport is three hours away from picking him up, he gets news that airspace has been closed A year s worth of planning for a speaking engagement and some time off for personal pleasure just flew out the window.Amanda decides to loan her husband, Will, to Ichi for the night Drinking, cards and Will making him a doll on the PETS site Then a vid [...]

    25. This book is definitely not what I was expecting, though this is far from being a bad thing I ll admit it started a little slow but it gathered interest faster than I could put it down It only continued to impress me from that point This is a very detailed and complex book the author handled it well and paced the information out naturally so it never got confusing It exposed how well developed and polished everything from the plot, characters, and setting was The drama in the story was strong ye [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this story it was an interesting concept and the plot was well developed I loved the characters and I loved how the length of the story allowed for the romance to evolve slowly.However as much as I loved the story length, I did feel that some of the scenes could have been tightened up I found myself slightly annoyed with how long it took for itchy to really believe that rye could love him.On a final note I hope that SA Payne writes sequels There is so much in this world that I w [...]

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