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Back to School with Betsy By Carolyn Haywood,

  • Title: Back to School with Betsy
  • Author: Carolyn Haywood
  • ISBN: 9780152055158
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the third grade, Betsy and Billy have lots of fun in school and out Large, bold type, perfect pictures, and a charming story Christian Science Monitor
    Back to School with Betsy In the third grade Betsy and Billy have lots of fun in school and out Large bold type perfect pictures and a charming story Christian Science Monitor

    One thought on “Back to School with Betsy”

    1. This is the third Betsy book we ve read Haywood s writing is excellent, and her illustrations are undeniably charming, but for realz, the Betsy experiences are starting to blur for me But kids still love to read about her childhood, and that is why I m reading this series I think it is remarkable how much they relate to her, even though they don t have nearly as many friends as Betsy does, go to school, or have a friendly policeman friend I guess it is because Betsy is caring, and all kids are c [...]

    2. I bought Back to School With Betsy thinking that it was part of the Betsy Tacy series Wrong Oops As it turns out, I think I like it better than the only Betsy Tacy that I ve read.The Story.Betsy and her friends Elle and Billy are horrified to learn that their favorite teacher, Miss Grey, will not be returning to teach them in the fall She s getting married How perfectly horrid of her Not even the arrival of a new neighbor, Mr Jackson, in the house next door is enough to cheer them up completely. [...]

    3. When I was little, this was my favorite book ever I found it in the library at Christ the King school in first grade and as I got older I would secretly hide it in my book pile at the library to only read it one time The best part of this book is that it was written so long ago but yet displays interracial adoption When I look back at it and think of what year it was when this book was actually written, its amazing to see that someone encompassed this so early on in a decade where something of [...]

    4. I have been looking for these books everywhere and I am so glad to have finally found them While my friends in elementary school were always checking out the popular books in the library, I found myself coming back to this series again and again I m pretty sure I read every book in the series at least twice I m a little perturbed to discover that they ve been re released with a modern cover, because I actually prefer the vintage look Brings back so many memories and should I stumble across the [...]

    5. In which I learn not to reread some childhood favorites I remembered liking this book I had a fond feeling in my heart when I flipped through the illustrations After rereading, I m not sure what I liked Maybe it s just dated I did laugh out loud when little Betsy begged her mother to adopt her a little colored baby , or maybe kids books now are so much complex and realistic Either way, I was disappointed that Betsy and her friends didn t buy their teacher a monkey as a wedding present, and disa [...]

    6. I happened to see a Betsy book on a bookshelf on someone s blog and I knew that Betsy and I had to have it Turns out it s a whole series from the 1940s Betsy s grandma bought her 3 of them for her birthday This is the first one we read.I am delighted to report that Betsy and I are huge fans of Betsy Each chapter is a beautiful little story with fun little twists and morals My Betsy is captivated by the adventures of these children from than seventy years ago.

    7. I liked Back to School with Betsy They got a chicken in the end chapter and it turned out to be a rooster They went on a sleigh ride and Betsy s father Betsy s father had a dream once where he was in a sleigh and he was with Santa Claus and they went to an old inn and there were two dogs talking to each other There was a fire The dog said I m a hotdog

    8. I liked it a lot Betsy s neighbor married Ms Grey and Betsy was so happy She also got to go on a sleigh ride with Santa s twin brother I was wondering who the new teacher would be and it was Mrs Ross.

    9. I love these books They have nice little stories and fifties pictures to go along with them Great read alouds for the kids.

    10. I love these books I was a bit confused by the title of this one It didn t have a lot of Fall related stories like I thought it would It was her whole school year.

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