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Damage Control By Lynn Van Dorn,

  • Title: Damage Control
  • Author: Lynn Van Dorn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everything to lose.Tyler s worked hard to kick the dust of the Chicago suburbs off his heels and move on with his life as Hollywood s newest up and comer, burying his demons and hiding his scars from the world Just as everything seems to be going his way, a scandal from his past threatens everything he s worked for Now he s stuck back home, where his family of lawyers caEverything to lose.Tyler s worked hard to kick the dust of the Chicago suburbs off his heels and move on with his life as Hollywood s newest up and comer, burying his demons and hiding his scars from the world Just as everything seems to be going his way, a scandal from his past threatens everything he s worked for Now he s stuck back home, where his family of lawyers can maybe help sink the scandal and find out who s behind it.Afraid to love.Josh doesn t know what to think when his ex s little brother falls into his arms, other than that Tyler is trouble with a capital T But when Tyler s publicist suggests that an adoring fake boyfriend might be just the ticket to saving Tyler s acting career, Josh doesn t mind playing along It s not like he has anything else going on, and faking a relationship with someone you ve known your entire life can t possibly be that difficult.A second chance for two damaged hearts.Now they re stuck together for the foreseeable future, and neither can deny their mounting attraction Why should they They re supposed to be in love, at least out in public But in private, when no one is watching, Tyler and Josh grow closer in a way that has nothing to do with their agreed upon arrangement What do they do when make believe becomes real, and how can two men with such different lives have a shared future
    Damage Control Everything to lose Tyler s worked hard to kick the dust of the Chicago suburbs off his heels and move on with his life as Hollywood s newest up and comer burying his demons and hiding his scars from

    One thought on “Damage Control”

    1. No rating.Gave up around 24% and that s after about 5 days.This one just wasn t holding my attention.The story,from what i read,looked set to be predictable and I didn t connect with any of the characters.It s got brilliant reviews,but didn t work for me.

    2. DNF at 38%I normally don t rate my DNF books BUT I read almost 40%, and it is a LOOOOOT, considering that this book has over 500 pages So, I dare AndI ll make an exception for this book 1 THERE ARE SO MANY 5 stars reviews that my lonely rating won t spoil things.2 Just consider it as a different opinioin.3 It is horrible I want to rate it and give it 0.5 star But then I have to read at least 50% NO FUCKING WAY You have to pay me for it 4 Now I know there are not only FAKE NEWS There are also FAK [...]

    3. I enjoyed many elements to this book but I have to say it s was SO long I felt like things were stretched just a bit too far and I became distracted as a reader So many incidents from the past the present poor Tyler couldn t cut a break I liked Josh s character but still felt things went unresolved It just moved from one drama to another, everything layering until it just became a bit too much, in my option of course I want these guys to finally find their happy place god knows they deserve it

    4. After 15% of this book I quit Sorry I can t get into it at all.There are a LOT of high reviews, so it s probably just me

    5. I picked this up after much touting on Facebook absolute whopper of a story Much too long but no skimming on my part , and I m sure a decent editor would have chopped at least a couple of hundred pages from it, but for all that, it was very well written with minimal typos or niggles, and there were some really funny and touching lines especially from Tyler 4.25 stars from me.The story has two of my fave tropes fake boyfriend and friends to lovers, although I have to be honest here and say that i [...]

    6. This is one of those books that grabs on to you and won t let go The characters are complex, emotionally damaged but aware, likable, and very believable I laughed one moment and cried the next I can t express how much I like this book, I m not sure I can find the right words I look forward to reading from this author I received a copy of the book from the author, my review has been voluntarily submitted.

    7. 4.5 stars This book was recommended to me by some readers on Facebook when I asked for a rec on a book with a bratty twink This wasn t EXACTLY a bratty twink, but Tyler was cute and very toppy The story started out very iffy for me I wasn t liking how Tyler and Josh got together Let me rephrase that I understand that it was an arrangement, but based on Tyler and Josh s history, or lack thereof, the WILLINGNESS of Josh to accept this arrangement was a bit too easy Getting past THAT point, this wa [...]

    8. Trigger warnings inside book, some heartbreaking events are recollected, so please be mindful if you might be triggered This was an incredible book The dialogue blew me away, so much snark and sass, and very quick witted An extreme opposites attract story, that at first I was skeptical, but Lynn managed to bring these two together in a unique way A fascinating story line, that had some plot twists I never saw coming A varied, dynamic cast of characters The MCs are both broken men whose ragged ed [...]

    9. This sounds fantastic and so I had to purchase it VERY new to me author, but what the hey, I ll give it a shot There IS a trigger warning at the beginning of the book, so if it matters to you, here it is Publisher s note view spoiler This novel contains mature themes and elements which some readers may find upsetting In particular, readers are advised that this book contains descriptions of self harm and past instances of rape hide spoiler That being said, I look forward to cracking this open in [...]

    10. I have this thing where I can t put down a book Once I start, if it is even a tiny bit entertaining, I know I m in it for the long haul When I began reading Damage Control, I remember looking at the bottom of my kindle and it telling me I had nearly 12 hours left in the book I thought it had to be a mistake, but it wasn t By that point, I was already invested and knew I wouldn t be sleeping much I was worried the book wouldn t keep my attention for that long but I was wrong I was so wrong This b [...]

    11. A Prince, A Pageboy, and an AdventureSo this adventure began, as many do with a misunderstood Prince who faced many trials and tribulations The Prince was a bit of an asshole, and kind of a drama llama, and a whole lot of snob, but not all of that was his fault The Prince had acted out quite a bit because the King was a villain, and some of that acting out came back to bite him in the ass in ways than one Enter the Pageboy, who agreed to go on an adventure with the Prince also his first true lo [...]

    12. Lynn van Dorn is a new author to me I received a copy of her book Damage Control for my honest review.I LOVED IT Damage Control is heartbreakingly beautiful As I read this book, I couldn t help but route for the characters hoping that they will get their HEA.This book does come with a warning, as it mentions past abuse.Damage Control is packed full of angst, humour, banter and sexiness.I look forward to reading from this wonderful author.

    13. This is a witty and engaging romance with snappy dialogue, an interesting plot, and angst than you can shake a stick at But it s all balanced wonderfully well in a book that s a real page turner I was actually annoyed when I had to put it down to go do something else.It s hard to believe this is a debut novel, it s so well done.Van Dorn gives her characters rich inner lives and you have no doubt that even the side characters are the heroes of their own story I can t wait to see from her.

    14. 3.5 rounded upThe blurb gives a good synopsis of the set up for Tyler and Josh but it comes nowhere close to describing this story Most of the longish book takes place over the span of two weeks Told in third person dual pov we get a lot if inner monologue We can see their fears but also their strengths The book has a trigger warning but it is easy to miss as the book opens after the front material view spoiler Publishers note This novel contains mature themes and elements which some readers may [...]

    15. This book distracted me from a lot of things I was supposed to do instead of reading Angst and hurt comfort are flawlessly mixed with a good portion of humor Both main characters, Tyler and Josh, are damaged, in a way, but they evoke sympathy rather than pity Despite his petite stature and somewhat boyish behavior, Tyler is a fighter at heart He looks like a bossy little elf minus pointed ears , both adorable and funnily snappish, sometimes at once Josh is nice, reliable, and it s hard not to li [...]

    16. What a perfect book Seriously I loved everything about the characters, the story, the writing, and the plot There was serious heartbreak, humor, angst, romance, hot sex, and much Tyler and Josh were so perfect together I have a weakness for broken main characters, though I don t like to use that word Josh and Tyler both qualified, with some heartbreaking trauma in their past Tyler especially carries a lot of damage from the past, and uses various not so healthy coping mechanisms But oh, I fell [...]

    17. 4.75 starsWhew That was a long one Talk about absorbed though It was a great story and would of gotten a 5 but didn t only because it could of been fractionally shorter, I felt there were areas that weren t necessary in the grand scheme of the story, but don t get me wrong, I loved the book The writing was great, a few errors grammatically but it didn t detract from the storyline As the blurb explains what the book is about I won t rehash it, what I will tell you is you run an emotional gamut wi [...]

    18. This was an unexpected gem My only niggle is that there were sections of the book that could have done with a trim, but even then this was a complex take in the fake turned real boyfriend, with a great supporting cast and ingrained backstories that were completely integrated into the present to fully explore each characters flaws and beauty.Am looking forward to from this author.

    19. INFORMATION OVERLOAD This book has the potential to be at least a 4 star book Unfortunately it is completely oversaturated with shit that has nothing to do with the love story At the heart of it there is a good love story but you have to weed through way too much bullshit to enjoy it Not for me, I mean this might be enjoyable for someone who doesn t mind that style but it just didn t work for me at all I m giving it 2 stars because I made it through it.

    20. I d like to start with a piece of advice readers need to be invested in this book for the long haul This is a lengthy story featuring at least one MC with weighty issues and a lot of complex family dynamics, and another MC dealing with a lot of emotional baggage In order for a relationship to develop between them that comes anywhere close to believable, they have a lot of back history to cope with and a lot of hurdles to overcome and those things take time I could appreciate the need for a slow [...]

    21. This one was too damn lengthy I got a few laughs in between But it was too stretched as the author wants to cover everything in this one book I sacrificed my weekend for this one thus do not want leave it in between.P S I already figured out the end 2.5 stars

    22. 5 stars If I could give this book 10 stars, I would.This book is incredible Wow Damage Control grabbed me from the very beginning and kept a tight hold even after I had finished In fact, I read it twice before finally sitting down to try to explain in this review exactly what makes this book so powerful This book is well balanced and brilliantly written It is snarky and passionate and painful, and it brings to light something that makes me feel a bit murderous as a member of the LGBTQA community [...]

    23. uggghhh the continuity errors first of all, the characters all have too generic of names i had to write down ryan brad tyler brothers josh love interest then, tyler mentions his memories revolve around meeting josh and that his memories before josh was in the picture are vague and that was at four years old a few pages later, he s remembering a time when he was thirteen and wanted to have sex with josh and lose his pesky virginity and i think it s already pesky but then three pages after that it [...]

    24. Lynn Van Dorn s Damage Control is packed with literary devices It required damage control to corral all the loose ends, but Van Dorn succeeds delightfully Josh, a dermatologist, needs to shake his doldrums after best friend, Ryan, asks Josh to be Best Man at Ryan s wedding As teens, they d been secret lovers And Josh still holds a crush He goes on vacation at the lake where they d spent summers, where Josh accidentally startles Tyler, Ryan s much younger brother, in the process of self cutting S [...]

    25. 4.5 Stars There s nothing I enjoy than a long, satisfying book, where I can sink my teeth into meaty character images, with an enticingly juicy plot, sides of snarky humor and sharp witted banter, and all of it heaped with emotion Tyler and Josh had a palpable connection right from the start but it s tempered by their differing recollections of shared history Josh is a dermatologist, 9 years older than Tyler and also the unacknowledged ex boyfriend of deeply closeted Ryan, Tyler s brother The c [...]

    26. First things first this is an amazing book you have to read A book by a new author is always a gamble but boy was I glad I took the chance This book surpassed all my expectations.It sounds so simple An aspiring actor who has to take a fake boyfriend to save his career But it is anything but simple It is not just a love story, it is so much than that It is a family saga with epic proportions Youthful crushes, second chances, regretted mistakes, life altering decisions, complicated relationships, [...]

    27. This book pretty much monopolized my free time this week I loved it I m not big on highlighting in books, and I probably don t highlight what most people do I m an author, so the lines that catch my attention are usually clever metaphors or turns of phrase or else something I find amusing But I found myself highlighting in this book than in any other I ve read to date.I ve said before, I m not a good reviewer I just know what I like, and I liked this Why Tyler s damaged soul Josh s vulnerabilit [...]

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