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Cursed By Kris Sawyer,

  • Title: Cursed
  • Author: Kris Sawyer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Clyde Barrington is a werewolf with a curse on his head Every night, he shifts from human to wolf and lives the life of a lonely predator, never fully accepted by his pack When he saves a handsome stranger from a fire, everything changes In a world divided by the ancient feud between werewolves and warlocks, Clyde and Terry must learn to trust each other When wolves stClyde Barrington is a werewolf with a curse on his head Every night, he shifts from human to wolf and lives the life of a lonely predator, never fully accepted by his pack When he saves a handsome stranger from a fire, everything changes In a world divided by the ancient feud between werewolves and warlocks, Clyde and Terry must learn to trust each other When wolves start to disappear, their bond is tested by the fear of a pack now balanced on the edge of destruction Amidst a web of lies, deceits and betrayals, Clyde must decide where his loyalties lie, and choose between a forbidden love and the ties that bind him to his brothers Is Terry an enemy to the pack, or the saviour that will lead them out of the darkness
    Cursed Clyde Barrington is a werewolf with a curse on his head Every night he shifts from human to wolf and lives the life of a lonely predator never fully accepted by his pack When he saves a handsome str

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    1. 4 leaning to 4.5 stars Amazing fascinating read.When I tell you I m inexperienced with warlocks and fantasy books.I ve read TJ Klune s Wolfsong with shifters.What I mean is I don t know what I can expect or anticipate to.I was in from page oneally.Terry and Clyde a warlock and a cursed werewolf.Terry is saved by Clyde and Clyde will be saved by Terry.Something beautiful grows between both men Clyde s pack is not amused there is a deep aversion against warlocks and they want to kill and attackOnl [...]

    2. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsThis book is just a part one and ends on a cliff But oh what a beginning it is I felt the MCs connection right from the start and that helped pull me into the story It s a quick read, and part of that is due to the short amount of pages But even , there was a draw and an urgency to find out what happens next that kept me reading.Terry was a truly enjoyable character He s earnest and giving, and just so real I was invested in him and loved his determination Clyde was [...]

    3. I am always interested in new to me authors particularly of paranormal stories I thought the blurb sounded interesting and needless to say, I was looking forward to the worldbuilding In this world, magic and werewolves abound, although the wolves are constrained to only shift during a full moon The war between witches, warlocks, and the creatures of the night, i.e werewolves, vampires, and shapeshifters, is long over, with the magic users having won and a truce created, although the enmity betwe [...]

    4. This was a good little book to start a series I really like it It had action and suspense and even sweet passionate moments And of course it had werewolves Squee It starts out with Terry being asleep and caught in a fire when shifter Clyde comes to his rescue The minute he does and Terry realizes who he is outside of his wolf, things begin to change Terry and Clyde were taught to hate each other, but Terry has had enough Being a warlock makes it hard but he wants to get to know Clyde better The [...]

    5. The Warlock and the Were I m cursed, Clyde groaned, I shift every night The night a fire almost took his life, Terry was rescued by a wolf In what could only be a coincidence, he met Clyde and learned his secret And in turn shared his The fact that the two beings should never be together played an important part in their relation, but like we are hearing daily, love wins.Shorts are good because so much can be packed into few pages and when done right, makes the reader crave And packed this on [...]

    6. A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Review An Alisa Review Rating 3 stars out of 5This was a different story Terry seems to be content following the crowd at the beginning of the story but quickly makes his real self known to Clyde and will push for what he wants Clyde and Terry quickly begin to build a relationship despite Clyde s pack s dislike of Terry s warlock nature.Terry and Clyde seem to build their relationship for the most part in the back ground and the conflict with Clyde s pack is [...]

    7. Not My CuppaI was hoping for a hot little short and instead got a lot of whining and posturing crammed into a small package The author used antiquated language like forage for breakfast in a modern setting Our boy Terry was just headed out to eat at the local diner for crying out loud, not hunting mushrooms and roots or trapping rabbits Clyde was vitriolic about magic users Terry , but seemed to get over that in the space of time it took to drink a beer and for no other reason than the warlock p [...]

    8. This book was a good surprise.I m usually not a fan of werewolves stories I don t like stories with inescapable fate because we are werewolves or mpreg, so I usually stay away from werewolves because this is sadly where I usually encounter those stories If you re like me, you re on the safe side with this book.This novella introduces us to a world where a war between night creatures like shape shifters and witches warlocks just ended One night, Terry, a warlock, is saved from a fire by Clyde, a [...]

    9. FOUR STAR REVIEW Judging a Book by it s Cover Subdued colors, dark background Male baring his torso from beneath a hooded jacket Semi transparent font does not stand out Only the author name is strong The synopsis sounds interesting enough that, while I normally steer clear of PNR, I opted to give this shorty a try Looking Deeper POV Third person.Kris Sawyer presents a paranormal world that has a unique backstory than most Warring factions of magical beings vs night creatures lay the history be [...]

    10. Overall, this was a great little book The premise wasn t new, with a werewolf falling for a warlock who was not welcome among the pack due to a cruel war that was over but not forgotten There was, however, quite a bit that was new like the wicked witch with a penchant for torturing werewolves, and the warlock himself, who isn t what he seems.The writing is fluid and the characters have depth and colour, but I found that the story stuttered a little and suffered from the shortness of the book The [...]

    11. This was an enjoyable, quick read and a great start to what will hopefully be a fab series I really enjoy Werewolf and shifter stories, except I haven t read many lately, so this was a nice change for me I liked the Warlock aspect of it, and all the backstory about the war between Warlocks and Werewolves was really interesting I liked that Cursed was a little different to most of the shifter stories I ve read, it definitely didn t feel like just another shifter story but like something a bit un [...]

    12. Super short read, with only 80 pages, managed to read in an hour Unfortunately this book is only 2.5 stars for me Although I was looking forward to reading this book as Kris Sawyer is a new author to me yet I just couldn t get into this book.The writing style right from the beginning put me off, it jumps from first to third all over the place with for no reason I think if the author had stuck to one writing style I wouldn t have had such a difficult time reading this book so this was definitely [...]

    13. Cursed is the first book in the Alpha s Warlock series Kris Sawyer aka Sid Love does a masterful job of world building without locking the characters of plotline into a configuration that can t grow and develop as the series moves on The backstory for everyone is an ongoing war between those who are part of the world of the unseen witches and warlocks and those who are creatures of the night shifters and vampires.Clyde is a werewolf who has been cursed by a powerful witch The curse causes him to [...]

    14. The story is intriguing from the start With Clyde a werewolf that is cursed by a witch, to change every night and not just on the night of a full moon It is not until Clyde saves Terry from a house fire whilst in wolf form, that they meet though at the time Terry is not aware that it was a werewolf that saved him But when they do meet, and Terry finds out that Clyde is cursed Terry manages to break the curse And they soon become a couple.There is a peace between Warlocks and creatures of the nig [...]

    15. The first half was a bit slow and the voice was a bit distanced so it didn t draw me in very well After that the drama increased and the connection between Clyde and Terry deepened so I felt engaged in their world The villain was expected but their appearance was completely surprising There was also another villain who turned out to be just a vindictive, violent person adhering to an old grudge Which is which You ll have to read the story to find out.It was well written but could have been eng [...]

    16. Book Author Cursed by Kris Sawyer Rating 3.75 starsThis was a truly unique story of werewolves and warlocks and witches One that was a surprise to me especially with the little twist at the end The writing was good although there were some small inconsistencies which most probably wouldn t see and didn t take me out of the story so much as just take a quick pause Kris has a voice all their own that comes through in the story Their writing is flowery than I typically like but it wasn t over the [...]

    17. I was gifted an ARC of this book for an honest and fair review.This is an interesting one, a shifter fantasy MM story with no pounding sex or rock hard abs, despite the misleading cover In fact, most of the usual shifter tropes are missing, which makes a refreshing change, and yet it is still undeniably a shifter story.It reads a little unevenly at times, with large leaps to move the story along where detail and background would have improved the pace This is a longer story fighting to free its [...]

    18. This was a good read I have to admit it was a little out there for a shifter read but different is good.For a very long time there has been a war between Warlocks and Wolves So much so that one werewolf in particular has been cursed since he was seventeen to have no choice but to have to shift each night Clyde never expected the curse to be broken but it is when he meets Terry.Terry is a warlock and has power So when he finds out that Clyde is the one that saved his life from a fire and that he [...]

    19. Cursed by author Kris Sawyer is the first book in the Alpha s Warlock series This story is heavy on the story not on the romance There is a ton going on so you must pay attention I liked all the world building I feel the politics and emotions of the characters What I felt was lacking was a romantic connection This is a great paranormal read but disappointing from a truly romantic stand point Terry is a confusing character We find out why in middle of the book so I will not give that away I liked [...]

    20. An interesting short story set in the aftermath of the great war between witches and warlocks and the creatures of the night, vampires and werewolves Mistrust still exist between the factions, making for an uneasy truce Terry is a warlock who has moved into the area where Clyde and his pack live Clyde is a werewolf who has been cursed to shift every night by a witch When Terry s house blows up, Clyde is there to save him When Terry follows Clyde one night, he sees him shifting on a none full moo [...]

    21. 3.5A promising opener to a series, Cursed introduces us to Clyde, a werewolf cursed by a witch to shift into his wolf form every night and Terry, the warlock who lifts the curse Clyde and Terry fall in love among the background of an uneasy truce after a bloody and brutal war between witches and warlock and night creatures vampire, werewolves and shapeshifters Clyde and Terry s relationship creates tension within the pack and a rift forms between the newer generation those looking to move forwar [...]

    22. A captivating short story about werewolves, witches and warlocks Terry is a warlock with a hidden past and he has just moved into the area where Clyde and his pack live An accident happens to Terry and Clyde saves his life, but because of a misunderstanding they get off the wrong foot paw of each other.Clyde has been cursed by a witch, but Terry has the power and love to hopefully remove the curse But because of an old battle between werewolves, witches and warlocks there s mistrust and hate amo [...]

    23. Cursed was short but didn t miss on action It was very fast paced, a perfect read on the bus to work A lot occurred in a short story Terry and Clyde were than they appear I loved the conflict that comes from two different factions of the unseen world It s definitely a story about love triumphing over evil Kris started building an interesting world and I look forward to what might happen to the town and it s members, especially Terry Clyde I have many questions about this warlock and his wolf th [...]

    24. 3.5 5 StarsThe road of life is full of twists and turns and this is the reason Clyde, a cursed werewolf, and Terry, a warlock, meet Sworn enemies, they save each other in ways than one.The story is fast paced with a lot of action and some questions I hope we get the answers to in the upcoming books I liked the characters, the intensity of their chemistry and all the enemy lover relationship going on Terry seems to control complex magic and I can t wait to see of his power while at the same tim [...]

    25. Clyde and Terry challenge the myths and norms by loving each other Coming from opposite sides of the old war, these men that were to have been natural enemies became lovers Learning to trust each other and dealing with the pressures of the pack and others, they bond and love The story is not over, forces beyond the seen are in effect and all is not what it seems Reality is challenged and hearts are torn but the promise of love keep Clyde and Terry searching for a deeper connection and their fore [...]

    26. Cursed is the first book in the Alpha s Warlock Series It is a paranormal story with Clyde a werewolf and Terry a warlock as the MC s of the book There was fire, wolves, magic, a past war, a witch, a warlock, a divide pack and in this book I really wanted to like this book because it had some good content in the storyline and characters And the structural writing is good But it is a bit confusing especially at the beginning because the flow is disconnected and not smooth It jumps from one thing [...]

    27. An intriguing start to a new series, this novella is a quick read but full of punches Different from most shifter books, this story is set in a world where a long feud between magic users and the night dwellers has resulted in hatred between the werewolves and witches and warlocks Clyde, a werewolf who saves Terry, a warlock from certain death, opening a chance of a truce between the races Mix shifter politics, an evil witch and two lovers who just want a chance at love and you get a cauldron of [...]

    28. This is the first time I have read a story about a werewolf and a warlock and I was happily surprised Clyde, a cursed werewolf, saves warlock Terry from a certain death by fire However, times are tense and uncertain Werewolves and warlocks have never been the best of friends, to put it mildly It is a well written story which captivated me from the start The falling in love is quite sudden but that is expected from a short story Having said that I didn t feel it was forced but came naturally Terr [...]

    29. Clyde is a werewolf who has been cursed to shift nightly, not just during the full moon Terry is the warlock who breaks the curse The witch who cursed Clyde is not happy, so she manipulates things so that everyone believes Terry is hunting werewolves We find out some other things about Terry and his presence in Clydes life Unfortunately it ends on a cliffhanger of sorts This was an only an okay read for me The writing was fine, but I wasn t that invested in the characters or relationship Plus it [...]

    30. This short story is a promising start to a new series Clyde and Terry come together in spite of the strong, lingering anger and distrust between warlocks and werewolves They both have suffered loss due to the war between their people, but give each other a chance and find love Terry is easy to like, and Clyde has always felt like an outsider due to the curse he has suffered with for years.There are plenty of questions that need answering in future books Terry and Clyde are going to have to reest [...]

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