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Happy Birthday, Kit!: A Springtime Story By Valerie Tripp,

  • Title: Happy Birthday, Kit!: A Springtime Story
  • Author: Valerie Tripp
  • ISBN: 9781584850236
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kit thinks there s no time or money for a birthday party But when Aunt Millie comes for a visit, Kit finds new reasons to hope.
    Happy Birthday Kit A Springtime Story Kit thinks there s no time or money for a birthday party But when Aunt Millie comes for a visit Kit finds new reasons to hope

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    1. Last night I read this book in bed It gives you an amazing idea of what it was like to grow up during the great depression Kit s family turned their house into a boarding house because Kit s Dad lost his job Kit really wants a birthday party, but she knows her family is to poor Then an unexpected visitor comes, and makes Kit s wishes come true, but not exactly the way she thought.I recommend this book it is a great book.

    2. I learned that It takes courage to be an americangirl And that kit is a realy amazing girl she is smart, and intelligent, and a brave girl

    3. The depression has hit Aunt Millie and temporarily comes to stay, she has unique ways of living which no one in Kits house are used too Though soon enough Kit becomes fascinated by her thrifty ways of saving money and re using products that can be saved and re functioned Her mother struggles with the embarrassment of what she was doing and soon Kit feels as her mother does But without her they feel lost and would miss her help and realise these ways to help were really clever and they shouldn t [...]

    4. The American Girl series, especially the original eight girls, is an excellent series for students of all ages and genders, though it is aimed at elementary grades The eight original American girls come from all places such as the Swedish immigrant Kirsten and cultures such as Josefina, whose family is Mexican, and Kaya, who is part of the Nez Perce Native American tribe and SES s such as the very well off family of Samantha, or Kit s family, who is struggling because of the Great Depression The [...]

    5. kit is sad because her birthday is coming up, but she knows her family doesn t have the money to throw her the robin hood theme party that she wants then her great aunt mildred comes to visit, from down on her farm in appalachia she s not actually a relation she s the woman who raised kit s father after his own parents died kit loves her because she s brassy thrifty knows how to have fun she has all kinds of money saving ideas to share with kit s family for example, she digs a vegetable patch in [...]

    6. For my Historical fiction review, I read the book Happy Birthday Kit This book is about a girl who is living in Cinncinati during the time of the great depression Kit finds an article about a Robin Hood birthday party and really wants to have a party like that for her birthday because Robin Hood is her favorite book However, Kit knows that she won t be able to because her father lost his job due to the depression Kit and her family have opened up their home to people It is kind of like an inn Wh [...]

    7. I just finished reading Happy Birthday Kit My favorite character in the book was Kit, because she still had hopes of things she thought she might not get I was really surprised when her Aunt Millie came from Kentucky to help her family Kit had her birthday coming up and she knew that she was not going to have the birthday party she wanted Then Aunt Millie came over Their family needed money so they raised chickens in their back yard and went door to door and sell them for a few cents When Kit an [...]

    8. In this book Kit is going to have her birthday soon but, since it s the depression and her father is still out of work, she probably won t have any party Their Aunt Millie comes to visit and she has lots and lots of ideas on how to save money which, at first, Kit likes, but once the chickens arrive she begins to have second thoughts.Kit and Ruthie are making a book about her aunt s ideas on how to save money, make things last, stretch food, etc Kit finds an abandoned dog and takes her in with he [...]

    9. The story takes place during the Great Depression and when Kit s Aunt Mille comes to visit she has many ingenious, creative ideas to save moneywhen the middle part of Kit s sheets become worn, they rip them in half and sew them so the worn part is on the outside They patch up clothes, take the collars and cuffs off Dad s shirt and sew them back on reversed so that the frayed part was hidden, grow a gardenc Aunt Millie uses hard work instead of a wand, said Kit But it does seem like she can do ma [...]

    10. Aunt Millie comes to town and she teaches Kit many things now to save money and how to never waste Kit, Ruthie, and Stirling make a book with all of Aunt Millie s ideas called Aunt Millie s Want not Waste not almanac Aunt Millie comes into Kit s class to tell everyone about the penny pincher party and Kit gets EXTREMELY embarassed She tells Aunt Millie privatly as she escorts her out that she hates the party and that she doesn t want everyone to know that she s poor When Kit returns from school, [...]

    11. I liked Happy Birthday Kit, because in this book, Kit finds a dog and takes her home They named her Grace Kit wants a birthday like Robin Hood with tree houses and adventure Kit has an aunt Millie Aunt Millie went to her class one day an announced that they were going to have a pinching your pennies party at Kit s house after school Kit walk Aunt Millie out the door Aunt Millie asked if she liked the idea I don t like the idea, they were laughing at the idea Aunt Millie left after that After sch [...]

    12. Kit s Aunt Millie is in town, and she stays for Kit s birthday There are lots of things that Aunt Millie teaches Kit about, so Kit, Ruthie, and Sterling make a book called Aunt Millie s Waste Not Want Not Almanac Aunt Millie announces Kit s Penny Pincher Party in the middle of class, and Kit is humiliated Then Aunt Millie asks her if she likes the idea, and Kit replies, No, I hate it But she has fun with all of her friends there But when she goes to the store with Aunt Millie, Kit feels sad that [...]

    13. This book is about a girl who lives in the 1930 s or around the time of the Great Depression The main character s birthday is coming and is poor so she can t have the biggest party ever She can have some friends over But one day while selling eggs in the rain, Kit falls over a lumpy thing She gets up to see that the lump is a DOG A sign on the poor dogs says Can t feed her any So Kit takes her into care If you love to care about people animals and love to read this we be a good book for you to [...]

    14. Kit s tenth birthday is coming, she s not expecting much, but deep down she wants a special birthday party When Kit s Aunt Millie comes to stay, she begins teaching the family how to scrimp and save and find a use for everything, to help them save money so they won t lose their house Kit loves her Aunt Millie, but sometimes she s embarrassed by her money saving ideas She doesn t want anyone to know her she s wearing bloomers made out of feed sacks or selling chicken eggs, but Aunt Millie shows K [...]

    15. Love this series Kit s family is still struggling with the hardships of the depression Their home is still letting out rooms to boarders and trying to just pay their bill continues to be difficult Kit s Aunt Millie shows up unannounced one day fpr an extended stay with the family Aunt Millie is a country women from Kentucky who has many many many ideas on how to stretch a dollar Enough ideas to literally fill a book Sometimes it is hard to show others that you and your family are poor Kit and he [...]

    16. If you have a 9 year old girl in your life who would enjoy a story about overcoming embarrassment from a change in life circumstances or a young reader looking for tips on how to be frugal, Happy Birthday Kit, is a lovely historical novel set during the Depression Hard work, community effort, and a change in attitude are all American Girl Kit needs to have a birthday party fit for a movie star s child.

    17. I liked this book because Kit s birthday was coming, and her Aunt Millie came She planned a party and invited Kit s whole class, but Kit didn t like it, so Aunt Millie left When she left, Kit showed her a book she had made with her friends that showed all her ideas called The Waste Not, Want Not Almanac When Kit showed it to her, Aunt Millie came back, and the party Kit had was the best party anyone could ever have by Felicity

    18. Kit s Aunt Millie comes to visit and along with her are a few new arrivals She brings a whole bunch of money saving ideas with her, and Kit finds them great fun, until she becomes embarrassed by her aunt making those ideas rather public But she soon finds that it s a good thing to share with her friends, and is even fun

    19. I m reading these books to decide how age appropriate they are for my daughter This one in particular is a strong story Kit s ambivalence toward her aunt s thriftiness fascination with the methods, but embarrassment with sharing them with others, came across as very real for the age group And the historical details included in the back of this book are very interesting.

    20. Aunt Millie arrives in this book with her waste not, want not attitude It s kind of funny to see how Aunt Millie has as much in common with the frugal housewife as she does with the Pinterest social climber Maybe the frugal housewife doesn t need things to be just so like the latter, but in order to do either one, you do need to be able to spend a huge amount of time on presentation.

    21. Aunt Milly has lots of good ideas to make do, use up, or do without in order to save scarce dollars during the depression so many that Kit is embarassed in front of her schoolmates This book reminds me of how I grew up AFTER the depression My grandmother made us pajamas out of feed sacks, and my Uncle raised chickens An easy read, but good supplement to school lessons on the Depression.

    22. Kit s Aunt Millie comes to help her family Aunt Millie is full of ideas on how to reuse things to make money stretch farther, including a dress she sews for Kit from feed sack fabric Kit also brings home her new dog and gets a Penny Pincher birthday party A lot of things were funny in this book, but there were some good lessons too.

    23. My daughter has been reading these Kit books and is slowly turning into Kit herself I wanted to make sure that was she was reading was ok and loved some of the ideas I got from reading it Even a parent can learn something I hope my daughter starts a newsletter soon and a Penny pinching book kg

    24. Really loving Kit and especially her amazing Aunt Both of their positive attitudes make me want to start trying to be just as thrifty Which given the world we live in would probably be very beneficial to the entire family Very inspiring book

    25. I think this has been my favorite book in the Kit series so far The Penny Pinching party and The Waste Not Want Not Almanac were great story lines Aunt Millie was a fun addition to the cast of characters at the Kittridge home These books have a nice moral message that is not too overbearing.

    26. Not the best book in the series, but still it is a quick and enjoyable read and Little Leo quite liked it The movies based on this series is an enjoyable children s movie as well, even if it is rather unnacurate to the books.

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