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  • Title: Swann
  • Author: Carol Shields
  • ISBN: 9780679307877
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Carol Shields s award winning and critically acclaimed literary mystery, first published in 1987.Swann is the story of four individuals who become entwined in the life of Mary Swann, a rural Canadian poet whose authentic and unique voice is discovered only hours before her husband hacks her to pieces.Who is Mary Swann And how could she have produced these works of geniuCarol Shields s award winning and critically acclaimed literary mystery, first published in 1987.Swann is the story of four individuals who become entwined in the life of Mary Swann, a rural Canadian poet whose authentic and unique voice is discovered only hours before her husband hacks her to pieces.Who is Mary Swann And how could she have produced these works of genius in almost complete isolation Mysteriously, all traces of Swann s existence her notebook, the first draft of her work, even her photograph gradually vanish as the characters in this engrossing novel become caught up in their own concepts of who Mary Swann was.
    Swann Carol Shields s award winning and critically acclaimed literary mystery first published in Swann is the story of four individuals who become entwined in the life of Mary Swann a rural Canadian

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    1. As someone who s read quite a bit of Shields, I ve noticed in the past that she has an early nonfiction work called Susanna Moodie Voice And Vision I know nothing else of Moodie except that she s also been an influence on Margaret Atwood but when I started this, I had to wonder if any hoopla surrounding the recognition of Moodie in Canada informed this work And in turn I also wondered if the writing of this led to Shields The Stone Diaries a few years later I would have to reread the latter to b [...]

    2. This book has everything and I think Carol Shields had a great time writing it I think she put in everything we ve all been told in writing classes not to do like changing POV, in the four stories each one about a different person and their relationship with Mary Swann the poet, there is a different POV for each one.There is a mystery, burgleries, a murder, satire of college professors and what pompous egomaniacs they are and as if that weren t enough a screen play is thrown in at the end when t [...]

    3. Am I being petty I don t knowBut when you consider what Carol Shields was capable ofThe Stone Diaries was a masterpiece One of my very favorites This one never quite came together as it should have done There is a glimmer of something here I like the idea of the novel A kind of sparse poeticism would have served the premise, beautifully Shields, however, opted to describe every mundane moment in excruciating detail nouns piled upon nouns.Why do authors do this Are they paid by the word Contempor [...]

    4. Swann sometimes titled Swann A Mystery is about farmwife Mary Swann and how she is discovered and turned into a minor poet worthy of academic analysis Despite the sometimes subtitle, Swann is wry and cutting than mysterious There is a mystery, but it s a rather transparent one Although it s a novel, it s really a critique of the literary and academic publishing worlds The book is also kind of experimental each section is told in a different way The first section is most novelistic the final sec [...]

    5. What happens when an unknown, uneducated farm woman Mary Swann writes amazing poetry Scholars start the endless pursuit of uncovering her life, her inspirations, and her influences, because, you know, a woman with a simple life like hers couldn t have possibly written like that Swann is basically a novel about the ridiculousness of some academics The most entertaining part of the book is the characters attempts to discover the so called real Mary Swann But, their attempts do not really reveal an [...]

    6. I like Carol Shields I like the characters she creates I enjoy the positions in which she puts said characters I like her use of narrative blended with letter writing, journals and movie script The story of Mary Swann as it comes out through 4 main Swann ites is engaging The researchers of Mary Swann are mostly likeable and each has his or her own flaws I especially liked the character of Rose I found there to be many layers to this story and can imagine discussing it on a variety of fronts.

    7. My first Carol Shields Is she always this good This book can remind you of the power of literature to surprise and delight.

    8. It comes as quite a shock at the beginning of the fifth chapter of Swann to be reminded that Sarah Maloney, Morton Jimroy, Rose Hindmarch and Frederick Cuzzi area all fictional characters By that time, having read each of their brushes with Mary Swann who is also fictitious and her poetry, you feel that you d recognize them in a crowd.In this early novel, Carol Shields shows the talent developed in later works, especially her penchant for using disparate literary styles to tell the story Her cha [...]

    9. This was my first exposure to the writing of Carol Shields When an author is from your home town you end up being very aware of all of their work at certain points I remember when she was writing there would be a lot of news stories whenever her latest book would come out There is familiarity in this, and she manages to weave Winnipeg into this work here and there.The first portions of Swann tell the story from the point of view of the four principles Her use of language really appealed to me Sh [...]

    10. This is one of those books that is difficult to get through, but well worth it The first section irritated me so much that I almost gave up If I hadn t bought the book, I probably wouldn t have finished it even though it was for book club.But this author went on to show me that a quick judgment can keep you from the prize The first four sections were written from four different characters views But better than that, her style changed with each one.First section first personSecond section third p [...]

    11. I admit my bias I m in love with Shields writing style, and she doesn t disappoint So that gets four stars from me off the top I get her tongue in cheek look at academia s manipulation of piteous Mary Swann s humble poetry, projecting star status onto it, and that made me smile or snicker occasionally But I was not pulled into this book as with others of hers that deal with issues to really chew on It was an enjoyable light summer read.

    12. I love how this novel pokes fun at academia and some of our human foibles The mystery isn t much of a mystery as its outcome is predictable from the first missing journal but the characters are loveable and the final chapter written as a screenplay just reinforces the dramas we participate in on a regular basis.

    13. This book was so creative and I loved how the whole story revolved around a character that does not really materialize The four central characters in this book were so unique and I loved how Carol Shields interconnected each of them I have read this book several times and I just love it each time I read it So mysterious, funny and just a really great read

    14. When Margaret Atwood calls it One of the best novels I ve read you just know it s going to be good Carol Shieldsat American born gem of Canadian Literature, who left us too soon she was in her sixties when she passed away from cancer is such a powerhouse, genius, magician of a writer that I don t even really feel like writing a review, or like writing at all you know how it is when you feel so humbled to hackdom by someone s talent Someone s gift Someone s passion that turned to talent that was [...]

    15. Originally published on my blog here in March 2010.Mary Swann was originally published simply titled Swann, and this UK edition clearly suffers from a degree of bizarre schizophrenia in this respect Mary Swann on the front cover, Swann in the page headers.Carol Shields fifth novel continues to look at the concerns which informed much of her writing, principally the life stories of the kind of ordinary women who would often be dismissed as unimportant But here Mary Swann is not herself a characte [...]

    16. I read this book cover to cover and could find no possible correlation between the content and the nude picture on the cover I was reading the 1987 edition I m not prudish enough to worry about it, but it did make reading the book around my 13 year old son or on the shuttle to work a bit awkward Well Now that that s off my chest, I can say that this was one of the most literarily delicious books I have ever read I would have given it five stars, but I didn t like the convention of ending the sto [...]

    17. This novel takes a satirical look at academia and its deconstruction of art through criticism and research resulting in the reconstruction of the art in the image of the critics The first four sections are essentially character studies of the four main characters that could stand alone and yet are effectively intertwined with the other main characters I love how Carol Shields writing just flows effortlessly and how she can make the most ordinary characters and situations interesting and relatabl [...]

    18. Hm I finished it, so it was compelling enough But it was kind of dull, a bit bizarre, and morally questionable The plot was vaguely a mystery shaped around an obscure poet and a symposium in her honor There was not much to recommend the poet Not much to recommend the other characters And the mystery did not play a central role in the book So what was the point I suspect the point was feminist personality analysis I was interested in the way the author portrayed the various characters each sectio [...]

    19. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read Loved the interlocking narratives and the idea of a mystery centring round a literary symposium.

    20. Luettuani juuri musiikin ja sen tekij iden vinoon menneest fanituksesta, Shields kertoo hiukan saman tarinan kirjallisuuden puolelta.Tuntematon kanadalaisrunoilija nousee pienen kirjallisuuspiirin intohimojen kohteeksi Tutkijat, ker ilij t, kustantaja ja kotikyl , kaikki kilpailevat edesmenneen runoilijan omistusoikeudesta Kenell on oikeus niihin harvoihin reliikkeihin, joita runoilijalta j i j lkeen, kuka saa tehd tulkintoja h nen runoistaan, el m st n ja vaikutteistaan.Shields kuvaa bibliofiil [...]

    21. This is the first Carol Shields novel for me and I think the last It is an award winner, but I did not understand the premise The writing was okay and the beginning of the book was fine if occasionally tedious The ending made no sense to me I think the author thought I would get it , but I did not Thomas of The Readers suggested it as a book for his fellow co host Simon as well as Ann and Michael from Books on the Nightstand I am eager to see if they read it and their conclusions about it.

    22. I m surprised by how much I loved this book I just devoured it The characters are wonderfully drawn quirky and imperfect and totally endearing I particularly enjoy Frederic Cruzzi And I love the structure of the book, how it bends and shifts with the characters An excellent read Highly reccommended.

    23. Oikein luettava kirja Henkil galleria oli kiinnostava ja tapa, jolla runoilija Mary Swann sitoi yhteen koko stoorin oli minusta kiva Loppu oli v h n t ks ht v ja tyls , vaikka viimeiset kymmenen sivua olivatkin superkoukuttavat Kolme ja puoli nelj t hte antaisin n in tuoreeltaan.

    24. You might say I m a professional daughter, or at least a serious hobbyist So says ray of sunshine Sarah Maloney, the feminist writer who discovers the poet Mary Swann 15 years after her death Sarah, along with three others, provide the viewpoints in different sections of this book, all people dedicated to the primitive poet Mary Swann, a woman who lived a life of poverty on a hardscrabble farm, wrote poems on scraps of paper and was then murdered by her husband as soon as she found a publisher M [...]

    25. Another winner by Shields I was very interested in the format first chapter in the first person, next three in third person and a little in the second person, even , last in sort of a mock screenplay format The first four chapters each focus on one of the four main characters The skill with which Shields individualized these four people reminded me of Kingsolver in Poisonwood Bible, even though Shields doesn t write all four people in first person It s interesting, also, how she left the ending [...]

    26. Swann is a novel length mystery in stories, where each story is a character vignette, the characters being a professor, Swann s biographer, her publisher, and her small town librarian The original mystery whether the murdered poet Swann wrote her poems herself and, if so, how, given her isolation and lack of education is never answered Instead, the novel concludes solving a peripheral missing manuscripts mystery, whose solution is long foreshadowed and easily guessed, leaving unsolved the centra [...]

    27. Fans and even those who scoff at literary fiction will enjoy Carol Shields s Swann a novel that plays with mystery genre tropes by transforming them into believable characters Shields pokes fun at academic interpretations by making us question the motive of four flawed characters Their lives intertwine fleetingly and cleverly because of their obsession with the poems of a deceased, elusive poet from rural Ontario Mary Swann The poet s murky past puzzles them This book, however, isn t a mystery a [...]

    28. This book was a joy to read, one of the reasons I overlooked the confusing, late blooming story line with the strange final act I have never read any of her work before and I can t remember why I decided to read this one probably on sale She has a marvelous ability to paint characters with deft, believable strokes You don t always like her players but you care about them and understand them mostly Shields captures well the acquiescence of Canadians living in isolated places who have to deal with [...]

    29. This is a beautifully written book Although there are multiple narrators, the transition from one voice to the next is so skilfully done that within one page you are happily settled with the next narrator The plot is exciting and intriguing BUT I felt very let down by the last section of the book which is written as a film script and therefore clunky to read, seemed to make a mockery of the rest and left various things unresolved in an unsatisfying manner Hence only 3 stars.

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