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Keeping the Moon By Sarah Dessen, Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen Sep , Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen is a realistic fiction, and young adult story about a girl named Colie who has trouble making friends because she has never had any Being overweight when she was younger didn t help the situation. Keeping the Moon Sarah Dessen Nov , Keeping the Moon begins at the train station, where Nicole Sparks is being shipped off to her eccentric aunt Mira s for the summer while her mom tours Europe, promoting her tips for weight loss Colie, as she likes to be called, wasn t what you would Keeping the Moon Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen, Paperback Barnes Noble Keeping the Moon is the story of a girl, Colie Sparks, who has lost her identity, and is trying to find her true self with the help of her friends, Morgan and Isabel Keeping the Moon has many components, emotional and critical, so it promises to be a good read for someone of any age. Keeping the Moon Sarah Dessen After Someone Like You, which was a heavier book that dealt with some big issues, Keeping the Moon was a fun, less stress summer book that still had something to say If you read my novels, you ll see that I love a book set in the summer it s such a good, concise time period, and there s endless potential for what can happen. Detailed Review Summary of Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen Keeping the Moon Book Summary and Study Guide Sarah Dessen Booklist Sarah Dessen Message Board Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Keeping the Moon Colie was always outcasted for being overweight, but when she lost a lot of weight, she earned a reputation that she did not deserve The summer after her freshman year of high school, Colie Keeping the Moon Summary Study Guide BookRags Keeping the Moon is an award winning novel by author Sarah Dessen Keeping the Moon is an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, an ALA Quick Pick and an SLJ Best Book of the Year In this novel Nicole Sparks, who goes by the nickname Colie, goes to spend the summer with eccentric Aunt Mira in the small beach town of Colby. Keeping the Moon read online free by Sarah Dessen Keeping the Moon read online free from your Pc or Mobile Keeping the Moon is a Young Adult novel by Sarah Dessen. Keeping the Moon YouTube Jun , Just a video inspired by Sarah Dessen s Keeping the Moon I don t own the plot, setting or characters Nor do I own In This Diary by The Ataris. Keeping the Moon Multnomah County Library Colie expects the worst when she s sent to spend the summer with her eccentric aunt Mira while her mother tours Europe Always an outcast first for being fat and then, after she lost weight, for being easy Colie has no friends at home and doesn t expect to find any in Colby, North Carolina But then she lands a job at the Last Chance Bar and Grill and meets fellow waitresses Morgan and

  • Title: Keeping the Moon
  • Author: Sarah Dessen
  • ISBN: 9781417626755
  • Page: 213
  • Format: School & Library Binding
  • Colie expects the worst when she s sent to spend the summer with her eccentric aunt Mira while her mother, queen of the television infomercial, tours Europe Always an outcast first for being fat and then for being easy Colie has no friends at home and doesn t expect to find any in Colby, North Carolina But then she lands a job at the Last Chance Cafe and meets feColie expects the worst when she s sent to spend the summer with her eccentric aunt Mira while her mother, queen of the television infomercial, tours Europe Always an outcast first for being fat and then for being easy Colie has no friends at home and doesn t expect to find any in Colby, North Carolina But then she lands a job at the Last Chance Cafe and meets fellow waitresses Morgan and Isabel, best friends with a loving yet volatile relationship Wacky yet wise, Morgan and Isabel help Colie see herself in a new way and realize the potential that has been there all along.
    Keeping the Moon Colie expects the worst when she s sent to spend the summer with her eccentric aunt Mira while her mother queen of the television infomercial tours Europe Always an outcast first for being fat and t

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    1. I just finished re reading this book I first read it a few years back when I was 14 so I ve been waiting a while to re read this book and give it a proper review I thought that it might be hard for me to get back into since I d already read it and was worried that I wouldn t like it as much as I did when I was younger But I found myself just as interested as I was the first time Laughing at the same parts, anticipating the same things and loving all the characters Colie is so real and Dessen is [...]

    2. You believed you were beautiful and so did the rest of the world I appreciate Ms.Sarah Dessen s ability to come up with meaningful stories out of a linear plot which seems true in all her books I ve read I don t believe her books have this gripping power on me as a reader and yet I still keep reading them perhaps because they re very easy to read Keeping the Moon is simply about Colie, a very shy, unconfident girl despite her mom being a celebrity who spends her summer with her not so ordinary a [...]

    3. For me, this wasn t as good as other Sarah Dessen books And before I even begin reading it, I ve had high expectations on this one, because I ve read that this is Sarah s favorite among the books she d written But it doesn t quite keep me interested in it like her other novels did.I don t really like Colie the main character narrator that much She s just usually quiet and doesn t stand up for herself, not until the very end And I kept waiting for something big to happen, like a twist or just som [...]

    4. I have great news guys I am finally done my Sarah Dessen marathon I know I haven t read Someone Like You, but I wasn t planning on reading that book I am so happy to move onto other books, I loved doing this marathon but I went through many ups and downs Sometimes, I wasn t a huge fan of her books but most of the time, I loved her books HAPPY DANCE You should never be surprised when someone treats you with respect, you should expect it Colie is a fifteen year old girl who has been bullied her wh [...]

    5. Not my favorite Dessen, but like all her books that I ve read so far, it s compulsively readable and likable, and full of great, quirky characters, honest emotion, and unforgettable settings I love the way Dessen writes female friendships in particular they always feel real and nuanced, veering from loving exasperation to crazy joy to impatience to rock steady love Just like all the best relationships I ve known in real life.

    6. Just read if you want to read all the Dessen books Otherwise, skip it The book abruptly ends and there s no real closure to Colie s slightly frayed relationship with her mother One good thing I will say is that I enjoyed Isabel and Morgan s relationship friendship Colie is sent to stay with her Aunt Mia for the summer Her famous mother is traveling and Colie is shuffled off for the summer You may initially get the impression that Colie s mother doesn t care, but she does We just don t get a lot [...]

    7. Colie feels like she has been abandoned, and to anyone else, it might actually look that way to, being dropped off to spend the summer with an Aunt she hardly knows As Colie tries to adjust to her very different Aunt Mira and her strange artistic tenant, Norman, she lands a waitressing job at the local diner and meets Morgan and Isabel, two girls who have gone through high school and survived Over the course of the summer Colie finds out this might have been just what she needed.I really liked N [...]

    8. 5 Words Friendship, confidence, unique, girl power, change.This was my first ever Sarah Dessen and I definitely enjoyed it It was a relatively quick read that I didn t have to focus 100% on which is a good thing as I was puppy sitting.Last Chance was quite empowering It made me feel good But it also made me angry I hate bullies I can t stand them.I liked that all of the characters had changed by the end and that you learned so much about them They were quirky, multi dimensional and believable.I [...]

    9. Even though I really liked this book and I did put it on my favorite list, I really wish I ve read it when I was 15 the age of the main character this is such a positive book about self esteem and how to get it Its a positive love yourself book I just wished it was fat positive.

    10. My first Dessen read and the one that lead me to her other marvelous novels I drank the kool aid once and never turned back I need to do a proper review for this one day It has a good lesson on how other people can help you and that sometimes you are special than you thought you were The title fits and is such a cool name.

    11. I feel like it has been a while since I ve read my last Sarah Dessen book and I have no idea how I feel about thatKeeping the Moon was pretty good The MC, Colie, is a 15 year old girl who has been basically bullied all her life I felt so bad for her because she felt so alone and she didn t really have friends either At least until she lives with her Aunt Mira for the summer because her mom, who is famous for weight loss advertisements, is touring throughout Europe Now if it were up to me, I woul [...]

    12. Every book I read by Sarah has such a powerful lesson to be learned And this is no exception Absolutely wonderful story.

    13. I really enjoyed this book I wasn t sure I was going to like it in the beginning chapter because Colie was a little irritating at first I then started to grow to like her though Sarah Dessen seems to do this a lot in her books, I ve realized this, that she seems to skim through the days I think that s why I always would give her books 4 stars instead of 5 because I wanted it to be descriptive I guess But I do love her books, they are very beautiful Colie So as I said, I didn t really think I wa [...]

    14. Colie Sparks is spending the summer with her aunt while her mom is on a European tour for work Her aunt lives in the adorable beach town of Colby, North Carolina and Colie expects a boring summer is ahead of her, but just the opposite happens She is still dealing with a lot of issues regarding her self esteem the years of being made fun of for being overweight sort of hang over her head wherever she goes despite the fact that she has lost the weight While hanging out in Colby, Colie meets Morgan [...]

    15. Once you ve read several of Sarah s books, you really start to get a sense as to what you can expect from all the others I find time and time again that the overall writing style in Sarah s books really doesn t change an a lot from book to book That isn t particularly a negative thing, because she is a wonderful writer Even though she is a wonderful writer, that doesn t stop certain things from becoming slightly repetitive Keeping the Moon while having the writing style I have become accustomed [...]

    16. I enjoyed this novel The story revolves around the character of Nicole Colie Sparks, a fifteen year old girl While Colie s mother, a famous fitness guru, is doing a fitness tour in Europe, Colie is sent away to live with her aunt Mira in a small town in North Carolina I found myself captivated by the characters in this novel and the relationships they have with each other Colie s story of finding herself and realising the potential that has been there within her all along, is heart warming and e [...]

    17. Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen is a realistic fiction, and young adult story about a girl named Colie who has trouble making friends because she has never had any Being overweight when she was younger didn t help the situation A few years later, when Colie got slim, everyone at school still hates her Her mother, who has also lost weight, is a world famous workout woman who is going on a tour in Europe Colie leaves her town in North Carolina to stay in Colby for the summer with her aunt Mira Mi [...]

    18. More of my reviews Reading 24x7Keeping The Moon was short, sweet and like all other Dessen books, had that wise message in the end This book was just so normal and plain and.rmal Yet for some reason once I started reading it, I couldn t stop See, that s always the case when I read any Sarah Dessen books They re like music which makes you wanna just leave everything else and get into the flow The messages that s always there in her books are so wonderful and we can always expect to learn somethin [...]

    19. Drei Gr nde f r drei Sterne.1 Auch wenn sich Sarah Dessen mit Colie dem Klischee des einst dicken M dchens ohne Freunde, der Au enseiterin ohne Selbst und Sozialbewusstsein bedient, die erst gl cklich werden kann, als sie sich selbst schlie lich sch n findet, verk rpern Norman, Kiki, Mira, Isabel und Morgan f nf ganz andere, komplett verschiedene Wege gl cklich zu werden Teil halsbrecherisch, teils hochmotiviert, teils weise Diese Vielfalt hat mir sehr gefallen 2 Die Lovestory steht nicht im Vor [...]

    20. Colie has no faith in herself Her mother is a star a fitness queen who exercised her way out of 100 plus pounds, homelessness, and the country Leaving Colie to experience the summer with her aunt in a nameless town where the only notable eatery is called Last Chance But Colie knows better than to anticipate a new start for herself She has moved often enough to expect the inevitable taunts, the derision, and the isolation.Sure enough, even though she s no longer Fat Colie or Hole in One Colie, th [...]

    21. This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic NerdMY THOUGHTSI ve read almost all of Sarah Dessen s books and, I must say, her books are absolutely brilliant This isn t my favorite of hers, but this was still a very good book.This book focuses on Colie Both Colie and her mom used to be fat, until her mom becomes Kiki Sparks, fitness guru Now both Colie and her mom are skinny and Kiki Sparks is famous for getting people fit Kiki has to go on tour, so Colie is left with her electric aunt in [...]

    22. so, on the inside flap which i assume has a technical name, but i don t know it , it reads it s like a cinderella tale that could really happen to you i paraphrase, but the gist is accurate.let s get this straight, then my mother could be a weight loss guru female richard simmons who pawns me off on my eccentric morbidly obese aunt who loves broken things because nobody s perfect and once i m there i can get an impromptu summer job at a diner cafe where i meet two girls 1 who is a beautiful bitc [...]

    23. Amo los libros de Sarah Dessen.Ella lidera mi top 3 de autoras favoritas del g nero porque es una genia Keeping the moon es su tercer novela publicada pero la s ptima que leo y la am Creo que es la primera a la que le pongo 5 estrellas Colie tiene 15 a os y tiene que pasar el verano con su t a Mira porque su mam es Kiki Sparks, la guru del ejercicio y la p rdida de peso que anda de gira por Europa Colie y su mam fueron siempre gorditas y duraban poco en un mismo lugar, estaban siempre de paso Ha [...]

    24. This is by no means my favorite novel by Sarah Dessen I knew what I was getting into when I started it Sarah Dessen generally follows the same rough pattern with her books, but this one fell short for whatever reason.Though character depth is not something I associate with Dessen, I think that she achieves the height of it in her longer books like Lock and Key than in her shorter novels I didn t connect much with Colie because there wasn t much there to connect with The secondary characters were [...]

    25. 3 5 stars It was a good book but not nearly as good as the other books I have read by Sarah Dessen And it only took me a year to finish lol p I did really like Morgan though Her and Colie s friendship reminded me of one dear friendship I had in my life I was Colie Had zero friends and zero self confidence This girl befriended me when I was a freshman and she was a senior She was a lot like Morgan fun and looking on the bright side But, like Morgan had horrible taste in guys She also had a boyfri [...]

    26. The first time I read this book was about 4 years ago so I decided to read it again and I was still just as interested in it as I was then This is the book that first got me started on reading Sarah Dessen books Its a good starter too since it isn t as dark as some of her other books Colie seems to hold herself back so much in the start of the book She is also a bit of a push over which isn t what you would expect from a girl with dyed black hair and a lip piercing However as the book progresses [...]

    27. I really liked this book It s a really important story, with a good lesson for young girls teenagers Because of that I gave it 4.5 stars An other reason why I gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 is because I m not going to re read it I only give 5 stars to books I can re read over and over again but it s really worth to read

    28. 2.5 stars It was a cute little inspirational read that I honestly could have done without I felt like even though it was a seemingly short book it went on forever The main characters were loveable but that didn t make up for the bland storyline that seemed to be going nowhere pretty fast I don t think Sarah Dessen is the author for me.

    29. I really enjoyed Keeping the Moon.The characters were very relatable I felt that most girls can remember feeling lost and lonely like Coley does Each of Dessen books get better than the last I m excited to start the next.

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