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Don't Plan to Stay By Kaje Harper,

  • Title: Don't Plan to Stay
  • Author: Kaje Harper
  • ISBN: 9781370006045
  • Page: 244
  • Format: ebook
  • At eighteen, Donnie Kagan s plans for graduation, and maybe even college, were derailed by a beer, a stoplight, and a fatal crash Now he s twenty four, out of prison, and bitterly determined to start over But with the holidays approaching, he can t resist a quick trip home to Tallbridge, North Dakota, and the man he left behind Just a fast look, to make sure Adam s doinAt eighteen, Donnie Kagan s plans for graduation, and maybe even college, were derailed by a beer, a stoplight, and a fatal crash Now he s twenty four, out of prison, and bitterly determined to start over But with the holidays approaching, he can t resist a quick trip home to Tallbridge, North Dakota, and the man he left behind Just a fast look, to make sure Adam s doing all right, before Donnie starts his new life He doesn t plan to stay.Adam Lindberg s been waiting six years to get closure with Donnie He missed that chance after the accident, fighting for his life in a hospital bed as Donnie pled guilty and disappeared into the justice system Without so much as a letter back from Donnie in all this time, Adam s tried to move on And yet, he never found another guy he cared about the same way So when Donnie shows up in Tallbridge, Adam s ready to fight for than three words of goodbye Of course, Adam s brother and dad don t want Donnie to stick around, but it s the busy Christmas season at the family store If Adam asks for Donnie s help, maybe he ll stay long enough to finally talk about the future, and the past.
    Don t Plan to Stay At eighteen Donnie Kagan s plans for graduation and maybe even college were derailed by a beer a stoplight and a fatal crash Now he s twenty four out of prison and bitterly determined to start

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    1. There was just some intangible quality about this story that really made it work for me Both MC s were extremely likeable and, right from the start, it just seemed like they did truly belong together.I can t really say that the Don t Plan to Stay title was entirely 100% correct, though When Donnie showed up at Adam s family business, six months after being released from prison, he may have said he was only there to make sure that Adam had recovered from the car crash 6 years prior, then he d be [...]

    2. When I saw Kate Harper s blog post about her holiday story being available today I said Count me in I m not going to go on on about this because it s 1 30 in the morning because I had to finish and I m going to get less than 4 hours of sleep before work You want a holiday story about rredemption, forgiveness, recovering from loss and finding your way back Right here Sexy men, sweet dog, good people and hope Recommend to anyone who is looking for the holiday story that will remind you what Christ [...]

    3. Now available on Smashwords, and , and soon at other retailers The cover picture is by Dan Skinner if you aren t familiar with his lovely photos of young men and gay couples, check them out online.

    4. 4.25 starsDonnie Kagan returns to Tallbridge, North Dakota, after served six years in prison for criminal vehicular homicide Donnie doesn t plan to stay, he just wants to see how his ex boyfriend, Adam, is doing Adam was also in the car during the accident after six years Then he wants to leave to L.A to start new life Well, plan doesn t always go your way, isn t it Because when Adam sees Donnie, he is determined to make it difficult for Donnie to just leave And Donnie has never been able to say [...]

    5. A really great story about learning how to believe that you deserve good things I love MM Prison stories and there are relatively few of them so that makes the ones there are extra special to me Since this is a sort of Christmas story I give a pass at not going deeper into what happened to Donnie in prison It is all alluded too without ever being stated that s probably enough for many but I wanted The sense of emotional connection I got to Donnie was related to his feelings of low self worth a [...]

    6. 4.5 Stars Donnie has spent six years surviving in a prison cell he didn t deserve to be in During those years, one boy stayed on his mind the one he left a wreck in a hospital room after crashing the car they were both in Who could blame him for wanting to check on Adam just to make sure he was truly okay He was determined not to stay not to further complicate or disturb Adam s life than he already had But Adam had different ideas.Adam had taken some time off from getting his social work degree [...]

    7. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsKaje Harper writes about two high school boyfriends, one bad decision, and lots of extenuating circumstances The book takes place after those events After Donnie has survived six years in prison and after he made what he tells himself is an impulse decision to see Adam again.The book has a bit of somber tone and deals with forgiveness and loss Forgiveness that Donnie claims he doesn t need or deserve, as well as loss that Harper layers in throughout their story We ar [...]

    8. The words in Don t Plan to Stay somehow glisten like light caught in pieces of amber,translucent fire in places where the sun bleeds through and darker tones of honey where intense heat,time and pressure has formed an object of ancient beauty.And like with amber there are memories of the dead trapped within,fossilized forever in the minds of those left behind,there are old grudges,new truces and the embers of a young love never dying.All of the characters undergo an awakening when a ghost from t [...]

    9. 4.5 stars This is the kind of holiday story I was looking for If you want a feel good Christmas story with depth and emotion, this is a good one to pick up Kaje rarely disappoints with her character building and relateable characters and this book is no exception I rated it down just slightly because I spent the whole book kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop with the new sheriff and old sheriff but that seemed to be a thread that went nowhere after all and honestly, I wanted a longer stor [...]

    10. I just picked up Don t Plan to Stay and I didn t even check who wrote it I started reading and POP I was totally sucked into the story I enjoyed the pacing, I enjoyed the characters, there was just the right amount of worry and angst without going over the top schmaltzy All of the characters were as captivating as they can get in such a short story Three quarters in I finally noticed who the author was, Kaje Harper That author makes me so happy.

    11. 3.5 stars Adam Lindberg s best friend, Donnie Kagan, was sent to prison when he was eighteen after police ruled he was at fault in a collision that killed an old man when the vehicles met in an intersection Donnie had been drinking and though his blood alcohol was only.04, since he was underage and the other driver was killed, it was considered a major crime Adam was seriously hurt and couldn t testify on his behalf, nor could Adam s older brother, Nate, who was in the front seat but knocked unc [...]

    12. yeah, yeah, I am a sucker for Kage Harper, because she writes so well, and there s always thoughtful inclusion of well developed characters that bring her stories to life.Gritty realism, but also hope and joy.

    13. Donnie goes back home after doing a 6yr stint in prison for a drunk driving vehicular homicide His bf best friend, Adam, was in the car with him and was injured in the accident Donnie has cut off all communication with him and his mom during his time away but, once he s out, he can t help getting one last look at Adam before he moves on.I grabbed this because I love second chance ex con books Yet, this took a bit to get into The book just had a pall of depression over it, the town, and all the c [...]

    14. A lovely Christmas M M romance I really liked the characters in this story, and the setup It has snow, trees, lights, goodwill, love, familyd a dog It s all good.

    15. Don t Plan to Stay by Kaje Harper portrays the homecoming of a man who has served his time for an injudicious decision but needs to figure out whether the ties he attempted to cut with those he left behind are really severed The young love he left behind has matured into a man, who knows his mind and his heart and is prepared to fight for what he wants, no matter what his family thinks.This m m contemporary romance is a lovely character study that explores the idea of redemption and dealing with [...]

    16. 2.5Don t know about this one I almost DNF it at first but pushed forward anyway It s one of those reads where the premise sounds promising and interesting than the actual story itself I didn t connect with the characters in any level In fact, 90% of the time I felt very detached from both the story and the characters.

    17. A wonderful story, full of love and hope Donnie stole my heart early and Adam deserved his HEA Willow and Mr L added the perfect side action Lots of feelings in this one.

    18. Don t Plan to Stay hit me in every feeling I have It s heartbreaking and hopeful in turns and I loved reading the journey.Full review soon on the blog and then here a copy of this story was provided for an honest review

    19. This was probably my favourite book of what I ve read of Kaje Harper s work so far Despite it being a novella, it didn t feel too short or like something was missing, and while some parts were a bit cliched and handled too easily everything related to Nate and what he did , it was a very satisfying Christmas story.

    20. Reviewed for Sinfully.Donnie isn t sure of the reaction he is going to get when he stops by his hometown in North Dakota after having done a six year prison term for a car accident that killed a man and injured his best friend and lover Adam, as well as Adam s older brother Donnie hasn t kept in contact with anyone, ignoring all the family s attempts at contact, and he has now been out of prison for six months Donnie just needs to know that Adam is okay and then he can continue his journey to Ca [...]

    21. It s been awhile since I read a book by Kaje Harper so when I saw this was coming out I jumped at it I liked Donnie andAdam s story It grabbed me right away and kept me hooked throughout My only complaint is I felt there were a couple loose ends not resolved Donnie s relationship with Adam s brother Nate and the reason Donnie was in jail It felt like that needed investigating But being a holiday story I can understand why the focus wasn t on that Overall, I enjoyed it and I recommend others to [...]

    22. As always Kaje Harper writes an excellent, heartfelt, realistic story I loved Donnie and Adam And Adam s dad and brother and Willow were great supporting characters.

    23. 4.25 stars Great holiday story of a young man who served years in prison for a fatal accident that he knew was not his fault But that one beer in his system made it look as if he was guilty Now Donnie finds himself back home and his best friend who was badly hurt in the accident surprises Donnie with how glad he is to see him It s a tough road to leave the bitterness behind and not feel sorry for your self, but Donnie does a fine job of working through all those feelings Surrounded by his best f [...]

    24. Good book in an understated way that ultimately fails to deliver the emotions Mrs Harper specializes in Indeed I was surprised to discover that the light, almost casual manner with which both the grim past shared by Donnie, Adam and his older brother Nate and the harsh realities of the jail time done by Donnie had been handled was neither to my liking nor effective enough I who fancy myself to be a lover of subtlety when it comes to the literary treatment of poignant themes ultimately got the im [...]

    25. I ll be upfront, I m a bit biassed when it comes to Kaje Harper s books Her characters, plots and writing style just work for me and Don t Plant to Stay was no exception I enjoyed this book I liked the characters, it has a rescue dog, and there s emotions galore The chapters alternate between Donnie and Adam s viewpoint Donnie, just released from six years in prosion for a fatal DUI makes a stop at his hometown He s not entirely sure why, because there s nothing but grief for him here a broken h [...]

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