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We All Die Alone By Mark Newgarden Dan Nadel,

  • Title: We All Die Alone
  • Author: Mark Newgarden Dan Nadel
  • ISBN: 9781560976615
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Newgarden has influenced two generations of youths through his work at Topps Bubblegum Co through icons like the Garbage Pail Kids This is the first retrospective of his career
    We All Die Alone Newgarden has influenced two generations of youths through his work at Topps Bubblegum Co through icons like the Garbage Pail Kids This is the first retrospective of his career

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    1. i cried so hard my lap thought it was raining this is the only book that has prompted me to write fan mail RILY the absurd heights of human frailty, slapstick, being morbid.

    2. Anybody having grown up on the periphery of American pop culture during the 1980s will have heard of Mark Newgarden s output if not the man himself Ostensibly the creator behind such so called junk culture as Topps trading cards Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packs, Toxic High School, and others , mastermind behind certain novelty candy items, and contributor to free independent weeklies comix sections.A hefty portion of his work is displayed in We All Die Alone work stemming from his work with The Li [...]

    3. Disturbing cartoons Sometimes I imagine that I am someone else Sometimes when I imagine that I am someone else I imagine that I am Ernie Bushmiller Funarchy

    4. Mark Newgarden is an eighties humorist that I somehow missed in the eighties, mostly We All Die Alone is a title that somehow encapsulates the heart of his work Is THAT funny What IS funny But as with that film The Aristocrats, we see that is for many great comedians the point of comedy is to see how far they can push it, to push it so far it is meta And one person s laugh until you cry is another person s why did you even say that There are terrific comics here such as Love s Savage Fury, Pud a [...]

    5. Of all comic books I ve read, Newgarden s We All Die Alone has a special place in my heart that cannot be filled by anyhting else For its bitter tender truths, sometimes moderately offensive gags, its fat noses, brilliantly paced panels such as Pud and Spud, Little Nun or Your Snappy Pals for its short stories displaying deadpan humor at its finest, great cover design, selection of images of various novelty junk items, and for making me become interested in Bushmiller, Messmer and Gross cartoons [...]

    6. The Little Nun and Your Snappy Pals are my favorite selection sections Pud and Spud and What We Like follow Close The stories that weren t attached to Big Noses and then Big Noses round out how I liked the Newgarden work Oh, and the Bazooka Joe and Nancy meet on a train thing is last It was fine, but it was a well FINE kind of fine The biography of Newgarden and the autobiography of his influences were excellent bookends to this funniest, darkest comic collection by an artist who s kept me good [...]

    7. A great insight to the true world of comedy, this book is filled to the brim with amazing comics and storylines that can make you laugh or ponder everything that you priorly knew.

    8. Mark Newgarden, We All Die Alone Fantagraphics, 2005 I was in my late teens during the glory days of RAW, and many of my friends were huge fans of the magazine I was always sort of ashamed to admit I never quite got it But then Maus came out, and I could grok Art Spiegelman, who was one of the driving forces behind RAW, so I figured I d just missed something.Now comes We All Die Alone, a full length from one of RAW s other seminal contributors, Mark Newgarden And while there are some pieces in h [...]

    9. 3.5 stars A lot of content, some of it quite funny, a lot of it at least fascinating, but also somehow underwhelming enough to keep it below 4 stars in my mind Either way, still worth the time to read look at this book Mark Newgarden has a unique mind.

    10. Deeply bitter jokes , disemboweled and meta cartoony Mostly the humor is in the death of the joke It gets tiring in bulk critique than creation but it s still pretty fascinating.

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