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Miss Sophia's Spirited Spinster's Society (The Spinster’s Society) By Charlotte Stone,

  • Title: Miss Sophia's Spirited Spinster's Society (The Spinster’s Society)
  • Author: Charlotte Stone
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Miss Sophia Taylor has a secret In fact, the gossip column writer and daughter of London s most notorious tailor has than one secret, and they re all about to be revealedThey will star the most untouchable member of the exclusive Men of Nashwood The Duke of Cort.For Sophia, it s a forbidden love that can never see the light of day.But in the night, Miss Sophia Taylor has a secretIn fact, the gossip column writer and daughter of London s most notorious tailor has than one secret, and they re all about to be revealedThey will star the most untouchable member of the exclusive Men of Nashwood The Duke of Cort.For Sophia, it s a forbidden love that can never see the light of day.But in the night, passions are set free.Freedom comes with a price and this one might be too high a cost to pay.Lord Morris Kidd has always lived his life by the rules.On the outside, he s everything the ton expects of a duke.On the inside, his need for Sophia holds the power to burn him alive.Something ignites in him that feels too right to be wrong and too powerful to ignore any longer.Sophia s secrets will stand between them and though he has an endless supply of wealth and prestige, he might not have the power to save her.Can Sophia break free of her past And if she does, are they willing to pay the cost for their love And if she does, are they both willing to pay the cost for their love Page Count around 330 pages
    Miss Sophia s Spirited Spinster s Society The Spinster s Society Miss Sophia Taylor has a secret In fact the gossip column writer and daughter of London s most notorious tailor has than one secret and they re all about to be revealedThey will star the most untouc

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    1. Barbara s Rating 4 of 5 starsSeries The Spinster s Society 4Publication Date 11 15 17This is the fourth book in the Spinster s Society series by author Charlotte Stone I have to say that I love the tales themselves they are interesting and have a different take on things The characters are fun and I enjoy seeing the repeat characters and watching them grow as friends and individuals.I m not sure how much research this author actually does on the Regency period, but if you are a purist for forms [...]

    2. I love this series with each book you are drawn and into this story line and you learn about the lady s of the spinster society and the men of Nashwood In this book we learn of the love between Morris and Sophia This book has a lot of twist and turns, love adventure and mystery, tying the previous books together showing the love and devotion these Lady and Gentleman have for each other and how far each one will go for each other.Miss Sophia Taylor has a some secret s which is has not shared [...]

    3. Miss Sophia Taylor is an anomaly a fact that makes her one of my favorite characters in this series Sophia is a writer not only is she passionate about her literary topics but she is so about her family and friends There is an air of mystery that has swirled around her from the beginning Lord Morris Kid, the Duke of Cort, has perhaps broken some rules, but believes in the foundation of those rules He has vowed to marry a Lady Sophia is everything he wants, but does not hold the title society di [...]

    4. This was a fun book There were quite a few editing issues that detracted from the story Sometimes the character that was speaking was not clear and the history of a couple of the characters wasn t clear either It s written okay, but not super Like I said, editing issues.I enjoyed the story and the closeness of the characters It was a page turner because I wanted to see what happened between Sophia and Morris I was not disappointed.While the characters in the other books appeared in this book, I [...]

    5. Sophia Taylor is unlike her friends in a manner that leaves her unable to wed the man that she desires, simply because she lacks the appropriate title Sophia is the daughter of a tailor, and therefore, regardless of the chemistry between she and Morris, the duke of Cort, she dare not dream of being anything than just his mistress.Alas, Morris has the same feelings of yearning for Sophia, and for once, he is beginning to see that titles and social status may be insignificant to matters of the he [...]

    6. Sophia has been in the past three books a spirited and mysterious character She comes into her own worth and her secrets are revealed Her father has played a big part in the series and finds his own love in Sophia s story She and Marcus are smitten at first sight As they realize their love is worth all and how they are challenged is a great read Marcus s mother in the last book cones into the story as a siren It was fun to see her find love at last Then throw in a crazed man and bad weather and [...]

    7. Sophia and MorrisThis is Sophia, Mr Taylor the tailor s daughter and Morrise Duke of Cort s story Oh the things these two have been doing and we had no idea Sophia has been in love with Morris since she first laid eyes on him She believes can never have him thinking she s not good enough because she is not of nobility Morris thinks he must marry someone of nobility because of his title.until he decides he doesn t care Then watch out Sophia, Morris wants you no matter what Writing as Eleanor Meye [...]

    8. Another wonderful Spinster Society book Sophia has been in love with Morris Kidd from when they met Since he is a Duke and her an illegitimate daughter of a Taylor even a famous Taylor she knows nothing can come of it Morris wants Sophia as his mistress because he knows he can t marry her He needs to marry within the Peerage She is resisting him at all cost Sophia knows and has a secret that can change everything about who she is Can Morris break from what he was taught and go after the woman he [...]

    9. Oh, the spinsters are trouble again Sophia is the illegitimate daughter of a tailoror is she But definitely not worthy of marrying Morris, Duke of Cort and one of the Men of Nashwood Morris thinks to dally with Sophia, then realizes that she is The One Adventures ensue at a house party of course AND Sophia tells Morris a big secret about all the engaged spinsters OOPS More to come I m loving this steamy Regency romance series Question Can one remain a spinster if one is engaged

    10. This was an entertaining Regency romance Miss Sophia Taylor has secrets, and one is that she is in love with Lord Morris Kidd, the Duke of Cort He has always lived life by the rules, but Sophia ignites something in him that he can t ignore Can they find a way to be together, even when her secrets are revealed This book can be read as a standalone story, though it is part of a series with related characters I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading other books in this series as well [...]

    11. This is the 4th book in this series and it is just as good as the first one Loved them all The characters are great and I look forward to each book Sofia is in love with a Duke but her being a taylors daughter thinks he should marry a member of the ton She fell in love when she was young and it turned out that the man was married so has been very careful since them in her relationships Look forward to the next book in this series.

    12. Did anyone bother to proofread this even once Distracting immensely from the story was the poor writing Some sentences did not even make sense and you needed to stop and guess what was intended even though it is written in English I like these characters and the previous storylines I would have had the patience to wait a few weeks to at least have someone review this to make it readable.

    13. SpiritedI didn t want to put this book down I love this series and can t wait for the next book in this series I have enjoyed Sophie s character from the other books I never expected for her and Morris to fall in love She is strong, smart but kind and caring There was definitely to Morris than I originally thought The characters are very engaging and real I would love to see a book for all of the Nashwood men I highly recommend this book.

    14. Miss Sophia s Spirited Spinster s Society Book 4The love story of Morris and Sophia Sophia is the daughter of a second son and a tailor, she do not think she is good enough for him Sophia fall in love with Morris on first sight Morris is a duke and he is in love with Sophia and want notNo other for his duchess Can love find away Great and funny Christmas story.

    15. Very goodThese just keep getting better Sophia and Morris are in love but she fights it because she is not a lady he finds out she had a lover Lord Helsby he was married and lied to Sophia he kidnaps her from morris s home and goes to Gretna Green They all go after her and rescue her

    16. I just love this series I can t get enough of these stories Book after book just keeps getting better and better and Sophia and Morris story doesn t disappoint Secrets are revealed and you just get sucked into the storyline I just couldn t put the book down Can t wait to read the next book in the series

    17. Good quick read A little racy.Good story, but at times I felt it didn t go into as much detail as I would have liked It moved faster than I like given the racy parts I like a developed story before that happens.

    18. A delightful storySophia is the daughter of Mr Taylor the brother of a Viscount She becomes acquainted with the Society when her father starts dressing the others As she didn t expect to marry the invited her into the group where she meets he Duke of Cort.

    19. I just love this series I enjoy the women and men s adventures Sophia keeps Morris wondering about her love for him as long as she can Morris is ready to give up when secrets change their destiny The thing I like most is the views from all parties on prior situations in each book

    20. The 4th book in the serie and finally the story followed a slightly different pattern The disappointment is that you definitely feel strong lust between the h and H, but not so much love Again, an OK read but somehow tempted to read the next one in the serie.

    21. Interesting characters and story lines but.This story didn t flow as easily as the others I have read in this series but I still like the strong characters and the varied story lines.

    22. A gossip column writer and a duke could there be a mismatched pairing And yet, it seems so right to each of them Another scandalous story of the Men of Nashwood and the Spinster s Society Handsome men, lovely women another great Regency romance.

    23. GreatI enjoyed this book It was wonderful reconnecting with all of my favorite characters from the Spinsters Society I truly hopoe that there us a story written about each oif the males in the club and hopoe to read about the new female characters

    24. Sophia the spinsters societyThis is the third in the series and just as good as the previous two, thoroughly enjoyed all three The way all the characters inter act with each other is addictive Can t wait for the next one A very entertaining book

    25. Very good story Charlotte Stone has become a favorite author of mine, I don t hesitate to buy when she has a new book out

    26. Wonderful ReadI love regency romance book and this does not disappoint The characters are outstanding, the story is great and I can t wait to read another

    27. This is the story of Sophia and Morris, the Duke of Court She falls for him at first sight, while he continues to insist that he must marry a lady The Spinsters Society and Men of Nashwood find themselves up to their antics, this time over Christmas I enjoyed this story The beginning recapped the other stories but from Sophia s point of view Then it continued with their story.

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