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An Afternoon to Kill By Shelley Smith,

  • Title: An Afternoon to Kill
  • Author: Shelley Smith
  • ISBN: 9780897331227
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Victorian episode of adultery and murder is told by an old woman living in a large house in the desert to a young Englishman whose airplane has been forced down by engine failure But things are rarely what they seem.
    An Afternoon to Kill A Victorian episode of adultery and murder is told by an old woman living in a large house in the desert to a young Englishman whose airplane has been forced down by engine failure But things are rare

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    1. While I found the blurb intriguing, I was completely unprepared for just how addictive this book would become The rather uppity Lancelot Jones finds himself stranded, and desperate to be out of the heat he wanders into the estate of a most endearingly eccentric woman I struggled just a bit these first few pages, because Mr Jones isn t very likeable, and spending those first few chapters so heavily with him was a bit of a chore Yet as Alva speaks and , I couldn t help but be lost in her words, h [...]

    2. Book received from NetGalley.The book is of a 3.5 star read This book started a bit slow for me but it really picked up at about the quarter of the way through I really started hating the narrator of the story, who was not the main character The main character was the prop that got the story told It was interesting and I can t say much because it will give away the twist in the story, and believe me that twist was great I sat there for a few minutes not believing that the author took it to that [...]

    3. Grand story.This one Is a fairly spicy story of Victorian love and loss as told to a stranded traveler while he awaits repairs It appears to be fairly transparentuntil the end Fun reading.

    4. I started reading this because I was intrigued by the unusual premise I was completely unprepared for the way I way pulled into the story as told by Alva, a very odd woman living alone in the desert Her quaint language reflects the era, the tale she tells is riveting, the ending a shocker

    5. Delightful A thoroughly engrossing, somewhat cozy mystery with a masterful O Henry ending twist I will definitely be looking for of this author s work

    6. Continuing my reviews of books I d never heard of, can t find on the internet, and no one else is going to read, I present An Afternoon To Kill by Shelley Smith It s from the Crime Club series, printed in Britain in the 1950 s with praise from the likes of the Daily Express She compels the reader by hypnotic skill The Crime Club logo of a gun pointing villain always catches my eye.Lancelot Jones was on his way to his first job as tutor to an Indian Rajah s son, when the ancient plane and incompe [...]

    7. Lancelot Jones is on his way to Bandrapore to work as a tutor when his light plane is forced to land in a desert Looking for help he comes across a building, and meets Alva Hine, who is response to his question of why she is living there, she tells him her life story A story of life fifty years ago in the Victorian era, of love of family, of hate and murder.An interesting, and quick and easy read with a good ending.A NetGalley Book

    8. A small plane lands for emergency repair in the desert of an unnamed Arab country The lone passenger, a young man on the way to a new position, heads for the large residence nearby He is surprised to find the older woman there to be English also, living independently without family To pass the time, she orders her employees to prepare meals and they talk He is a pragmatic man who prefers facts to fancy and therefore reads only non fiction She says she enjoys it and that there are many life lesso [...]

    9. A young English teacher named Lancelot Jones is on his way to a remote Indian kingdom when his plane is forced to make an emergency landing Leaving his pilot to repair the machine, Jones crosses the desert to a small village and a palace In the palace he finds an elderly Englishwoman living a life of luxurious isolation He asks her how she came to live in this remote place, and she tells him the story of her miserable and tragic early adulthood in England He listens rapt, then appalled, over spl [...]

    10. Appena pubblicato da Polillo con il titolo Un pomeriggio da ammazzare , un grazioso thriller psicologico travestito da giallo, come quasi i tutti i romanzi di Shelley Smith autrice da riscoprire, se amate la detection legata pi allo studio dei caratteri dei personaggi che a quello dei vari indizi.

    11. Oh,what an unexpected gem This is Death comes to Pemberly P.D.James meets Arabian Nights.As in ,an exotic location frames a Victorian murder mystery An absolutely brilliant book with a delightful ending.

    12. A novel way of telling a mystery tale, with a clever ending Published in 1953, main story line happens 50 years before Reading now 50 years later it has dated quite well An excellent writer and well up to her usual standard.

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