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Two Beasts Next Door: A Bad Boy MFM Romance By Jay S. Wilder,

  • Title: Two Beasts Next Door: A Bad Boy MFM Romance
  • Author: Jay S. Wilder
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Once upon a time a beauty fell for two beasts Elle When I leave my old life behind to meet a writing deadline, I don t expect my cabin in the woods to collapse around me But it does Two men save me Two perfect beasts who want to share me My fairy tale begins and their ends I fall for two men I m about to betray Author s Notes A modern, steamy MFM take on the clasOnce upon a time a beauty fell for two beasts Elle When I leave my old life behind to meet a writing deadline, I don t expect my cabin in the woods to collapse around me But it does Two men save me Two perfect beasts who want to share me My fairy tale begins and their ends I fall for two men I m about to betray Author s Notes A modern, steamy MFM take on the classic fairy tale Two Beasts Next Door is a fast paced, standalone MFM menage romance with a happily ever after ending There are no M M scenes This story is all about two beasts who fall for the same woman Bonus material included for a limited time.
    Two Beasts Next Door A Bad Boy MFM Romance Once upon a time a beauty fell for two beasts Elle When I leave my old life behind to meet a writing deadline I don t expect my cabin in the woods to collapse around me But it does Two men save me Tw

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    1. This was an amazing m nage read that you won t want to put down Samuel Bastian are ex soldiers who came home from the war different Wanting to hideaway especially Bastian because of his scar But when there neighbor Elle is in trouble they don t hesitate to save her The chemistry is there between them all and they both want her What started as something that could last but when guilt gets Elle she leaves Will they get the HEA that they all deserve This was an enjoyable story that will have you lo [...]

    2. I have read almost every Jay S Wilder book and this is , to me, like one of the top 2 written It is a beautiful, Super hot, m nage story that has character and passion, heart and emotions There is a lot of action and drama that will keep you hooked to this story from beginning to end Samuel ,Bastian Elle are characters that are well developed and have this chemistry that sizzles they connect and are so delicious together This book was great to read and I enjoyed watching the story unfold as it a [...]

    3. Review Rating 4.0 out of 5 starsFinding a woman who can see past all their scars is so very rare, and that is the one they intend to keep.I received an Advance Reader Copy for Two Beasts Next Door A Bad Boy MFM Romance written by Jay S Wilder and voluntarily reviewed this book Bastian and Samuel, two ex Army soldiers, have been living a peaceful but lonely existence in the Mount Charleston woods, hiding out from society, scarred inside and outside on their last tour, from which they were honorab [...]

    4. A great read by Jay S Wilder about a woman, Elle, who happens to be an author of erotic books and has secluded herself away in a cabin in the woods for peace to write her next story Little does she know that her neighbours, Samuel and Bastian, have been looking out for her and good thing they do when a snow storm comes whipping through and end up saving her They take her back to their cabin and nurse her back to help and in the mean while nursing back to life Bastian who has been scarred, living [...]

    5. This is a great short m nage story about Samuel, Bastian and Elle The guys are Ex military who have come home from the war with with scars inside and out and have lived away from everyone since they returned Elle is a author hiding in the mountains for four months to finish her two books One day a large snow storm hits and while sleeping Elle hears a noise and gets up to find a tree across her roof The guys are out gathering fire wood and hear it and know there is trouble They have been secretly [...]

    6. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.This book was hot and has some steamy sex scenes This story was well written with a blisteringly hot look into the private lives of those in a m nage Jay Wilder didn t skip over the tough stuff, instead diving right in and letting us see the messy along with the awesome From the very first page, I was spellbound by these fantastically described characters that you will find yourself falling in love with I really enjoyed reading this book [...]

    7. Elle moves away from her city apartment to finish her next book Though she may not know it she has two former soldiers watching over her When a snow storm hits and her home literally falls she is saved by the two sexy soldiers When she wakes up in their cabin things being to get steamy fast The storm clears and in the daylight insecurities lead to secrets that tear the trio apart.This was a shot fast read that had a happy ending I was a little annoyed at how long the trio ended up being separate [...]

    8. Stars 4 out of 5 For Overall Story Chilies 3 out of 5 For Heat Factor Chapters 20 Novella Ends No cliff hangers and HEA Characters It s a MFM m nage romance between Elle an erotic author and Samuel and Bastian both honorably discharged vets from the US Army Second Infantry Division Fourth Ard Brigade Combat Team Review I really enjoyed this novella I found it to be about heroes and the three characters saving each other rather than full of heat Bastian and Samuel save Elle from a collapsing bui [...]

    9. Oh yes once again Jay Wilder gives us a sinfully yummy treat with this beautiful heart squeeze story.This hot, fast paced m f m romance is a sweet story, with a whole lot of heat When Elle goes to the mountains to work on her novel, she doesn t meet her neighbors until the night a snowstorm hits and her cabin caves in Samuel and Bastein two Army Vets are there to save her Nowhere to go now until the snow storm is over and the road clears, Elle stays with her rescuers whom she gets to know MUCH b [...]

    10. i really enjoyed reading this book Bastian and Samuel are the sole survivors when an IED took out their team in Afghanistan Bastian has been disfigured Then, there is Ellie, an erotica aurhor Two plus one makes three, which then Jay S Wilder turns into a well written, hard to put down, sizzling hot book I have read in some of the reviews about not liking that Ellie left at a time, that she did not know if Samuel was alive, injured, or dead after an accident I did not like that either, but someti [...]

    11. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book Jay Wilder has put out another great book This one is about Elle, Sam and Bastian Elle is a writer who has decided to seclude herself in a cabin in order to finish her writing Sam and Bastian are her neighbors who come to her her rescue when the place she is staying at literally comes down around her The two are former soldiers who both survived when a bomb went off that killed the rest of their unit However, both were left with emotional as well as phy [...]

    12. I love Jay S Wilder He certainly knows how to bring the heat with his menage stories and this latest is no different Super hot scenes with passion and emotion and then some areas that make you wonder and think I could not out it down until the very end Great book I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.Hero, Bastian and Samuel 10 10Heroine, Elle 5 5Chemistry 5 5Sex 5 5Plot 4 5Mystery 1 5Action 1 5Darkness 1 5Humor 1 5POV all threeWould I recommend this book yesWould I re read this b [...]

    13. Bravo, Jay S Wilder You have gifted us a rare and beautiful thingMFM M nage with both real heart and a terrific storyline Elle, Bastian, and Samuel are characters with real emotions and depth War Vet princes is indeed an apt description There s a lot of action, emotion, and drama packed into this readyou don t want to miss the rough round to the HEA either Get your finger ready and 1 Click this bad boy today I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book and loved it

    14. I absolutely loved this.It was full of so much passion and emotional feeling and the characters were so likeable each one with their own issues but were made for each other.Samuel and Bastian you could die for they were so tuned to each other and have the biggest hearts being long life friends and vetrens from the war and Elle a writer just living life.I loved the whole story and couldn t put it down.I voluntarily read a readers copy of this book

    15. Jay S Wilder has done it again with this mfm read that is so well written and the characters are so well developed that as I turned each page I was drawn in deeper and deeper as the story effortlessly unfolded between Elle, Bastian and Samuel This book was such an enjoyable and entertaining read I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book However, I enjoyed this book so much that I purchased a copy and you should too

    16. I loved, loved Samuel and Bastian This might just be my favorite book by Jay S Wilder These alpha tough men saved Elle, but she saved these two tough, ex Army buddies right back There were some heartstopping moments that just rocked me The sweet and tender moments combined with the rough and tough moments, as well as the swooning, sexy scenes, just made this one amazing MFM romance read Fabulous

    17. Reality Turns to FictionThe only part that kept me from loving this one was Elle Her vanishing act, especially not knowing anything about Samuel s health REALLY frustrated me Bastian and Samuel rescued her and that s their repayment The fact these two veterans have sacrificed for their country and she pretty much uses them did not make me like her The story line was a very nice change and MFMs are my favorite This one is nicely done.

    18. Take two scarred war veterans hiding in the solitude of the mountains.Add a beautiful author temporarily retiring there in a log cabin to finish writing two books.Then add a blizzard destroying said cabin and the two veterans rescuing this beauty from her collapsing cabin to this equation as well as some strong chemistry and ready is the perfect erotic cocktail of this imaginative fairy tale This book is insanely hot, passionate heartbreaking and sweet at the same time.I really enjoyed reading i [...]

    19. A quick read I ve never read anything by this author, I came across homeland while entering into a contest and read the blurb for this book and was instantly wanted the book Download it and was surprised by what a quick read it was With a steamy scene or two If you re looking for a fast read then this is a good book for that

    20. Two Beasts Next Door plus a doubleheader in reading by Jay S WilderHow would you feel if you could have your fantasy and make a dreamsCome trueWELL read this book and find out You re gonna be surprised and delighted with not just one story but also bonus story So check it out for yourself and enjoy your stories.

    21. Great m nage read It s full of action, drama and steamy scenes It will hook you in from the beginning as it takes you through an emotional ride It s well written with characters you will love The connection and chemistry between the characters is steamy and sexy It s an entertaining read I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

    22. I was disappointed about the epilogue, because I kind of wanted , but I did love this story I also didn t like how much she ran away from them But at the end they ended up together, and thats all that matters.

    23. I couldn t put this book down Bastian and Samuel are amazing men and you can t help but fall in love with them right along with Elle I absolutely loved this story I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

    24. Enjoyable read about two scarred veterans living in a mountain cabin who rescue the woman of their dreams It s a fun, steamy read and I really did enjoy it The writing is good, the characters likable, the sex is hot I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book.

    25. Jay is your go to for MFM stories, Absolutely loved Elle, Bastian, and Samuel story Let me say theres plenty of action and drama along they way for them I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book ONE CLICK NOW

    26. A very fast steamy read about two veteran men and the girl of their dreams Great storyline, amazing characters and fantastic chemistry I voluntarily received this book to review for my honest opinion.

    27. I adored this story it was instalove with a fairytale twist it was the perfect balance of heat and emotion I think you will really enjoy this quick read this is my honest review for a book I volunteer to read

    28. If you love bad boy romance stories, then you ll love this steamy, well written and fast paced story with angst, forgiveness, off the charts chemistry, a great plot, well developed characters, and a whole lotta heat.I volunteered to review an advance reader copy of this book.

    29. Sexy and sinfulSuch a sexy read, the chemistry of these characters are off the charts If they don t melt your panties off don t worry they will just rip them off A must read for every one I m glad I did Can t wait to see what comes next.

    30. Two Beasts Next Door was a great, hot and steamy, MFM romance Samuel, Elle and Bastian s chemistry and connection was amazing Enjoyed their story Received an ARC and I m leaving a voluntary review.

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