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Isabella: Queen Without a Conscience By Rachel Bard,

  • Title: Isabella: Queen Without a Conscience
  • Author: Rachel Bard
  • ISBN: 9781412092128
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • The untold story of one of history s most beautiful and controversial women a queen obsessed with her lust for power and recognition.
    Isabella Queen Without a Conscience The untold story of one of history s most beautiful and controversial women a queen obsessed with her lust for power and recognition

    One thought on “Isabella: Queen Without a Conscience”

    1. This novel tells the story of beautiful Isabella of Angoul me, once Queen of England, who seemed to have been very much disliked in England as well as in France.As a child she was betrothed to Hugh Lusignan IX, Count of La Marche, but King John who had had his first marriage to Isabella of Gloucester annulled, decided that young Isabella of Angoul me was to be his bride instead She and John had 5 children, the eldest of which was the future Henry III of England A large part of the book covers Jo [...]

    2. This is really excellent Another uncommon subject and a real historian writing it At no point did my howler sensors quiver, which means that even if Ms Bard made any, her writing was good enough to override them I will be after her other books immediately and am uttering my usual glad cry to a favourite author yes, favourite on the basis of just one book Please write faster

    3. 9.99Unfortunately I wasn t able to find a good biography of King John or even a fictional account true than not of his life, and so I have relied on a number of different books When I read about the monarchy I also like to read about the major characters related to any given King, including the spouses Until reading about the Plantagenets and finally getting to King John, I had never heard of Isabella of Angouleme, Countess in her own right after her father, Count Aymer died She was betrothed t [...]

    4. Isabella of Angoul me is one of the lesser known English queens, and yet I am quite curious about her possibly because I have a thing for historical women with bad reputations Rachel Bard s novel had been on my radar for a while, and I am happy I finally got the to read it.One of the things I liked the most about the novel is that it is told through the perspectives of different characters This was a good choice because it gave a wider view of the story and the players The book is also clearly w [...]

    5. A very fine book, well written and researched and I enjoyed it a lot Isabella had a position that was always difficult for a woman of her times.I am reminded of the song sung by Guinevere in Camelot, Oh Genevieve, Saint Genevieve, where were you when my youth was sold Dear Genevieve, sweet Genevieve, shan t I be young before I m old She was exiled from England after the death of John and what then was she to do I enjoyed this book a great deal and hope to read the other books by this author Unde [...]

    6. Isabella, Queen Without a Conscience by Rachel BardI love this book, the history about this woman is so spellbinding The author brings the characters to life Each chapter telling each characters point of view It s like having several books in one story So much has been written about the rest of this family, finally we get a book about Isabella The history seems real from the point of view of this author, and she brings the characters to life This is a hard book to read, it s worth it

    7. This could have been a great book but for t terrible editing.I was really looking forward to reading this book However it has fatal flaws Just a little bit into the story, the words are cut off on the left margin A little bit further there are words missing on the right margin Do not waste your time or money on this book it is unreadable I didn t even try to finish it.

    8. InterestingI enjoy Ms Bard s s style and conjecture She has chosen some less renowned historical figures and brought them to life There were some formatting issues in a few places but not enough to disrupt the story.

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