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Town & Country By Alice Provensen Martin Provensen,

  • Title: Town & Country
  • Author: Alice Provensen Martin Provensen
  • ISBN: 9780517555941
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Describes life in a big city and on a farm near a village.
    Town Country Describes life in a big city and on a farm near a village

    One thought on “Town & Country”

    1. One of my 2 year old son s favorite books, and I love it too In children s book illustration there s a fine line between what I would call detailed and busy This is detailed My son is always finding something new to surprise him each time we read this book The illustrations mirror the lives of the authors, commuting from their rural life in the country to the big city of New York The book was first published in 78, but it appears it was illustrated to show an earlier time, maybe the mid 60 s It [...]

    2. The authors, Alice and Martin Provensen, are renowned for their beautiful illustrations and story telling Town and Country weaves simplistic writing in with very richly detailed illustrations The illustrations are high quality, deserving of a space on any person s wall The illustrator uses layers of detail to really capture the richness of both the city and country making both places stand out, in its own unique way The author does a great job adding to the illustration by using descriptive word [...]

    3. Read this after Beatrix Potter s Johnny Town Mouse Speaks well of both rural urban living Paired well with our memory work, esp the last stanza of Geography, by Eleanor Farjeon The very streets I live in, and the meadows where I play,Are just as much Geography as countries far away,Where yellow girls and coffee boys are learning about meOne little white skinned stranger who is in Geography

    4. I ve been excited to read and see this book I m a Provensen fan It does a good job of covering the upsides and downsides of the city and the country Dare I say they seemed biased towards the country But then again the city part seemed longer and in depth, and exciting Beautiful illustrations The only thing I found a little odd was that there was no real ending.

    5. Nice writing, very descriptive I would use this book a read aloud and discussion on the different places people live and what they see around them What can the children find in the complex pictures

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