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A Calendar of Tales By Neil Gaiman Paul Roman Martinez,

  • Title: A Calendar of Tales
  • Author: Neil Gaiman Paul Roman Martinez
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 307
  • Format: ebook
  • On February 4th, 2013, Neil Gaiman embarked on a fantastic art project in partnership with BlackBerry and millions of his fans He tweeted twelve questions to the world, one for each month of the year From the tens of thousands of responses he received, Neil picked his favourite answers and wrote twelve short stories inspired by them Releasing these back into the world,On February 4th, 2013, Neil Gaiman embarked on a fantastic art project in partnership with BlackBerry and millions of his fans He tweeted twelve questions to the world, one for each month of the year From the tens of thousands of responses he received, Neil picked his favourite answers and wrote twelve short stories inspired by them Releasing these back into the world, comic artist Paul Roman Martinez has created brand new illustrations for this revised edition of Calendar of Tales.
    A Calendar of Tales On February th Neil Gaiman embarked on a fantastic art project in partnership with BlackBerry and millions of his fans He tweeted twelve questions to the world one for each month of the year

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    1. These tales are the result of one hell of a collaboration, Neil Gaiman, through his and his fans tweets managed to write twelve amazing short stories, here are the questions and their answers, I ll leave it to you to discover the stories my favorite was the October Tale

    2. I enjoyed this story that he used prompts for each month to tell This is also in Trigger Warning Good stuff.

    3. Neil Gaiman collaborated with millions of his fans as a part of Blackberry s Keep Moving Project and the result is phenomenal, humbling, and beautiful in every which way.Gaiman began the project by asking his twitter followers a simple series of questions related to the months of the year The stories were inspired by the following responses 1 Why is January so dangerous zyblonius replied Because an aging veteran just retired, to be replaced by a dangerously unqualified youth, no than a babe in [...]

    4. This was wonderful flash fiction stories based on ideas sent to Neil Gamin Some of the stories are dark and some are hilarious.

    5. Quick review view spoiler More soonon view spoiler My soon get it XD hide spoiler q hide spoiler So I was up all night till 5 a.m today and the last thing I read was the story of November Kept the December tale for today day time Aaaannd, loved this little book D Especially that story of the igloo of books D And not to mention the genie and the wishes And the art, coolio DPlus points for cat illustrations Weirdly enough, my nightmare was inspired from this book No worries, it was just a murder i [...]

    6. What a fantastic idea this is In a collaboration with Blackberry Neil tweeted various questions relating to each month of the year and then chose one response for each month and turned it into a story And what a fantastic bunch of stories they are too There s an igloo made of bricks, a genie who doesn t get to make any wishes and some ducks who get their revenge Every story is something different they are funny, heart warming, mysterious and generally brilliant This short collection really shows [...]

    7. Listened to it from Neil Gaiman s voice and he made each and every tale much magical My favorite tales are October and January, though I loved them all

    8. Five stars Because it s Neil Fucking Gaiman, because it s so good, and because it s FREE Yes, folks, it s Neil Gaiman and it s free I m bouncing happily on my seat when I got this, so I ll let you bounce happily on your seat, too Go to this link to download keepmovingberry deskAs expected from Neil Gaiman, my top fantasy writer, this anthology starts with simple ideas but turned it into beautiful stories He tweets questions about months in a year and then the favorite answers would be turned int [...]

    9. I love the fighting spouse story because i find it very rare and funny And the igloo made from books Can i have that With the condition that it has bare roof so i can watch stars at night But my most favourite story will be October About the djinn But it reminds me of him orang paling kaya adalah orang yang merasa cukup dengan apa yang dia ada So, i have mixed feelings after that to like it or not Then, comes November My favourite month The story was ok But, the idea was very urgh sedihnya And l [...]

    10. Isn t Neil Gaiman wonderful A collection of tales, grown from a Twitter experiment Neil asked a question for each month and then write a story based on the responses from other users a fabulous collaboration that I d like to see of.As with all of Mr Gaiman s short stories some are funny, some are sweet, some are melancholy, and all of them stay with you after you ve finished with them, little images or moments from each popping up like thought bubbles every now and then.The only problem I have [...]

    11. Never, not for one moment, can you point out while reading these twelve, brilliant, short stories, that each of them are written by the same author Hat tip, Mr Gaiman, and all my respect.

    12. Neil Gaiman has embarked on an interesting project with A Calendar of Tales ebook The monthly stories are useful for teachers who would like to utilise ebook environments for students because it demonstrates how creativity with digital literature can be collaborative A collaborative approach to writing with ebooks can maintain an engagement with literacy on a deeper level for students Gaiman 2013 argues that fiction is an important aspect of education systems that seek to promote cultural and so [...]

    13. I always amazed with author s inspiration for their stories They said it can be from anywhere but sometimes I wonder how they create words in to become a story from the inspiration they get Neil Gaiman is one of authors who keep amazed me, including in his collaboration with BlackBerry How can he created short stories from limited Twitter characters sent by his followers is beyond my imagination My favorites are October and December stories I love October story because it s so sweet and can be a [...]

    14. 3Egy h nap egy t rt net, a t rt net v g n egy rajong ltal k sz tett illusztr ci meg Neil k rd se s a v lasz, ami megihlette Zseni lis Im dom Nagyon j pof k lettek ezek a r pke novell k s gy vannak meg rva, hogy szinte tragad az olvas ra a hangulatuk Janu rban d monokra vad sztunk a k ly kkel s Tizenkett vel Febru rban kisl nyok voltunk egy monokr m tengerparton, akik nyakl ncokkal j tszottak M rciusban kal zhaj ztunk s beleszerett nk prilisban kacs kkal p kerezt nk, mert mi rt ne , de a kacs k n [...]

    15. I had not heard about this unique book project till i picked it up It was in February, 2013 when Neil Gaiman collaborated with Blackberry for his Keep Moving project in a way which no one had ever done He took 12 hours and released questions via Twitter, pertaining to the 12 months of the year, intending to write a collection of short stories based on his favorite responses.He wrote all 12 stories in the span of three days and two days after recording the audio versions, the stories were complet [...]

    16. I m generally a Gaiman fan, and his skill definitely comes shining through in these twelve short tales Having watched the whole thing transpire via Twitter, I know that these were conceived of and written extremely quickly Nonetheless, the stories do read pretty well overall, and I have nothing but respect for the author who can do that on such short notice Plus, I just plain think the whole concept is pretty damned cool.ButYes, there s a but The thing is Some of these prompts are almost whole m [...]

    17. Only one of the stories really resonated with me October the story about the djiin.The others were either forgettable or had neat elements or ideas but didn t have the cohesive impact that I normally attribute to Neil s short stories Perhaps flash fiction isn t his forte Perhaps he should have taken time to write them Perhaps writing from prompts was never a good idea to begin with Whatever the case these stories live up to my expectations of one my favorite authors only in so much as they have [...]

    18. This was one of those Gaiman type of ideas He asked people to respond on twitter to a series of questions about each month He chose to write a short story to accompany each answer, picking the ones that fired his imagination He gave himself three days to write them all And gets corporate sponsorship from Blackberry to do it.Other people contributed their own responses in various art forms.This was the post on his blog I chose the twelve tweets actually with one exception, March, which I fell in [...]

    19. I got this as part of the 2016 Humble Bundle It is a revised edition published in 2016 with illustrations by Paul Roman Martinez, and it is a real treat.The booklet includes twelve very short month themed stories, which Gaiman wrote by asking twelve month themed question on his Twitter, selecting his favorite answer for each question, and writing a story inspired by that answer Paul Roman Martinez illustrated each story for the revised edition.Like the original release, the question, answer and [...]

    20. This is the project that arose out of Neil Gaiman s collaboration with Blackberry Gaiman released twelve questions on Twitter, one each for the months of the year For example, Why is January so dangerous He wrote short stories based on his favourite responses While the link between the stories and the initial prompts is unclear, this a nice collection that contains one or two really good stories.

    21. I read this collection previously, in one of Gaiman s short story anthologies, but today I read the illustrated version I enjoyed the stories even upon a second reading, and the illustrations are excellent.

    22. Una premessa straordinaria che ha dato luogo a dei racconti quantomeno piacevoli da leggersi anche a piccoli sorsi.

    23. 1 January Tale 3 2 February Tale 4 3 March Tale 5 4 April Tale5 May Tale6 June Tale7 July Tale8 August Tale9 September Tale10 October Tale11 November Tale12 December Tale

    24. January Tale Out of context from the inspiring tweet, this story wasn t one I fully grasped it just seemed like the beginning of a story, caught up in the end of a story not fully told But I guess that s the entire point of the January tale, since that s what the beginning of the New Year is all about January is the tipping point as the past is remembered and carried forward into the beginning of the future Gaiman toys with the metaphysics of time as his warriors new and old battle against the c [...]

    25. A Calendar of Tales is an interesting example of digital literature created through collaboration Skains, 2010 In this case, well known author Neil Gaiman collaborated with his readers to create twelve short stories Using Twitter, over twelve hours he asked his Twitter followers to answer a series of questions, one for each month of a year On selecting an answer for each month, he then set about writing a short story for each of those answers Following the release of his stories audio and text , [...]

    26. A Calendar of Tales by Neil Gaiman is a collaboration between followers on Twitter, artists who provided the illustrations and Blackberry The text is based on questions posed to Gaiman who then created short stories, twelve in total, to follow the months of the year These were then illustrated by different individuals giving each chapter month a unique identity whilst the narrative style binds the text together A charming feature for each month is not only the question that provided the inspirat [...]

    27. This book is just a beautiful example of how art can expand and grow with technology Looking for a way to collaborate on a massive scale with all of his artsy fans, Neil Gaiman with Blackberry came up with this brilliant idea A Calendar of Tales, one for each month For twelve hours he teweeted questions like Tell me something you lost in September that meant a lot to you or Who would you like to see again in December The answers were smart, funny, touching.To If August could speak, what would it [...]

    28. Few nights ago, Mr Gaiman neilhimself posted on his twitter about a project he s doing with blackberry He was asking his followers 12 question related with months in a year and one of each answers would be the inspiration of his calendar of tales I was ended up reading until late night and the day after for these answers Some were funny, some were heart breaking, some were heart warming, some were even bizzare in every good ways Surely I wasn t the only one that got hook by these One of the comm [...]

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