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Class Mom By Laurie Gelman,

  • Title: Class Mom
  • Author: Laurie Gelman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jen Dixon is not your typical Kansas City kindergarten class mom or mom in general Jen already has two college age daughters by two different probably musicians, and it s her second time around the class mom block with five year old Max this time with a husband and father by her side Though her best friend and PTA President sees her as the wisest candidate for the joJen Dixon is not your typical Kansas City kindergarten class mom or mom in general Jen already has two college age daughters by two different probably musicians, and it s her second time around the class mom block with five year old Max this time with a husband and father by her side Though her best friend and PTA President sees her as the wisest candidate for the job or oldest , not all of the other parents agree.From recording parents response times to her emails about helping in the classroom, to requesting contributions of special brownies for curriculum night, not all of Jen s methods win approval from the other moms Throw in an old flame from Jen s past, a hyper sensitive allergy mom, a surprisingly sexy kindergarten teacher, and an impossible to please Real Housewife wannabe, causing problems at every turn, and the job really becomes much than she signed up for.
    Class Mom Jen Dixon is not your typical Kansas City kindergarten class mom or mom in general Jen already has two college age daughters by two different probably musicians and it s her second time around the cl

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    1. I m between 3.5 and 4 stars, so I ll round up.Jen Dixon is on her second go round as class mother After finishing her wild phase in the 1990s, where two musicians probably fathered her two daughters, she returned home to raise them in her Kansas hometown with help from her parents.She was class mom during that time for seven years in a row, and while working to make ends meet, she met Ron, who would become her husband, and the father of her young son, Max Or as Jen puts it, I met the man who wou [...]

    2. This is an absolutely hilarious, snarky take on school politics and the responsibilities of becoming class mom and I enjoyed every moment Jen is an older, wiser mom who s already been there and done that with her two older daughters But when her best friend, who happens to be the PTA president, asks her to become the class mom for her youngest child s kindergarten class, she reluctantly agrees And her take on how to handle the job is laugh out loud funny I think the number one reason the snark w [...]

    3. Laugh Out Loud Funny Class Mom by Laurie Gelman is a hilarious, entertaining, and refreshing read I didn t want to put this book down I was laughing from beginning to end Jen Dixon has 2 daughters in college, fathered by rock stars from her wild and crazy days, and a son who is starting kindergarten, who she had with her husband, Ron Jen has been asked to be Class Mom for her son Max s kindergarten class, this isn t her first time having this coveted title, but she sure would rather be doing som [...]

    4. By the time I had a chance to pick this book up to read it, I was ready for a nice, light read Class Mom definitely delivered and kept me laughing out loud the entire time I was reading it Laurie Gelman s writing is witty and spot on as she tackles the politics of being a class parent in elementary school As I read the emails the main character Jen sends out to her kindergarten class, I was wishing that my years of room momdom were not over because I would love to have taken some tips from her n [...]

    5. This book fell into my lap when my friend texted me a picture of it at our library The bright green staff pick sticker was placed at the top, so the title appeared to be ASS MOM She texted me the picture and I asked her to grab it for me Yay Class Mom The very next day the audio hold came up on Overdrive Seemed meant to be, right Ugh Not so much.This was too much Way too much dialog, too many silly nicknames, too many cheesy jokes, too many outdated references, stereotypes and cliches I didn t c [...]

    6. Class MomLaurie GelmanCLASS MOM is going to have you giggling out loud and if you are like me, you will be snorting quite a few times as well School politics was not this funny to me while I was dealing with it, but CLASS MOM really put a hysterical spin on how crazy some parents are and how much of a problem they can be when class mothers need them to volunteer.Jen Dixon has two college aged daughters and now a kindergartener named Max Jen is asked by her friend to be the class mother for Max s [...]

    7. Release Date August 1, 2017 Genre Women s Fiction Chick Lit Humor.Oh my gooooosssshhhhh This book is wacky, over the top, and funny as hell I have been crying laughing for the past few hours reading this book and I couldn t get enough of it Laurie Gelman better be writing a follow up to this one because if she doesn t I will cry forever Like, the ugliest of all ugly cries You know, total snottage, weirdly shaped face kind of cry It s just to freakin perfect to stand on it s own I mean this will [...]

    8. Threats and bribes are the only two ways I know how to parent This is what I was hoping for an easy, fun little palate cleanser It took a minute to warm to Jen, but once I did, I realized we have similar personalities not the promiscuous 20s, but the momming and general attitude You can t take much of what she says seriously, but you know she means well.

    9. Just because they think you re crazy it doesn t mean you re nuts Put that on my gravestone Lots of books claim to be funny and they are not This book is funny It is so funny I was never bored and only vaguely annoyed at a few things but it mostly made me happy to be listening to it This won t be much of a review because I just enjoyed it I didn t take any notes and there isn t much here to dissect.In all honesty, this book could ve gone either way for me What most people find hilarious or rip ro [...]

    10. I could not finish this book There are a lot of reasons.1 Jen Dixon is unlikable She wants so badly to be funny, but she makes racist remarks and only apologizes for them if caught, which makes it seem like, in the text, these comments should be fine and Jen is the unfortunate one for getting caught saying them we re supposed to cheer for our protagonist, but how can I, with that Asami s continued portrayal as the Uptight Asian Bitch is justunpleasant and unnecessary Casual racism isn t enjoyabl [...]

    11. If you are currently in the trenches, with young children in school, navigating the PTA and classroom volunteering minefield, this is your book Written by someone who has clearly been there, this is a book for every suburban mom who thought she was cooler than this Who loves her kids, and wouldn t wish harm on anyone else s, but at the is than a little bit impatient with moms who think that everyone in the entire school should be catering to THEIR child s allergy restrictions This book is for e [...]

    12. I listened to this on audio until 15% I hope it gets some notice and goes on a roll I DNF ed because it s not my style, but I could tell that it would be very funny and very entertaining for the chick lit crowd I m glad I tried it 12 years ago I probably would have been entertained by this story But now after having lived through those years and loathed some of those parents yikes, sorry I just couldn t go on.The author narrated the audio version which I thought was great for the portion I read [...]

    13. Jen Dixon is back in kindergarten She thought her days as Class Mom were behind her Jen s two daughters are in college after all But Jen, at age forty six, is back on the Mom circuit, with her first husband, Ron, and five year old son, Max This is Jen s chance to do things over again, with a husband and the security she lacked the first time around So when her best friend Nina also PTA President asks Jen to be Class Mom, she agrees The duties of Class Mom seem fairly simple coordinate field trip [...]

    14. Rating 2.5 StarsI love hearing stories about snarky moms, especially ones that have to deal with classroom settings because I am the mother of a kindergartner going into first grader and I do not have the mental wherewithal to deal with the politics and such that go along with the PTA and its members Jennifer sounded like she was going to be a blast because her humor sounded like it would be my cup of tea, especially when going up against the other moms such as those described in the summary.One [...]

    15. Good concept but poorly written Very amateurish Took some of Semple s ideas from the masterful Where Did You Go, Bernadette But doesn t come close to the wit, character complexity, or plot development of Semple s book Turns out the author is married to a famous TV producer the infamous Geldman fro Regis and Kathy so that may explain how she got a publisher I finished it but I wouldn t recommend it.

    16. Hilariously funny Any classroom Mom knows this is true Not to be missed Loved it because I live in KC too Thanks to author, Netgalley and Henry Holt Company for the opportunity to read.While I got the book for free, it had no bearing on the rating I gave it.

    17. A laugh out loud telling of a reluctant older class mom, who has two daughters in college, and a kindergarten son She gets roped into the job by her best friend, who happens to be the PTA president Reminiscent of the group email chains that I loved from Where d Ya Go, Bernadette but a little bit snarky and grown up If it was a movie, it would be between a PG 13 and R, due to some language and adult content Bernadette has become the guiding standard for my love of funny fiction, and this one isn [...]

    18. Loved loved loved this book Jen s emails are too funny Andwho drinks wine in school at a kid s party Apparently this school does This book is a must read if you are in the mood for humor

    19. A hilarious and snarky look at being a class mom and classroom politics This a quick read but definitely worth the laughs.

    20. Jen is a pro at the kindergarten parent game and is ready to take her job as Class Mom by storm She is queen of sarcastic email in fact, her emails, which are sprinkled throughout the book, were one of my favorite parts The book takes place over the course of one school year and focuses on the interactions between Jen and her fellow kindergarten parents, along with their spouses partners Jen says everything you think, but don t want to say out loud But, she reaps the consequences when one of the [...]

    21. Ladies this is a must read for all those years of taxi shuttling, PTO s, and simply trying to keep it all flowing smoothly in the life of a Class Mom.We all can relate on some level or another to this wonderful new edition by Laurie Gelman.Jen Dixon is a typical Kansas city Kindergarten class mom and mom in general With two college daughters by 2 different musicians and now a 5yo son Max she surely has a lot on her plate and shares those duties with her husband Ron.So when she took on this task [...]

    22. This is a strong showing from new author, Laurie Gelman I could not stop laughing If you are looking for a good, hilarious time than you need no apply or look any further than Class Mom Jen is my hero Who knew that Class Mom held the distinguished title of Nazi Hail Hitler Oh my bad, it might have been the title of Pope An easy mistake especially when Jen is talking about pressing some flesh, kissing babies, and world peace I don t have any children other than the four legged variety Yet, after [...]

    23. This is light, fluffy reading about the inside world of class moms I really couldn t identify with the women I don t recall snarky parents when my kids were young, only nice ones perhaps as an introvert I tuned it all out , but that didn t lessen my enjoyment of the book Though its plot elements are simple, it s funny with well drawn characters I could have done without making light of a child s allergies and his mother, however The emails from the class mom are hilarious, and the book s worth r [...]

    24. Class Mom ended up being a great way to end my reading year thanks to its quick wit and humor When Jen Dixon is recruited to be the kindergarten class mom, she takes the bull by the horns with hilarity as she corresponds with the parents about what is needed each week This isn t her first rodeo, with two college aged children, and she doesn t mind being blunt and to the point about what people need to be volunteering for.Anyone who has volunteered at school and dealt with the pettiness of the he [...]

    25. oneblogtwobroads 2017 08Jen Dixon is room mother for her son Max s kindergarten class in Kansas City She is the one responsible for the class newsletter but this is not your typical newsletter and she is not your typical room mother Her newsletters are hilarious They border on the maybe she shouldn t say that line but I would definitely be laughing out loud if she were my child s room mother Some of the parents don t understand the snark and some get it and enjoy it Max is Jen s third go round a [...]

    26. 4.5 starsJen Dixon has reluctantly agreed to revive her old role as class mom After some wild years traveling around in the 90 s, Jen returned to her parents in Kansas City with two young daughters in tow, but not a father in sight Her parents helped her to raise her girls while she worked and did the class mom job to them both and now they are both in college Then she met the man who, in Jen s own words, would become baby daddy 3 and husband 1, Ron Now she is also the mother to Max, who is just [...]

    27. This book is hilarious And could not of been perfect for me because I have a kindergartener and freshman and sopho I related to the main character Jen like there was no tomorrow and she was hilarious The book is an easy hysterical read about a mom who has taken on the task of room mom This is not her first rodeo either as she has two in college and Max in kinder and she makes no bones about what she expects and she is downright funny Great book to read ESPECIALLY if you ever desire to be a room [...]

    28. The book opens with an email from the protagonist subject Getting to know me your new class momHello, parents of Miss Ward s kindergarten class My name is Jennifer Dixon and I have volunteered to be your class mom for this coming year Since this is a thankless job, don t expect warm fuzzy emails like you probably got in preschool Wake up You re in kindergarten on the mean streets of William H Taft Elementary School and it s time to face a few facts The main one is that I m in charge and I have s [...]

    29. What a fun book I laughed out loud several times, and I had fun imagining all of the stories I m going to have now that my kid is in school full time and I ve started interacting with other parents.

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