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TFS Fugitive By Tori L. Harris,

  • Title: TFS Fugitive
  • Author: Tori L. Harris
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Having successfully repelled the Resistance incursion into the Sol system, Terran Fleet Command must now deal with the far flung worlds of the Sajeth Collective, which sponsored the attack Task forces are dispatched to Damara and Lesheera to begin the first Human blockades of entire planets With the only ships fast enough to quickly bring the fight to the enemy s doorsteHaving successfully repelled the Resistance incursion into the Sol system, Terran Fleet Command must now deal with the far flung worlds of the Sajeth Collective, which sponsored the attack Task forces are dispatched to Damara and Lesheera to begin the first Human blockades of entire planets With the only ships fast enough to quickly bring the fight to the enemy s doorstep, TFC must do so alone, leaving only minimal forces behind to safeguard the Earth At home, Humanity finally makes its decision regarding membership in the Pelaran Alliance At the same time, the Guardian makes a decision of its own, calling the entire purpose behind its five hundred year mission into question On the far side of Sajeth Collective space, the newly formed Crowned Republic of Graca experiments with technology so revolutionary that it attracts the attention of a powerful new enemy Responding to a call for help from Prince Rugali Naftur himself, the Leadership Council must decide if rescuing a few Wek scientists is worth the risk of yet another war, this time involving direct conflict with the Pelaran Alliance itself Piloting a single, largely untested ship, Captain Tom Prescott and crew are once again called upon for a special mission a trip into the heart of an empire to complete an assignment that only the Guardian itself could have envisioned Author s Note The books in this series build on one another and are not intended to be read as stand alone stories Please read TFS Ingenuity, TFS Theseus, and TFS Navajo before starting TFS Fugitive _________ Have questions about the series For example How long will the saga be Why is the story divided into multiple books How do I find out about the next release Please visit my FAQ at AuthorToriHarris FAQ _________ TFS FUGITIVE is the fourth book of the Terran Fleet Command Saga by author Tori Harris The story is typically associated with the military science fiction, space exploration science fiction, colonization, first contact, genetic engineering, space opera technothriller, galactic empire, or alien invasion categories.
    TFS Fugitive Having successfully repelled the Resistance incursion into the Sol system Terran Fleet Command must now deal with the far flung worlds of the Sajeth Collective which sponsored the attack Task forces

    One thought on “TFS Fugitive”

    1. Well writtenI really liked reading this series The premise is excellent and the books definitely hold your interest throughout I highly recommend it.

    2. Great seriesCaptain Prescott at the center of danger again But never fear human ingenuity and a somewhat smarmy alien AI Enjoyable read

    3. Good bookI liked the SF aspects of the technology described in book It also had superior characters I highly recommend to read.

    4. Great read Books like this are what makes SF fun to read Excellent continuation of the series after what appeared as a slowdown in the last book This picks up the pace quite a bit

    5. What ifThis kind of thing really happened I personally would love to live in the times portrayed in these books Good stuff

    6. Great book Very entering Can t wait to see what happens next I look forward to the next book in the series.

    7. Great seriesGreat series good plot nice connections will be waiting for the next book in the Command Saga series Thanks for the great work

    8. The seriesAs usual kept me glued till the end next one please.Hamm now looking forward to next book thank you.

    9. What a great readYet another great book in this series Tori books gives you such a well written story, the characters all have good depth and are a joy to read The last few pages make you want the next next book already.

    10. Cannot wait for next instalmentI m really enjoying this series of books Tori is exceptional at keeping the plot progressing in such away as to ensure it does not get stale Please keep up the good work.

    11. Fun Exciting ReadThis book ended way too soon Book four in this series is the best one so far Counting down the days to the next adventure

    12. OutstandingAgain,outstanding Can,t wait to read the next book when it come out It get,s better and better Again it s outstanding When does the next book come out.

    13. Thrill ride As always this book did not disappoint I m looking forward to the next installment of this exciting series Its a must read for science fiction lovers.

    14. Love the seriesI reread the series from book 2 when book 4 came out and I must say that book 4 is my favorite NICE JOB Looking forward to learning about his universe It is too bad you can t crank out this books as fast the Terran Engineers seem to advance their technology Haha Of course I am commingling reality with fiction, but I suppose all of us that enjoy this genre have them dreamer gene as part of our DNA.

    15. Unexpected twistsYet another captivating installment of the Terran Fleet Command series This book adds some interesting twists to the overall story.

    16. Before you begin this book, please realize it is the fourth book in a series it really can t be read as a standalone novel, and you need to read the first book in the series or it won t make much sense to you Start with TFS Ingenuity The Terran Fleet Command Saga Book 1.Bottom line is if you enjoyed the first three books of the series you will enjoy this one the author s writing has become polished The author does a great job of getting you right in the middle of the action and feeling as if yo [...]

    17. The continuing adventures of the Terrans as they exploit their newly found faster than light capabilities Terra is recovering from a massive attack from the Damara and Leeseeha civilizations Last minute assistance from the Wek was pivotal in repelling the attack Now, Terra must deal with the attackers to insure that they can take their place as part of the Pelaran AllianceS Fugitive is the latest class of space ship, heavily armed and heavily ard to deal with the rigors of space travel and the p [...]

    18. Reasonably good additionNothing particularly new this time around, just some good sci fi Maybe a little too much explaining and politics and not enough character building My biggest complaint with the series is that the characters are very flat They don t appear to have much of a personality or personal relationships with anyone Essentially, all of the characters are forgettable Once again, it s still reasonably good for the technology and space aspects There just isn t enough depth to make you [...]

    19. I ve really enjoyed this series Every time I think the crew has reached a plateau, the author has them off into a bigger problem to solve.This book really ramps up the above narrative The dismantling of the Damaran s and Leeshan is accomplished almost as a footnote to the Kryleck This plot though felt a bit rushed and scrubbed quickly, like it was an afterthought to the end of the book cliffhanger.That cliffhanger is probably what Ive been wanting to know about since the first book and Im glad [...]

    20. Better and better.Always look forward to the new book in the series Has it all, science, action, humor, space battles Looking forward to the next one, greys

    21. Series is growing on meThe early works in this series were a little clunky but the author and his work are clearly improving with age.

    22. Awesome The story gets betterOne of the best series this century Truly great science fiction Can t wait for the next one Every time it seems like a story arc is about to be wrapped up and explodes into new and exciting possibilities

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