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That Killer Smile By Juliet Lyons,

  • Title: That Killer Smile
  • Author: Juliet Lyons
  • ISBN: 9781492645368
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • This edition has been cancelled by the publisherERE WILL BE HEAT Vampire Catherine Adair gave up trying to find her perfect match ages ago But that didn t stop her from founding London s super successful vampire dating site When a smoldering vampire overlord from her past launches an interspecies speed dating service, Catherine vows to crush the competition.WHEN TThis edition has been cancelled by the publisherERE WILL BE HEAT Vampire Catherine Adair gave up trying to find her perfect match ages ago But that didn t stop her from founding London s super successful vampire dating site When a smoldering vampire overlord from her past launches an interspecies speed dating service, Catherine vows to crush the competition.WHEN THESE TWO COMPETERonin s new venture is purely about getting Catherine s attention He hasn t stopped thinking about her ever since the night she gave him the cold shoulder Nobody gets away from Ronin McDermott that easilyBite Nights Series Dating the Undead Book 1 Drop Dead Gorgeous Book 2 That Killer Smile Book 3
    That Killer Smile This edition has been cancelled by the publisherERE WILL BE HEAT Vampire Catherine Adair gave up trying to find her perfect match ages ago But that didn t stop her from founding London s super success

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    1. I m a journalist I ve been asked to write a column on alternative dating Alternative dating Yes, alternative you know, BDSM, swinging vampires THAT KILLER SMILE matches up two characters I ve been really keen on since probably book one, but definitely book two Lyons is no stranger to hilarious snark banter book one is still my favourite couple and it had tons of it and I was so excited to see her add in a juicy vamp on vamp hate to love dynamic And it definitely lived up to my expectations at le [...]

    2. Ramblings A word to the wise book three contains spoilers It includes updates from characters in the previous installments.Summary Catherine Cat Adair is a beautiful dark haired vampire She s self reliant, assertive, and hates egotistical Scottish vampires And hell will freeze over before she lets him kiss her again Ronin McDermott is arrogant, insufferable, and London s vampire overlord Go ahead and include egotistical notorious womanizer to his list of long running attributes He just started a [...]

    3. That Killer Smile by Juliet Lyons is book Three in the Bite Nights series This is the story of Catherine Adair and Ronin McDermott I have read the previous books in this series but feel this can be a standalone book if you choose to do so Cat and Ronin have a heated past A past that Cat probably would like to forget But Cat has worked at getting her Vampire Dating site to become successfully Ronin has always thought of Cat but he is also a Vampire overlord Ronin and Cat do a lot of head butting [...]

    4. Spotlight, Review Giveaway THAT KILLER SMILE Bite Nights by Juliet Lyons wp p3d0RZ aBxPublication Date February 6, 2018Genre Paranormal Romance Review by Reading in Pajamas CoriRated 4 Stars THAT KILLER SMILE was a fun and sexy read It is the third book in Juliet Lyons paranormal series, the Bite Nights Series, but can be read as a standalone The series is about a dating service for vampires and humans and in Juliet Lyon s frictional world humans are aware of vampires THAT KILLER SMILE was just [...]

    5. Wow Let me start off by saying Wow Juliet Lyons is amazing She knows how to keep her readers interested and engaged in her books The reader is transported into a wonderful world of the adventure, romance, as well as steamy love encounters The action in the book is non stop There is never a dull moment between the heroine and the hero The sexual tension between the two will leave you trying to figure out what you missed but slowly it is explained, and you will find yourself going, If, it was me i [...]

    6. Murder, mayhem, secrets, lies, and love From the very first page this book is explosive Cat and Ronin have a past A sexual one Cat despises Ronin and let s it be known While she despises him she also has some very steamy chemistry with him Ronin is your typical Alpha male, who likes to lord over everyone how amazing he is At first He has a sweet spot for Cat I was drawn in pretty quickly with Cat and Ronin Both are very independent and strong personalities It was a fun rollercoaster.Vampires are [...]

    7. When I read this I didn t know it was part of the seriesybe that s why there wasn t much backstory of how our main couple knows each other, but really whatever It didn t take anything from the story.I loved the writing style and the story.And the book coverLOVED IT Would recommend if you want something with vampires4 5 stars

    8. Check out ourThat Killer Smilepost on Wicked Reads.Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review TeamKris I very much enjoyed installment 3 in the Bite Nights series Ronin is the vampire ancient and overlord of London He s bored and in a rut Running the vampire club and going through women like water no longer holds any interest Only Cat holds his interest After their one night together he can t forget her, but she hates him.I was excited to read Ronin and Cat s story because they ve been awesomely attract [...]

    9. I was absolutely looking forward to reading the newest book in the Bite Nights series, That Killer Smile I was familiar with both Ronin McDermott s and Catherine Adair s characters from the previous books but that does not mean that this book could not read as a standalone, it absolutely can I was excited to see how the story would pan out between these two characters because they act like oil and vinegar whenever they are around each other Despite their outward appearances they both have been s [...]

    10. 4.5 starsRonin s red headed, fiery temperament and Catherine s waspish overtones won me over once I delved beneath the surface and discovered two very lonely people who were basically screwed in life by circumstances of birth Their individual histories were darker than I expected, but it went a long way in explaining why they rubbed the other the way they did That alone gave the story a depth I truly wasn t expecting, yet highly enjoyed And the attraction Good gads, pheromones were all over the [...]

    11. This is my first time reading a Ms Lyons book and it started off great but then slowly as it progressed lost it s steam I loved the characters and the plot but as I read I felt like I m missing something Maybe it s because this is the 3rd book in a series and I haven t read the first two Some things in the book weren t explained at all and maybe it s because I d need to read the first two books and they were explained there Be as it may, not getting the background for some things lessened my enj [...]

    12. This book was such a fun and addictive read After books leading up to the explosive realization of the relationship between Cat and Ronin, this definitely delivered.While we weren t in the room with Cat and Ronin when they had their elicit one night stand, we definitely watched the repercussions Cat tried her best to hide behind her snarky demeanor, determined to avoid falling for the womanizing bastard Ronin, on the other hand, is just trying to keep his head above water He was irrevocably chan [...]

    13. Quirky, snarky, funny, sexy, sweet, thrilling and emotionally engaging second chance, enemies to lovers romance with a paranormal twist my favorite Bite Nights is one of my favorite series to read and this story just took it up a notch Catherine Adair is sexy, sweet, quirky and fun founder of London s super successful Vampire dating site She gave up on finding her perfect mate ages ago and did not expect the sparks that fly when a smoldering vampire overlord from her past becomes competition Ron [...]

    14. This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.This is not your typical vampire book with typical vampire beliefs These vampires can walk in the sun, eat food, and cannot create another vampire unless they are an ancient.Ronin was not a likeable guy to me at first, and I really wondered what Cat saw in him when they first met Ronin started to change after their second meeting and slowly grew on me.It was interesting that the vampire murders were tied in with Cat and the whole reason behind it wa [...]

    15. Enemies to Lovers, Online Vampire Dating and a tratorious cat.Always trust the cat s judgment of people.Catherine Adair, a 185 year old vampire with an identity crisisRonin McDermott, vampire demon overlord of LondonWentworth, Catherine s traitorous catCatherine feels that Ronin is interfering with her business She runs an online dating application allowing humans to hook up with vampires Ronin is offering speed dating for vampires and humans at his club She goes to his office to voice her displ [...]

    16. My favorite of the series Ronin, London overlord, has a thing for online matchmaker Catherine They argue and bicker which only fuels their fire While denying they have a thing for each other someone is murdering vampires Ronin needs to find the killer before any vampires die Their chemistry is fabulous, the sassiness is fun, and the mysterious murders are intriguing While all the books are awesome each one is separate and not required reading to enjoy this one My copy came through Netgalley.

    17. ARC I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honesCatherine and Ronin are in a fierce battle over their dating services.Catherine wants to be the best.Ronin is just trying to get Catherine s attention.Who is going to win in this battle of wills Will this kill Ronin s chance to win Catherine s heart I loved the storytelling the charactersThe storytelling the character s build were awesome

    18. This is the third book in the series and was another super read.I really enjoy a good paranormal romance and this one did not disappoint.I just loved the chemistry between Ronin and Cat they were just so great together I also enjoyed the banter between them this is a really good second chance enemies to lovers paranormal romance and I enjoyed the whole series.

    19. This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters The story flowed very well and was very enjoyable This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this book down until you finish This was such a great read and full of surprises I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader s copy of this book The free book held no determination on my personal review.

    20. I really loved this book best story of the series so far You can read my full review on my WordPress blog, Flora s MusingsSo, what did I like about it I am already a fan of Juliet Lyons writing style I find her stories very easy to read I liked how she mixed fantasy and reality to create a world that I can easily believe in and I love the new twists she created for her vampires, how they are made, the origins of the vampire race and their society social hierarchy I look forward to meeting vampi [...]

    21. Witty and cleverThe Bite Nights books are than just another vampire romance series The stories revolve around the characters and regaining their humanity and or happiness, if the humanity part isn t possible Catherine buries a lifetime of heartache under a chip on her shoulder the size of a large boulder But despite her grief, she s made it her mission to help others find happiness Ronin has lived an eternity being something that he swore he would never be He sets his sights on Catherine, not r [...]

    22. Review originally published at Vampire Book Club and based on a copy provided by the publisher 3.5 starsCat Adair is the founder of V Date, a London based dating service that connects humans with vampire dates Business is far from booming after a vampire serial killer used the site to find his victims in the previous book It gets even worse when the local vampire club starts hosting speed dating nights.Ronin McDermott is the owner of that club and London s vampire overlord, the ancient in charge [...]

    23. Where has this series been all my life I loved Cat and Ronin such fantastic chemistry I can t wait to go back to the first two books and see how they were from the beginning It ll be all that much sweeter knowing how they re going to end up I really liked the world that Ms Lyons has created here in her Bite Nights series She does a nice of job explaining the details too, without giving us crazy info dumps There s a good balance of suspense, mystery, and romance here, and I loved how she really m [...]

    24. I am so sorry to have to write this review, but here goes I had loved the two previous books in this series, and while the writing is as brilliant, THAT KILLER SMILE is entirely devoid of the charm that made those first two instalments so enjoyable Ronin is a rude a hole, Cat is a pitiful, spineless wimp I liked neither of them, and I honestly didn t care about their romance , which was basically sex and spouting insults, and of course a misunderstanding What little story there is consists mainl [...]

    25. I absolutely loved Ronin A total change of character from the first 2 books Ronin and Catherine were a hoot in the very beginning of the book I loved the love hate relationship Unfortunately, the story lost its steam attention for me after the 65% mark So I had to skim slightly I feel like the suspense mystery theme in all 3 books needs to be developed bc either I was confused especially in this book or wasn t really interested in it I wasn t placing who the characters were very well, since a l [...]

    26. I picked this ARC to review because this is a new author Juliet has a different story line Ronin is the head of vampires in London He is tired to pull in people so his vampires can feed The vampires are out with normal people so now he uses dating He has a friend if you can call her that, she comes to him make him pay for a client who was hurt He is trying to find out why a man is missing his head Major Spoiler I will let you try to figure out this case I like that vamps are now in the open I ho [...]

    27. I normally do not read Vampire shifter books as they have let me down miserably in the past, this book, however, has piqued my interest and I will definitely be picking up another vamp book.The reason this is a three star read has nothing to do with the storyline which was brilliant , but everything to do with the characters The hot and cold thing has run its course, in my opinion Maybe if I have read the other books in this series the relationship would have impacted me .Having said that, I enj [...]

    28. Finally, an ancient meets his match I was looking forward to reading Catherine and Ronin s story when I came across them in Vincent s story, Dating the Undead and in true fashion, these two are the best when it comes to giving orders and being in control I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and it s been a dash One thing is certain, they bring the heat, their fears, their strength and most of all their chance at redemption and bliss in this book.

    29. I received a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsI very much enjoyed installment 3 in the Bite nights series Ronin is the vampire ancient and overlord of London He s bored and in a rut Running the vampire club and going through women like water no longer holds any interest Only Cat holds his interest After their one night together he cant forget her, but she hates him I was excited to read Ronin Cat s story because they ve been awesomely attracted to each other and loathsome of [...]

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