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Reckless By Michelle Heard (Horst),

  • Title: Reckless
  • Author: Michelle Heard (Horst)
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I was in love with the boy I m obsessed with the man.Logan is my older brother s best friend.My teenage years were spent dreaming about our future together He taught me how to kiss He stayed up late with me while I studied He escorted me to the prom But he is one of the Screw Crew and they only have one rule I m off limits.I went to college and he started working ThI was in love with the boy I m obsessed with the man.Logan is my older brother s best friend.My teenage years were spent dreaming about our future together He taught me how to kiss He stayed up late with me while I studied He escorted me to the prom But he is one of the Screw Crew and they only have one rule I m off limits.I went to college and he started working The secret messages stopped and I lost my first love before it even had a chance.I ve spent the past four years trying to forget the only man I ll ever love Just as I start to make a life for myself, guess who comes barging back into my life This is Logan West Mia Daniels story Book 2 in the Enemies To Lovers SeriesThis is a Stand Alone book with a HEA and no cliffhanger in the Enemies To Lovers Series Each book in the series is about a different couple To get the full experience of their friendship I d recommend that you start with Heartless.
    Reckless I was in love with the boy I m obsessed with the man Logan is my older brother s best friend My teenage years were spent dreaming about our future together He taught me how to kiss He stayed up late w

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    1. This is book two in the Enemies to Lovers series Each book can be read as a standalone I ve read book one and loved it I loved Reckless even I recommend you read Heartless first as it s a great series Reckless is Mia and Logan s story A teenage crush A first kiss Memories Mia loved Logan Logan leaves and Mia moves on, going to college Mia loses communication with her brother Rhett and Logan That is until she goes to New York You need to read the story to find out .Fantastic read with a brillian [...]

    2. Reckless was than I expected The series title is enemies to lovers but what you get is a teenage crush to an adult love story and a brothers best friend romance in one delicious package I also expected a bad boy but Logan s bad boy college years are long gone, it has for all of them, if you haven t read the first book in the series, it gives you a better idea of how this group of 5 boys were a hot commodity with the girls, the popular guys in college that all The girls wanted and they earned Th [...]

    3. 3 Crewalicous Stars He was the one I spent nights dreaming about, and days drooling over I love me a best friend s little sister tale, and RECKLESS by Michelle Horst, book two in her wildly addictive Enemies to Lovers series, was packed with heat and drama galore THE STORY This is a spoiler free review so no juicy plot details will be divulged but will say I love, love, LOVE the Screw Crew, a group of lifelong friends who may not all be connected by blood but are brothers in every way that [...]

    4. This is the second instalment of the Screw Crew Although each is a stand alone book I d recommend you read book one it will give a better understanding of each of the guys and how they got their name Mia is like everyone s little sister all 5 of them would lay down their lives for her, but the only one she sees is Logan She has been in love with Logan since she set eyes on him Although she would never have thought he d look twice at her He gave her her first kiss and even took her to prom, he s [...]

    5. 5 Stars to Reckless book two in the Enemies To Lovers series by author Michelle Heard Horst.Even intense and angsty than the previous book in this series, Reckless had my heart beating erratically and my stomach full of butterflies Not the good kind of butterflies More like there was a hornet s nest inside my stomach This book wrecked me Oh My God Sadly I can t even tell you why That would be spoiling this fantastic book for you and I won t do that While some of the plot is predictable, there w [...]

    6. I am always super excited to start a Michelle Horst book as she has such an exceptional ability to combine a great story with alpha heroes I did really enjoy Mia and Logan but did feel however that this story was a bit of a mixed bag for me.Reckless is the second book in the Enemies to Lovers series and is a complete standalone It continues the story of the Screw Crew and is a good follow up to book one It was a great brother s bestfriend type of story with hot chemistry and sweet moments and fa [...]

    7. loved Mia and Logan second chance forbidden love.More plz I don t leave me hanging Sweet loving heartbreaking intriguing

    8. 3.5 I love listening to your heart beat I like to think it s the rhythm of our love This is book two in the Enemies to Lovers series and my first one by Michelle I think this is a fantastic read with a brilliant storyline and great twists and turns I would ve loved drama, but that s just me.

    9. This is book two in the Enemies to Lovers series Each book can be read as a standalone in the series I do highly recommend that you read book 1 Heartless first as it s a great introduction to this series.Reckless is Mia and Logan s story It continues the story of the Screw Crew and is a good follow up to book one Mia always remembers her first kiss, when Logan taught her to kiss and though Mia has always loved Logan her older brother s best friend Mia thinks Logan saw her as Rhett s little siste [...]

    10. This is second book in the Enemies to Lovers series and I liked it I ve been waiting for Logan and Mia s story since reading, Heartless, and catching a few glimpses into their story line and Michelle Horst didn t disappoint Reckless starts as a teenage crush, a first kiss, loving someone unattainable, and then that someone Logan and having no choice but to accept and move on Mia Mia has loved Logan for so long and its deeply hurt by him, her brother and lifelong friends, Carter, Jaxson and Marcu [...]

    11. Mia always remembers her first kiss, when Logan taught her to kiss, although Mia has always loved Logan, she thinks he always saw her as Rhett s little sister and didn t feel the same chemistry she did.When the boys all moved to New York after trying to contact them with no luck, Mia decides that she can make it on her own, with the support of her friend Josie Deciding to move to New York, even though she s not talking to her brother, she surprised when she sees him in bar, and even surprised t [...]

    12. This is not the first time I have read this author and it won t be the last This is book two in the series Enemies To Lovers This book is angsty at times and has some twists that I didn t see coming There was a gambit of emotions with this book I read the first book and I am always wary that we won t get everything we fell in love with form the first and through the series There is no need to worry you get and then some The Screw Crew is back and this time it leaves some heart fail for someone W [...]

    13. OMG this one is so a mixture of emotions that by the end it I became a crying mess I read this in a few hours I couldn t put it down I had to know how it ended This was the second book in the series and it s about Mia and Logan, but the whole group is involved in the story of course Mia is left behind to go to college and live in Mia and Rhett, Mia s brother, childhood home The group leaving was Rhett, Logan, his twin Jaxson, Carter and Marcus They were headed to NYC.Mia entered college and foun [...]

    14. My insides are quivering with nerves and I can feel my hands shaking My heart is beating so loudly it s all I can hear This is a story about loving your brother s best friend and reuniting with the one who got away Its the second book in the Enemies to Lovers series but could also be read as a standalone In order to get some background to the series, I do recommend reading Heartless before this one Being Rhett s little sister Mia has always been off limits Logan has always walked a thin line wit [...]

    15. I loved Mia and Logan Mia has loved Logan since she was a teenager, but was off limits to Logan because she was Rhett s sister Logan, Rhett, Marcus, Carter, and Jaxson are part of the Screw Crew, a group they started during college They are all loyal to each other and those they care about They band together when Mia is in trouble, and when one of the crew is going through a rough time Logan doesn t want to go behind Rhett s back, so he intends to get his permission to be with Mia Will they get [...]

    16. The crew is back, if I enjoyed the first book in the series this one is even better, it was emotionally charged and full of angst Logan the silent and serious attorney has been forever in love with Mia whose Rhett s little sister Where as Mia has a huge crush and is obsessed with Logan Logan was my favorite and was looking forward to his story and this is so worth it and , All the guys Carter, Jaxson, Logan, Rhett Marcus have moved to New York The story was written beautifully with so much emoti [...]

    17. OMG The feels in this book I cried than I have in a long time reading this Logan, the sexy attorney and Mia, the untouchable sister This makes an amazing story The fighting feeling and struggle The insane plot twist and getting updates on all the guys And Marcuseper of the list

    18. Ohh Michelle Horst.What a beautiful and gripping story about second chances this was.I was hooked from the very first chapter and couldn t put the book down until the end.I love this book,the fi rst one to and can t wait to read the rest of the series.

    19. Wow This book blew me away I was hooked from the first page could not put it down Logan will make you fall in love with him This books has twist turns in it you will feel every emotion there is Grab your tissues bc this book will make you cry I can not wait until the next book.

    20. WOW this book Logan is so swoon worthy and Josie well there is crazy and then there is Josie Holy crap batman that girl was a level all on her own What she did to the h was unbelievable I was a wee bit disappointed that she kinda disappeared from the book, I mean she was sent to a facility but then we never hear any Like to have read something in the epilogue Then there was Marcus what a way to leave a cliff hanger for him just him the book does end nicely but does leave a door open for his boo [...]

    21. Reckless An Enemies To Lovers Novel Book 2 is a wonderful read A well written book that has an entertaining plot Characters are engaging and are easy to root for Filled with heat, longing and hot passion, this book reads easily and keeps your interest Several twists, turns and surprises keep you on the edge of your seat I m posting an honest review after reading an advance copy of this book.

    22. Wow What an amazing book that had me hooked from page one I felt on edge and felt Mia s pain as she wonders why she s been abandoned She had been so close to her brother and especially to his best friend Logan There s twists too that kept me on edge Plus I cried, which I love being that involved in a book Michelle Horst is a new Author for me and I absolutely love her writing style and I can t wait to read of her books I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy and I highly recommend this book [...]

    23. OMG This book had me by the heart from the very beginning to the very end The emotional rollercoaster ride was never ending If you need a book that pulls at your heartstrings this is the book for you

    24. im really in the minority here, but i just didnt like the book The only thing i liked was the part about marcus Everything felt rushed and there was barely any character development in the story.

    25. I m not really sure what to say about this book I have nothing and everything all at once I read the first one, Heartless, and loved it It was a good read So I was excited to hang out and read about the Screw Crew again But this bookItIt wasn t the greatest It felt so so rushed It feels like Michelle was given a deadline and started writing a week before to get it done There was so much about this book that could have been great, it started out great but once Josie came into the picture everythi [...]

    26. Troubles are opportunities to learn, to grow stronger, and to move on to the next stage of your life Oh my beating heart Reckless by Michelle Horst will wreck your heart, mend it together and in the end leave you a blubbering mess Have those tissues ready this second chance romance is powerful, emotional and a plot in which I didn t see coming I was infatuated with Heartless and I waited anxiously for Reckless to come and I am so giddy that it s finally here I love love this series with the Scre [...]

    27. Every single minute of my life I ll choose you in a heartbeat, without any doubt I choose you now and I ll choose you in fifty years.I loved reading this book Emotional and heart wrenching at times, Reckless evoked a multitude of emotions in me as I read Mia and Logan s story.Mia lost her parents when she was in her teens and dealt with the grief the only way she knew how eating Losing most of the weight she gained during her senior year she hopes she catches the eye of Logan, one of her brother [...]

    28. RECKLESS is Book 2 in Michelle Horst ENEMIES TO LOVERS SERIES This is Logan West and Mia Daniels story In Book 1 HEARTLESS we meet the Crew who was made up of five friends that were like brothers Rhett, Marcus, Jaxson, Logan and their leader Carter Hayes In this book they have graduated college and now have formed their own company They have grown up, but unfortunately their past might still be able to darken their shiny future.Mia Daniels has had a serious crush on her older brother s best fri [...]

    29. I Voluntarily reviewed a copy of this bookMia was in love with her brother s best friend, Logan He was the one she was in love with since she knew what love was, but other than him teaching her how to kiss and taking her to her prom, nothing else happened between them And as he is her brother s best friend she was off limits to him Mia went away to college, but that didn t work out, as well as messages between her and Logan and between her and her brother So now she is living in New York again, [...]

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