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Rome and Jerusalem: The Clash of Ancient Civilizations By Martin Goodman,

  • Title: Rome and Jerusalem: The Clash of Ancient Civilizations
  • Author: Martin Goodman
  • ISBN: 9780375411854
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A magisterial history of the titanic struggle between the Roman and Jewish worlds that led to the destruction of Jerusalem.In 70 C.E after a four year war, three Roman legions besieged and eventually devastated Jerusalem, destroying Herod s magnificent Temple Sixty years later, after further violent rebellions and the city s final destruction, Hadrian built the new cityA magisterial history of the titanic struggle between the Roman and Jewish worlds that led to the destruction of Jerusalem.In 70 C.E after a four year war, three Roman legions besieged and eventually devastated Jerusalem, destroying Herod s magnificent Temple Sixty years later, after further violent rebellions and the city s final destruction, Hadrian built the new city of Aelia Capitolina where Jerusalem had once stood Jews were barred from entering its territory They were taxed simply for being Jewish They were forbidden to worship their god They were wholly reviled.What brought about this conflict between the Romans and the subjects they had previously treated with tolerance Martin Goodman equally renowned in Jewish and in Roman studies examines this conflict, its causes, and its consequences with unprecedented authority and thoroughness He delineates the incompatibility between the cultural, political, and religious beliefs and practices of the two peoples He explains how Rome s interests were served by a policy of brutality against the Jews He makes clear how the original Christians first distanced themselves from their origins, and then became increasingly hostile toward Jews as Christian influence spread within the empire The book thus also offers an exceptional account of the origins of anti Semitism, the history of which reverberates still.An indispensable book.
    Rome and Jerusalem The Clash of Ancient Civilizations A magisterial history of the titanic struggle between the Roman and Jewish worlds that led to the destruction of Jerusalem In C E after a four year war three Roman legions besieged and eventually

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    1. Oh mighty tome this is A brilliant history of two centuries, possibly the most important period in world history Pompey,Jesus,Vespasian,Titus,Masada,Bar Kochba,Hadrian,Claudius,Josephus If anyone reads any history book, this is it, if only to understand the middle east conflict of the 21st century.

    2. Rather than writing a complete, coherent review I am simply going to list the many points which make this book a serious suspect in my mind insofar as historical writing goes For one, it s simply dull this is the least of its sins, but even academic writing should be mildly interesting to read The writer creates a somewhat absurd picture comparing the Romans and the Jews of the second temple period in minute point after minute point, which somehow repeatedly gets either reduced to stereotypes wh [...]

    3. Very well written albeit extremely detailed account of the issues leading up to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman army in the First Century AD.The first and longest section of the book is a meticulous examination of all aspects of Roman and Jewish culture effectively trying to tease out what led to the clash but often simply serving as an excellently written but often seemingly undirected account of Rome the Roman Empire emphatically not the Republic and Judaism Jerusalem This covers are [...]

    4. A fascinating look at both the Roman and Jewish cultures, considering things that were alike and different It wasn t until the last portion of the book that Goodman shifted from analysis to argument for why these two cultures clashed so heavily, and his final argument and further, why the Jews and the land of Judaea were continually suppressed isn t without debate, but a very interesting and discussion worthy conclusion is made There were only one or two chapters that became tediously dull which [...]

    5. This is ostensibly an in depth look at the context in which and causes of the rebellion of the Jews against Rome occurred around 70 A.D resulting in the destruction of Herod s temple The opener sets up the circumstances, detailing the rebellion itself Goodman, however, wonders why the rebellion occurred, when other cultural entities taken over by the Roman Empire did not have similar rebellions and when the Jews, in many ways, were so well integrated into the system.He begins by describing the t [...]

    6. Troch nadto chaotyczne, mimo wszystko pozycja popularnonaukowa, autor uwielbia posta Agrypy I, kt rym raczy nas i do kt rego odwo uje si przez wi kszo dzie a Troch po macoszemu przedstawione zosta y niestety czas herodia skie, a i powstanie Bar Kochby, za to nale y pochwali opis wojny ydowskiej, chocia tu jak wiemy r d a s ograniczone Za du o Rzymu, za ma o Jerozolimy.

    7. This is one of the most sensitive treatments of Jewish Roman relations and cultural similarities differences that I have read It is intended for a mass market audience, and thus is quits easy to read, although still full of great detail and scholarly discretion The book is largely focused on first century he describes the status quo leading up to the first Jewish war with Rome 66 72 CE , ultimately arguing that the conflict arose in response to a series accidents rather than concrete Roman polic [...]

    8. This book was not only an excellent comparison and contrast of the Greco Roman pagan world with that of early Judaism, but also a great introduction to the first century Mediterranean world in general, explaining very well the cultural contexts out of which Christianity and post Temple Judaism both grew The only two faults I can find with the book are 1 there is not enough discussion of the repercussions of the relationship between Greco Roman pagans and ancient Jews on the Middle Ages and the m [...]

    9. An insightful and in depth analysis of the war between Rome and Jerusalem in 66 70AD, discussing the reasons for the war and the ultimate results in subsequent centuries, as well as the legacy we see today The book itself has incredible levels of detail, sometimes to its benefit and sometimes its detriment Having become interested in this very specific period of history, it was excellent for me, but I can t imagine the average reader, with a general interest, would be able to sit through pages [...]

    10. This book is about the run up to and the aftermath of the Great Jewish Revolt of 66 73 AD and the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem It explores the tensions and hostilities that led to the war between the Jewish state and the Roman Empire and examines the similarities and differences between the two sides It also tries to explain why the Roman reaction to the Jewish Revolt was so much harsher than other similar rebellions against the Roman Empire and how it led to the rise in antisemitism t [...]

    11. A massive book which in great detail describes the culture of the Romans and the culture of the Jews explaining how there was no natural animosity between them And how by the quirks of history the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans followed by Imperial persecution of the Jews by a succession of Emperors, a policy which developed into that of the Christian Church , which blamed the Jews for the death of Christ, after its fortunate conversion of the Empire And so the Jewish cultural n [...]

    12. A well written organized comprehensive look at the cultures of the Romans and the Jews This book takes you back there during biblical times but without the religious rhetoric that so many histories carry from that era The jewish religion is looked on objectively Then it is compared side by side with the Romans seeming debauchery But done so in a fashion that does not demean either culture Facts, just the facts And this author researched them This is a must read for anyone interested in history, [...]

    13. Have I reviewed this yet Excellent, intriguing book that I only have a few qualms with but overall, like Josephus, Alfred Edersheim s Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah and N.T Wright s The New Testament and the People of God and Jesus and the Victory of God, Herod by Richardson, Pontius Pilate by Wroe, as well as Richard Horseley s books, this is a great resource for first century israel and the world Jesus lived in I am still reading it but think it is a great read so far.

    14. This book depends heavily on one of the only remaining sources for the period, the Jewish general Josephus who became a Roman citizen after the revolt of 66 CE The author argues that Roman anti semitism can be dated to the revolt and its aftermath before that, he shows quite comprehensively, Jews and Romans shared a wide range of cultural and social practices He includes a huge amount of evidence from Jewish and Roman history, but the argument remains clear.

    15. A comparative history of the Roman and Jewish via Jerusalem societies that lead to the destruction of the 2nd Temple.Much like getting to know your parents as people and not mythical figures, it was very gratifying to get to know the history of the religion in a much realistic light Well written.

    16. All that you ve ever wanted to know about first century Romans and Jews is in this book It s very detailed and thorough yet Goodman s elegant prose keeps the pages turning I ve found it to be an insightful look into the world out of which Christianity emerged.

    17. It took a while to get through it, but it was worth it Highly readable and a fascinating glimpse into life and institutions in Rome and Jerusalem in the Roman world and the events of the first century AD CE which have had consequences ever since.

    18. Essential reading for anyone interested in the history and culture of the Jewish people under the heel and whim of the Roman imperial regime Comparison is made with Roman culture in an attempt to understand why the Temple in Jerusalem was sacked by Titus, son of Vespasian in the first Jewish Roman war in 70 AD Nearly 600 pages packed full of historical information and intelligent conclusions Epilogue Of course the antagonism to Judaism found in many Christian writings of the second century was g [...]

    19. Starts with the war in the year 70, leading up to Titus and the legion burning down the Temple Part two covers the Mediterranean region under Roman rule, and the Jewish communities in Jerusalem, Egypt, and other localities What were communities like, who was head of household, how did they worship, lots of interesting details.Romans expected citizens to sacrifice to Roman Emperors, past and present Jews were fiercely monotheistic Bit of a conflict there For a long time, Emperors allowed Jews to [...]

    20. Remarkable Absolutely remarkable work by Martin Goodman It took me 5.5 years to finish, with a few long breaks sprinkled in, but man, am I glad I bought and read this book of history So incredibly thorough, detailed, dense, insightful, heady, and full of references and quotes from antiquity He did such a marvelous job comparing and contrasting the two nations and their citizens in seemingly every way possible I ll be sure to go back to this again and again if I ever get around to developing my d [...]

    21. Good book in providing insight into the background of the Roman v Jewish conflict of 70 C.E Detailed and informative However, wordy and unnecessary in the middle section Worth reading initial and latter chapters.

    22. A very good book Discussion of the culture society of the Romans and Jews in the first centuries and a description and discussion of the causes and near and long term results of the conflicts between them and evolution of Christian ideas of the Jewish religion Somewhat scholarly, some passages are difficult to follow it s generally readable though Wouldn t mind owning someday.

    23. This book speaks with, and of, great erudition and provides some fundamental building blocks in understanding at least three key pieces of Western history Rome, the Jews and the origins of anti Semitism I found it, however, a hard read This may be for the very reason that it attempts to straddle three stools at once, as the writing is really quite clear In providing a lengthy comparison of the two cultures, it almost tries to be three separate books, and the ostensible subject of the conflict be [...]

    24. When I saw that Martin Goodman had written a book devoted to events surrounding the so called Jewish war of 66 70, I expected to be impressed I wasn t disappointed Goodman writes as an historian, which means, among other things, that he makes a serious effort to bring the past before us for its own sake, and at least partly for the mere delight of examining it So, in the former part of his study, he offers lucid and informative chapters on the nature and makeup of the Roman Empire at this period [...]

    25. In this less than straightforward but fair, comprehensive, accessible and judicious volume, Goodman examines the conflict between Rome and the Judean provinces, the various forms it took and how it eventually ended in the famous destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD Despite the title, he strongly suggests that such a conflict was not inevitable nor was the destruction of the Temple necessarily inevitable given that Roman generals typically avoided such destruction or attacks on enemy deities.At the [...]

    26. The reason I began studying Roman history is to give me a better understanding of Jewish and Christian history I rendered to Caesar in order to deepen my understanding of the history of Christianity.Rome and Jerusalem was one of the first books I tried to read It did not take than 3 chapters in to realize this was not a book to be read lightly RJ is an in depth work on the cultural, political, economic, and history of Romans and Jews during the time around Christ s birth and death The focus is [...]

    27. The destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem itself in 70 AD was probably the most traumatic event in Jewish history With the long years of Roman occupation prior to the Jewish revolt and its aftermath, it is all too easy to see the outcome as the inevitable result of the inimical conflict between the Jewish and Roman civilisations But as Martin Goodman shows, there was nothing inevitable about the conflict between Rome and Jerusalem.This book focuses heavily on the differences and similarities b [...]

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