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Will of Fate By Samantha Britt,

  • Title: Will of Fate
  • Author: Samantha Britt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover edition for ASIN B012LOXFHM In a world where Wise Ones proclaim the Will of Fate, following one s heart doesn t always line up with one s destiny Twenty three year old Gwen Longe has her life all planned out She s overcome obstacles most people cannot even fathom, let alone conquer and find themselves successfully completing their first year of medical Alternate cover edition for ASIN B012LOXFHM In a world where Wise Ones proclaim the Will of Fate, following one s heart doesn t always line up with one s destiny Twenty three year old Gwen Longe has her life all planned out She s overcome obstacles most people cannot even fathom, let alone conquer and find themselves successfully completing their first year of medical school Home to visit her foster brother and best friends for the summer, Gwen is eager for what she views as a stress free vacation from her wonderful, but hectic, life All notions of relaxation are swept away when a handsome stranger walks into her life revealing a world she never knew existed Kalan exposes certain truths about herself, and brings Gwen to a world so magical she could not have created it in her wildest dreams Prince Kalan of Winter Court agreed to a trip in the Human Realm with his friend in order to escape the never ending parade of potential lifemates his mother throws his way The prince did not expect to encounter Gwen, a Winter Fae of incomparable beauty He certainly did not expect the fascination he develops for her once he learns her story, and he is not likely to let it go anytime soon A story of love and tragedy through two generations, intertwined with Fate, Will of Fate is a fantasy romance sure to cause elation and despair, hope and disappointment all the while revealing a magical world where the Fate of many rest on the shoulders of Two.
    Will of Fate Alternate cover edition for ASIN B LOXFHM In a world where Wise Ones proclaim the Will of Fate following one s heart doesn t always line up with one s destiny Twenty three year old Gwen Longe has h

    One thought on “Will of Fate”

    1. I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review, and I am so happy that I did I ve never read a Fae story before but am a huge fan of the YA supernatural genre in general so when I read the intriguing blurb, I was immediately sucked in Without giving too much away, the tale begins in the past giving us a peak of Gwen s beginnings Then we fast forward to present day where we meet a twenty something year old med student, Gwen, living a normal life This of course all changes when she [...]

    2. While the broad sweep of the underlying themes is a major part of any novel s success, both the deity and his or her nemesis hide in the details The most intriguing premise still needs than a fleshing out It needs to be realized in an emotionally compelling way As I see it, WILL OF FATE, Book 1 of Samantha Britt s series Dual Court Kiss, does have a strong premise, but misfires across the board in the writing itself The result is a chain like sequence of charming tableau that reveal little abou [...]

    3. I came across this book on and bought it straight away, i was not disappointed I read this book over the space of a few hours, i could not put it down One of the many things i loved about this book was that no matter what i expected, the complete opposite happened I was always guessing which is fantastic It s so refreshing to see a non predictable book in the paranormal genre The characters Gwen and Kalan were fantastic to read Gwen is interesting, spunky, feisty, beautiful and humble She is an [...]

    4. Dual Court Kiss I is the first in the series Will of Fate It s a fantastic beginning Following the story of Gwen, a twenty three year old unexpectedly introduced to a magical world, the novel weaves a plot where romance, fantasy and common tragedy intermingle This book is recommended for fantasy fans It is beautifully written I was very happy to find that the characters here are not presented as belonging to particular types They go through transformations and develop with the course of the stor [...]

    5. Will of Fate was simply outstanding This book drew me in, kept me in, and dropped me off, in the best possible way I could not put it down I was utterly and completely spellbound Wow At the end of the day, when all is said and done, all I know is that I WANT MORE Rating 4.5 5Recommend YesA complimentary copy of this title was made available to me by the author in exchange for an honest critique I was neither expected to submit a positive response, nor was I compensated for my review response The [...]

    6. If you love Fairies and love reading about Fae lands and kingdoms, then this book is for you.Will of Fate first follows, Wendy, who has a child out of wedlock and outside her kingdom Wendy seeks the comfort of a winter fae which is frowned upon since she is Summer fae Most children born of such a relationship are destroyed or given a potion to hide their parentage The summer fae have blonde hair and green eyes Their powers depict warmth and summer feelings The winter fae have black hair and blue [...]

    7. I received the Book, Will of Fate Dual Court Kiss 1, free through the We YA Books Group, courtesy of the author Samantha Britt, in exchange for an honest review.I m grateful to have had the chance to review Samantha Britt s debut novel, Will of Fate Dual Court Kiss 1 I thoroughly enjoyed this entire story And after the plot twist at the end, I wish had the next book, Work of Fate, to begin reading immediately Thankfully, I only have a few weeks to wait until it s released Feel free to pass it al [...]

    8. Will of Fate comes with a young adult fantasy romance world built around two Fae kingdoms The plot is interesting, and leaves behind some mysteries that will be probable cleared in the next novels in the series, yet the narration tells too much, missing to make the readers feel as though they are there seeing the sights and hearing the sounds and experiencing the events for themselves Almost everything comes through evocative details and sensory impressions of the omniscient narrator, setting a [...]

    9. I ve read several court of the Fae books before, and this one has them all beat with an imaginative plot and good character building The story built quickly and moved forward at a fun pace The book elicits a couple of WHAT type reactions that keep you reading to find out why and how There weren t too many characters to track at any given time And the main character stayed true to her form There were some grammatical and spelling errors that took me out of the moment a few times, but the story ha [...]

    10. I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review.Oh, my gosh, I loved this book so much and I absolutely cannot wait for the next installment Will of Fate pulled me in right from the very beginning The Characters were intriguing and well written and the story was absolutely superb, taking me on a rollercoaster ride full of twists and turns There were times where I was giddy with happiness and times where suddenly the rug was pulled out from under my feet leaving me sprawled on my r [...]

    11. Excellent read This was a wonderfully told story of magic, love, loss, friendship, and heartbreak The ending had me in a bit of shock, although part of me had an inkling can t tell you what because that would ruin it for you The story doesn t completely end, making you want to know how it will continue to develop As much as I love a story to begin and end in one sitting, I still give this five stars because it was done very well I look forward to seeing where the story goes next

    12. Will Keep You GuessingAfter reading fantasy romances about half fae half humans, it is nice to read a new twist on this with a book about a fae who is two different kinds of fae.The flashbacks in the book were dealt with well The author also did a good job with the characters thoughts, especially when they included a flashback.One thing that could have been improved upon was sentence structure Some sentences were hard to understand.This is a gripping fantasy romance Looking forward to reading .

    13. I absolutely loved this book The writing is impeccable, the story is intriguing and the characters are entertaining and likable Samantha Britt brought the world of the Fae to life without overdosing on imagery In the natural flow of the story, I could imagine myself in the Winter Court, seeing everything our heroine Gwen saw for the first time Kalan made me swoon, as did Ian The next book in the series can t come soon enough If you like stories of the Fae, please do yourself a favor and check th [...]

    14. This is wonderful fantasy romance novel which has a surprising twist The author creates characters so well drawn it feels as though you ve known them all your life The admirable protagonist Gwen has had to overcome some major obstacles in her life, despite this, she manages to study medicine After a year a gorgeous stranger walks into her life and she learns about a magical past she d never dreamed about A gripping novel which will have you turning the pages I highly recommend it.

    15. 4.5 Great book and for anyone who s not to familiar with the fae world or mystical world books it was a great introduction book I loved Gwen, the people surrounding her, and the story line I hope the second book brings a new aspect to what is going on with the love story because I m rooting for love

    16. Couldn t put it down Well written fantasy love story with great plot twists and an undertone of mystery I had never read a fae book before, but the author did a great job describing everything the reader needed to know.

    17. I was given a Finished Copy of an Ebook by the author herself I literally Jaw Dropped Full Review bookiemunchie.wordpress 2

    18. ExcellentWell written good paced book with characters who are likeable but realistic A few twists and turns that were unseen and greatly appreciated

    19. I received this book from the author for an honest review Wow this was an amazing book and it completely blew me away I was enchanted by the Fae world Samantha created and the characters didn t disappoint This book exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable Kalan Gwen Eilian Eilian loved Wendy therefore, it s no surprise that when she found herself in trouble, he helped and supported her Her death completely broke him, he never told her that he was in love with her but he found solace in r [...]

    20. So this book is definitely in a genre that I have never read before The Fae realm is a phrase is something I never really imagined myself saying or reading about My favorite part about this book is the voice Even before I started reading this book I really enjoyed the dedication page It was an extremely sweet way to start off a book The book flowed really well and felt almost like a conversation The pace of the book kept me intrigued I really enjoyed some of the smaller references to the San Ant [...]

    21. I really enjoyed reading this book While the world of Fae isn t something I usually gravitate towards, Ms Britt s writing is fluid and descriptive as opposed to the disjointed arcane stuff I d been subjected to in the past She effortlessly drew me in to the Fae world, and I loved all the different abilities they had, as well as the struggle Gwen had coming to terms with not only learning her powers but also coping with the drastic changes in her life Gwen was easy to relate to and root for, Kala [...]

    22. I have received this book for free from the We YA Books group and Samantha Britt in exchange for a honest review I requested this book because the premise sounded interesting, and well, it s about Fae I mean, fae, royalty, friendship, secrets, and romance YES, please At first, I was unsure when the story began by having it told from multiple POV s at different points in time I quickly got used to it, and really enjoyed the book Kalan, gah, what a great book boyfriend Swoon He is thrown into this [...]

    23. I received a free copy of this book and give my review willingly and honestly LoP, Lovers of Paranormal So, I hate saying this but, I really only enjoyed the last 25% I found myself skimming chapters due to the over telling I was not given a chance to connect with the characters, I was simply informed of them The author set a marvelous world with rich detail but, alas, it was too much world building and not enough character building There were multiple times the story skipped ahead weeks but the [...]

    24. I received a free copy of this book by the group We love YA in exchange for an honest review.I really loved this book The author balanced very well between romantic scenes and plot scenes.The main characters were very likeable and three dimensional, the surroundings were detailed, but not too much so, also, the plot was interesting, though I knew certain things from the start that they were going to happen And I loved the Wrath, I so wasn t expecting that.They were two minor things that I didn t [...]

    25. I received this book free from the We YA Books group and the author in exchange for a honest review I thought the writing was a bit stilted or awkward in the beginning, but it grew on me The story feels very familiar, but I can t place it Maybe it s an amalgamation of various stories I ve read over the years I did find myself getting sucked in to the story and ended up staying up late to finish I m rooting for Kalan and Gwen, and I m looking forward to reading the sequel.

    26. Gwen, a twenty something medical student home on summer vacation, meets Kalan, Prince of the Winter Court She learns about a magical past and future she d never dreamed of Like most great loves, theirs was, of course, forbidden This short book is a wild ride of family, friendship, fae, and fate, and left me eager for the sequel If you like fantasy romance or even if you don t this one is worth a read.

    27. okay so I loved this book I didn t see the other father being the king coming I did make a joke to myself beforehand about it but I didn t really believe that the case I loved Gwen s struggle to find where she belongs and how to deal with her love for Kalan I felt he was too cocky at times but that s to be expected of a prince I think loved this book can t wait to read the third

    28. This book is a page turner I don t really like sci fi, but when I read Will of Fate by Samantha Britt, I just couldn t stop This book kept me turning the pages cause the pacing is good and didn t leave me feeling like I was slogging through any slow points A very interesting and well written book Definitely a good read.

    29. This book kept me on edge the entire time waiting to find out what was going to happen I downloaded the 2nd book the moment I finished this one.

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