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The Nature of the Beast By Janni Howker,

  • Title: The Nature of the Beast
  • Author: Janni Howker
  • ISBN: 9780744543506
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • English teenager Bill Coward finds himself losing control of his life when the mill where his father works is shut down and a mysterious beast begins making savage attacks on local livestock.
    The Nature of the Beast English teenager Bill Coward finds himself losing control of his life when the mill where his father works is shut down and a mysterious beast begins making savage attacks on local livestock

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    1. My first impression of this novel was that it looked short and boring The cover didn t grab me at all By the end of chapter one I was convinced that my first impression was wrong I liked Bill s personality, the writing style was simple but it flowed and the perspective was brilliantly written Bill s dialect was distinct and authentic and it really gave the novel a sense of place I didn t like the lack of female representation, however Mick s mother and the two women in the newspaper office were, [...]

    2. This is an incredibly well written book I cannot believe it has taken me so long to discover Janni Howker Having already read and enjoyed Badger On The Barge, I knew that I was in the hands of a storyteller who could create a sense of place and people which would seem as real as you or I We follow the story of Bill Coward and the Lancastrian residents of Haverston whose lives are rocked by the closure of the local mill the main source of work for the community Whilst tempers and frustration soar [...]

    3. I read this when it came out God, over thirty years ago, and it highlighted to me at the time, that kids books had than a simple tale to tell Writers like Janna Howker, Alan Garner, Michael Morpurgo and alike were simply brilliant in their own right and criminally ignored by too many adults because they wrote children s books It was Howker, like the others noted who brought this home to me, and I ve been eternally grateful ever since.Children s writers have a purpose, that ain t rocket science, [...]

    4. This book turned up on my TBR shelf one day I didn t remember putting it there, but apparently one of my kids brought it home from school they were giving away old books and I grabbed it I was probably drawn by the Philip Pullman endorsement on the cover.This turns out to be set in the north of England during the Thatcher years The local mill shuts down and the town has to deal with the loss of jobs, as well as a mysterious beast which is attacking farm animals and pets Our protagonist, Bill, is [...]

    5. Howker captures her characters beautifully They feel real and authentic, just like the story It is a story about a boy Bill growing up in a small town, raised only by his father and partially his grandfather It is a story about a town loosing its last big factory, and with it, it s last big employer Common people like Bill s dad and granddad suddenly loose their job, having to life on the dole Bill, not the most motivated student in school, but a practical handyman, witnesses a town of workers f [...]

    6. A young lad coping with his father s redundancy, finds himself investigating the mystery of the beast which everyone says is attacking animals.This is a young teens novel which thankfully doesn t condescend to its intended audience Yes, it is bleak, but is an accurate reflection of how life is sometimes The author does not overstate what happens Everything is filtered through the perceptions of the young narrator which lends a satisfying ambiguity to some of the plot Best of all, the ending does [...]

    7. Janni Howker s The Nature of the Beast is an excellent coming of age novel about the experiences of a young boy growing up in a northern industrial town in 1980s England The closure of the local mill brings upheaval to the world of the boy, his father and grandfather Meanwhile, there are rumours and sightings of a mysterious beast in the surrounding area The handling of the first person narration is note perfect, the metaphor of the beast is never overstated, the ending is bracingly unsentimenta [...]

    8. Set in 1980s in a small town, written from the viewpoint of Bill main character a teenage boy whose father and grandfather are about to lose their jobs when the local factory closes A powerfully written YA book with a lot of raw emotion in the relationship between Bill, his Dad and his Granddad Fairly predictable in places but a twist in the tale will make you think Written in the vernacular.

    9. On the bleak moors of Hardale, above Haverston, Bill Coward stalks The Beast, a mysterious creature troubling sheep and chickens Bill s dad has lost his job and Bill tries to catch the Beast for the reward No one will believe him when he realises the Beast is an escaped circus panther When he realises that social workers are coming to take him from his grandpa, he takes off to live off the land as the Beast did.

    10. I loved reading The Nature of the Beast again This was another book I loved from my childhood, but I doubt I picked up on the Ken Loach esque depiction of Thatcherite Britain In fact, I can t imagine what I did take from this book It s angry, complex, devastating and certainly beats any of the gangly wizards you find in kid s fiction today I would love to read a contemporary example of a book for teenagers about growing up in coalition Britain, if there is one.

    11. Justifiably an award winner Beautifully written and paced, by an author who understands how to tell a tale from the inside This is social realism No tricks Characters that matter A story that matters Written and set in the 1980 s Just as relevant today.

    12. A simple, predictable story, until you get to the end that is The ending made this book worth enduring A recommended read for when your to read is looking too short.

    13. Ik heb me erg gestoord aan de vele fouten in deze vertaalde versie, waarvan gelachkamer p 107 het ergste was.

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