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Auctioned to Him 2: His for a Week By Charlotte Byrd,

  • Title: Auctioned to Him 2: His for a Week
  • Author: Charlotte Byrd
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Auctioned to Him 2 His for a Week Aiden I wanted to own her from the minute I saw her That s why I bought her for the night at my yacht party but that one night wasn t enough I crave her I have to have her And for the first time, in a long time, I feel like I m falling for someone That can t be right I m a confirmed bachelor I love one night stands and women whoAuctioned to Him 2 His for a Week Aiden I wanted to own her from the minute I saw her That s why I bought her for the night at my yacht party but that one night wasn t enough I crave her I have to have her And for the first time, in a long time, I feel like I m falling for someone That can t be right I m a confirmed bachelor I love one night stands and women who leave in the morning But Ellie is different She challenges me She doesn t listen She frustrates me on every level and that makes me want her even It s not just sex I want Oh no I want This week, there are no rules EllieI m a good girl who has never had a one night stand, let alone let myself be auctioned off to the highest bidder But that night with Mr Black on his yacht was amazing and it gave me enough money to pay off all of my school loans I doubted that I would ever see him again He is a manwhore, after all He may be beautiful and flawless on the outside, and damaged and tormented on the inside, but he s still a manwhore But then he called Now I know that what I felt was real It s not just the dark pleasures that are pulling me back to him It s something but Aiden Black doesn t just want to go on a date like a normal person No, he wants me to be his for a week On call To do whatever he demands Do I dare comply WARNING This is a HOT modern day dark erotic romance with an alpha billionaire for fans of EL James, Kira Blakely, and Madison Faye It contains light bondage, NO CHEATING, No Cliffhanger and a Happily Ever After for now Book 2 of Auctioned to Him contains Book 1 and BONUS steamy romance novels.
    Auctioned to Him His for a Week Auctioned to Him His for a Week Aiden I wanted to own her from the minute I saw her That s why I bought her for the night at my yacht party but that one night wasn t enough I crave her I have to hav

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    1. I received this book as an Arc, but I hadn t ready the first book So I read Auctioned him and couldn t put it down I loved the story of Ellie and how she met Mr Black on a yacht The second book continues after there first night together from the yacht I enjoyed seeing how the 2 characters Aiden Black and Ellie continue and if the romance develops I couldn t put this down and everything else became oblivious as I just wanted to keep reading Felt gutted when it ended and can t wait for the continu [...]

    2. I got this book as an ARC and voluntarily read and reviewed I did read the first book and enjoyed it and couldn t wait for what was next I wish it was a little bit longer than what it was, but I look forward to seeing what the author has in store for us next

    3. I am honestly and voluntarily writing this review for the book I received through ARC.Ellie s back in New York and she still hasn t heard from Mr Black.Meanwhile Mr Black is back in town when he meets his friendwho is the most prominent dominatrix They play sometimes together and she submits to him when they play He goes to his house with her but when it gets time to play all he can think about is Ellie.Mr Black finally calls Ellie and ask if she would spend a week with himSo she tells him since [...]

    4. This book contains Auctioned to Him 1 and 2 In book one we find Ellie is a college graduate who is struggling to pay off her school loans She has dreams but is scared to take too many chances She has always been the good cautious girl That ia until her friend talked her into going to this legendary party on a yacht Ellie didn t want to go but her friend pressured her into is Aboard the yacht are lots of gorgeous people, some of them are very rich After a cocktail party, Ellie and her friend are [...]

    5. Auctioned to Him Auctioned To Him 2 His For The WeekVery fast page turning story With just the right amount of story and sex Aiden and Ellie are the main characters who actually find themselves while discovering each other Ellie s best friend Caroline adds spice the story and Tom, Ellie s friend adds the right amount of controversy Ellie and Tom thought they would be together, but at different stages and all the wrong times He discourages Ellie, where Aiden encourages her.Ellie goes to a yacht p [...]

    6. In Auctioned to Him book two Ellie and Aiden make plans but this time for a week But once they meet up its not what Ellie thought it would be and runs away This is the first time Aiden has had a woman run away from him and not want him and he doesnt know what to do with it, but one thing he knows for sure is that he isnt able to touch another woman as he wants her Ellie sticks up for herself and leaves her job and the boss she hates and starts to live for herself and what will make her happy Wh [...]

    7. I gave this Book a rating of 4 sTitle Auctioned to Him 2 His for the WeekSeries Auctioned to him Genre Billionaire romance, Dark RomanceAuthor Charlotte ByrdFormat Kindle EditionPublished on July 28, 2017I voluntarily reviewed a Free Courtesy Advanced Reader Copy of this book Character s Descriptions Ellie is in a financial bind and does not know how to get out of it until one of her friends informs her that the party they are going to is one where all the females will be auctioned off to the hi [...]

    8. This was a wonderful continuation to Aiden and Ellie s story In this installment, we get to know about the mysterious Mr Black He is very charming and down to earth, even though he is filthy rich There s only mild bondage but the story is still written very tastefully and doesn t disappoint in the romance section I just loved the surprise of where he took her on their date The ending was very fulfilling as they both expressed their true feelings, but at the same time it sets up a very interesti [...]

    9. Aiden Black is the billionaire who bought Ellie for one night at the yacht party auction She was not a party girl or a one night stand type, but she was desperate for money to pay her student loans Aiden was a billionaire and a confirmed playboy A one and done kinda guy until he saw Ellie He knew he had to have her the first time he saw her They had a wonderful night together and then she went back home She was on his mind all week There was just something different about her and she had really [...]

    10. Loved this book I loved how in the first book Ellie wasn t sure of herself except she hated her job and was single again, then she went to the yacht for the private party She was auctioned off for the night and experienced what she never thought she would with sex She meets Mr Black and he rocks her world Now in this book, she has quoit her job she hates and hopes Widen will call like he said He calls and she s suprised and he wants to see her again They make a date and met and she s put off by [...]

    11. The story of Ellie Mr Black continue after their terrific and very hot night on a yacht Mr Black helps Ellie to learn about herself and what she wants in life believe in herself and take risk Ellie leaves her boring job and decides to embark on her passion, write a novel Mr Black resumes contact with her and offers her an indecent amount of money to be at her disposal at any time for a week, Ellie agrees but at the first request, she turns and gets vexed and runs away for me it does not make mu [...]

    12. There is Aiden, the alpha billionaire, with money and arrogance Then there is Ellie, the good girl who comes from a good family but wants to go her own way If she lets herself be auctioned off, she may get enough money to pay off her student loans One night to do whatever he wants to her She could see his flaws even through his flawlessness When he calls her for a second date it starts to feel real She learns she likes a bit of kink Will she go out with him again When he asks for a week, will s [...]

    13. So I have to be honest I had not read the first one when I signed up for the ARC of the second book I am so glad she included both in her ARC This was so fabulous I loved themy both I was worried when I started the second book and he was on a date with another woman but I should have had no fear lol Aiden Black is special I have to admit he melts me when is is Mr Black Sir Wow I loved Ellies growth How she realizes her feelings for her friend have changed She excepted it I think her and Aiden wi [...]

    14. I read an ARC for this book or accurately, I volunteered to do so I did this because this is the continuing story between Aiden a k a Mr Black and Ellie I loved the chemistry that the two of them enjoy in this book The book is well written for the genre and moves quickly enough to keep the reader s interest, but not so fast that you feel swept through it without any satisfactory moments It has just enough angst but not in an over done way that other books contain Overall, I m looking forward to [...]

    15. Ellie has spent her life has been nothing but a good girl Never even tempted to even have a one night stand, what on earth is she doing on a luxury yacht full of millionaires, letting herself be auctioned off to the highest bidder And OMG, what a bidder The hottest man she has ever seen, let kissed, is the man she ends up with for an amazing experience, all in exchange for enough money to take care of all of Ellie s financial woes Hot, rich, and fantastic in bed do all of those attributes make u [...]

    16. I loved this book I received an ARC from the author to read and it came with the first book I have never read a book by this author before Loved the first book I was surprised with the second because I thought it would of the same but it wasn t It was so much better It was so great to read an erotic romance with context The characters seemed real and relatable I loved reading about the characters background of how they came to be I won t give too much away but because the book was titled auctio [...]

    17. Following on from book 1 we see Mr Black try and forget Ellie but no matter how he tries he can t so he comes up with another game Mine for a week with the same rules applying Will Ellie be tempted, how will this end This short and tantalising read draws you back into his world and I found myself on the sidelines cheering him on The chemistry the pair have well it will light fires and OH MY I have never wanted to play on a sex swing in my life I found myself as I watched their romance develop f [...]

    18. And it just keeps getting better and better August 2, 2017This is a continuation of the first book Auctioned to Him Ellie and Aiden s story continues with Aiden wanting a week with her to explore why he s feeling as he is As in the first book the sex is hot, steamy and combustible Both characters are multi dimensional and showed real growth from the first book and throughout this one I just loved Aiden Mr Black and was happy that they got their HEA for now I eagerly look forward to book three Hi [...]

    19. This was a wonderful continuation of Aiden and Ellie s story In this book, we get to know about the mysterious Mr Black Ellie auctioned herself to pay student loans After spending time away from Ellie after their night together, Ellie is all Aiden can think about.She thought that she would not hear of him again and then he called her with a proposition for her and it was to spend a week with him and do whatever he wants Their chemistry is out of this world, they are hot and sexy together Talk a [...]

    20. The first book, while chronicling Ellie and Aiden s first encounter, was about Ellie getting some control over her life and how the auction on Aiden s yacht helped her achieve that independence This book picks up where that one ended, and focuses on the growing romance between Ellie and Aiden, and how that changes both of their lives Ellie was learning about sex but Aiden was learning about feelings and risking his heart Their romance was well written, kept me turning the pages non stop until r [...]

    21. Charlotte Byrd is a new to me author, and I m so happy to have found her books I love her sweet and sexy style.A continuation of the Auctioned to Him series, this is a quick, sexy read about Aiden and Ellie s relationship after the auction and developing feelings there anything than lust between them I loved all the interesting details added in about books and writing.It gives a surprising depth to the story and the characters.This is an awesome little book and I can t wait for the next part of [...]

    22. Charlotte Byrd has given us a complicated multi textured love story for the ages This is a continuation of Auctioned To Him 1 Ellie never knows which man she s gonna get Although Aiden and Mr Black are one and the same, they are total opposites But whichever one shows up she is sure to receive immense and gratifying pleasure Whether it s one night, one week or who knows, maybe a lifetime of satisfying happiness, hopefully this is one for the ages So looking forward to Auctioned 3 I voluntarily r [...]

    23. This is the second story of this series and it was worth the wait It is such a great storyline about a billionaire that wanted one night but now wants He has always wanted no romantic involvement but this is different because he wants But he has to convince her of this because she knows that he doesn t want a relationship and she really is not into one night stands He wants a week but she has to be convinced, so can he do it I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

    24. Although I really enjoyed book one, this one didn t give me the same feels I can t seem to pinpoint exactly what it was that left me wanting Ellie went from auctioning herself off for sex to panicking and running from Mr Black taking her to a sex club Her friendship with Tom also seeming to go from we are best friends to her beingsnobbish, I guess I don t know, it just didn t jive with me I didn t feel the passion or the connection I felt in book one Will this discourage me from reading the next [...]

    25. Party On, Dude Yet another CLIFFHANGER This book contains book one, firstly, then segues into book two.Aiden , the wealthy naaasssty party animal he is, assumes Ellie is into the loose sex club party scene that he has become embroiled in over the years He asks her for a week of her time in NYC, paying her the hefty sum of 500,000 YEHAW But then he makes a terrible faux pas by taking her to a private exclusive sex club Ooops.She wants it to be just the two of them No sharing YEHAW Ride em Barebac [...]

    26. I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book This series is the first books I ve read by this author and I love her writing Ellie, lives with her best friend from college, Caroline Caroline gets an invitation to an exclusive party and she can bring a 1 She takes Ellie They find out that they can voluntarily be auctioned to wealthy men to do anything they want to for one night and they get to keep the money Ellie decides to stay while her friend leaves She is auctioned to Mr Black the [...]

    27. I volunteered to read an ARC of this book and I am so glad to have received this book This book picks from the week following the auction Were you have an Ellie that is finally asserting herself, and Mr Black who realizes that he wants than just a willing body But this story is so much than just Mr Black getting what he wants when he wants, but Ellie also refuses to be in a y situation where she is uncomfortable This really is a great story I am looking forward to the next book.

    28. I was left wanting when I read Auctioned to Him And my prayer s were answered once I got my hands on the second book of this series I love Ellie and Aiden together In this book, we are blessed with insight to Aiden and how he thinks and what he feels for Ellie Which was nice They are learning together how to be a couple and how to grow together Of course, there are a few bumps and turns along the way Looking forward to the next installment to this series.I received an ARC for an honest review. [...]

    29. Yet another easy read that gets you hooked from the start.Its hard to write this withot giving anything away.The butterflies Ellie used to have when she see s Tom have gone She now feels nothing for him after all this time Her feelings are else where Mr Black can t get Ellie out of his mind, he wants of her.Can Ellie play the game Mr Black wants.We have to wait for part 3 to find out I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.

    30. falling hard Aiden and Ellie s story continues for a week Ellie takes control of her life while trying to figure out what Aiden is thinking Watching these two work through their relationship, rather it s losing control and falling for the other person or taking control while falling for the other person I can t wait to see where the story takes them next This is my honest review for a book I volunteered to read

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