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Hollywood Daddy By Naomi Niles,

  • Title: Hollywood Daddy
  • Author: Naomi Niles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Getting time with my sons is on the line And landing my first big role in Hollywood will get me one step closer Luckily, I land a lead role in Satin Sheets That s where I meet Hannah, my costar She s freaking gorgeous Every day I get to kiss her lips and rub up against her body But it only makes me want her in my actual bed and not just for a movie Just when IGetting time with my sons is on the line And landing my first big role in Hollywood will get me one step closer Luckily, I land a lead role in Satin Sheets That s where I meet Hannah, my costar She s freaking gorgeous Every day I get to kiss her lips and rub up against her body But it only makes me want her in my actual bed and not just for a movie Just when I think I have her in the sack my ex comes into the picture to destroy everything And so does Hannah s stalker Hollywood Daddy is an 80,000 word single dad standalone romance No cheating and has a HEA For a limited time it has 4 bonus books included.
    Hollywood Daddy Getting time with my sons is on the line And landing my first big role in Hollywood will get me one step closer Luckily I land a lead role in Satin Sheets That s where I meet Hannah my costar She s

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    1. COPY RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEWThe description of the book is exciting than the actual book itself There is an vindictive ex wife and a stalker, but the antics of each are not very dramatic The ex wife is a pain and she causes a minor issue between Ezra and Hannah It happens towards the end of the story and is quickly resolved Hannah s stalker is almost like a side story and then boom he is front and center, Again quickly resolved The characters were ok They had major chemistry and acted on it [...]

    2. Ezra is an actor whose dreams are to become a big star actor but he has had no luck yet He used to be married to Tanya and they have two boys but they are divorced now Tanya seems to enjoy making his life miserable He wants to spend time with his sons but she refuses to change the custody agreement She is also threatening to deny him all visitation for some made up reason Ezra figures that if he gets a big acting role she will have to listen to him He gets an audition for the lead of this new [...]

    3. A well written novel with a story that I liked It has a slow beginning but it gets better after a few chapters and then it is a good and entertaining read.The story could have been into the main events and the female character Hannah was a bit annoying in the beginning, but overall a good story.Bot Hannah and Ezra is struggling with problems in their life, such as their acting carrier and kids.It is a fun read and the novel has got lots of emotions in it But I was annoyed of the frequent use of [...]

    4. ARC BRAVO A HOT SEXY YUMMY READ Naomi Niles writes a creative and strong structure storyline and well developed characters in actor Ezra Hammond and Hannah Black and supporting characters in Ezra s best friend Jeff and Hannah s best friend roommate Casssie is brilliant exquisitely well written Ezra wants a bigger career in acting , so he can spend time with Tanner and Nolan.Hannah wants to do than commercials and little modeling Both Ezra and Hannah meet at audition for the movie , director by [...]

    5. I received this book for a voluntary, completely honest and non incentivized review My specific rating for this book is 3.5 stars Hannah s character is good Still a fairly new to the game actress, a little naive when it comes to the experience but quick to learn Ezra was a bit borderline for me in terms of like ability The only people he seemed truly dedicated and true to were his kids respectable However, throughout the story his eyes and libido wandered, even with his so called I hate my ex T [...]

    6. Hannah is trying to come out of her shell to land a role in a movie Ezra is trying to land a role bigger than on TV movies, while fighting with his ex to see his boys Will these two have the chemistry to complete the movie Will they be able to have the romance on and off the screen This book was hot, but I have to be honest I m not sure if I liked Ezra Time and time again he flipped out on Hannah for men, but yet he admitted than once he was attracted to other women and even let his ex get furt [...]

    7. I received a free advanced reader copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review itBoth Ezra and Hannah are struggling actors who so far have only managed to procure but parts and adverts They both get picked to star in the new film Satin sheets and their chemistry is amazing They both navigate filming with their outside lives, and in Ezras case 2 adorable kids and a nasty ex wife.I really enjoyed this romance book, there is drama, romance and some steam, a great combination for a lovely re [...]

    8. Ezra is a small time actor trying to get his big break In the mean time he tries to spend as much time as possible with his 2 boys, that is when his b of an ex will allow him to see them.Hannah has been going to auditions that don t seem to be going anywhere When going to a photo shoot with her friend leads to an audition that put her and Ezra as the stars and their chemisty is hot both on screen and off.Add in the crazy ex, a stalker, and some hilarious moments and you have a great book.I recei [...]

    9. A good holiday read Ezra and Hannah are struggling actors trying to make it into the big time Ezra has two young boys who he only sees for one weekend a month as his ex wife is spiteful and sleeping with his lawyer The two meet at an audition for a R rated movie and sparks fly Ezra is your typical Alpha male wanting to fix everything and protect everyone and falling hard for the shyer very feminine Hannah Good witty banter, some suspense An all around good read.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced [...]

    10. I totally expected this book to be something different than what it is, but it s still a good little read The storyline is classic bitchy ex wife causing pain and grief for ex husband, while female interest is sorta so so but has a stalker pop up in later chapters Sweet little love story between an aging actor who never quite had the big success and a would be actress on her way up Nothing earth shattering except a damn long journey to the HEA It s a good read give it a chance I voluntarily revi [...]

    11. The chemistry between Hannah and Ezra is amazing The meet on the movie set of Satin Sheets where they both get roles They soon heat up the sheets on set and off A page turner with lots of hot and steamy scenes sure to heat up your kindle Lots of drama with Ezra s X and Hannah s stalker Ezra comes across as shallow and into himself and Hannah is naive and trusting But the chemistry between him is off the charts I received an arc copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.

    12. This is a fun and steamy look behind the Hollywood scenes Ezra and Hannah are a great couple, but it s quite a bumpy road to their HEA This book grabs the reader right from the start, making us feel the chemistry between Ezra and Hannah almost as much as they do Great writing, great characters, a little mystery thrown in and plenty of heating up the sheets make this a wonderful romance to curl up with I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

    13. I m not sure where to begin I liked the story itself, but I found the first say ten chapters slow and boring, it did eventually pick up I didn t like Hannah or Carrie s characters, to me they were just plain annoying I thought the confrontation with the stalker would have been better suited for closer to the end Overall I thought it was just an okay book I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book

    14. I truly enjoyed this book It reminded me of the 50 Shades movies and how the actors must have felt when they were chosen for their parts, and all the craziness in between The chemistry between Ezra and Hannah is off the charts from the first moment they met, and their protective sides are fierce Definitely recommend this for everyone I m voluntarily reviewing an advanced reader copy of this book.

    15. Excellent story with drama, a spiteful ex,a stalker and lots of steamy scenes.Ezra and Hannah are both wannabe actor s who land the leading rolls in a movie together.From the moment they meet there is insane chemistry between them.By the end of their movie they both have offers for movies.a excellent story with a great storyline, love and a guaranteed happy ending.I volunteered for a arc of this book.

    16. I just couldn t get into this book I was at about 20% and I just couldn t do it any I really do hate to do reviews where I can t rave about the book but when I can not finish the book I have to say something There was not just one thing about it, I just couldn t connect with the characters Sorry.I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.

    17. This was an easy read The book definitely felt Hollywood to me Meaning it felt a little shallow, a little silly, and a little forced It wasn t bad but it wasn t great either Like I said easy, I could easily see parts of this book being tabloid fodder I enjoyed it for what it was I decided to review an ARC of this book.

    18. This book is about two struggling actors who meet each other on set Hanna and Ezra have undeniable chemistry and the banter between the two of them kept me intrigued with what came next in the book It s a fun read, well written and the character were developed throughout the story where it kept your interest from beginning to end I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader s Copy of this book.

    19. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.I found the characters to be pretty interesting They both were struggling actors attempting to work in a hard field The struggle with their jobs made for an intriguing romance I didn t really get the Daddy connection or feel to this book That being said I did enjoy the romance and the plot.

    20. Great story Hannah and Ezra meet when they are given the lead roles in a movie They have instant chemistry which is good for the kind of movie they are making, but they each have some drama Ezra has an ex that wants to take away his kids and Hannah has a stalker I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

    21. I received an arc of this book for a honest review.Not what I expected at all but I was not disappointed in the least The main characters has a great well described chemistry between them There are humor, laughs, steamy hot scenes and lots of romance I loved the characters and their story Definitely worth a read.

    22. Hannah and Ezra are both struggling actors who get their big break on a show called Satin Sheets where the chemistry between them both on and off screen leads to some interesting challenges they have to face professionally and personally I enjoyed this book and found it quite sweet.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

    23. I enjoyed the story Hannah and Ezra are both looking for that big break and have great chemistry from their first meeting There is plenty of drama from their pasts to keep the story interesting They make a great couple.I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received.

    24. Naomi Niles is a new author to me and this book is amazing I was blown away with the story, I could not put it down Wonderfully written I can t wait to read of her books I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    25. I enjoyed this story, but expected for the story to be involved with the kids.I did love the instachemistry with the two.

    26. A fun, quick and steamy read with drama, spiteful ex, sizzling chemistry and laugh out loud banter.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

    27. I received this Advance Reader Copy am voluntarily leaving a review I found this story just okay I felt bad for Ezra his miserable ex wife Hannah I liked This was just an okay book for me.

    28. This book is an enjoyable good book with great characters that kept me turning the pages until the very end I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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