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Monstress - Despertar By Marjorie M. Liu Sana Takeda Rus Wooton Jennifer M. Smith,

  • Title: Monstress - Despertar
  • Author: Marjorie M. Liu Sana Takeda Rus Wooton Jennifer M. Smith
  • ISBN: 9789897730627
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • Num mundo alternativo de beleza art d co inspirado na sia oriental, eis que nos chega uma hist ria de coragem, vingan a e compaix o Maika Meiolobo uma adolescente que sobreviveu a uma guerra catacl smica entre humanos e arc nicos, uma ra a h brida que descende dos Anci os Escravizada por bruxas inimigas que suspeitam dos seus poderes latentes, Maika come a a desvendarNum mundo alternativo de beleza art d co inspirado na sia oriental, eis que nos chega uma hist ria de coragem, vingan a e compaix o Maika Meiolobo uma adolescente que sobreviveu a uma guerra catacl smica entre humanos e arc nicos, uma ra a h brida que descende dos Anci os Escravizada por bruxas inimigas que suspeitam dos seus poderes latentes, Maika come a a desvendar o seu misterioso passado e, durante o processo, descobre que tem uma liga o ps quica com uma poderosa criatura de outro mundo Perante a opress o e o terr vel perigo, Maika torna se ca adora e presa, perseguida por aqueles que desejam us la, colocando a no centro de uma guerra devastadora entre for as humanas e sobrenaturais Enquanto isso, o monstro no seu interior come a a despertar
    Monstress Despertar Num mundo alternativo de beleza art d co inspirado na sia oriental eis que nos chega uma hist ria de coragem vingan a e compaix o Maika Meiolobo uma adolescente que sobreviveu a uma guerra catacl sm

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    1. 12 29 17 ON SALE for 3.99 amzn 2C9cBNoUpdated review giggle snorts Rereading is often a humbling experience I ve been forced to admit that my memory isn t what it once was, and never is that apparent then after a reread kicks aluminum can I won t bore you with all the things I d forgotten, but there were a few things that made a bigger impact this time around view spoiler How does one bind a god to a person And THIS 1 Who was the first Arcanic Lord 2 Who is the other potential host ALSO, that [...]

    2. If, prior to reading this, someone said to me, Wanna read a comic that s loosely classified as a Steampunk Fantasy Well, I would have politely and slowly backed away from them while turning the offer down in no uncertain terms Because I mean, is Steampunk even still a thing I remember it was all the rage there for a while, and then it just seemed to peter out of vogue kinda like sparkly vampires and shirtless werewolves.For those of you who may love and or live this genre, please don t take offe [...]

    3. Gorgeous epic steampunk fantasy done in graphic novel form.I don t usually post reviews for graphic novels unless I found something special Monstress is definitely special Both manga and graphic novel are a form of storytelling materials that required pictures, they may be similar in this regard but they re actually very distinct from each other I, as a huge devourer of manga for than twenty years and counting, rarely impressed by graphic novels or comics, not that they re inferior, just a matt [...]

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    5. Okay I m only going to put a few pictures because you can all scroll through the other reviewers and see pictures I don t like reviewing graphic novels because I never know exactly what to say This novel is about Maika Halfwolf and she has been trying to find her way for some time She lost her mother and friends to a war She lost one of her arms, but she has some kind of powers and she has a symbol on her chest that may or may not be the cause of this This novel is very dark but I still loved [...]

    6. WINNER OF THE HUGO AWARDS 2017 for best Graphic Story Monstress, Vol 1 Awakening was weird, but dark and pretty good There s no hiding that the plot is convoluted at best, and if there was such thing as a CONFUSING ALERT , I would raise it instantly Indeed Monstress, Vol 1 Awakening doesn t burden itself with simple details like chronological order and basic knowledge before throwing you in the meat of the epic fantasy like action Keyword being HUH And then, there are these cat ish info dump pag [...]

    7. Here s something awesome for you I m a TOTAL pushover for great art, great nasty story, and MONSTERS INSIDE US.I mean, I ve read the whole Naruto series twice and that whole story arc of the kid with the nine tailed demon fox living within him was all kinds of awesome So why do I love Monstress The demon living inside her, of course SOOOO COOL Really, though, the artwork is all kinds of amazing and the story kicks me in my bollocks It s bloody, it s disturbing, it s setting us up for all kinds o [...]

    8. Beautiful art, a unique world with gods, humans, and something in between, fearsome magic, political intrigue to rival any epic fantasy, a plethora of formidable female characters oh and magical talking cats what could one possibly ask for This series is setting up to be an epic masterpiece There is a lot going on in this first volume, so I can t wait to re read it and discover even .

    9. This is a graphic novel with elements of fantasy, feminism, violence, and diversity.The main character is a teenager named Maika searching for a past she doesn t remember On her path she finds people, some are friends, some are enemies and she doesn t know who to trust Maika is also struggling with a powerful and mysterious thing inside of her which threatens to take control The art is beautiful and very detailed, just look at the image below, it s one of my favorites in the book.In the story, t [...]

    10. With great graphics, interesting but somewhat confusing story, and lots of grrrrl power, Monstress packs a big punch The story is kind of similar to Amulet and the monsters and such reminded me of Saga a bit while the cannibalism was sort of like The Walking Dead I really enjoyed this volume and look forward to where they will tale the story in Vol 2.

    11. 3ish stars This is a good volume 1 with a cool, BA heroine view spoiler slash villain hide spoiler and some of the art, especially the issue covers and full page panels, is pretty beautiful At first the story seems like your typical epic fantasy, race wars, magic, Chosen One It ends up a lot stranger and creepier than that, which is a good thing The heroine monstress, Maika Halfwolf is super cool and not a typical heroine Other interesting characters include cute little fox girl Kippa I just wan [...]

    12. Reread The second time around this was even brilliant Which is why I have upped the rating.Original review That was pretty brilliant I really enjoyed this book but it did take me while to find my bearing in the world created and, to be perfectly honest, I think I will have to re read this at some point to really get everything The authors just trust their readers to stay with them and to be patient while the story unfolds, told partly in flashbacks and never completely The art by Sana Takeda is [...]

    13. I would be curious to read this story in novel format The comic is amazingly beautiful I didn t even know someone could make such otherworldly beautiful illustrations It s a true feast to the eyes.But the reason why I d wish to read a book adaptation is because there is so much substance in this comic I m aware that one is limited in terms of dialog and space when writing for a comic format, so I feel as though the worldbuilding and characters would be even developed that way But I m not saying [...]

    14. In an 18th century Asia AU, a seventeen year old girl must learn to use the demon inside of her to help her survive a war that s been ongoing for far too long The war wages between humans and immortals magic users and those who wish to eradicate magic from the earth Meanwhile, Maika simply wants to keep herself out of harm s way while seeking out the truth of her mysterious past and deceased mother If I were to rate Monstress just on artwork and character design, it would be off the charts This [...]

    15. There s hunger in the world than love.4.25 stars.Monstress is a harsh, gritty story set in a stunning Asian fantasy steampunk world It s honestly one of the best graphic novels I ve ever read, and has some of the most beautiful art I ve ever seen.I think I ve mentioned in previous reviews that I tend to struggle with visual stories, since I find it harder to connect to emotionally invest in them That wasn t the case with Monstress, though these pages are bursting with fantastic characters, acti [...]

    16. 3.75 To quote the poets we re fucked Welcome to the world of magic and mayhem with wondrous visuals.This dark and visually stunning comics does not hold back on anything in its portrayal of wartime depravity From slavery and torture to racism, cannibalism and coming to grips with postwar traumatic experiences It took me a while to really get into the story but I instantly fell in love with two things the breathtaking artwork and the sweet and adorable little muffin, Kippa Let s get back to the a [...]

    17. Sometimes I can have a hard time getting into fantasy comics because they have a short page count to introduce you to big worlds, and that was definitely the case here My interest was so lukewarm with this one that I do not plan to continue this series The story and characters are NOT bad by any means, this story in this format just didn t work for me personally I d love to see it as a movie or something though What I liked The art The main character is fierce and I want to know about her past [...]

    18. congratulations semifinalist in best graphic novels comics category 2016 ugh, i still need to review this one dammit

    19. Monstress is not a graphic you can casually flip through with your phone while enjoying your morning toilet experience, but you need to pay attention, and perhaps flip back and forth than once to keep yourself focused on what is actually going on.This flipping is not unusual when you are facing a fantasy story that has an extremely rich world building There is a lot of mythology and history you need to savor in order to be fully pulled inside a world that has strong fantasy elements, but also s [...]

    20. Even if this wasn t an incredible piece of storytelling, the art alone in this graphic novel would have put it at the top of my list Takeda s steampunk art deco graphics are mind meltingly beautiful and amazing But Liu s story of a girl in an alternate 1900s matriarchal Asia is worthy of such beauty Maika is fighting the forces of darkness and evil holy cats, such EVIL this book definitely earns its M rating while also struggling with an actual monster inside her, whose agenda she hasn t quite f [...]

    21. WrensReads Review Recommend by Caleb ThisWhole thingWas BEAUTIFUL Like, Sana Takeda I tip my hat to you I found myself lost in the art than the story itself Not that I didn t love Marjorie M Liu s story telling and Rus Wooton designs, because I totally did, but the art just was wonderful.This is definitely a high high HIGH fantasy book I am talking multiple tailed cats, people who are half some type of animal, and a different type of world entirely Maika Halfwolf, our heroine, is suffering from [...]

    22. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE PUBLISHED FOR THIS REVIEW COPY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEWACTION AFTER READING THE BOOKThis got me at the edge of my seat It gripped me in the right ways and satisfied me when it ended.LONG STORY SHORTMaika, girl with one arm and a mark in her chest, was sold at an auction.She was branded as an archaic.Cumeans ate archaics because of the benefits that it gives them.Maika hates them.Maika needed answers.She was able to breach their city and spread chaos.But the answ [...]

    23. So I just checked this out of the library and looked at the first page and already I am in awe of the artwork And my hopes are high, so don t let me down, okay book

    24. A 2016 comic of the year nominee, and much deserved, I would say A couple of my possibly comics experienced friends males of our species had not liked this series, so I held back for awhile And I m not a huge fantasy reader, and this looks like historical fantasy, which I have even less experience with, though it does look it comes with a side of something like steampunk, which I like and there s some horror in it, okay, good, then many many other friends liked it and I was in to read it I can [...]

    25. What a vibrant, rich and fully realized world I ve completely new to reading graphic novels, but if I can find like this I m going to become very invested, very quickly Full review to come tomorrow

    26. 3 stars rounded up to 4 for amazing graphics.Well, this was interesting This graphic novel seems to be a bit of everything somewhat manga, but not really, fantasy in general, but with a tad of history, generally YA in tone, but talking about serious issues such as racism, slavery and torture Graphic side is beautiful and mind blowing to the point I wasn t just reading the dialogues and getting through the story pretty fast, as it often happens with graphic novels, but I actually enjoyed looking [...]

    27. Three stars almost entirely for the pretty, pretty art What you see on the cover is what you get, and it s gorgeously and beautifully detailed It s a very nice book to look at The story, on the other hand, is not as pretty The reader is thrown in the deep end with very little background information Sometimes that can work, but here, I was mostly just confused It takes three issues to get a clear definition of what an Arcanic is, for example It makes the first few issues difficult to get through [...]

    28. Full review now posted Original review can be found at Booknest.I m not the biggest graphic novel reader, especially outside of the superhero genre There are a few that I ve read, like the Saga series which I didn t love as much as I desperately wanted to, and one that I ve really loved cough V for Vendetta cough , but I ve never really delved into the odd genre of literary graphic novels.That just changed I picked up this graphic novel early last year, attracted by the beautiful artwork But alm [...]

    29. What stunning artwork A really short read, but I can t wait to see the next one This part is like a short glimpse into a really mysterious and very different world, but so little is given, it leaves you wishing for You ll want to find out how this world works why do these people look mostly like humans but are not Why do the real humans dissect, torture and even eat these human looking characters who talk Why is the world almost solely made of women What are the two tailed talking cats So many [...]

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