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My Boyfriend Is a Bear By Pamela Ribon Cat Farris,

  • Title: My Boyfriend Is a Bear
  • Author: Pamela Ribon Cat Farris
  • ISBN: 9781620104873
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bear meets girl.Nora has bad luck with men When she meets an actual bear on a hike in the Los Angeles hills, he turns out to be the best romantic partner she s ever had He s considerate, he s sweet, he takes care of her But he s a bear, and winning over her friends and family is difficult Not to mention he has to hibernate all winter Can true love conquer all
    My Boyfriend Is a Bear Bear meets girl Nora has bad luck with men When she meets an actual bear on a hike in the Los Angeles hills he turns out to be the best romantic partner she s ever had He s considerate he s sweet h

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    1. I received an ARC of this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I was waiting for this to be some kind of metaphor about dating, but it was literally just about a girl who dates a bear I hesitate calling this cute and funny because it literally references them having sex and stuff too so i m just like uhhhhh ok I read it in one sitting and the art and dialogue was funny, but I just really don t understand If they would have kept it platonic, it would have sat so much better with me, bu [...]

    2. It s Feb month Love is in the air My boyfriend is a bear Actually, it is not taken from the bookI made it myselfThis is the most heart touching, heart warming, the cutest romance I read ever The art if amazing 5 wonderful starsIf you haven t already, request on netgalley and read it is sweetest little read, appropriate for this monthHappy Valentine s Day

    3. First, let me say, you have to suspend your disbelief quite a bit in this weird story of a young woman who falls in love with a wild bear Not a euphemism A real bear, the kind with fir, that hibernates in the winter.And her friends think he isn t right for her, and she admits he has his faults, but he does love her and her cat, so what could you want in a boyfriend.This is a play on all those love stories of people who don t seem right for each other, but are, no matter what the world thinks Ex [...]

    4. The delightful story of Nora who, after a succession of terrible boyfriends, finds a much happier relationship with a 500 pound American black bear My wife says it s very reminiscent of our home life, which is ridiculous I m not American Be warned that, while mostly heartwarming and adorable, it does get pretty tear jerking once hibernation looms Netgalley ARC

    5. Nora has dated quite a few douche bags in her day She said it It is no surprise that she wants her next boyfriend to be a CUDDLER Good Listener Brave Smart Funny A homebody and outdoorsy fella WHEW Clearly she s not one to settle But she knows it s going to be rough finding the guy And perhaps that why she s so open to a relationship with the bear that pursues her later that evening No, not the kind of Fabulous Bear RuPaul might hang out with an actual American Black Bear The reason this doesn t [...]

    6. You can view my reviews, book life, and much at thebookishcronk.I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The art in this graphic novel was really nice with great color, details, expressions, scenary, etc However, I couldn t possibly recommend something that seriously is about dating a bear instead of a metaphor about dating As in a girl that is not only in love with the bear, but also sexually attracted to it and wants a normal relationship with it I wish I found it cut [...]

    7. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review OMG, I just HAD to have this one when I spotted it during my vacation yes, even during my vacation I had to check NG to see if there were any new fun books A girl who, after countless of bad romances, falls in love with a bear Yes, a bear This was adorable Review to come in April.

    8. MRRRHHNH That s Bear for Coming in for a hug Full disclosure I received a free electronic ARC for review through NetGalley I honestly didn t expect to love this book as much as I did.I mean, I don t know what I expected, other than it seemed like a cute idea that could very well fail spectacularly At the end of the day, I picked it up because I really, really wanted to use this video in a review.youtu ASScXyEMSmcNora stumbles into a 500 pound American black bear while camping with one of her man [...]

    9. Nora, the charming protagonist of My Boyfriend is a Bear , relates the story of her relationship with an American black bear The two meet in passing while Nora is camping with her then boyfriend it s an illuminating trip, after which she breaks up with terrible Ben and re embraces her own life The bear finds her again some time later, and their relationship blossoms immediately It s an odd little comic The artwork is cheerful and coherent, and Nora s narration is matter of fact She seems like a [...]

    10. My Boyfriend Is a Bear was surely different, haha I must raise my hat to Ribon for doing this, since you hardly see bestiality in comics and no, it s not the perverse kind here Nora has had bad luck with guys and on her hike she runs into a bear, the actual kind Somehow these two end up together and the bear is actually very sweet, considerate and well, very much a real bear Of course the bear isn t just any bear, but somewhat anthropomorphized version, since otherwise this comic would be quite [...]

    11. With a title like My Boyfriend is a Bear, who wouldn t be curious enough to pick this up This is a graphic novel by Pamela Ribon and Cat Farris that explores the love life of a young woman living in L.A named Nora You find out a lot about her past failed relationships, then you get to her current one with a bear Yes, a literal bear The relationship appears to be as normal as one could be with a bear Yes, he tears up things Yes, he breaks things Avoid stepping on and crushing Nora s cat is a matt [...]

    12. As odd as this title may sound, it is adorable I happened to read it on Valentine s day, which was just perfectly fitting I really enjoyed the author s humor but also the way she included tough stuff like the criticism of their union and the separation that hibernation brought on The way the main character handles things feels actually very truthful I also really liked the artwork It is cartoonish but that fits the story quite well There is quite a bit of adult language and a tiny bit of sexual [...]

    13. This was oddly adorable Nora is tired of dating losers When she goes on a hiking trip with her newest boyfriend, Ben, she meets a bear in the woods The attraction is instant Surprisingly, the bear is the best boyfriend she has ever had Although the storyline is very strange, it is also strangely adorable Who knew there wasn t much of a difference between a human boyfriend and a bear boyfriend I receivedMy Boyfriend Is a Bearfrom Netgalley.

    14. So she s really in love with a bear Hahahaha, what a strange concept, but hey, whatever makes people happy Love is love is love, right This was a funny and beautifully illustrated book about love in Los Angeles As someone in a long distance relationship with a human, it was kind of strange to feel like I could relate to her as she kept busy during hibernation season This is a very unique book, and I doubt I ll ever encounter anything like it again.

    15. The protagonist, Nora has a hard time finding good men don t we all She finds herself ending a relationship and shortly after she finds company with a bear Yes, a bear.The graphic novel was a bit odd for me I thought the artwork was well done with a lot of color and very good detail The concept of having a literal bear for a boyfriend was really hard to grasp It was cute, don t get me wrong Just a little strange I also saw a few different pages that were in a strange location or randomly placed [...]

    16. ARC via Netgalley A super cute and fluffy story about a young woman who falls in love with suspend your disbelief here a bear The art is absolutely adorable and I enjoyed the story very much

    17. ARC for NetGalley for an honest review.I found it extremely weird, but in a good way, and it made me laugh the entire time I was reading it It s perfect for anyone who s in the mood to read something cute, funny and enjoyable.

    18. This one is so weird and quirky.but in the best possible way The story was funny, sweet and surprisingly sad at times Definitely one of the quirkiest things I ve ever read.

    19. ARC from NetGalley for Honest Review I give this Manga Webtoon 4 Stars of CutenessThis was a random recommendation, and I was like Sure I ll Read It It s a Manga Webtoon, it s just a cute adorable quick read that just hits the spot as a great refresher Im a sucker for webtoons

    20. The title of this graphic novel spells it out for you Nora s boyfriend is a bear No, not an avid fan of Chicago football, and not a hat wearing wocka wocka standup comic an actual flesh and fur belongs in a zoo or in a stream salmon swatting bear Nora is a thoroughly modern Los Angeleno who hasn t had much luck in love On a camping trip with the latest self absorbed suitor, she wanders off and encounters a bear on the trail What ensues isn t a survivalist tale, but a wholly unexpected modern sub [...]

    21. I picked this book because I ve never read about people dating animals other than humans, and I was interested in seeing how dating a bear would work out.Overall, this was a cute and fun read Nora is a young woman who is tired of dating jerks, and suddenly she meets a bear who has come to the city during the summer because of the fires attacking his home, the forest They quickly fall in love with each other, but winter is coming, and the bear will have to leave Nora for several months to hiberna [...]

    22. This book is adorable, but you can t think about it too much.The art is beautiful It s beautiful and fluid and adorable and I love the character designs I couldn t get over how cute Bear was and I kept giggling over his various faces On the other hand, it feels like I m proving Nora s rude friend right by praising the Bear just for his cuteness On the other other hand, he s a BEAR He IS cute and repeatedly acts cute on purpose in the story itself and I m just reading too much into it.See that s [...]

    23. I read this ARC electronically, courtesy of NetGalley I m not exactly sure what I was expecting, but I don t think it was this As the title suggests, this girl was in a romantic relationship with a bear A literal bear It was a cute story, though And that bear actually was a really good boyfriend, I think I was expecting it to be of a metaphorical situation It was interesting that some people were able to accept the relationship, and others were attempting to sabotage it I actually found myself [...]

    24. This comic is straight up weird it s about a young woman who, after a number of failed relationships with unsuitable men, hooks up with an American black bear and starts a romantic and sexual relationship.The weird thing is that the whole story is adorable, he s a kind and thoughtful bear who does DIY, cares about the correct storage of coffee beans and makes her happy The illustrations are sweet and attractively coloured and the whole story is charming and funny, but the fact that the beastiali [...]

    25. Nora and her Bear are too adorable for words She has had a lackluster track record with men and two well meaning friends She meets a bear while camping with her now ex, who works with her at a call center But when the news breaks that environmental factors force wildlife into L.A Nora finds a bear going through her trashbut it ends up being the same bear from the woods It turns out this bear seems to be exactly what she is looking for in a companion in life Will nature call Bear back to life in [...]

    26. Fun comedy romance adventure where the title tells you everything you need to know Luckily our author has developed a full story out of that wacky situation, and given us a very decent read The art is cute too, with our heroine s love of summer dresses year round It s one of those books where it could be a metaphor, but isn t, yet might as well be, but surely isn t, although it must be, except when it s not It s also one of those books I really liked.Four and a half stars.

    27. I didn t care for Nora At all She doesn t know how to chose her friends, or her dates, or her job but makes it look like it s such an universal conspiracy to make her life miserable.To make things right, a bear picks her for its mate Apparently, the bear doesn t mind her reading Glamour instead of Kerouac I liked the bear, it was fun.

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