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Forever Concealed By Kathleen Brooks,

  • Title: Forever Concealed
  • Author: Kathleen Brooks
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Can love find a way when truth is concealed Gabe Ali Rahman is the standby heir to the crown and he s okay with that So what that he s gotten the reputation of being a playboy prince He s had a lot of fun along the way But now he wants in life than casual flings When his king asks him to negotiate a peace treaty, Gabe sees his chance to prove himself as somethingCan love find a way when truth is concealed Gabe Ali Rahman is the standby heir to the crown and he s okay with that So what that he s gotten the reputation of being a playboy prince He s had a lot of fun along the way But now he wants in life than casual flings When his king asks him to negotiate a peace treaty, Gabe sees his chance to prove himself as something than tabloid fodder But when he rescues a woman from unwanted attention at a bar late one night, Gabe conceals his identity He could never imagine the connection he would form, and the trouble that came with that little white lie Sloane Holiday just wanted to keep her nose down as she finished her Master s degree Without the help from the family she left behind, Sloane depended on waitressing at night to pay for school Everything was going according to plan until one night someone noticed her Sloane was rescued by a dark and handsome man whose touch left her realizing just how alone she really was The unwanted attention eventually led to gunshots and this mysterious man now insisting on protecting her Can Gabe and Sloane survive when truths are concealed or can love conquer all
    Forever Concealed Can love find a way when truth is concealed Gabe Ali Rahman is the standby heir to the crown and he s okay with that So what that he s gotten the reputation of being a playboy prince He s had a lot of

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    1. Unbelievable, there are so many unrealistic pages n lines How can u believe it This is scientific fiction not romance The town always lovely, people are annoying but they r adorable Fathers, mothers n friends r really nice but it can t be real at least the love shown in books r weak, they met in a short time then they said they were in love, then too many dramatic lines happen, the new characters just the old one but name change, then u know that nothing change, after 10 books, maybe it s time t [...]

    2. Final Vow 2.0I have not been as excited and invested inn a release of Kathleen s since Final Vow Please don t take that as a statement that the entire Bluegrass series is not one of my favorite of all times but I am referring to the non stop action and wanting to devour it in one sitting, staying up with no regards to time and turning page after page to see what will happen next Gabe and Sloane story gave me that HECK YEAH feeling Forgetting about the kids sleep in the next room Kicking my legs [...]

    3. YesThis is another wonderful book in this Forever Bluegrass series Gabe and SloaneWow Another amazing couple with an exciting story line You rock Kathleen.

    4. Man, can I just say I love the town of Keeneston I wish I could just go there and meet all these people Especially the Rose sisters I mean come on who wouldn t want to meet them The whole digging around in peoples trash cans to see who s pregnant Lol it was amazing I m glad we finally know who s pregnant with a little twist thrown in there But now I need to know who is Reagan is secretly dating I can t wait for Layne s story to come out It was nice to get to know her better through Sloane s poin [...]

    5. This is Gabe s story Gabe is the son of Mo and Dani Gabe is the Prince of fun and lovin Gabe has no intentions of settling down or so he thought until he started to look around at his brother and his friends settling down and what they had He began to think this was something he could get behind Enter Sloane Sloane is a waitress at the bar in Lexington that Gabe frequents when he wants to be normal Sloan is running from her past, running from her family who thinks she is dead after committing su [...]

    6. Forever ConcealedThis was just an amazing addition to the Forever Bluegrass series with Prince Gabriel meeting the love of his life, Sloane Holiday, a waitress at his favorite bar She was working there while getting her master s degree but their attraction for each other was immediate Gabe pretended to be a student so that she could get to know him as a regular person and not a prince As he was walking her to her car they were attacked but Gabe fought them off Then hired thugs were shooting at t [...]

    7. You can t help but feel happy after you finish reading one of Kathleen Brook s book that take place in Keeneston KY A town where a stranger can become a friend when you fall in love with one of handsome, strong, sexy hometown boys Especially if you happen to be one of the royal family and a Prince in the bargain Of course you have to have The Rose sisters and the doting mammas and fathers at your back too Not to mention all those kids who grew up with the Prince who treat him like he was just an [...]

    8. Another amazing adventureThese Keeneston books NEVER get dull My goodness Warning If you ve never read one of this series, you MIGHT want to start at the beginning of the series Trust me when I say they re extremely fun to read, and a great binge Otherwise you may be a wee but confused by all the characters and how they go together All in all another amazing ride Tons of intrigue, excitement, the town comes together to save one of their own And we finally discover who wonnthe pregnancy and weddi [...]

    9. Of course I loved it, it s KeenestonWell, we ve got another great read on our hand I m not sure what I loved ,,the romantic story of Sloane and Gabe or the funniest King ever in King Draken.Sloane found her Prince while she was waitressing at a bar Gabe found his princess when he wasn t even looking This is the best type of romantic story ever.As we do in every book, we got caught up on the town of Keeneston We have 2 pregnancies, no word on the panty dropper, and we ve added a few new 2ndary me [...]

    10. I love Keensington I will start off by saying I am hooked on these books If you haven t read any of them before start at the beginning there are a lot of them but everyone is well worth the read and you will completely fall in love with the town and all the people in it so much so you will wish they were all real Gabe has always been the royal on the outer ring and known as the playboy a title he was always happy to keep up That was until he met Sloane and found out what his parents meant when t [...]

    11. Keenston A place you wish existed, so you can visit there.A Prince and a waitress Gotta love the writing style of Ms Brooks Being a huge fan of all her books, I can truly say that you will not be disappointed The writing is flawless I seriously felt the strongest of emotions being yanked to the surface as I read this book Gut busting laughter over the antics of the infamous Rose sisters to the tear jerking love between not just the main characters, but all of the characters This is a standalone [...]

    12. How much can one person take.Poor Sloane had to endure so much growing writhing drug lord for parents she escaped and ran for her life at 18 years old She changed her name and started anew life To her Ailey she was dead But 9 years later she met the royal prince Prince Gabe saw her at a bar by his home in Lexington and he was just drawn to her Working on the biggest deal of his life given to him by his uncle King Driar They shared conversations and a few laughs, until one night someone was tryin [...]

    13. Another great story from KeenestonI have been looking forward to this book so long and it was certainly worth the wait.I think Gabe is now my new hero in this series because he sure treated Sloan with nothing but love and respect The past life of Sloan s was so sad and what all the Keeneston members did to help her was above and beyond Of course there has to be our famous Rose sisters to bring out the comedy Kathleen is so good with inserting in just the right places I, for one, hope this series [...]

    14. Another great addition to the Forever Bluegrass series Kathleen Brooks puts so much emotion into her stories I think that s what makes them so good You laugh and cry within a few pages Gabe HRH was tired of being a player always going from one bed to the next He watched his friends as they began to settle down one by one Then his twin Zain finds love and Gabe starts to feel lonely wanting than a one night stand Sloane is a waitress at a bar Gabe likes to go to blend in with regular people He fi [...]

    15. This is another fabulous book in a great series Unfortunately I was not saying very nice things about the author as I needed to go to bed but couldn t stop reading at 3 AM ven thoug hI finally had to put the book down, I was not disappointed in the ending Kathlenn has a way of story telling that draws the readers in to her world and makes you want to move to the small town of Keeneston, KY The story of a Playboy Prince Gabe and the beautifully damaged waitress Sloan took me on a journey that I d [...]

    16. Welcome back to Keeneston Grab a seat at the Blossom Caf , order a glass of their special iced tea, and sit back and watch the shenanigans Once again, Kathleen Brooks has charmed us with another chapter in the life of the Keeneston residents Forever Concealed is Gabe s story The playboy prince has finally met his match in Sloane Holiday But the path to love and forever is not always smooth especially in Ms Brooks world Between delicately negotiating a peace treaty and trying to keep Sloane safe [...]

    17. Gabe and Sloane Kathleen Brooks does it again I was so happy to head back to the happy little town that most people would love to live in I know I sure would.Gabe and Sloane meet in Lexington but when problems arise, what better place to go than home Having the protection of the people who love you the most can make any problem disappear.Not only do we get to read about Gabe and Sloane falling in love but we also get caught up with our other favorite couples and there is some surprises too Can t [...]

    18. And the surprises just keep rolling Who is hiding their pregnancy and why The parents are putting and pressure on their children so they can become grandparents And the playboy prince may have met his match If you live in the headlines, Gave learns, you have to take responsibility for the role model you become There are so many storylines running through this book, not just Gabe s And are we getting closer to revealing the identity of the panty dropper s Well, I have my theory

    19. Never a disappointmentKathleen Brooks has created a place where no one wants to leave Keeneston, KY Forever Concealed is her latest edition to this saga and does not disappoint This book is full of surprises as well Gabe and Sloane s HEA is exciting and moves quickly We find out who the pregnancy test belonged to and she throws in another surprise Looking forward to Layne s story next as well as the stories of all the rest of the next generation Well done, Kathleen

    20. Forever Bluegrass 7The second generation manages to find love and defeat evil just as thoroughly as their parents did Gabe Prince of Rahmi meets Sloane while she is working as a waitress and he is negotiating an international peace treaty Both have secrets and a past that neither want to share but in Keenston secrets are discovered but are kept to the grave Catch up with your favorite Keenston characters and the town gossip.

    21. So good I was laughing out loud throughout this book I m so glad Gabe and Sloane found each other I thought about the title, too Forever Concealed These two have been hiding from themselves and from the world Trying to protect their hearts But then they reveal their inner beings to each other So sweet This was also one of the most interactive Keeneston stories to date All the generations were represented And 2 pregnancies were revealed as well Too sneaky if you ask me.

    22. What just happened We ll get back to Gabe and Sloan.What Just Happened Mind blown.This is one series that shows no sign of slowing down.At all.What WowOk, back GS.I love him.She rocks.Sloan is a true inspiration for all young ones.For everyone.You make your life, not life makes you I love Gabe.Draven killed me.He almost died.Men.LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS STORY

    23. I love these books Totally unbelievable the generations of characters don t age so that you have three generations about 40 years apart Everyone is beautiful, everyone is rich, there s tons of danger and political intrigueese books are fantasy, great if you want to lose yourself in romance on a rainy day or lazy afternoon I can knock these puppies out in a couple hours, and enjoy myself thoroughly Nothing wrong with escapism

    24. Forever Concealed O how I love vacations to Keeneston when reading new books in these series Sloane is going to college working as a waitress to help pay her way because she has a deep secret that could cost her life She meets Gabe at the bar and he does not tell her he is a prince Gabe meets Sloane and he relieves his playboy ways are in the past Can Gabe save Sloane from the danger or will he be in the cross fires along with the whole town

    25. JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER Where do you start, sexy men, smart strong women, matchmaking Plus the Roses betting on babies Thats just the tip of this books iceberg Hold on for LOL s, OMG s Never Saw That One Comings Now we just have to hold on til the next book to see what craziness befalls our friends next.

    26. what a great television series this would make Kathleen writes in a way that you picture each character and feel that you are right there I always learn something and this time it was how much addictive recreational drugs are becoming As usual I love all the characters and the antics they get up to

    27. Gabe and Sloane s story.This is Gabe and Sloane s story The playboy, Gabe, has finally found a woman he is interested in, but will her past keep them apart Or can Gabe and the town of Keeneston convince her to stay Another great story about the fun town and wonderful people of Keeneston.

    28. Great bookThis is one of the best series I have ever read The characters are wonderful and the storyline grabs you from the first page Every time I read one of these books I feel like I m going home and seeing my family again While this book answered the pregnancy question, we still don t know who the panty dropper is

    29. Another great book in the Forever Bluegrass seriesThis series is a great follow up to the Bluegrass series and the Bluegrass Brothers series It s like catching up with friends you haven t seen in awhile It can be read as a standalone but you will enjoy it if you start at the beginning You won t be disappointed.

    30. Gabe Sloane make a terrific couple Prince Gabe is finally thinking about his future and what he really wants from life Sloane has had a tough time of it and has been pursuing her ambitions for many years She can see an end in site when she meets Gabe and her past catches up to her can they work out a new future for them both Together

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