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The Curious Case of the Cursed Spectacles By Constance Barker,

  • Title: The Curious Case of the Cursed Spectacles
  • Author: Constance Barker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    The Curious Case of the Cursed Spectacles None

    One thought on “The Curious Case of the Cursed Spectacles”

    1. I enjoyed this for the premise than anything It s an amalgamation of the old Friday the 13th TV series and the Sci Fi channel s series Warehouse 13 I wasn t wild about the h she didn t seem like a strong character to be the forefront of the series to me There was promise in the premise and the set up, so maybe she ll grow up and be less annoying in future books she does step up at the end of this one, so there s hope The writing is suited to cotton candy fic lets than what this tries to be, wh [...]

    2. A brand new series by author Constance Barker has caught my attention in a good way, It is a story about an antique shop and the owner Morris Parish or Uncle Morris who has a niece Cecilia who has just been terminated at her job in the city When Morris has a sudden heart attack, Cecilia comes at once to sign papers for the hospital and help with the shop There she meets Uncle Morris s assistant Clarence At first Cecilia is determined to give the business to Clarence and return to the city as soo [...]

    3. The Curious Case of the Cursed Spectacles is book 1 in Constance Barker s new and WONDEROUS series Her creative weave of unintended consequences should make for many fun and mystical adventures A world where illogical things can be irrefutably real and tangible and very ordinary objects, cursed Cecilia Parish is a wannabe jr reporter On the unexpected last day of her not a reporter job she reads an article about a missing antique dealer And then learns she must return to Destiny s Point Her Uncl [...]

    4. Sometimes the reading is cursedI enjoyed the premise of this book However, Constance Barker s writing style left me confused There were times I couldn t understand who she was speaking to, if anyone She didn t flesh out her characters well Hopefully we ll learn about her compatriots in future books She seemed to repeat the same thoughts, just changing the words Whether it was redundancy or trying to get a larger word count, I couldn t tell It was irritating, however I found myself skimming over [...]

    5. Kindle Unlmitedcardboard yet still unlikable characters, had to force myself to finish the book so could review it, as never review what don t read all the way through, took what seemed to be major part of the book just setting things up with events that really had nothing to do with anything else and too much even for introduction book of series, and the story line didn t seem to go much of anywhere, thought was wrong that the book would be somewhat like Warehouse 13 or Friday the 13th the one [...]

    6. A new series by Constance Barker and it was quite entertaining Cecelia gets a call about her Uncle Morris in the hospital and she needs to come to town and sign some papers for his care and to run his antique shop until he can get well She meets his assistant Clarence who was always quiet when she would visit before She awakes the next morning to find the store had been broken into and several items were taken As they are trying to figure out all the items that went missing they meet a ghost nam [...]

    7. Great read nice light mystery.After losing her job, Cecelia gets a call that her Uncle is in the hospital He asks her to look after his antique shop for him She and his employee, Clarence find that the antiques are than they seem Cecelia and Clarence go on the hunt for cursed objects and find that everything isn t as it seems This was a really good, light read Really enjoyed this book Can t wait to read the next one.

    8. Good story.A dying antique dealer, his niece coming to the hospital, an antique shop, what in the world is going on One night in the apartment and the store is broken into Who did it and why How many items gone What do the have to do with her uncle Full of intrigue, mystery, and crazy things that people are doing to harm other people Is this a coincidence or an evil plan Have to read to find out.

    9. A very strange and confusing book.I had trouble following the plot of this book From the beginning nothing was explained, especially when Uncle Mason was in the hospital I kept thinking that the nurses were trying to kill him Then the entire part with Enid and the types of artifacts being stored away didn t make sense I know there are at least two books in this series I may buy the next one to see if it is less confusing.

    10. A fun adventureWhat would you do if you found out that your favorite relative wasn t exactly what you thought he was and he couldn t answer your questions On top of that he was dying and left everything to youThat s what happened to Cecilia After a break in to her uncle s Antique store and the discovery of a pen with a ghost attached, Cecilia is pulled into a search for some cursed glasses and finds out that things are not always as they seem.

    11. Imaginative storyWhat a delightful read I m glad I stumbled on this book It was a bit slow in the beginning, but picked up quickly I liked the plot, finding it so imaginative and engaging The writing was smooth, and the chapters were a good length I have recommended this book to anyone who likes a nice and fun book.

    12. This is a very different kind of mysteryI thoroughly enjoyed this book It was exciting and enjoyable from the beginning to the end Nothing like the murder mysteries that I usually read, but as mysterious as a story can be A great read and now on to the next book in this series.

    13. Great mystery novel I bought this book because it was only.99 I m happy I did The pace is fast and furious and that made for an enjoyable read The main characters are well fleshed out and the book had a surprise ending that I liked I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    14. Sorry.You know this is one person s opinion The premise is clever and some of the writing is amusing However, there are way too many words, too many lost periods and commas, and I never felt connected to any of the characters Perhaps another revision or two would make the story believable.

    15. Interesting readI must say that this book is an interesting departure from the other books I ve read by this author I enjoyed the dynamics between the characters and how they interact with the objects they are looking for I can t wait for the next book.

    16. Enchanting bookThe was fun block to read Interesting antiques with disturbing powers The three main characters are cute together, one being a ghost The book kept my interest all The way through Very creative story.

    17. Lukewarm FantasyI like the premise of the book, but it sounds as if it s trying to be suited for adults yet it reads like going adult fiction Interesting elements within and it absolutely allows for a series.

    18. A good readI enjoyed the story, the feminine perspective, I thought the character development was pretty good, I enjoyed the humor and wonder of the ghost and mysticism The one thing that bothered me I think I saw the story in a bad TV movie.

    19. Yay A good cozy mystery with a fantasy ghostly premise of cursed artifacts It has brought me out of my reading slump I have purchased the rest of the series for my Kindle and can t wait to start 2 in the series, The Curious Case of The Cursed Dice.

    20. The curious case of curiosity shop This was great First time with this author and it will not be the last Going to get second book right now I highly recommend all her books to everyone who loves something magical and different Diana Romano

    21. The Curious Case of the Cursed SpectaclesThe Curious Case of the Cursed Spectacles is a humorous, sometimes downright hilarious, story about Antique Dealers Yes, Antique Dealers with capitalS and capital D Just funny and entertaining Goofy.

    22. Fun Read I liked that this book constantly changed so I didn t know what was going to happen The concept feels fresh All the characters are cool Cecelia, Clarence, Edgar and Edith make a good team I am looking forward to reading of their adventures.

    23. Loved itFresh and different in a fantastic way I get through a lot of books so it s hard to find one that held my interest as much as this one did, can t wait for book two

    24. Unique MysteryThis was a new storyline for me, and I read a lot I really enjoyed it Cursed objects are stolen from the heroine s uncle s antique shop She does not want to be pulled into the mystery, but forces seem to guide her into the process of tracking down the objects Bad guys abound making for an interesting read.

    25. This is what is generally called a cosy so its light and frothy Didn t take any real input to read Enjoyable for what it is but persona ly I like something a bit meatier Good but not great

    26. A new series Ratherspooky that everyday objects could be cursed Now our heroes must try to retrieve them.

    27. Great mysteryI think the ghost was the best character in this book I think this is a great story and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great mystery.

    28. A fun start to the Curiosity Shop Mysteries I really enjoyed all the characters and the story is well plotted.

    29. Fun read Very fun and quick read Looking forward to reading in the series Wonder why the VP of HR gave her a wink at the beginning of the book

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