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Twenty-Five Candles By Katie Coughran,

  • Title: Twenty-Five Candles
  • Author: Katie Coughran
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 237
  • Format: ebook
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    Twenty Five Candles None

    One thought on “Twenty-Five Candles”

    1. Rounding up from 2.5I was attracted to this book because it said it was clean and quirky It was indeed clean but I didn t find the quirky.I think I would have liked the story as a full length novel so it could develop It was obvious who Gavin was supposed to end up with but I didn t really see his feelings changing that much Although he liked to spend time and was kind to Anna it seemed like his choice was made by default I know Leslie isn t the right one so I guess we ll take what is left In [...]

    2. Anna is about to turn twenty four and is still single, jobless and taking care of her sick mother When she is about to blow the candles she makes the same wish as every year, to be married by her twentyfifth birthday Suddenly, Gavin, her teenager crush, is back in town to take over the Dr Baker office and he offers a job to Anna, the job of her dreams Can they have a chance to be together even with Gavin s girlfriend and Dan, someone interested in Anna for a long time, been in the picture too A [...]

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