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Kissing Booth By Lexie Hill,

  • Title: Kissing Booth
  • Author: Lexie Hill
  • ISBN: 9780545078658
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who doesn t love a fun, old fashioned Kissing Booth Maybe not the protagonist in this adorable, sweet YA novel.Lisi has never been kissed Sure, she could practice on her guy friend, Johnny, but he s like a brother to her So when it comes time to pick a theme for the Spring Carnival booth, Lisi suggests a Kissing Booth, hoping it will give her the chance to get a cheekWho doesn t love a fun, old fashioned Kissing Booth Maybe not the protagonist in this adorable, sweet YA novel.Lisi has never been kissed Sure, she could practice on her guy friend, Johnny, but he s like a brother to her So when it comes time to pick a theme for the Spring Carnival booth, Lisi suggests a Kissing Booth, hoping it will give her the chance to get a cheek kiss from her crush, the handsome, popular Brett But on the day of the carnival, as rumors fly and kisses are stolen, Lisi discovers that the person she should really kiss may have been right in front of her all along.
    Kissing Booth Who doesn t love a fun old fashioned Kissing Booth Maybe not the protagonist in this adorable sweet YA novel Lisi has never been kissed Sure she could practice on her guy friend Johnny but he s l

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    1. Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen Queen for TeensReadTooLisi is an NBK she s never been kissed Lisi would really like to be kissed by her crush, Brett, who also happens to be the most popular guy in school She doesn t think her chances are very high, since Lisi in not in the in crowd Springtime at Northside High means planning for the famous Spring Carnival Spring Carnival is a huge deal, and this year the stakes are high for having the winning booth Whichever booth sells the most ticke [...]

    2. A cute, fun little read.The only complaints I have are that the characters tended to get out of character quite often and sometimes their actions were a little too unbelievable Other than that, it was fun, romantic, and well written.

    3. This book was meant to be a light read but between school and me not liking it that much it took me forever to finish it All in all, I didn t really enjoy it.

    4. It reminded me a lot of high school and how some of us stay friends in high school college and how some seem to drift away from each other Great Read

    5. Lisi Jared is a junior at Northside High Before her school break is over, she meets her best friends, Mo, Bella, and Johnny at Vinnie s Mo had gone to Paris, but when she came to Vinnie s, she looked completely different She used to dress up only in t shirts and jeans but now she s her blonde hair is in an afro style and her clothes trendy Bella is guy crazy and has her sights set on Mason Johnny is constantly making films and hopes that he ll become a filmmaker and get accepted into a great fil [...]

    6. Kissing Booth is not something to be taken critically of a fun, little whimsical read.However I do have to point out that I had issues with some things Mostly on the characters friendship wise So Lisi has two best girl friends, Mo and Bella They both annoy me to no end at one point or another.Mo for instance was Lisi s best, I mean best , friend since childhood After coming back from Paris after spring break, her entire appearance changes But that does not necessary change her personality A qua [...]

    7. Kissing Booth is a book for pure enjoyment Not to be taken very seriously, Kissing Booth is a very light read.What I enjoyed about the novel was the plot I loved how it connected with each other and Lexie did a wonderful job in describing an actual high school particularly with its numerous dramas Kissing Booth is totally cute and talks about things teenagers go through.The characters personalities were a bit iffy Lisi s best friends, Mo and Bella were sucky best friends One of them, Mo, comes b [...]

    8. Anyone who knows me knows I m a sucker for romances, and I couldn t resist the adorable red and white cover for this one I loved the idea of an old fashioned kissing booth and wished I could go to the Spring Carnival with Lisi and her friends Even though the story is mainly a romance, there s also a sub plot on friends growing up and growing apart that I thought added some depth to the story I liked each of the characters and thought they were all well drawn even the popular crowd was somewhat l [...]

    9. Kissing Booth fell into the category of books I buy when I need something nice that will make me smile and promises a happy ending I got exactly what I asked for.NBK Never Been Kissed That in a nutshell is Lisi s problem When the grand prize for the most money raised at the Spring Carnival is a trip to New York Lisi thinks she can solve it with a Kissing Booth A chance to visit NYC and get rid of her NBK status, perfect Kissing Booth is a relatively short story narrated by Lisi who is sweet but [...]

    10. At first I wasn t really into this book But by the end I was enjoying it Throughout the book I kinda felt bad for Lisi since it did seem to have everything happen to her and to fall on her shoulders to fix it This story is about Lisi a girl that has never been kissed They have to come up with something big for the spring Carnival Secretly she has a crush on a guy and comes up with the idea of a Kissing Booth for the Carnival Most of the book is about her and her firends, and her thinking about t [...]

    11. This book was really good but the ending was disappointing Lisi was NBK never been kissed and she was dying it kiss Brett Mo her ex best friend left Lisi and Bella Lisi, Bella, and Johnny decided 2 have a Kissing Booth the Spring Carnival They had 2 beat the cheerleaders, aka The Fly Girls, so they could go New York City I would have rated this book 5 stars if Lexie Hill would of extended the ending a little bit She covers everything except for who won the Grand Prize trip

    12. This book was soooo predictable You can read the first five chapters or so and you can predict the ending right away The characters got on my nerves from being so clueless I really hate the cover for some reason unknown I have no idea why I wanted to read this book so bad but when I did, I thought in my head, Wow, I got excited for this This kinda sucks So this was kinda one of those books that you would read in a doctors waiting room to past the time for a bit.

    13. This book is one of the best romance books I have read In this book there is not only a secret romance between the main character and the popular kid, but there is also some kind of conflicts between the main character and her best friend At the end they do get back together and the main character s other friend, who is a guy, tells his secret crush who is the main character, This book is just perfect

    14. Completely adorable Lisi is a typical teenager afraid to share her crush with her friends and of growing up I just loved her She was so real and normal And Bella was the perfect friend for her And what can I say about Johnny So adorably cute in an understated way So glad I found this book and read it Definitely a favorite for sure Too cute for it not to be.

    15. I really enjoyed this book It was a very cute story and I really liked how it ended I enjoyed seeing Lisi figure out what was important and what was frivolent in her life and how what she thought was best was actually hurting her and her friendships I would certianly read a Lexie Hill book again.

    16. this book was interesting and it showed the mind of a true teenager because through the book I learned that the thing your looking for can be right in front of you without knowing it and Mr Perfect may not really be Mr Perfect You shouldn t judge a book by it s cover cause you never know what you might find

    17. Sooo Here s the thing I liked the characters, I did Lisi, Bella, Mo, Johnny I liked them all But I just didn t really see the point of all their drama Everybody has crushes and secrets that they don t tell even they most closest confidantes I didn t really see the need for both of Lisi s friends to get sooooo mad at her over such a silly trifling thing Am I wrong

    18. More like 2.5 This is a Kind of entertaining fast read My biggest problem The main character was too passive for her own good Also, the language was very teensy like, it bugged me at times too And the other characters didn t get a personality at all There seem to be too many conflicts, no resolves and one oops by the way this is the end.

    19. This is one book you go in knowing how it ll end and pretty much what will happen in between, but that s why I read it Wanted some fluffy happy reading material However I needed descriptions about the Spring Faire, what other booths the students were running.

    20. A cute and light fluffy read However the storyline just had too much exaggerated drama with a lack of substance I particularly did not like nor could I relate to any of the female protagonists, Johnny however was perhaps the most grounded character

    21. This book was cute It s one of those easy reads you pick up and spend an afternoon on The story is pretty predictable,but a sweet little read non the less.

    22. 2.5 5 When there s just one pin left standing, you start to see things a little clearly This was cute and typical It was an okay book honestly.

    23. It was good The only problem I didn t like the end xD It was a funny story but I was somehow expecting another ending El Xx

    24. It was a cute, fluffy read Not much to it, and pretty predictable There was a LOT of languaged of course all about kissesMoral Note LOTS of OMG, heck, dang, etc Romance pretty mild.

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