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His Lady By Jane Henry Maisy Archer,

  • Title: His Lady
  • Author: Jane Henry Maisy Archer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Elena Slater grew up on the streets of New York City, as the baby sister of Alexander Slay Slater She knows how to hold her own, and she s anything but submissive Sure, all her closest friends are members of The Club, Boston s most well respected BDSM playground, and she can t help but see the appeal of power exchange, especially when it comes to the sexy, ultra dominaElena Slater grew up on the streets of New York City, as the baby sister of Alexander Slay Slater She knows how to hold her own, and she s anything but submissive Sure, all her closest friends are members of The Club, Boston s most well respected BDSM playground, and she can t help but see the appeal of power exchange, especially when it comes to the sexy, ultra dominant, and much older Blake Coleman But that could never be than a fantasy for a girl like her could it Blake Coleman, grieving the loss of his wife and long term submissive, spent the past year retreating from the world But he s slowly recognized it s time to reconnect with his friends, and reassert his place as Master Blake, the founder of The Club It s a full time job, especially when Alexander Slater s little sister is determined to push his buttons He s all too tempted to teach her a lesson, but he refuses to give into the rampant arousal she awakens in him with her sass She s far too young and mouthy for the likes of him.But when Blake and Elena find themselves caught up in a nasty smear campaign motivated by revenge, the two adversaries must form an alliance, and they can no longer deny the magnetic attraction between them What will happen when the sassy spitfire collides with Boston s most well known and respected dominant His Lady, book five in the Boston Doms series, is a standalone novel It contains elements of BDSM, including bondage and the discipline of adult women.
    His Lady Elena Slater grew up on the streets of New York City as the baby sister of Alexander Slay Slater She knows how to hold her own and she s anything but submissive Sure all her closest friends are mem

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    1. In the words of ElenaNo way no way no way no way.I got so giddy at certain parts.Oh the dirty mouth on Blake can make any woman lose her panties.Now I have to go get the rest of these books.I didn t even know they existed How could I have not known Well now I do and I m telling you ladies this series is not to be missed.The way Blake took care of Elena and talk to her was justs dreamy.There is not only D s aspect to this story There is also suspense and danger.Elena was constantly crossing lines [...]

    2. I take care of what s mine Ooooh la la Jane Henry and Maisy Archer penned another succulent Boston Doms confection that hit my sweet spot This thrilling erotic romance is charged with searing emotion, BLISTERING hot BDSM interludes, and edge of your seat excitement HIS LADY features a deliciously taboo older dom much younger sub romance between 20 something labor and delivery nurse Elena Slater and worldly widower Blake Coleman Elena, who is the baby sister of Blake s right hand man, Alexander S [...]

    3. Ken Solin narrates His Lady Boston Doms, Book 5 in a growly, harsh rasp But that is exactly what this book requires First of all, it s set in Boston You can t do a Boston accent gently It s hard and rough, just like the streets Secondly, this book is full of profanity You can t convey the power of a good four letter word without giving it a hard edge Plus, he masters the implied threat of painful consequence needed for demonstrating the power of a Dominant The best narrators give you a window in [...]

    4. Another installment in the Boston Doms series, Jane Henry and Maisy Archer continue to bring passion and a little suspense This time we focus on BDSM club owner Blake, who has lost his wife After mourning her for a long time, he becomes infatuated with Elena, the sister of Alex, a friend and employee The problem is she is 1 2 his age and knows there will be repercussions if he tries to pursue her Elena has always had a crush on Blake The way these two finally came together was incredibly sweet I [...]

    5. Book 5 in the series is about Master Blake the owner of The Club and Elena, Slay s little sister, who we met at the end of book 4 His Babygirl Elena is quite the feisty, sassy woman but she s very caring but doesn t put up with shit Blake has already lost one love, his deceased wife Josie, and thought he d never love again let alone to someone like Elena but while they initially didn t get along they fell in love along the way she is now His Lady he will protect her and be her Dom They have quit [...]

    6. Blake is the ultimate Dom Blake is just going through the motions of living after losing his wife and submissive He has his club and he has his friends but there is just something missing When he logs onto his late wifes blog to finally tell the readers what happens he begins communicating with one of them and develops a relationship of sorts When he finds out that the sub is none other than Elena, little sister of one of his best friends Slay he is shocked So is Elena She never thought that Mis [...]

    7. OMG What a Book I finished reading His Lady and have been sitting here for several minutes trying to determine the right words for this review I asked myself the usual questions Was it well written Yes Were the characters believable Oh Heck Yeah Did it hold my interest Yes it was page after page of an amazing and hot storyline BUT what I can t even begin to explain is how romanticly tender and loving the storyline not only is but makes you feel while reading it This is an amazing story about Bos [...]

    8. MISTERHAVEN TAMES LANIELOVEI have loved this series and would get all excited when I saw a new book was being added Each story reads as a standalone, but are a continuing series, and would be best to be read in order They have many of the same people, adding new individuals into the mix and the drama of the series In this fifth story, we will see that fine line between love and hate, pain and pleasure, and how it is the yin and yang of life Also, that age is just a number, and it does not defin [...]

    9. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book Master Blake is a widower and the owner of The Club He grieved his wife Josie for a long tine, but finds himself dreaming of his friend Slay s little sister Elena The same Elena who verbally spars with him every time she comes in The Club He is very attracted to her, but she is almost 30 years older He also meets a woman online who he finds himself topping Elena also finds herself attracted to an older dom onlines, its Blake Once they fi [...]

    10. Wow You get a bit of everything in this book There is action, suspense, romance, and heat Since this is the 5th book in the series, you get to revisit the other couples.The members of the Club make up a tightly knit family I loved Elena s sassiness The back and forth online chat between Blake and Elena was fun.This book was actually sweet, funny, intense, and suspenseful You could read it as a standalone It will probably make you want to go back and read books 1 4 I think you will enjoy it a lit [...]

    11. Old manI loved the way this book took me through all the emotions I was so sad for Blake and the Elena came along The action and suspense in this book was better than the others I enjoy the support that was exhibited by all the characters and the community This was another good read I still am not convinced about the spanking thing, especially with a belt.

    12. Love after loss, structure in chaos Love how he helps her find structure and she helps him find love again Blake and Elena s story is one of the best BDSM stories I ve read in a while Surprise, sarcasm, love, friendship, angstis has a little of all of it Definitely recommend reading.

    13. Beautiful Depiction of Age Gap, Starting OverMaster Blake and Baby Slay could only have been them for each other It just takes them both awhile to figure it out.Some consistency errors are cropping up, the result of two authors and multiple books in the series Noticeable, but overlooked at the beautiful way this relationship unfolded.

    14. Loved this book it was a easy read It had just enough sex scenes without going overboard If you are looking for a book about an older man and younger lady relationship Then this is the book for you I was given an ARC for my honest opinion

    15. This is the fifth book in the series but can be read as a standalone I loved this book, easy to read and I loved the characters The older man younger woman relationship was great between Blake and Elena It was sexy and sweet at the same time.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

    16. AmazingI love Blake and Elena They are well matched for each other Definitely my second favorite book of the Boston Dom series

    17. WowThe first I ve read in this series and I think I need to read the others Don t get me wrong, this stood alone nicely and I had no problem understanding the characters connections but now I want to read all the others because this book is great A hot romance with some adventure and danger had me hooked Don t miss it

    18. I believe this is the fourth book I have read in the series of Boston Doms, and like the others, I really enjoyed this book It s the story of two people coming together who are probably the least likely two people you would think to pair together Elana is young and has a burgeoning interest in BDSM, but little practical experience She also happens to be Slay s little sister Master Blake is a Dom and the owner of The Club He is also a widower and old enough to be Elana s father In addition, Slay [...]

    19. CuteBlake loses the love of his life can Elena make him realize that life goes on and that she really does love him and can he make a brat stop being a brat.

    20. That s it I m done here Throwing down my kindle and pen and raise my arms over my head This series can t get any better than this I m sure it can t Actually, I dare You, Jane Henry and Maisy Archer Try to write another book, in the Boston Dom series that can beat this His Lady is brilliantly well written The dialog has a natural flow, and the story just unravels itself right in front of your eyes.Elena and Blake have known each other for a while Elena is Slay s baby sister, and he is very protec [...]

    21. This is my first book by this author, and my response was to immediately add her to my ereaderiq list I loved the story, loved the characters I read this book as a standalone, and didn t feel like I missed out on anything I have already purchased the first book in the series and look forward to reading it as well as future books.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

    22. His Lady is the fifth book in the Boston Dom series but can also be read as a standalone Blake is years older that Elena, a dominant, BDSM club owner, and a widower Since Blake s wife, Josie, died he has lived a little closed off from his friends However, he does seem to verbally spar with Elea, Slay s little sister Elena is feisty, independent, strong willed, sassy, and has a huge crush on Blake Can they overcome the age difference and be than friends It is well worth the read to see how this [...]

    23. Loved this book and especially the series which continues to be erotic, emotional, character driven with love and deep trust forming thru the genre of BDSM This can be a standalone but please read the other books as they are very well written and must reads Take the journey into this world and you will get lost in it and enjoy and love as much as I do.

    24. Do we fall in love than once Or are we doomed to only love once, and if something goes wrong, then be it And, if by some miracle, we find love again, then should remorse and guilt make us take a step back Blake, whose beloved submissive wife died, is confronted with these questions when he realizes that he had fallen for a woman again And not just any woman, but one who is younger than him, and who, on top of everything, is his friend s sister Helen, on the other hand, looks at her friends who [...]

    25. Upon reading this series, you had glimpses of Blake, then with the last book you had a huge glimpse at Elena Blake being older intrigued me, and what exactly his story was Elena, she is a total tough momma and is not afraid to get herself and that mouth of hers in trouble This pair is combustible, and HOT I loved this story and can not wait for

    26. Boston Doms is a series that I am enjoying His Lady is Elena and Blake s story which is complicated by their age difference and her brother s protectiveness Blake is old enough to be Elena s father, and Elena is Slay s younger sister, but that does not mean that they should not have D s relationship, does it Alex Slay Slater was accustomed to intimidating Elena s boyfriends at least the ones he knew about , but Slay s reaction does not concern Blake as much as the fact that while Elena might be [...]

    27. His LadyAs always a great story with lots of intregue and romance I love to read storied in this genera being a lova of D s and all it entails especially when they are well written.

    28. Got free for a honest review.Blake and Elena chemistry is all over the place When get together Light BSDM Thought the story was well written showing how some people or churches don t get BDSM or think its a sin The characters Blake and Elena have you going with their spats with each other Then Blake threatens to spank Elena, but shes all for it So the book kept going on finding out what would happen between them Thank you for letting me read part of your series.

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