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Better the Devil You Know By Bey Deckard Starr Waddell,

  • Title: Better the Devil You Know
  • Author: Bey Deckard Starr Waddell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Byron is tall, handsome, well spoken, wealthy, and has outstanding taste in wine and food You ll be impressed by his impeccable attire and eloquence in conversation, ranging from Baroque art to the newest advances in pharmacology With his charming smile and elegant manners, Byron truly is the perfect date and who doesn t love a man who appreciates opera What s the catcByron is tall, handsome, well spoken, wealthy, and has outstanding taste in wine and food You ll be impressed by his impeccable attire and eloquence in conversation, ranging from Baroque art to the newest advances in pharmacology With his charming smile and elegant manners, Byron truly is the perfect date and who doesn t love a man who appreciates opera What s the catch, you ask Just this if Byron finds you suitable, he will subject you to utterly depraved forms of torture No, I m not talking about SM Byron will mutilate, rape, and then kill you Don t think that you will survive the encounter, because you won t He has a perfect record Intrigued Would you like me to arrange a rendezvous It has to be in the next few days because he s leaving on a trip south to much warmer climes, and his calendar will be completely full Yes Very good I will make a reservation for two under the name of Smith Who am I I m Gloria, his personal assistant.Trigger warnings Many brutal, graphic, detailed scenes of rape, forced incest, severe torture, and mutilation
    Better the Devil You Know Byron is tall handsome well spoken wealthy and has outstanding taste in wine and food You ll be impressed by his impeccable attire and eloquence in conversation ranging from Baroque art to the ne

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    1. Group Review with Lori and Cupcake 5 Hearts from the lot of us Bloody brilliant literally See our reviews here FIVE HEARTS This one is for the dark and twisted lovers.Before jumping into the bloody, stabby goodness, do yourself a favor, if you re faint of heart or don t usually read torture porn read a sample The first 10 % sets the tone in graphic detail If you can handle that, then you can handle this book.CleverThis is clever, pulls no punches and hurts real good I was butchered by the sharpe [...]

    2. Write something dark, they said So I did Please read the excerpt hereMay 20th, 2017 update Better the Devil You Know is back in Kindle Unlimited Feb 14th, 2017 update Better the Devil You Know is now available at for Kindleni DevilKindleDec 30th, 2016 update With ARe closing, I had to figure out a new place other than Payhip to put Better the Devil You Know though Payhip is the best for me, it s not the best for everyone It s banned forever on Smashwords so I decided to try going through D2D and [...]

    3. BR with Baby Lolley Both of whom did a much better job of reviewing this than I.My mom loves movies She goes all the time and gets amped up around award season over which movies she s already seen and which ones need to be seen Plans are made Distances are sometimes travelled She drags dad along because she s a giver like me He s a good sport about it and always has kind words, though I suspect he d much rather see movies wherein shit gets blown up rather than arty indie flicks but whatevs It s [...]

    4. I was really curious about this book although I knew it isn t romance which is my favourite genre lately But I used to love horror, so the book was familiar territory for me.The book was intense, gory, bloody, weird, disturbing with unexpected bits It was fascinating at times Other times not so interesting But it is short, so it didn t really matter a few pages that they were a bit repetitive.Three are the mysteries of the book 1.Who is Byron2.Who is Michael 3.Who is GloriaThe book is paranormal [...]

    5. Not for the faint of heart I freaking loved it Not sure what that says about me, mind Group review soon at bmbr This books was dark and twisted and seriously fucked up Like seriously.And I loved every single word.To be fair, if you make it past the first chapter, then you re probably going to make it through the whole story At least, that was how it was for me Those first pages whoa It was like walking across burning coals, only to find out they weren t glowing a little, but actually flaming sti [...]

    6. You re the sick piece of shit Heh, Maybe But I own it Before I get into the review of this book, let me tell you a bit about myself I like dark books I like things that make you kinda sick to your stomach when you read them The darker, shocking, WTAF is going on and why do I like it and the extreme nausea inducing the better Now, I can t watch the same subject matter, but I can read the things someone would watch and be okay with it But my adoration for the dark and twisted books, the scary bo [...]

    7. Tags graphic torture, forced incest, rapeFirst let me say that this book is not for everyone It s dark and twisted and completely depraved I loved it The book starts off with a horrifyingly gruesome scene where we meet serial killer Byron Danielson enjoying two of his victims It only gets worse better after that as we experience Byron s killings in disturbingly graphic and gory detail.As interesting and deranged as Byron was it was the other guy, Michael, who really grabbed me His character was [...]

    8. I absolutely adore Bey s work, but I m going to skip this one because of the dark nature I hope those who like the dark and dirty enjoy it I m sure it will be a great success.

    9. After reading the sample I cannot run far enough or fast enough away from this.Thanks for the nightmares, Bey Deckard Top marks on that view spoiler Cutting a hole into someone s chest and fucking up into it so you can touch your cockhead to his tachycardiac heart seems ridiculous and excessive But then so was cutting off his penis and raping his son with it hide spoiler See, I avoid Torture Porn movies, and it seems that I ll avoid Torture Porn books as well, for precisely this reason after my [...]

    10. That was just beautiful The way that the story flowed from character to character, told from multiple pov s, it drew me right in to each person s experience Perfect.Byron was one of those hate to love characters my favorite kind I really enjoyed how his character is revealed through his victims stories and Lucifer reading them like a novel, that s just great The jumping timeline is perfect here, really well done.Oh Saeed, that one broke my heart a little And his relationship with Michael was so [...]

    11. This is horrific BUT compelling none the lessyou know in that way that you can t take your eyes off something awful as it s happening You kind of want to look away but you can t Yeah, well in the same way, I said to myself that this was completely NOT my kind of thing and was going to mark it as not for me , but then I was curious enough to read the sample something happens in it that made me want to find out how this was going to play out I bought the ebook and read it in one sitting.I have to [...]

    12. You know, I got just a little taste of Deckard s flare with darkness when I read Caged, not too much, and I was hoping really hoping he d take it that little deeper and show us just how dark he can go Well that s the last frickin time I stand on the sidelines with a pole, singing how dark can you go because he didn t disappoint Not one sodding bit.Not many will make it through the first chapter it s brutal, and this comes a warning that this is pure horror, written purely for the darkest of dark [...]

    13. Writing ExceptionalStory ExceptionalBook Fucking ExceptionalLooking for something different, something dark, something that may push your boundaries a bit, something too much for Then snatch this one up s REALLY good Check out the author s website for buy linksydeckard blog buy my

    14. FGMAMTC Blog Review4.5 starsMy brain says, The writing was genius, at least 5 stars My sensitive soul says, Owie, that hurts So we had to meet in the middle.Sexually dark books have always fallen into two categories in my mind The first has a warped lead who mentally or physically tortures an unwilling subject so deeply that my psyche winces, but despite everything, the recipient and I still develop Stockholm syndrome for him The second has a completely evil role who mutilates or gruesomely murd [...]

    15. Hello, nasty little fucker my first thoughts on this book which never changed as I read, it is one long NLF.The book blurb has tags, warnings so any reader can know what they re getting Please do heed them 1 This is not a romance 2 Tags graphic torture, murder, paranormal, forced incest, rape A BIG Yes To all of these tags Longer not super long but non spoiler review on the blog ontopdownunderbookreviews I don t like bad things happening to people, not in real life, but in fictional books it s o [...]

    16. Better the Devil You Know is a strange book to me On one hand, I really like how it didn t pull its punches On the other, I m thinking, what s the point The story begins with Byron s pastime of sorts one that makes even the fictional serial killer lover in me cringe If you can t stomach the first chapter, then I would probably stop there as the story makes a motif of Byron s artful endeavors But eventually, things take a paranormal twist of sorts, and this is where I kind of felt the story going [...]

    17. Oh, Wow 5 Devilish Stars The beginning of this book was beyond disturbing So were other several parts of it And by disturbing, I mean the extreme edge of limits disturbing Hardcore torture, rape, and pain are used to feed and bring sexual satisfaction And let s not forget about the forced incest, both with attached and detached body parts.Despite all this, I gave this book 5 stars Why Well, underneath the psychopathic sexual proclivities of both MCs lay the idea of goodness The idea of goodness [...]

    18. First of all, proceed with caution This is not for everyone.Before I dive into this, I d make sure I read the sample first And thank goodness, I could handle it.I m a big fan of horror So this kind of book was practically made for me It was really clever Good psycho book Seriously What I disliked It s just too bad no romance involved And of course I know this is not romance The author said it himself But still, I m all about romance too I need it Just like I need my gory stuff Now I need somethi [...]

    19. A review by The Blogger Girls.There are quite a few reasons Mr Deckard is on my auto read list, not the least of which is his ability to suck me into any type of story, often those genres I would normally steer clear of, such as sci fi, or, in this case, gorey, gruesome serial killer craziness I admit that I didn t read the blurb much past the warnings, which should most definitely be heeded So, when I began this story, I didn t realize it was a paranormal ish tale That being said, this starts o [...]

    20. Well.where to start with this book.1stThis is my first book by Bey Deckard and 2ndWow.Heed the warnings going inYes there s raperturegorerced incest and you will not feel sorry for Dr Byron Danielsonwell maybe a little bitHe is pure evil book i have ever read has an MC as evil as ByronButis book is totally and utterly an amazing readIt is written so well that you have to keep reading and you won t want to put it down.t even to sleepThe one question you ll want answering is Who the hell is Michae [...]

    21. DNF at 10%OMG this one is seriously not a book for me I wouldn t get any sleep if I d continue or suffering nightmares.

    22. I loved this story Pay close attention to the tags because the first four pages are extremely twisted and gruesome It s smooth sailing if that bit doesn t turn you off Byron is the ultimate psychopath All of his murders and there were many were psycho sexual in nature but I had to admire his finesse The story is a fast read with a story line that pulled me right along to what I consider the HEA ending One other tag that I might add to this wonderful list is comedy Maybe it s just me and I should [...]

    23. 4 stars from me Well, the authors warnings are spot on Horror, extremely descriptive torture, non con rape, incest, the paranormal aspect comes in when our depraved serial killer Byron Danielson is FINALLY sent to Hell for his crimes and meets Lucifer, Lucifer of course having the face of someone Byron feels he knows.I m not going to give too much away with this reviewJust bear in mind that Mr Deckard has been supremely inventive with his fictional methods of torture, what goes where and when, a [...]

    24. This wasn t really for me but looking at the reviews I seem to be in the minority I guess I just needed a bit of a story.

    25. True rating 4.25 stars The rating would have been even higher but I expected quite a bit from the ending with the whole Michael and Lucifer side story although good, it still felt a bit anti climactic to me More thoughts to come I m glad I decided to read this great writing and excellent storytelling here I ll need to mull over the rating because I might just round things up even higher, just because this was truly a great book Quite a few quotes I could have quoted but then that d be a lot of [...]

    26. 4.0 StarsWow, despite the ending, that was a rough ride I tried to imagine this told without the graphic details and it just.n t really work, does it All of that horror is necessary to balance the redemption of a character that most people think deserves to rot in or rule hell forever.I mentioned it in an update but something about the book made me think of it as a satirical but serious Inferno esque story But then I kept thinking about Screwtape and got confused and OMG this why I need to take [...]

    27. Hmm what the hell did I just read I think I was in hell, maybe You read the warnings, right You read the blurb Well, yeah but I didn t really understand what was going to take place Reaching the end I was confused, flabbergasted and speechless.Did that mean what I think it means Maybe, if I read it again, it will make sense So, I did All I could think, after the second reading, was how clever and imaginative Mr Beckard is.Will this be for everyone No, not at all It is a complete mind fuck, it s [...]

    28. 4 StarsThis started out very promising the infamous first chapter but I was a little disappointed in the ending Graphic, twisted and inventive in the best worst way Read the sample if you re at all squeamish Let s say if you ve readObject D Art, this is a walk in the park.

    29. Okay, that wasI don t know what word to use for it.I loved the book.If you can get past the first few pages, you ll be fine.I wasn t expecting to get hit with that much, all at once But it was good It lets you know right off the bat, if you should continue forward, or turn back for a quick dnf This was pretty f d up, and I enjoyed every page I was wondering how they could end it, without flipping over to mushy Turned out it had a very satisfying ending.

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