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The Dog Who Belonged to No One By Amy Hest Amy Bates,

  • Title: The Dog Who Belonged to No One
  • Author: Amy Hest Amy Bates
  • ISBN: 9780810994836
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A timeless tale of friendship by New York Times bestselling author Amy Hest.Once there was a small dog with crooked ears He belonged to no one.And once there was a wisp of a girl named Lia The dog who belonged to no one spent his days quite alone He longed for a friend.No one takes notice of a small dog with crooked ears who doesn t have a home He explores tA timeless tale of friendship by New York Times bestselling author Amy Hest.Once there was a small dog with crooked ears He belonged to no one.And once there was a wisp of a girl named Lia The dog who belonged to no one spent his days quite alone He longed for a friend.No one takes notice of a small dog with crooked ears who doesn t have a home He explores the narrow streets and wide boulevards every day, while across town a little girl named Lia pedals on her bicycle alone, delivering breads and cakes Both dream of finding a friend, until fate brings them together.With lyrical text by New York Times bestselling author Amy Hest and tender watercolors by illustrator Amy Bates, The Dog Who Belonged to No One introduces readers to two timeless characters who will touch hearts as they discover how they belong to each other.
    The Dog Who Belonged to No One A timeless tale of friendship by New York Times bestselling author Amy Hest Once there was a small dog with crooked ears He belonged to no one And once there was a wisp of a girl named Lia The dog who

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    1. Show the illustration on the front cover, and ask If you had to describe how this dog feels in one word what would you say What do we call a descriptive word Turn to your shoulder partner and share your one adjective or descriptive word Allow a few students to share their thoughts Next, I would read the title The Dog Who Belonged to No One and ask So do you think the adjective that you chose would describe a dog that belonged to no one Hmm I m wondering why the dog looks so happy but the title i [...]

    2. Cute little picture book about two future friends who feel alone and end up becoming what the the other needs, a friend I liked how the illustrator used earth tones and water color, it made the book seem sad, and like it was set in an early time period When I first looked at the cover, I thought it was going to be sad because the little dog is just sitting among the leaves, but it turned out to be a cute little story.

    3. It was sad but with a happy ending It hopefully will teach others to take a better look n to be a friend I really enjoy Amy Heat s books This is one I would really love to own.

    4. Audience PrimaryGenre Realistic FictionPre Reading Strategy BrainstormingBefore reading The Dog Who Belonged to No One, I would use a brainstorming strategy to get the students thinking and wondering about the story I would have the students look at the title and predict what the story will be about based on that alone It is called The Dog Who Belonged to No One Why do you think it is called that Why do you think the dog did not have a home What do you think will happen to him Make predictions o [...]

    5. Audience I believe that this book would be for middle elementary students, possible around grades 2 3 because some difficult vocabulary for younger grades Also, the beginning of the story is kind of sad because it is about a dog and a little girl who are both very lonely If older students, such as third graders, were to read the book they would most likely be able to make the connection of similarities between the dog and the girl Appeal This books appeal is that it looks like a warm and invitin [...]

    6. I love Amy Bates as an illustrator Her artwork here and in Bear in the Air is beautiful In this book, I love the way she contrasts golden tones for the sunny, happy times locations with the gray tones for the stormy, sad times locations The home, where both the dog and the girl are drawn toward through a storm, is especially warm, glowing and welcoming The story, though simple and predictable, is heartwarming and loveable In two separate parallel narratives, we hear about a girl and a dog that b [...]

    7. Audience PrimaryGenre Historical Fiction Pre Reading Strategy First Lines I would introduce the book by reading the title and author illustrator s names while showing the cover of the book I would then read the first page of the story and show the picture Once there was a small dog with crooked ears He belonged to no one I would then give the students a few moments of quiet time to predict what will happen in the story I would also ask students to think about how the dog is feeling at the beginn [...]

    8. Content notes for this book neglected animalsOK, so this is a little bit of a tearjerker of a story The Dog Who Belonged to No One doesn t want to belong to No One, he very much wants to have a family friend to care for him There are a couple different times in the text that we see how he sleeps cold and alone, etc This might be hard for a kid who will get too upset at the scenes where the dog is sleeping alone or hungry to be able to continue to the end.But of course he does finally meet the li [...]

    9. This is a book about a little sad, lonely girl, a little sad, lonely dog, and how they find each other It s a really depressing book with a happy ending So, if you re into that sort of thing, you ll love this Really, the story goes through all the hardships that this tiny dog has to endure, paralleled with the hardships Lia the little girl must go through Paired with these descriptions are pictures that illustrate the sadness All in all, the whole thing is pretty sad with about one page of happi [...]

    10. Mock Caldecott I d be tempted to award the Caldecott to this title but honesty forces me to admit it would be for all the wrong reasons I love a homeless dog story with a happy ending and this is exactly that kind of story But the Caldecott is for the drawings And the drawings are very good but whether or not they rate the big C is debatable All the illustrations are excellent and help set the mood, except for the one where the little girl looks like little red riding hood That one silly drawing [...]

    11. This book was okay, like it starts off with a depressing beginning where the dog and the girl are both sad not having someone special to be with and always getting turned down At the end of the book both the girl and the dog end up together leaving both of them happy, so it was okay I liked it but wasn t really something that caught my attention, maybe others would like it but I won t know if young kids will knowing that the beginning starts off sad.

    12. A timeless tale of friendship by New York Times bestselling author Amy Hest.Once there was a small dog withcrooked ears He belonged to no one.And once there was a wisp of a girlnamed Lia The dog who belonged to no one spenthis days quite alone He longed for a friend.No one takes notice of a small dog with crooked ears who doesn t have a home He explores t

    13. Audience primaryGenre realistic fictionPre reading Strategy With this book I would use the Picture Walk strategy This book lends itself to a Picture Walk because the two main characters the girl and the dog have parallel lives and the book follows them until they cross paths during a cold, dark, and rainy night By asking good questions, the teacher librarian can guide students through the book to prepare them for reading.

    14. A lonely little girl and a lonely little dog find their way to each other across a busy city Their parallel stories meet head on in a sweetly satisfying ending Amy Bates adorable pencil and watercolor illustrations tug at the heartstrings the golden browns give them an old fashioned beauty and the dog is just about the cutest pup ever Excellent for sharing at bedtime, this book has just the right touch of sentimentality, making it lovely without being maudlin.

    15. This is a touching book about a dog who belonged to no one He was a good dog and wanted a friend but no one took notice It is also about a girl who delivers bread on her bike for her parents bakery When there is a big rainstorm, both are racing to get out of the storm and end up on her porch Both went in and got dry and warm and then they belonged to one another The illustrations are nostalgic and sweet which adds to the story.

    16. Can t you tell from the title what will happen in this picture book A lonely dog who tries to be good he returns baseballs that have been hit into the woods and finds lost mittens A lonely little girl who delivers baked goods on her bicycle from her parents bakery A stormy day The pictures are sweet soft colors that return us to the turn of the 20th century A cozy read for children who love dog stories with happy endings.

    17. Following the small dog while simultaneously keeping tabs with the goings on with Lia was a challenge my well read 5 year old was ready for but might be slightly confusing for his peers The town map showing the two characters on different paths was a delightful moment for my two sons, who could could then anticipate the conclusion at hand both in mind and visually before them The illustrations are beautiful and give a classic feel.

    18. This one actually touched me I was close to tears because I love stories about animals looking for masters and the world trying to bring them together I thought this was sweet through and through I think it would make a great story for a churches story hour or a Grandparent wanting to share the character traits with a class Grades 2

    19. A homeless dog and a lonely girl traverse their city until their paths intersect, with a happy ending Bates s lovely illustrations really put readers at the dog s eye level as he experiences his life as a stray Youngsters who enjoy the American Girl series will no doubt appreciate the historic setting.

    20. A lovely book about a small dog without a home Lia is the baker s daughter and is always busy making deliveries and has no friends The friendship between the two is inevitable The illustrations are quaint and evoke a simpler way of life The dog without a home has a beautiful little face full of emotion This is one of my favorite children s books.

    21. Okay this book really pulled at my heartstings because I just adopted a stray dog So in essence this book is about me and Sam, except that I don t live with my parents in a bakery and I don t deliver bread on my bicycle The story could have been developed a little bit , but I m too busy wiping off the sap to care.

    22. I really liked this story because it shows the great friendship a pet can have with someone It also shows that just when you are feeling alone and without a friend, one can show up unexpectedly.The illustration, done by Amy Bates, is beautifully done with pencil and watercolor It looks like you are looking at actual pictures of the past that bring these two friends together.

    23. I m one of those rare, cold hearted people who don t love animal stories Anthropomorphic animals I dig, but stories about cute puppies or kitties or bunnies don t do it for me But I really liked this one I liked the dual points of view, the dog who belonged to no one and the little wisp of a girl Lovely language, golden toned art, the rainstorm and the warm towels and cake at the end cozy.

    24. The story is like a four But the pictures the pictures are a five plus.I love this little dog I love the autumn colors and I am not a fall person normally I love the little girl I love that it s set back in time a little And did I mention how much I love this little dog

    25. An absolutely touching story about animals and people feeling alone A bit of a historical setting, you could talk about the hard work that everyone used to do in their daily lives A great dog story who can resist a dog with crooked ears May fit best to elementary age children.

    26. It might get good reviews, but I thought it was ho hum In fact, if it wasn t a picture book and thus easy to read in under five minutes it would have gone into the not compelled to finish category.

    27. I m updating this book because upon reading this book again 8 years later to a new round of kids it needs a re review The art is amazing, the telling simple and clever, matching girl s life to dog s life and warm fuzzies for dog lovers all around Beautiful art

    28. Love this book The pictures are very cute The story line seems sad until you reach the sweet ending Great for service learning lessons to teach students about the importance of proper care and treatment of animals.

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