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Aria, Volume 4 By Kozue Amano,

  • Title: Aria, Volume 4
  • Author: Kozue Amano
  • ISBN: 9781427805133
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mars is now referred to as Aqua, the water planet Enter Akari, who leaves Earth for Aqua to become a gondolier, known on Aqua as an undine.
    Aria Volume Mars is now referred to as Aqua the water planet Enter Akari who leaves Earth for Aqua to become a gondolier known on Aqua as an undine

    One thought on “Aria, Volume 4”

    1. Ah, returning to Neo Venizia This was the first series I picked up by myself, and not because of a friend I was so sad when ADV droped it, and even sader to find out it will never be completed in America Akari is a model for young people be happy and good things will happen.

    2. This series just keeps getting charming by the book Though episodic in nature, the characters, stories, and art are simply wonderful and lovely.

    3. The optimism and joy of Akari and her friends never gets old I love these books, seeing the day by day happy go lucky lives of these spirited undines on Aqua I love Kozue Amano s life attitude stay positive and enjoy it Anyone needing a lift or a fantasy daydream break should read these.

    4. Love Aria Just one complaint Tokyopop Why you make book so flimsy I got it from the library and literally went, Oh God, did someone rip the pages out again

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