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Died in the Wool By Ngaio Marsh,

  • Title: Died in the Wool
  • Author: Ngaio Marsh
  • ISBN: 9780425144695
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
  • A year after a member of Parliament is found pressed in a bale of wool, Alleyn receives a desperate plea involving him in a war of espionage, where he s as much the quarry as the hunter.
    Died in the Wool A year after a member of Parliament is found pressed in a bale of wool Alleyn receives a desperate plea involving him in a war of espionage where he s as much the quarry as the hunter

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    1. Died in the Wool is one of four Alleyn tales Marsh set in her native New Zealand, and is made even interesting as it was actually published during the Second World War, and incorporates aspects, issues, and perspectives on the war climate into the murder mystery plotline Being written before Marsh would have even known when or how the war would end, some of the settings and characterisations can give insights into New Zealand at that time that no recently written historical novel, no matter how [...]

    2. Detective Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn, in New Zealand during World War II to track down spies, both from outside and from within, travels to the countryside where ranchers keep sheep to investigate a year old murder and potential espionage in Ngaio Marsh s Died in the Wool Flossy Rubrick, a member of the New Zealand Parliament, disappeared a year earlier, only to be found rolled up in a bale of hay five weeks later So the four people who live at her and her late husband Arthur s home in Moun [...]

    3. I find I really like the New Zealand ones in this series This one is also set in NZ, during WWII.Alleyn s essentially counter intelligence, investigating a potential information leak and associated murder on a New Zealand sheep farm.I like the reduced cast of characters I like the setting And it struck me in this one that I definitely have a better sense of Alleyn as a character now One could argue that 13 books in is too late I don t disagree I will only say that it probably happened a few book [...]

    4. Not one of my favourite Inspector Alleyn whodunnits A nice New Zealand high country setting, and an inventive murder, but Alleyn, arriving long after the event, and concerned with war time treason as well as murder, has to recover past events by a round table recounting of the past by the inhabitants of the farm estate Rather static No Troy, no Inspector Fox blurb One summer evening in 1942, Flossie Rubrick, goes to her husband s wool shed to rehearse a patriotic speech and disappears Three week [...]

    5. I m pretty sure this is my first Roderick Alleyn, so perhaps not the right place to start but, it actually functions just fine as a standalone, since it seems like the characters I would otherwise be expected to be familiar with are not present in this mystery aside from Alleyn , which is set in New Zealand it s fascinating that this was written during the war, with Marsh not knowing how it would all end the way the victim s body was hidden seemed exceptionally gruesome for some reason.

    6. Serial fiction written during The War is often interesting as social document than as fiction This episode of Marsh s series has a few things going for it, though It s always kind of fun when she gets to actually bring her show to New Zealand, and the intense remoteness of the sheep station setting helps her keep tight control over a short list of suspects Plus, this is a novel with a very lively corpse she s dead for the bulk of the book, but the late departed is a real larger than life person [...]

    7. This one takes place in New Zealand during WWII Alleyn is there on a case of espionage, so when one of the members of the Rubrick family asks for help, he is sent Florence has disappeared, but her body shows up eventually packed into a bale of wool from Mount Moon, the Rubrick sheep farm Alleyn meets Fabian Losse, who has a war injury that makes him subject to blackouts He is working on a top secret invention with the help of Douglas Grace, an engineer, and details of the invention have leaked o [...]

    8. A good whodunit, structurally, and I liked the 4 or perspectives on the character of the victim, but I found the overall tone really dreary I do not remember well the other Det Alleyn books that I ve read, but my reaction to this one was that her body of work does not really stand the test of time well By today s standards, Marsh is ageist the victim s husband, a man in his mid 40 is described as old and infirm She is sexist her depiction of the victim overall is that Flossie is a pushy, abrasi [...]

    9. The writing is so delightfully witty that I think I missed a good portion of it by listening to the audiobook The book, strangely, is 90% dialogue, like a play, which makes it a bit slow at times no action, only re telling but the characters are great and the British cleverness is on point Would read another in the series, but not listen.

    10. 3.5 stars Liked the NZ setting, and as usual appreciate Marsh s writing, but found the mystery a bit predictable than usual.

    11. Eh, my brain kept wandering while listening to this on audio, and I had to keep rewinding Not bad, but not great I think three Marsh books are enough for now.

    12. In New Zealand during WWII, Inspector Alleyn solves the murder and the espionage after a woman is crushed in a wool press ick

    13. First half almost unbearably talky Second half picked up Like the previous installment set in New Zealand, interesting for the setting, but I miss London and Inspector Fox as much as Alleyn does May the war be over soon and Alleyn back to his usual haunts.

    14. On a summer evening in 1942 in New Zealand a formidable woman MP Florence Flossie Rubrick walks through the grounds of her home on a famous sheep farm, to the wool shed to practise her forthcoming speech No one sees her again Three weeks later she turns up at a wool auction, gruesomely packed tightly into a bale of wool.A year later, Flossie s husband s nephew Fabian Losse asks Roderick Alleyn who is in New Zealand to undertake investigations for the government to look again at the case He invit [...]

    15. Like Colour Scheme, this book is set in wartime New Zealand, and while I give it the same rating as its immediate Marsh predecessor, this seems a better book The story takes place on an isolated South Island sheep station, apparently near Canterbury though the book never makes the location clear It s the third of four Alleyn mysteries set in New Zealand though Surfeit of Lampreys is also partially set there , with the last one not coming until 1980.It s just a good story Marsh has by now develop [...]

    16. This one was excellent and the perfect distraction for my fever bound brain Hopefully Troy will be back for the next book.

    17. Ngaio Marsh is an author I first heard about in P.D James s book Talking About Detective Fictiond it s taken me this long to get over Talking About Detective Fiction seriouslyif you haven t read The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, don t even go there But I never forgot the name, nor the title Died in the Wool, which, as you might expect, is a murder mystery set on a sheep station in New Zealand After so much Lord Peter Wimsey, the fact is that I found this book a little humorless Granted, it s 13 in th [...]

    18. Early 1942 South Island, New Zealand A wool buyer smells a rat or is it When a stinking bale of wool is opened up, it reveals a horrible secret stuffed inside it is the body of Florence Flossie Rubrick, go getting sheep owner, MP, lady of the manor Mount Moon, near the Moon River , and benefactor of so many but Roderick Alleyn, sent from England to investigate the case since it may be connected to possible espionage finds that Flossie s generosity may not have been utterly unadulterated The musi [...]

    19. A classic whodunit set in 1942, Ngaio Marsh s novel is set in New Zealand on a remote farmstead on a plateau of outstanding natural beauty As a special investigator dealing with counter espionage in WWII, Inspector Alleyn is called in than a year after the murder of 47 year old Flossie Rubrick has been committed As a rich, formidable woman and female MP, Flossie wielded quite a lot of power over her household, farm and constituency Plenty of people held a grudge and had motive to do her in Howe [...]

    20. World War II rages on, and Inspector Alleyn continues as the Special Branch s eyes and ears in New Zealand While his primary brief is spy catching, he s also happy to help with old fashioned policing Flossie Rubrick, an influential Member of Parliament and the wife of a sheep farmer, is murdered Had she made political enemies Had a mysterious legacy prompted her death Or could the shadowy world of international espionage have intruded on this quiet farm I listened to this as an audiobook in 2012 [...]

    21. Originally published on my blog here in July 1998.A second wartime Alleyn mystery set in New Zealand following on from Colour Scheme The idea that Alleyn was in New Zealand as a counter intelligence officer rather than a homicide department police officer means that some reason needs to be given for him to investigate a murder In this case, the security implication is a possible link with an engineering design project under way at a remote sheep station.Florence Rubrick was an MP and the wife of [...]

    22. Died in the Wool was written and is set during WWII Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn is still far from home, in New Zealand, as he was in Colour Scheme, doing work connected to the War In Colour Scheme, he was working undercover to find spies in this book, he is acting as a sort of consulting detective, but the murder he s looking into may also be related to espionage Florence Flossie Rubrick, an energetic, pushy, often infuriating Member of Parliament, is the victim, which we know from the s [...]

    23. I read this first many years ago Maybe fifty Yikes I remembered how the body was discovered, in a bale of wool I remembered that Roderick Alleyn was the Scotland Yard detective who went to New Zealand to investigate The rest I did not remember Only that I liked it, as I tend to like all Marsh s mysteries.Alleyn is called in somewhat unofficially by the owner of property where a woman was killed The local police force had worked on the case a year ago and had not been able to solve it After Alley [...]

    24. If you re an enthusiast of the fibre arts, particularly spinning, and also enjoy mysteries, this book is a good way to combine the two interests Set in New Zealand during the Second World War, the plot is a cold case of sorts, or at best lukewarm New Zealand MP Florence Flossie Rubrick, whose husband owns a wool operation called Mount Moon, goes into the wool shed to practise a speech, and is never seen alive again She is found three weeks later at an auction, packed inside a bale of Mount Moon [...]

    25. It s reminiscent of an English country manor mystery, although it takes place on a sheep farm Florence Rubrick, a member of parliament and the owner of the sheep farm is found murdered after missing for three weeks, encased in a bale of her own wool Roderick Alleyn, Marsh s series detective, is called in by a family member to investigate after the local police have gotten nowhere in over a year Apparently Roderick is a distant relation to the dead woman Also, he is doing War duty in England and [...]

    26. I liked this one, which was a pleasant deviation from the increasingly standard formula of Marsh s novels Typically, there is a lengthy build up, a murder at the halfway point, and the dramatic appearance of Alleyn in the final act Here, though, we are dealing with murder in retrospect Alleyn is there from the start, piecing together the mystery by interviewing all the inhabitants of the dead woman s sheep station as I believe our Antipodean friends call them.It s a nice change, and the device w [...]

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