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Girl of Stone By Norma Hinkens,

  • Title: Girl of Stone
  • Author: Norma Hinkens
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dark schemes The ultimate betrayal They can t afford to lose.Led by the dauntless Trattora, the four surviving members of The Expulsion Project chart a treacherous course to their birth planet on a stolen stealth fighter Forced to divert their hazardous mission when their ship comes under a brutal attack by Galactic pirates, The Four, as they are now known, find themselDark schemes The ultimate betrayal They can t afford to lose.Led by the dauntless Trattora, the four surviving members of The Expulsion Project chart a treacherous course to their birth planet on a stolen stealth fighter Forced to divert their hazardous mission when their ship comes under a brutal attack by Galactic pirates, The Four, as they are now known, find themselves caught up in a desperate struggle for survival on Razaran, a supposedly uninhabited planet filled with unimaginable terrors Blood must be sacrificed to make their escape, but whose blood will it be Time is running out for their birth parents trapped in the secretive NeuroOne processing plant on Mhakerta where the psychotic Artificial Intelligence, Preeminence, continues to extract the intellect of civilians, growing powerful with every passing day Can The Four topple the robot military and navigate the treachery of those who would betray them before Preeminence destroys them Girl of Stone is the second novel in The Expulsion Project, a sci fi, dystopian thriller trilogy with a whisper of romance, a heavy dose of adventure, and action galore If you are a Firefly or Dark Matter fan, or still in Hunger Games or Cinder withdrawal, this is the book mashup for you
    Girl of Stone Dark schemes The ultimate betrayal They can t afford to lose Led by the dauntless Trattora the four surviving members of The Expulsion Project chart a treacherous course to their birth planet on a st

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    1. Girl of Stone is the second novel in the Expulsion Project series, and it was a great second book I ll be honest and say I didn t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first book, but it was still a great read The first novel introduced us to a wonderful cast and many brilliant planets, and this second book continues in the same way The cast grows, introducing us to a number of characters that will leave us intrigued as to how their individual stories will play out Certain characters from the first [...]

    2. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book All opinions expressed are my own Girl of Stone is the second book in Norma Hinken s Expulsion Project We pick back up with the 4 surviving children of the Expulsion Project s brilliant scientists on their way to Mhakerta to hopefully rescue their parents To do so they will have to find a way to destroy Preeminence, the AI harvesting the greatest living minds to feed it s own intelligence The 4 consist of Finn, Ayma, Velkan, and Trattora These [...]

    3. Norma Hinkens has managed to seamlessly continue this story from book 1 Girl of Stone I don t like leaving spoilers, so will try my best to review on style and story My first description is Brilliant this author has such a talent of being able to bring her stories and characters to lifeOn the pages of this novel You feel and I mean really feel, that you are there with the characters as the storyline unfolds, I was in tears at one point Every plot has the ability to transport you into the authors [...]

    4. After I read the first book in this series, Girl of Fire, I fell in love with this authors books and the way she writes so I was super excited to read this book and I was definitely not disappointed This is an author that can compete the the best writers in the world This story follows on from the first book so you do need to read the first book to fully understand the world that the characters are living in with all the politics and the danger of their lives I love how much this tale is filled [...]

    5. I adored the first book in this series, Girl of Fire, and have been hoping that book 2 would be as much fun It than exceeded that bar This is a great romp of s story with a complex layered plot, thrills and action, betrayal and success, and even budding romance The main characters aka The Four are wonderfully built and a true to pleasure to follow along as they continue to develop in the face of space pirates, their ultimate enemy psychotic AI, and everything else thrown at them Add in a great [...]

    6. Book 2 picks up where Book 1 left off and thrusts you right into non stop action and adventure Tratorra and her new friends are on their way to their home planet to find and rescue their parents Of course things don t go smoothly for the group as they run into several obstacles, but they are determined I love Norma Hinkens writing style and her ability to completely draw me into the story I am especially appreciative of the fact that the language is not crude and the romance is not inappropriate [...]

    7. Picking up after the end of book 1, Trattora and her friends are heading towards their birth planet Things don t go as easily as they plan, but these kids are so amazingly strong Together they can face anything and over come any thing in their way There was so much about this book that I enjoyed Trattora, Velken, Ayma and Phin are know as The Four on Mhakerta and they plan to free not only their parents but the whole planet I liked the twist at the end, and can t wait to read the next book

    8. Norma Hinkens has done it again The mission is on, save their birth parents, if they still live What will they find on their birth planet Don t miss this series Girl of Fire sets the stage, and Girl of Stone follows it seamlessly, with a strong plot and well developed characters.I received a complimentary copy of this book and freely give my honest review.

    9. GoodGood but not as good as the first book which was much original and organic This one was kinda rehashed story in other books However, it was still entertaining read.

    10. Just another great story by a fantastic author, who just keeps on writing fantasy stories to keep everyone satisfied Just love all the books in the series.

    11. Suspenseful A thrilling novel that held me captive from the first book Girl of Stone picks up where Girl of Fire left off The characters grow on me and each time I read This book was such a high risk that it was hard to put down for a second never knowing what was going to happen next Just when I thought I had things figured out the author threw in a twist I can t wait to see what happens next.I voluntarily reviewed an arc from the author.

    12. Can a Self Actualized AI be Stopped Trattora has managed to find the other three members of The Expulsion Project and they are off on an adventure to their home planet, Mhakerta Mhakerta was taken over by a self actualizing artificial intelligence known as Preeminence and its citizens are now prisoners Marauders, pirates, human traffickers, and do their best to keep The Four, as they have become to be known, from getting to Mhakerta and finding their birth parents Then there is the challenge of [...]

    13. On the planet Mhakerta, the artificial intelligence Preeminence is extracting human intellect, controlling the people and resources to do its bidding Preeminence has forced three of the founding members of the Expulsion Project all scientific geniuses to work for it Together, they are secretly working on a virus to shut it down, but the superior A.I has knowledge beyond even their capabilities Meanwhile, the four children of the Expulsion project have stolen a Syndicate ship in hopes of travelin [...]

    14. Girl of Fire introduces you to the fiery haired and tempered Trattora as she leaves her simple home world of Cwelt and embarks on a high stakes mission across the galaxy to find her birth parents Girl of Stone takes those stakes and raises them even higher in an epic YA action adventure story The four survivors of the Expulsion Project begin a journey that will take them to Mhakerta and their birth parents But along the way they will face space pirates, alien jungle cats, body poachers, an army [...]

    15. This is the second book in The Expulsion Project series I found it to be very suspenseful and hard to put down The development of the main characters moved along very nicely and smoothly with each of the characters finding their fit in the group and their strengths As this book ended with a cliffhanger, I am really looking forward to the third book in the series.

    16. Oh, what a splendid read I do so adore Norma s books They never disappoint I would like to thank the author for granting me an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Trattora and her friends, otherwise known as The Four, are back in action and ready to kick some butt I love the beginning of each Expulsion Project book I enjoy reading the backstory of their parents and how Preeminence is taking control In the Girl of Stone we start off where book one, the Girl of Fire left off The [...]

    17. Note I was provided an Advanced Reading Copy by the author for an honest review No , this does not and never will affect my opinion on the book Everything below this note is of my own original thoughts about this book Wow I waited several months for book two and it DID NOT disappoint In fact, it totally blew me out of the water again I m SOOOOOOOOOOOO obsessed with how this series is going so far, and both books have drawn me in and refused to let me go Totally worth the wait and THE COVER IS SO [...]

    18. Action packed from beginning to end with scenes that makes your hair stand up and you just can t breathe until the danger is past I loved it all and if you just like a good read than by all means try it I would recommend it for midteens and up I certainly was reading adult books by my early teens It has some violence but is mild compared to what children are exposed to on TV.I received this book for a fair and honest review

    19. The second book in The Expulsion Project series brings us back to the life of Trattora, Velkan, Ayma, and Phin as they try to rescue Mhakerta from Preeminence I found this book to be just as well written as Girl of Fire was.

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