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Rebelling Love By Taylor Johns,

  • Title: Rebelling Love
  • Author: Taylor Johns
  • ISBN: 9781545273135
  • Page: 382
  • Format: None
  • From the moment Roxie Hunt and Magnum Black met, they clashed No friendly hellos No friendly smiles.Just a f k you very much and have the kind of day you deserve
    Rebelling Love From the moment Roxie Hunt and Magnum Black met they clashed No friendly hellos No friendly smiles Just a f k you very much and have the kind of day you deserve

    One thought on “Rebelling Love”

    1. Did not like either character Hero was an asshole and tried to justify it by having been wronged so he deserved to be a POS Nope No excuses jerk face The things he said to her in the beginning was unforgivable For a heroine who loves her body and has such self respect, I m sorry but I just didn t see any of that in this book He makes horrible comments on your weight and you tell him to F Off but then you start making out with him Her self respect never showed in my eyes All he had to do was stan [...]

    2. Once again, author Taylor Johns has created a female lead that takes no crap and embraces who she is Roxie is confident, smart and hard headed She wants what she wants and will accept nothing less I love that about her Step two in reeling me in was the immediate angry sparks that fly when Roxie meets her match in Magnum The only thing better than Roxie s feisty attitude is the way her beloved dog Bruno reacted to their new neighbor I promise you, Bruno is the absolute best supporting character I [...]

    3. Rebelling Love by Taylor Johns is a deliciously naughty read I loved Roxie s spunky, take no prisoners attitude She s my kinda gal Magnum s sneaky alpha tendencies and hidden vulnerabilities were the perfect foil for Roxie The chemistry between these two was scorching Loved seeing how they were able to learn how to love ultimately trust one another.Taylor s a fairly new to me author and I ve really enjoyed having a glimpse into the workings of her entertaining way with words Can t wait to delve [...]

    4. You ever met someone so obnoxious you wanted to punch them in the junk That s how Roxie felt when she met Magnum for the first time He was unbelievably crass, sexist, rude and dirty mouthed Roxie is a woman who has a firm belief in herself and grew up around men She takes crap from nobody, Magnum learned this very quickly She doesn t cut him slack just because he s had a back patch in life The way these characters are written is so lifelike and spot on You can t help getting attached to Magnum, [...]

    5. omg i absolutely loved it from the 1st time Roxie Magnum bump into each other in the apartment hallway to the meeting again at the gym down to the sarcastic bite me comments back forth i was laughing in the very beginning cuz i could see myself being Roxie if a guy was being a down right jerk w o even knowing me, like Magnum was to her but i can also understand why he was, even though it s still no excuse loved the chemistry the awesome sarcastic definitely recommend this book keep up the awesom [...]

    6. Absolute home run with this one I love Roxie the heroine of the story, she is a feisty, curvy woman who does not take any crap from anyone especially a man Then she meet the sexy but jaded asshole that is Magnum and the insults, banter and sparks start to fly All the characters are beautifully written and relatable, even the ones you don t lake and there is a couple of them that I wanted to reach into my kindle and throat punch The relationship between Roxie and Magnum is awesome from their sarc [...]

    7. Emotionally charged storyLove this emotionally charged book Love the interaction between Rosie and Magnum from day 1 They are always arguing but they clicked well This book is full of emotions There are times that tissues are needed but then it turns to laughter There is also mystery in here Love her huge dog also He sounded so cute Wonderful book Can t wait to read of her.

    8. Rebelling is such a good book with a good story I really enjoyed reading this book I love Rebelling Love This is Roxie and Magnum story Roxie and Magnum have a very explosive relationship And, Magnum seems to never learn As witnessed to the bodily harm Roxie gave to Magnum If you ask me he was just asking for it They did have chemistry even though they seemed to hate each other and I didn t like Magnum, he was such an ass But, he does grow on you and he also became a nicer guy Rebelling Love is [...]

    9. I received an arc for honest review Rosie and Magnum were so good together They burned my kindle a time or too Great read, loved it.

    10. I love Taylor s books Loved the dynamics between the main characters, the constant no give a care attitude that turns into I would recommend this book to anyone.

    11. Hate at first sight is the order of business here Roxie s first encounter with Magnum does not end well as Magnum plays at being hard ass and is rude to her In fairness he has been taken advantage of in the past but first impressions stick with Roxie who refuses to give an inch to him Of course, Magnum doesn t help himself with constant foot in mouth syndrome.I really enjoyed the push and pull between Roxie and Magnum Both are strong characters and neither wanting to give in to the other Roxie i [...]

    12. It was a wonderful read It s not your typical man meets woman love story Your never sure what s going to happen next You don t know wheither to hate the H for being the biggest jerk ever or to root for him The h is feisty and doesn t rollover for anyone I love strong women characters It is a interesting twist on the ol boy meets girl story line It was a pleasure to read I liked it so much I m going to check out this authors other books Rated very good

    13. First Impressions aren t always the best From instead dislike to like and everything in between this book makes you love and hate Magnum and cheer Roxie on This book is a must read.

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