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Four Years Later By Emma Doherty,

  • Title: Four Years Later
  • Author: Emma Doherty
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Becca McKenzie is happy crazy, ridiculously happy.She might not have figured out what she wants to do with her life, but she has something better Ryan Jackson and they couldn t be in love if they tried He might have been pissed when she went off to a different college, but they make the long distance work because they re Becca and Ryan , and nothing is going to breaBecca McKenzie is happy crazy, ridiculously happy.She might not have figured out what she wants to do with her life, but she has something better Ryan Jackson and they couldn t be in love if they tried He might have been pissed when she went off to a different college, but they make the long distance work because they re Becca and Ryan , and nothing is going to break them.Until it does.Until one terrible, unforgettable night away from Ryan Until too much drinking and one empty bedroom Until fifteen minutes of hell completely destroys her life and leaves Becca questioning everything she s ever known.Until that night turns into a lie she can t stop can t control.Until she said no but he didn t listen.
    Four Years Later Becca McKenzie is happy crazy ridiculously happy She might not have figured out what she wants to do with her life but she has something better Ryan Jackson and they couldn t be in love if they trie

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    1. Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow I read this duet inside of 24 hours Four Doors Down was cute, a lighthearted but angsty high school romance about former best friends turned enemies with unsolved feelings between them The writing felt new, like the author had a beautiful story to tell and was still finding her footing as she brought the characters to life I liked it I wasn t completely blown away by the story itself at the time but I certainly enjoyed it enough to read it in one sitting and immediately move [...]

    2. Existe la posibilidad que haya estado m s susceptible de lo normal mientras le a este libro porque yo, que me enorgullezco de mi falta de emociones, estuve a punto de llorar mas de una vez.Four Years Later puede leerse como un standalone pero es, en realidad, la continuaci n de Four Doors Down, y desde que leemos la sinopsis sabemos que cosas malas van a pasar Tres a os despu s de los eventos del primer libro, Becca y Ryan siguen disfrutando de su id lica relaci n, cuando una noche Becca es viol [...]

    3. Do you get that, Becca You re all that he cares about Nothing and nobody comes above you, not for him Every now and then I read a book that completely ruines me Four Years Later is the book.I ve read it in one sitting, I cried my eyes out, I was so captivated by this story I can honestly say that this is my favourite book so far in 2017 I have no words, really.And the author this is her second book Second I bow to to you, Emma.This beautiful heartbreaking story will move anyone to tears.

    4. Another nauseous attempt to tackle the theme of rape in romance novels The author chose to focus on a paper like heroine who spends the whole book trying to chase her ex boyfriend, the one who sKuts her out because he thinks she cheated on him E.Doherty is definitely no high class writer, because she would actually need talent and research to tell a powerful and compelling love story when dealing with such important themes

    5. 2.5 Stars I gave myself a day to ponder my feelings on this book I spent that time re living my experience and well it was shitty Ultimately I landed on this FUCK this book If you liked the first book in this series, do yourself a favour, and STOP THERE Do NOT ruin your experience by reading this book They are two vastly different stories If however you are a fan of angst, heartache, frustration, hurt, pain, misery, frustration, anger, disgust all that good stuff well you ll probably devour this [...]

    6. 3.5 starsomg this book was fricken awful I felt like total crap pretty much the entire time I was reading it The first book was mindless fluffy cuteness and I liked the characters enough to just jump into this second book without reading the blurb MISTAKE This book is NOT cute It s NOT fluffy It s written much better than the first book the devastation these characters go through feel so real, and it s fricken awful I got so angry and frustrated and sad while reading this book Not fun shit, what [...]

    7. Wow, just wow This is one of the best books I ve read so far this year, hands down The emotion is insanely real, the plot is intense and this is an issue that needs to be looked at and discussed The characters are phenomenal I laughed, cried, hurt, grieved and grew along with this group And the angst levels are off the charts It stayed me Absolutely superb I would not change a single word Full review to come An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.

    8. WOW What a sequel What a book I cried Every time I turned a page, I cried I haven t cried like that since I read The Notebook by Nicholas Spark BEFORE Ryan Gosling graced our screens with his fabulous abs When it was just words on a page I cried Emma spoke with so much honesty and TRUTH Not only did I feel like I was there, with Becca Taking the struggling path to recovery I felt as if I was watching a love story unravel twist my heart and bleed it out for everyone to see Emma Doherty you broke [...]

    9. Four Years Later, Ryan Jackson and Becca McKenzie are happily together Their future together looks bright, and somehow they are making long distance work, while being in love than ever Until the night she goes to a party and drinks too much, a tragic event ensues, and it broke her She at least thought she would have Ryan, but he refuses to listen to her With her life in pieces around her, she s living a lie that s destroying her from the inside out, and she has no one Even though my description [...]

    10. 1 StarI ve written in my review for book 1 of this duet that I don t want to rate any book with one star today That was maybe a lie The first book was bad Like really bad The second one is worse So much drama So much stupidity All the break ups A sappy and ridiculous happy end Urghs No Just no I still hate Becca I get it, the girl went through something horrendous but that doesn t redeem her shitty character Poor Ryan Now he s stuck with this awful woman.

    11. This is a dual review for Four Doors Down and Four Years Later so please be warned there may be some minor spoilers for the second book but only if you haven t read the synopsis.Four Doors Down is a high school account of a Becca and Ryan neighbors who were best friends, who now hate each other Except they don t Four Years Later is, as the title implies, Becca and Ryan s story four years after Four Doors Down leaves off The writing in book two is noticeably better which is a great sign as the au [...]

    12. woow woow wooow this book is amazing i Really was affected by the situation that bics has got in to i was devastated i cried i really cried like real freaking tears i know that i will not forget this book nor its content in some parts of the book i really wanted to envy beca.e found real love despite everything that happened with her she still at end manged to stand on her own omg i am in ow this serie is my first of emma s so

    13. 2.5 CocktailsWell, the author sure did flip things around with this book This time, it s Ryan who is detestable, and man does he make it so easy to hate him.What I m not sure about it why this couple had to spend most of the book apart and then when they do finally get back together it s a few paragraphs in the epilogue And to be honest, by the time I got there I didn t think Ryan and Becca should be together.

    14. I m really disappointed And that s saying something since my expectations were low to begin with I didn t really enjoy the first novel, but I decided to chance continuing in the series because it had some redeeming qualities However, this novel was an even worse follow up Doherty was out of her league when writing this novel Any time a heavy topic such as sexual assault is used in a book it needs to be handled very carefully I m afraid, in this book, it was not This was a classic example of a ho [...]

    15. Its 3 am here in Malaysia, and i literally read this book within less than 5 hours, this book has never made me soo emotional over a ficitonal story book, i legit cried every 5 minutes It has a touchy subject that everyone women on this earth specifically teens college girls should read This book emotionally wrecked me, i dont think i can stop crying, i m literally crying while writing this, i love how i feel like Becca, the pain hurt Becca goes through, it just hits you, I feel like im the char [...]

    16. ohmygod when is this coming out I need to put it on my calendar so I can have it as soon as it s out Also, I d love to have Jake s arc, please.

    17. I went into this book blindly, without even reading the blurb or looking at the book cover too closely, because I loved the first book, Four Doors Down, as much as I love ice cream, unicorns and all the things that give you warm and fuzzy feeling I couldn t wait to find out how Ryan and Becca s relationship evolved four years later I m a sucker for childhood friends to lovers storyline I mean I think it s adorable and I ll read pretty much any book with that plot lol I mean they were enemies bec [...]

    18. It took me looong time to write this review I couldn t put my figure out why I disliked this book so much If you read the other reviews you know what happens I m not going to rehash going straight to details.The whole book was Becca being punished by pretty much everyone, especially Ryan When the truth FINALLY comes out We get a small apology and a hug from her BEST friend and all is forgiven there Then of course Ryan apologizes but Becca realizes after the way Ryan was the PAST YEAR he never as [...]

    19. probably with some spoilers.First of all wth did I just read emma Doherty, you made me feel like I rode a rollercoaster.This book is than 5x heavier than what I am used to also, I read this because I loved four doors down and has had a permanent place in my ipad for than a year since I first read itw, this I hate Ryan so much I feel it in my bones like, I don t know I wouldn t be able to move past what he did to me repeatedly there is no excuse to not listening to the other party s side especi [...]

    20. This was such an emotional book I went into this book completely blind I had no idea what I was getting into I had no idea the emotional journey I was about to take I could not put this book down As the twists and turns kept coming I HAD to know what was going to happen My stomach was in my throat, my heart went from beating wildly to breaking into millons of pieces over and over again I FELT so much of this book.I really hope everyone gives this book a chance and reads through the whole thing T [...]

    21. Wow what a great heartbreaking continuation of Four years down if you haven t read that one I highly recommend that you do before you start this one This one defiantly has a darker aspect then the first one I was emotionally drained by the end my heart dropped a couple of times Becca and Ryan are so perfect for one another and to see what they go through has my feels come out and if you seen what I v read thats something I look for in a book and Emma Doherty shows true talent I really related to [...]

    22. Pretty much skim read the whole book Only way I roll with this book otherwise I would have felt like my time was cheated.


    24. this book was just so frustrating It was absolutely, not at ALL, what I was expecting, and it seemed the writing got better I felt that in the beginning for the first three chapters, it was happy and I was really loving where I assumed it would go as a casual college book , but then she gets raped by the biggest jerk and it was just so confronting Of course I was heartbroken for her, but then she just pissed me off For the next 30 or so chapters she doesn t tell ANYONE, until Sam finds out by ac [...]

    25. AmazingI loved this book and also four doors down I think you did a great job describing sexual assault from the victims point of view Hope to read other books from you.

    26. Wow I didn t expect to love this story so much I didn t even know this was a duology But man, am I so happy that I finally found out and picked it up After having it on my TBR for way too long and never being able to find it around, I finally read Four Doors Down, expecting it to just be a simple, happy go lucky contemporary read I ve been on a kick But I grew attached to those characters and the story as frustrating or predictable as some characters or moments seemed to be I loved it.And THEN I [...]

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