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Feet of Clay By Terry Pratchett, Feet of clay Definition of Feet of clay at Dictionary Feet of clay definition, a weakness or hidden flaw in the character of a greatly admired or respected person He was disillusioned to find that even Lincoln had feet of clay See . Feet of clay Idioms by The Free Dictionary a surprising fault or weakness in the character of somebody who is admired and respected Why are people always surprised when they discover that their heroes have feet of clay This idiom comes from a story in the Bible, where the king of Babylon saw an image with a head of gold and feet of clay. Feet of Clay Feet of clay definition and meaning Collins English feet of clay phrase If you say that a person who is respected or admired has feet of clay or has clay feet , you mean that they have serious faults which you or other people did not know about before. Earl Sweatshirt FEET OF CLAY Lyrics and Tracklist Genius Feet of Clay is Earl Sweatshirt s second extended play, released on November st, It s his first EP since s Solace and the first time he s released new music since his late Feet of Clay EP Feet of Clay stylized in all caps is the second extended play by American rapper Earl Sweatshirt It was released on November , , through Tan Cressida and Warner Records.

  • Title: Feet of Clay
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
  • ISBN: 9780552153256
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sorry said Carrot If it s just a thing, how can it commit murder A sword is a thing he drew his own sword it made an almost silken sound and of course you can t blame a sword if someone thrust it at you, sir For members of the City Watch, life consists of troubling times, linked together by periods of torpid inactivity Now is one such troubling time People a Sorry said Carrot If it s just a thing, how can it commit murder A sword is a thing he drew his own sword it made an almost silken sound and of course you can t blame a sword if someone thrust it at you, sir For members of the City Watch, life consists of troubling times, linked together by periods of torpid inactivity Now is one such troubling time People are being murdered, but there s no trace of anything alive having been at the crime scene Is there ever a circumstance in which you can blame the weapon not the murderer Such philosophical questions are not the usual domain of the city s police, but they re going to have to start learning fast
    Feet of Clay Sorry said Carrot If it s just a thing how can it commit murder A sword is a thing he drew his own sword it made an almost silken sound and of course you can t blame a sword if someone thrust it at y

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    1. In my opinion, this is the book where Pratchett really hits his stride in terms of the city watch books The characters are established, the setting is solid, and Pratchett is solidly in control of his craft here.As I said before or at least meant to say the second book about the city watch was twice as good as the first Similarly, this book is twice as good as the second one Putting it solidly in the familiar A quality book that comprises easily half of Pratchett s work.Of personal interest to m [...]

    2. What interests me most about Terry Pratchett is that he explores with great subtlety and wit issues that other fantasy and speculative writers only pay lip service to racism, sexism, identity politics Pratchett s hero, Sam Vimes, dislikes everyone Dwarves, trolls, werewolves, gnomes, and, most especially, vampires He is an equal opportunity curmudgeon, but his dislikes with the exception of vampires are not based on the identity of the other as much as they are on the identity of Sam Vimes He is [...]

    3. This book was my FIRST EVER read of Terry Pratchett works I put 5 star rating because this book introduced me to a wonderful universe and a great author Discworld Watch Lineup by Ligeias Ghost from Deviant ArtI highly recommend to read editions that have illustrations of coat of arms that appeared in the story At my first read from a library book, it was a hardcover Gollancz edition with the coat of arms illustrations before the story began Let s just say the coat of arms have significant part i [...]

    4. This may be the funniest Discworld novel.And definitely one of the best.Terry Pratchett, ever the clever turn of phrase artist, is here in rare form This is literally chock full of puns, clich s, similes, metaphors and enough droll word play to make Nabokov choke a chicken His easy, almost swaggering virtuosity makes this a fun read I was literally reading the story, but waiting for and expecting his next verbal tickle.It is as though when he got to this one, his 19th Discworld novel first publi [...]

    5. The butcher, the baker 23 March 2015 A part of me, upon learning of Sir Terry s death, thought that it was only fitting to make the next book that I read a Discworld novel which turned out to be this one I won t say anything about Sir Terry here as I have already written a blog post on his passing and instead will just speak about this book In fact, it turned out that so far this was one of the best discworld novels that I have read and that is saying something since there are quite a few conten [...]

    6. 8.5 10Another great entry into the Discworld series overall and makes it hard for me not to think I made an error not starting the Watch sub series as my first foray into Discworld The 3 novels I ve read in this sub series have probably all been better than the other Discworld books I ve read previously maybe exclude Going Postal in that It may be that I have a better affinity with crime driven stories so I can get on board with the plot quicker but I just think it might have something to do wit [...]

    7. 2008 January 1It probably shouldn t be allowed for a writer to have this much fun with a mystery story 2014 August 20More mysteries who is poisoning Vetinari, and, importantly, how Who killed the two old men Why are the golems suddenly acting odd Vimes is hard at work on the first question, Carrot is looking into the second and third Vital assistance is provided by Angua, Detritus, Colon, and Nobbs Also, there s a new member of the watch, formerly of the alchemists, Cheery Littlebottom His job [...]

    8. As a parent and a mentor to youth, the end of this book totally grabbed me as it had not done before The idea that someone could go as wrong as the king golem because of too many words put in his headd then the heart wrenching words from Dorfl as he died WORDS IN THE HEART CANNOT BE TAKEN I am posting this on my mirror to remind me that I need to put words in the hearts of those I teach, from my children on down and not just in their heads As always, I love this bookter all, it shows Sir Samuel [...]

    9. Feet of Clay is the third book in the Watch subseries of Discworld It s also the Guards book that I ve enjoyed the most so far In fact, it may even have given my previous favorite Discworld book, Wyrd Sisters, some competition.I was worried at first that this book would rehash old ground with the let s get ourselves a puppet king thing There s a bit of that, and it s an important aspect of the story, but it doesn t overpower the story and it has a amusing twist than in previous books In general [...]

    10. Rese a en espa ol click aqu.Mis otras rese as de Mundodisco.English review soon This is the Spanish edition of Feet of Clay

    11. This is a mystery several murders have been committed, and the Watch of Ankh Morpork is investigating The Watch commander, Sam Vimes, has an additional problem someone is poisoning Lord Vetinary, the Patrician As both investigations proceed, the author parades in front of the readers a score of characters, each one faultier that the others In the lead of that parade is the protagonist Sam Vimes a cynical policeman, a recovering alcoholic, and one of the few good guys in this predominantly gloomy [...]

    12. Awww I didn t expect to feel so heartwarmed over a Discworld book, but damn if this book didn t me feel all fuzzy inside I m just such a sucker for stories about, well, what this book is about SPOILERSSS.So this is a City Watch book, and that means several things Captain Samuel Vimes doing good deeds and being very grouchy about it, Carrot being overly literal and good at his job while everyone likes him with no effort on his part whatsoever, and the other members of the Watch being also good at [...]

    13. Har una rese a m s extensa en mi blog, pero debo decir que este libro me ha gustado mucho, casi m s que hombres de armas.Quiz las aventuras de la anterior entrega eran m s din micas, pero encuentro el trasfondo de cr tica social de este libro m s profundo, aunque a algunos les sorprenda que diga esto de un libro de Pratchett.Me reafirmo, los libros de Pratchett tienen mucha tela que cortar debajo de la apariencia de fantas a y humor.En este libro he descubierto a mi nuevo personaje favorito de M [...]

    14. Vampires, golems, female dwarfs, multiculturalism, CSI, slavery, another attempt to overthrow Vetinari, regicide, democracy, it all comes together to create one of the great Discworld novels, not least because it stars Sam Vimes and the rest of his motley group of Ankh Morpork watchmen.

    15. Las palabras que hay en el coraz n no se pueden sacar.Si llegas a este momento y no sientes como se humedece tu visi n, no notas como un peque o cosquilleo amenaza por encima de tu nariz y ni tampoco sientes una ligera presi n en el pecho, es que no tienes alma.Pratchett no es un escritor de humor Es mucho m s La saga de la Guardia se folla a muchos aposentados y cl sicos de la novela negra Todas las pistas est n ah des del minuto uno, a diferencia de una Agatha Christie por poner un ejemplo Hab [...]

    16. Golemovia, druhizmus odvoden od rasizmu , feminizmus trpasl ky , ivot, sloboda, n bo enstvo keramick ateista odoln vo i z sahu bo ieho blesku , princ py vl dnutia, heraldika, up ri, udsk chamtivos , chudoba, aristokrati a e te aj detekt vny pr beh s a pr li poctivou policajnou pr cou To v etko krv mojej krvi, l m jho lu dostane v knihe Nohy z j lu.Skoro by som zabudla forenzn alchymista Pleskot i ka, fakt, a z vere n rozhovor El nia s Vetinarim v z vese Vetinariho dial g s Va uzlem.Fajn cit t J [...]

    17. I have to confess that originally this wasn t one of my favourites out of The Watch books just didn t seem to click like the others did but this time round, I really enjoyed it Maybe writing these wee reviews made me appreciate it a bit because I knew I would have to write something about it afterwards There s a bit of this, towards the end, that made me think The thought occurs, sir, that if Commander Vimes did not exist you would have had to invent him You know, Drumknott, I rather think I di [...]

    18. This is one of Pratchett s books that gained him the reputation for straying from science fiction into literature Most of the depth escaped me when I first read it 12 or so years ago, both because I was younger and because it was the first Discworld book I read After years of feeling that popular fiction was too shallow and most of the classics were too difficult, a friend encouraged me to read this I expected a YA book with cleverer pop culture references Within two pages, though, it was clear [...]

    19. Could someone explain Pratchett s rhetorical message regarding race to me This book takes place in a fictional city called Ankh Morpork, a medieval version of a bustling, culturally diverse city, similar to London or New York City Vimes is similar to a police chief, a sergeant, who employs a group of individuals in the force just as diverse as the city Among the races are dwarfs, trolls, vampires, werewolves, zombies, and much What concerns me is that Vimes, either in this book, or the previous [...]

    20. I love this City Watch Night Watch sub series of Discworld Newly knighted Sir Samuel Vimes and his bleeping imp , Lord Vetinari, and the whole multi species gang of street patrollers Here s Carrot Ironfoundersson leading Fred Colon and Nobby Nobbs into the Shades graffitiheadviantart ar artist Graffitihead Sometimes, the tone gets a bit teachy preachy, and some puns have me rolling my eyes, but still, jolly good stuff, with lots of satire, and parallels to current events This book centers around [...]

    21. Very minor spoilers.By the end everything came together, so I ll round up to a 4 star rating but parts of this one didn t tickle me as much as some of the other Discworld novels I ve read.Breaking it down by plot threads I very much enjoyed the Commander Sir Samuel Vimes sections detailing his problems reconciling his longtime identity as a Watchman with his new role as husband of the richest woman in town His approach to the Vetinari case was great, as well as the way he dealt with the other Wa [...]

    22. Loved it Perfect storyline, perfect feeling, perfect pacing An obvious exaggeration but one to show how thoroughly I enjoyed the book It would be difficult not to enjoy the realism of the main characters and the caricature secondary cast , something I have come to appreciate in the previous City Watch novels The character development is obviously not monumental as this is an episode of an ongoing series rather than a stand alone work but still the addition of extra layers of complexity is noneth [...]

    23. I started reading through the Night Watch series of Discworld books for the Beach Blanket Bonanza challenge I ran I enjoyed the books I read then enough to keep reading of the series I recently finished Feet of Clay and am now starting Jingo.Feet of Clay is another straight up mystery There have been a handful of murders and someone is trying to kill the Patrician again Vimes, Carrot and the rest of the Watch must figure out who is behind the murders, the assassination attempts and why.The nove [...]

    24. There s not a whole lot you can say about Discworld other than it s hard to go wrong Of Pratchett s usual suspects, this book focuses on the Watch and San Vimes, with a brief cameo from Death and none from the infamous Rincewind I always feel that the Watch books operate differently than the others, because Sam Vimes comes across as a well rounded character who doesn t follow the same mold as someone like Rincewind He s easier to take seriously, and therefore the Watch books and there are sever [...]

    25. Simply fantastic Only 4 stars because it took its time to really get rolling, but Pratchett can really make you think and care about dwarves and trolls and gollums.

    26. I do a re read of these as palate cleansers between books, and because I love Discworld so much I actually was not a huge fan of Sam Vimes before I started to get older I was much into the Wizards and Witches when I was younger and reading through these for the first time Sam Vimes is someone you relate to the you go through your own personal struggles growing as a person It s incredible that after multiple re reads, I still get something out of these books each time I read them Miss you, Terr [...]

    27. This Discworld novel had some very memorable plot threads, including that of artificial intelligence as manifested in golems, as well as the Cheery Littlebottom story How does a bearded dwarf female embrace her femininity Pure comedy gold I love me some Veterinari plotlines, also He s one of my favorite Disc characters Another great Pratchett to add to the list.

    28. Another book on social issues this one tackles slavery in the form of the golems as well as female sexuality with the appearance of a female dwarf It made me laugh out loud and think And I believe that s what the great Terry Pratchett was going for.

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