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The Bachelor Contract By Rachel Van Dyken,

  • Title: The Bachelor Contract
  • Author: Rachel Van Dyken
  • ISBN: 9781455542130
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • A second chance romance from the 1 NYT bestseller of The Bet, Matchmaker and Elite series She s everywhere.Ex wife.Love of his life.The last person in the world he wanted to seeever.And now that he s working beside her every day, he can t escape her Her scent, glimpses of her smile, even the tension in the air that makes his body hum with the kind of need he d only exA second chance romance from the 1 NYT bestseller of The Bet, Matchmaker and Elite series She s everywhere.Ex wife.Love of his life.The last person in the world he wanted to seeever.And now that he s working beside her every day, he can t escape her Her scent, glimpses of her smile, even the tension in the air that makes his body hum with the kind of need he d only experienced with one person all of it is driving him over the edge.Brant Wellington was certain of three things Alcohol wasn t going to solve this He really was losing his F ing mind And his gorgeous ex wife was going to be the death of him.
    The Bachelor Contract A second chance romance from the NYT bestseller of The Bet Matchmaker and Elite series She s everywhere Ex wife Love of his life The last person in the world he wanted to seeever And now that he s

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    1. The Bachelor Contract is book three in The Bachelors of Arizona series by Rachel Van Dyken From the start I ve been hooked on these Wellington brothers in this series Raised by their Grandfather and each broken in their own way I think perhaps Brant is the most broken of the three We met him in the previous books but didn t know what darkness he harbored within him I want to admit up front that this book was pretty emotional, almost too much for me Although there is also plenty of humor, I found [...]

    2. 4.5 Second Chance Stars I ve always enjoyed RVD books Her writing always capturing my attention She didn t let me down in this book, however my heart broke reading this installment My heart hurt for Brant Nikki both Four years ago their lives were completely shattered They suffered the greatest loss and their relationship completely shattered Now four years later Brant comes face to face with his ex wife for the first time, an ex wife he s never gotten over He has numbed himself with drugs and w [...]

    3. NOW LIVE US UKEnter Paperback Giveaway HEREI don t honestly know how I survived this book because these characters broke my heart Reading how devastated they both were had me tearing up so much throughout the story, especially Brant Brant was just a mess and completely losing his shit when this book opened up I felt so many emotions for him because his pain was right there on the surface as he was trying so hard to hide it He was one of those characters that I wish was real just so I can hold hi [...]

    4. This was the last book in the Bachelor auction series and believe me it was an emotional read Considering how heavy of a read it was, I couldn t put it down Brant and his ex wife had a ton of baggage but when they worked through it, a beautiful relationship emerged This series is well worth the read

    5. Title The Bachelor Contract The Bachelors of Arizona 3 Author Rachel Van DykenGenre Contemporary RomancePublication Date November 28, 2017This book was a surprise.Even before the first chapter ended, I was gutted, my heart hurt for these two souls.The Bachelors Contract was not what I expected It wasn t one of my favourite second chance romance book but It still was heartwarmingly blissful It would never be a RVD book without it s dose of sexiness and My God did she provide that.I didn t like Br [...]

    6. Compellingly addictive with a passion that had me glued to my seat from start to finish A story about heartbreak, pain and anger conquered by hope and infinite love Oh the feels I have loved the Bachelors of Arizona as individual standalone stories and a series The dynamic between each couple and as a family has been unique and intriguing with secrets and pain and so much love necessary to heal beaten, battered hearts For the past four years, Brandt s life has been defined by pain, guilt and a n [...]

    7. I agree with another reviewer that this author writes the worst hero s but I also think her heroine s are too damn weak and needy This is my last book by this author her books with her main MCs are too unlikeable for me.

    8. 3.5 to 4 starsThis is the third Bachelors of Arizona book and is Brant s story Now Brant is a hot mess He is numbing his pain and loss in unhealthy ways and is angry, lost, guilt ridden, and broken His self worth took a major hit and he is just not happy in life His ex wife Nikki s life also changed in the course rapidly and her life was never the same either Four years later, she is still hurt, angry, and trying to deal with the fall out from the past She has made a new life with new friends, b [...]

    9. Waste of my time Brant is a dick who couldn t keep his dick in his pants The drinking I can almost get, but the whoring, no way what a piece of shit Grow up.The heroine is pathetic, just takes him straight back after his 4 years of fucking around non stop Let s just call her the perfect martyr.Really pathetic story Last time I will read this author She writes the WORST H s

    10. I ve been waiting for Brant s story and I knew that it would be chocked full of drama considering what a hot mess he was in the last book Brant is all sorts of broody, he s a time bomb and is literally on the road to destruction in this book Nikki dear gawd she has gone through so much I couldn t even imagine how she manages each day.Watching these two reunite was hilarious at times, gut wrenching at others and literally had me wrapped up in them There is a lot of pain with Brant and his ex wife [...]

    11. 3.5 4 starsBrant Wellington is heading, on the order of Grandma Nadine, to work at one of her hotels But what he finds when he arrives is than he expected his ex wife Though he hasn t seen her in years, he still feels grief, guilt, and anger about the events that led to their divorce and working with her brings everything back to the surface Nikki s life changed drastically during and after her marriage to Brent collapsed Her independence as a massage therapist is huge for her, and the routine [...]

    12. DNF at 51%.Okay, my bad, I ve realised that I don t get on with Rachel Van Dyken s novels so it s on me for requesting a book by her The trouble is she changes genre and the look of her books so I don t instantly recall that I don t like her writing and then it s too late.Anyway, I liked the look of the cover and the blurb sounded good so I requested an ARC.All that aside, or taking that into account, this was just one big hot mess for me Brant and Nikki were married, they were young and poor an [...]

    13. People Brant like make me not believe in relationships these days They are also the ones who kill romance for me He thinks of Nikki in almost everything he does and yet he spends the four years he was away from her manwhoring and drinking The drinking, I can understand He and Nikki share a very tragic story But manwhoring Why He even taunts Nikki with the conquests he had over the years Brant is the worst hero in the series and I didn t like him from the beginning until the end of the book I fel [...]

    14. 2.5 Stars This is the lowest rating I have ever given RVD and I pray it s the only time too Cause, lord knows my heart is breaking not being able to rate this higher.I have never been so indecisive on writing a review before And I think part of the reason is because I love RVD and her books She always intrigues me with her characters and their stories But with this book, I am beyond torn Part of me liked this book and another part big part was just really annoyed with this book and the story lin [...]

    15. Reviewed on behalf of The Book Boyfriend Addict bookboyfriendaddict A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.No matter where she went, she was still a part of him, a beautiful reminder of his ugly past.Brant Wellington has been a shell of his former self ever since his entire life fell apart four years ago He s managed to keep the pain at bay via an endless parade of meaningless hookups and plenty of alcohol But now that he s forced to not only see his ex wife, but also [...]

    16. This was my first read from Rachel Van Dyken, and I have heard good things about her books Unfortunately this one just didn t work for me But I m not giving up yet, I will try another one and see if it s a better fit.I should mention that this is the third book in the Bachelors of Arizona series, and I have not read the earlier books I didn t feel like I was lost or missing too much information, but after reading some other reviews I understand that this story may have been playing out in earlie [...]

    17. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review The Bachelor Contract by Rachel Van Dyken carries of a deeper emotional storyline than her typical romantic stories that are interlaced with humor Instead this book was definitely all about the feels, heartbreak and forgiveness As humans, we tend to place blame as to why a relationship failed but in this book Rachel Van Dyken allowed readers to be immersed in the journey of Brant and Nikki as they reconnect, learn to forgive and get that s [...]

    18. The Bachelor Contract By Rachel Van Dyken Rollercoaster of emotions, 5 stars If you have read the other two Bachelor books by RVD you know that Brant is a hot mess If you haven t that s okay, you ll figure it out soon enough RVD takes us through a rollercoaster of emotions I was so into the story that I didn t move and forgot about my wine glass that was sitting right next to me until I hit the last page.Brant is a disaster I never expected to like him But then I found out why he was a mess and [...]

    19. The Bachelor Contract The Bachelors of Arizona by Rachel Van Dyken Never have I lost my heart as quickly as I have with Rachel Van Dyken s, Bachelors of Arizona series Brock and Jane were the beginning of something wonderful Bentley and Margot were the culmination of something special and Brant and Nikki were like a dance with destiny The Bachelor Contract is as captivating as it is heartbreaking What began as a beautiful romance, lost it s innocence and became a journey of pain, guilt and salva [...]

    20. ARC Provided by the Author and NetGalley I struggled with this book I did end up liking it at the end, but I had a hard time with both Brandt and Nikki I was not totally convinced I believed in their actions and their reactions the story never felt real to me, and I am not sure the actions of the characters really acted in a way that worked for me as a plot and story.As the book went on, I warmed up to Nikki and I started to believe in her and to think that I was hanging out with a character I l [...]

    21. I own quite a few books by Rachel Van Dyken, but I think this is the first book I ve ever picked up by her This sounded like a sweet, emotional second chance romance and I couldn t wait to dive in Nikki s life is as good as it s going to get Since losing her sight and her ex husband, Brant, she s settled for working as a masseuse at a prestigious hotel with her best friend, Cole The last time she saw Brant, they were both broken beyond repair and he never came back to fix her When Brant shows up [...]

    22. 3.5 Stars Not my Fav RVD BookAs a huge fan of Rachel Van Dyken and having only read one book in this series, it wasn t the best thing I have read from her While you can see some of Rachel s humor creeping out of the pages, it was a little heavier than I am use to with her writing.Brant was a tough character to like He came across as a poor, rich boy, wah wah wah, my life is a mess somebody fix it for me type I didn t like him right off the bat, now Cole was a different story Brant is being force [...]

    23. This is an emotional second chance romance novel If you are a fan of the Hit Television Show, This is Us, then you will most likely love this book For me, I read to escape and do not watch This is Us for that emotional reason With that said, I still enjoyed the book and my heart broke for Brant and Nikki I just prefer my stories and main characters not to be so debilitating This second chance romance leaves you breathless searching for what originally ended Brant and Nikki s picture perfect happ [...]

    24. I ve enjoyed this series than I expected I was a bit concerned with the first book but with each installment I have liked it and I think this one is my favorite out of all of them That s probably because it was a bit heavier than the rest and even though some are complaining about that I liked it a lot Rachel does humor wonderfully and she does deeper and heavier stuff wonderfully I love that she kinda combined both in this book The story line took a bit of a turn I wasn t expecting but over [...]

    25. OMG what a great story Emotional and angsty with doses of humor thrown in Watching Brant and Nikki reconnect after their tragic breakup and divorce was amazing since they never stopped loving each other I ll be going back and reading the previous books in this series thanks to Social Butterfly for sharing a copy of this with me

    26. The world had been theirs until the world turned on them, and they turned on each other It was so much easier blaming someone else than taking responsibility for your own pain The eyes are the windows to the soul, he whispered And you ve always owned mine I ll always choose her Even when it hurt Even when he knew it could destroy them all over again If they couldn t face their demons four years ago, then what the hell made him think they could face them now Hope And the face that he wasn t going [...]

    27. I love this series and couldn t wait to read Brant s story.As you know from The Bachelor Auction, all three brothers were put as auction items a win a date with.Brant s winning bidder is his ex wife The woman he was madly in love with against his families wishes Tragedy upon tragedy befell them and with no where to turn, Brant turned to booze.He s been so lost, and feels so guilty for everything that happened between him and Nikki, he struggles to surface But when the two of them are stuck toget [...]

    28. ve been a fan of Ms Van Dyken for some time now with all her books, this story hits the perfect balance of warmth, emotions, heartbreak, and best of all love and romancewith Brant and Nikki so vulnerable, it takes their hearts to find theirs love each other again Brant and Nikki s story touch my heart through their struggles, suffering, and finding their way back to each other againd best of all the love for each other that never died The author has brought these characters to life through her c [...]

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