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The Reservoir Tapes By Jon McGregor,

  • Title: The Reservoir Tapes
  • Author: Jon McGregor
  • ISBN: 9780008235659
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As broadcast on BBC radio 4 the fifteen prequel stories to Reservoir 13 He leaves behind all other writers of his generation Sarah HallMidwinter in the early years of this century A teenage girl on holiday has gone missing in the hills at the heart of England The villagers are called up to join the search, fanning out across the moors as the police set up roadblocksAs broadcast on BBC radio 4 the fifteen prequel stories to Reservoir 13 He leaves behind all other writers of his generation Sarah HallMidwinter in the early years of this century A teenage girl on holiday has gone missing in the hills at the heart of England The villagers are called up to join the search, fanning out across the moors as the police set up roadblocks and a crowd of news reporters descends on their usually quiet home.But the aftershocks of Becky Shaw s disappearance have origins long before then, and those in the village have losses, and secrets, and stories of their own A woman remembers a son s inexperience and a father s rage a young wife pushes against the boundaries of her marriage, whilst an older one finds ways to ensure the survival of hers A hunt for a birthday present takes an alarming turn, and a teenage game grows serious.Fresh hurts open old wounds, salvation comes from unexpected quarters and chance encounters release long buried memories.First broadcast as a series of specially commissioned stories on BBC Radio 4, The Reservoir Tapes returns to the territory of the Booker longlisted Reservoir 13, revealing the web of connections that bind us, and the many layers on which we all build our truths.
    The Reservoir Tapes As broadcast on BBC radio the fifteen prequel stories to Reservoir He leaves behind all other writers of his generation Sarah HallMidwinter in the early years of this century A teenage girl on ho

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    1. The Reservoir Tapes are a companion piece to Jon McGregor s novel, Reservoir 13 , that was recently long listed for the 2017 Booker Prize Reservoir 13 was my favourite of all the long listed books and I was disappointed when it didn t emerge the eventual winner The Reservoir Tapes were initially commissioned by BBC radio as short radio pieces that act as a prequel to Reservoir 13.In Reservoir 13 we were introduced to the inhabitants of a quiet English village that were all reeling from the impac [...]

    2. I find it impossible to review this without reference to the book that spawned it, Reservoir 13 which was my favourite book of 2017 and finally gained the award it deserved from the Costa prize after missing out on the Booker and the Goldsmiths.These 15 monologues were commissioned by BBC Radio 4 and broadcast over the last few months I caught most of them then but to be honest was a little disappointed because my expectations were so high.Now, brought together as a book, I was able to read them [...]

    3. They d agreed to talk to Becky about it later, when they went out for their walk.Reservoir 13 will, I strongly suspect, end up as my book of 2017, one of the most innovative and enjoyable books I have read for years My review review showIt told the story of an English village for the 13 years after the disappearance of a 13 year old girl, Becky Shaw, but in a unique way In the author s words from a recent interview The narrative spark came first And it was only once I realised that I d landed my [...]

    4. First there was Reservoir 13, Jon McGregor s highly acclaimed 2017 novel in which a teenage girl on holiday with her family goes missing Eight months later we have The Reservoir Tapes, a companion piece, offering insights into the events leading up to Becky Shaw s perplexing disappearance.Set in a rural village in England s Peak District an upland area at the southern end of the Pennines The Reservoir Tapes was first aired on BBC Radio 4 as a specially commissioned short fiction series read by N [...]

    5. Comprising 15 short character studies, this is both prequel and complement to Reservoir 13, filling out backstories and details of people in the first book Read as a standalone, it feels like a literary exercise all the characters and tales are deft and full of possibilities but they don t come to fruition in this volume An interesting idea to back fill an existing text.Thanks to the publisher for an ARC via NetGalley.

    6. Reservoir 13 was without doubt, one of the standout books of 2017 A book which was shortlisted for two prizes at either extreme of the Book prize spectrum the Goldsmith Prize designed to reward fiction that breaks the mould or extends the possibilities of the novel form and the Costa Prize which focuses on recognising the most enjoyable book of the year a book both mould breaking and hugely enjoyable and which was inexplicably omitted from the disappointing Booker shortlist despite making the mu [...]

    7. This was advertised as being 15 mini prequel stories to Reservoir 13, and I was intrigued that it was being serialised as a podcast on BBC radio 4 so decided to give it a go I had been meaning to read Reservoir 13 but had seen really mixed reviews of it, and this seemed an easy way to see if I would like it without actually having to do any reading yes, I m lazy.I have to admit I found this kind of disjointed each story was pretty stand alone and seemed barely linked to the others, besides the f [...]

    8. Jon McGregor s Reservoir 13 was longlisted for the Booker, and is appearing on several end of year lists as one of the books of 2017 It deals with the disappearance of a teenager holidaying in a fictional village in the Peak District and its chapters spread over the 13 years following the incident Following the novel s success, BBC Radio 4 commissioned a set of fifteen short stories which are currently being broadcast and will be published in one volume The Reservoir Tapes has been desribed as a [...]

    9. He s definitely one of the best contemporary writers and if you re not reading McGregor you re missing some of the most considered and precise writing This is a truly excellent companion to RESERVOIR 13 but be sure to read that book first.

    10. Earlier this year I reviewed Reservoir 13, and although on reflection I realise I may have been a bit harsh, it still fell short of the mark for me I now realise it was a far nuanced and subtle novel than I realised at the time I was reading it But, I still found two major flaws that dampened my enthusiasm considerably 1 that although there was a lot of breadth, the novel was lacking in depth and 2 there was never anything told from a single character s point of view, but instead there was an a [...]

    11. Jon McGregor s Reservoir 13 stepped out life in a small town, year by year, over the 13 years since a teenage visitor, Becky Shaw, went missing One of the most powerful aspects of the novel was the lack of sensationalism about the disappearance it was mentioned in the first year or two, but faded into the backstory Occasionally a piece of clothing would turn up or a memory would be stirred, but it was merely incidental.So the Reservoir Tapes is a companion piece In that first year, we have 15 na [...]

    12. 4 This is an accompanying read to Reservoir 13 and is a collection of short stories from the viewpoint of various characters who appear in that book.Like Reservoir 13 there is nothing specifically revealed instead each story adds snippets of information to what life in the village is like on a daily basis and some provide possible clues to what happened to Becky Shaw however these clues are often conflicting.

    13. I listened to four episodes 1, 2, 3, 5 of this as it was serialised on BBC4 I skipped the fourth, as I could not really understand the narrator s accent After the fifth episode, however, I decided to give up on it whilst it isn t bad, it actually adds comparatively little to Reservoir 13, and the writing is not as strong either I like the format, but do not see its necessity.

    14. More clues, mysteries and red herringsJon McGregor s Reservoir 13 2017 was an intriguing mystery about 13 years in the ongoing life in a northern English town in the Peak District after the New Year s disappearance of a 13 year old girl named Rebecca Becky Shaw Its unique leisurely observational style overseeing a cast of about 75 characters takes some getting used to, but if the style wins you over you will likely become a committed fan It somewhat notoriously view spoiler does not provide a so [...]

    15. i didn t listen to the tapes, i just read the book, so there is the possibility they are significantly impactful in the audio medium as opposed to the print medium interesting and odd, probably overstated reveal aspect if i hadn t read a review i would have never figured out the first chapter was only the cop s questions, no answers from Becky s mom it seemed so what the hell until i found that out the rest were just snippets of lives, snatches of happenings, i would say insights if Reservoir 1 [...]

    16. I absolutely loved Reservoir 13 and this is a wonderful little companion read I felt genuine sadness at having to leave the fascinating little village community behind when I finished Reservoir 13 and as such I was delighted to find I could delve further into the heart of it in this short but engrossing little book.The incredible control and style that Jon McGregor showed in creating Reservoir 13 remains in full force here making for a book unlike the vast majority of other material out there Mc [...]

    17. A nice little companion to Reservoir 13 but by being broken up into chapters each focussing on one character it lacks the magic that was spun by the seasonal rhythms of Reservoir 13 Jon McGregor has a talent for writing about the little things, the everyday, unremarkable, and using these to weave a much wider, bigger story I found myself pleased to be back in this unnamed Peak village and learning about the lives of these characters but not as swept up in the world as I was on my first visit.

    18. Reservoir Tapes is a collection of short stories written as a prequel to Reservoir 13 I found though the stories were very well written and I felt I knew the characters as the stories are short nothing comes to fruition.I would think you would need to have read Reservoir 13 to fully appreciate the stories.I didn t feel it stood up as a stand alone book.

    19. This works very well as a companion to Reservoir 13 I m not sure how well it would stand alone But I liked it very much it reveals and occludes, all at the same time Reservoir 13 is surface, here we see inside people, some hints of what is hidden which, really, is how most of us see don t see others.

    20. These stories are nice as bonus material for Reservoir 13 But the off kilter narrative voice which made the original so great is missing And while the stories themselves aren t bad, nothing really grabbed me either.

    21. Nice little snippets of daily village life,all with somewhat connecting stories.Despite not having read reservoir 13,this is a great stand alone book,that has done nothing but mentally move 13 up my to be read list.I ve yet to meet a McGregor book I didn t likea lot.

    22. I read this originally having no idea it was a prequel to another book, Reservoir 13, which I now need to read Subtle, spare and beautifully written, leaving the reader to do the detective work I will read again to capture all the nuances.

    23. I think I really need to read Reservoir 13 before I say much about this book It was a quick, easy read, but I m guessing I am missing quite a lot of the story behind these fragments and it will come together for me after reading the original book.

    24. This was one of two books for my bookclub this month, which is why I read it in the first place A pointless story ies The only upside is the length of the book, so I wasted very little time reading it Now I have to read Reservoir 13 for book club

    25. Another exploration of the characters and themes from the Reservoir 13 book The Talking heads style allows the voices of the characters to come out, intersect and weave around the main story Enthralling.

    26. Such beautifully crafted vignettes Perfect addition to Reservoir 13 It s an absolute joy to read this prose.

    27. An excellent companion to the superb Reservoir 13 , The Reservoir Tapes compiles a series of first person accounts of events leading up to and around the disappearance of Becky Shaw.Originally conceived as a series of Radio 4 plays, these transcripts work equally well in print, shedding slivers of new light on the case, and adding pieces to an ultimately incomplete puzzle.The accounts add depth to the characters you meet in Reservoir 13 , the seemingly normal village inhabitants whose lives are [...]

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