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Mistress Suffragette By Diana Forbes,

  • Title: Mistress Suffragette
  • Author: Diana Forbes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • As Penelope Stanton grows into her own in the burgeoning Women s Suffrage Movement, she is pursued by an incorrigible banker who promises to use his access and power to help her advance But can he be trusted or are his words part of an elaborate mind game played between him and his wife In this superbly crafted novel, rich with historical detail, Diana Forbes transports tAs Penelope Stanton grows into her own in the burgeoning Women s Suffrage Movement, she is pursued by an incorrigible banker who promises to use his access and power to help her advance But can he be trusted or are his words part of an elaborate mind game played between him and his wife In this superbly crafted novel, rich with historical detail, Diana Forbes transports the reader to the Gilded Age and creates an unforgettable protagonist in Penelope Stanton Pursued by a villainous millionaire, torn between the dictates of propriety, the promptings of her own heart, and her allegiance to the fight for women s suffrage, can Penelope forge her own path This book is impossible to put down and readers will be rooting for Penelope all the way Phyllis T Smith, bestselling author of I Am Livia and The Daughters of Palatine Hill.Mistress Suffragette is a delightful romp through the Gilded Age Penelope Stanton, a young woman forced to create a new life for herself, is a witty and feisty guide through this most fascinating of eras A very entertaining read Susan Breen, author of the bestselling Maggie Dove mystery series.For lovers of historical fiction, this debut novel by Diana Forbes is a romp through the pleasures and perils of the Gilded Age in late 19th Century New England Books Pro
    Mistress Suffragette As Penelope Stanton grows into her own in the burgeoning Women s Suffrage Movement she is pursued by an incorrigible banker who promises to use his access and power to help her advance But can he be

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    1. I rarely read or review romances I like unusual books, and romances tend to run to formula So when I got the request for this review, I had to take a look at what was being said about Mistress Suffragette on It sounded like there would be emphasis on the context than I would normally find in a historical romance This is why I accepted a review copy, and I am now posting an honest review.When we first meet Penelope Stanton, the protagonist of Mistress Suffragette, she s sheltered, spoiled and so [...]

    2. Against a backdrop of the Gilded Age, Mistress Suffragette follows a young woman as she fights with society and herself to find genuine freedom.New York debutante Penelope Stanton is on the verge of marrying Sam, a business acquaintance of her father, but when her father s business endeavors begin to fail, Sam drops her Her family will soon be in dire straits if they can t marry Penelope off or find her a good job At a dance, she meets Edwin Post, an older, married man, who forces himself on her [...]

    3. Splendid, delightful and engaging.Mistress Suffragette is a wonderful story set in the time when women fought to have a voice while still being dependent on a man It is a great read and brimming with enlightening historical information.It is brilliantly written in the time setting of the 1890 s during the Gilded Age and the women s suffragette movement.The author, Diana Forbes, has woven together a fictional tale with real life historical events.The main character Penelope, is a young woman that [...]

    4. Reviewed by Juliana Leal for Readers Views 05 17 Mistress Suffragette by Diana Forbes is a wonderful and detailed journey that takes you back in time to the late 19th Century Gilded Age 1870 1900 It is a vivid story that merges romance, fiction, and historical events that took place during that age Diana Forbes fascinating descriptions of the time and characters will make you feel you are right there witnessing all the events Set in Newport, Rhode Island, Manhattan, and Boston, this novel will c [...]

    5. It was a new and promising time for women at the end of the 1800 s, and this suited Penelope Stanton perfectly She had just been dumped by her fianc , no matter that he was her cousin, but theirs was to be a marriage by alliance in his eyes anyway She no longer had the financial connections now that her father s business was suffering from the Panic of that era Plus, she did not possess the desire to teach or get suitable employment to help her parents out of their crisis.What Penelope is doing [...]

    6. Diana Forbes has a knack for this type of writing In Mistress Suffragette we get a mix of history and romance that, despite the plethora of steamy romance book covers featuring bare chested, 18th century Dukes, is rarely done well To be honest, it s not easy for me to imagine romance being all that sexy to begin with back before daily bathing became the norm Perhaps that s only my pesky sense of reality rearing it s cynical head.Despite the singular historical issue of women s suffrage as a focu [...]

    7. Disclaimer I won this book from GoodReads and the publisher Never toast your enemies It accords them too much power Penelope Stanton, oldest of two daughters of Newport scion Phillip Stanton, is caught between the old order and the new age As the panic of 1893 comes crashing in, it leads the way for suffrage and abolitionist outcry that drown out the once Gilded Age of money equally power in a chess game where the children become the game pieces in keeping things solvent.Spurred by her first bea [...]

    8. A fun mix of history and fictionDiana Forbes managed to write a fun and witty historical novel that I believe is very close to how things were during the suffrage movement Penelope is living on the cusp of a women s movement but she is still stuck in a time when women are expected to marry or considered spinsters before they re in their late 20 s Penelope is struggling with finding a husband in the wake of her fathers company going bankrupt, leaving her without a dowry to offer an interested sui [...]

    9. Following a young woman s journey as she discovers the world on her own Although Penelope P Stanton had lived a life with her parents and younger sister, she soon realizes that her worth is dependent on saving her father s dying business by whatever means necessary Learning this, amongst the way the current men she s encountered in her life, leads her to believe men could very well be just using women for their gains In Mistress Suffragette, author Diana Forbes shows her readers that women empow [...]

    10. Diana Forbes takes us on Penelope Stanton s journey during the Gilded Age to fight for women s rights While trying to fight for the rights of women though, Penelope must also fight off the advances of Edgar Daggers, an obnoxious millionaire who is known for his flirtatious ways As she works hard to ignore them she also has to fight against some feelings she has for him However, when Penelope learns that Edgar is willing to help her in the women s suffrage movement she has to decide whether he s [...]

    11. This book was written very well The descriptions of people and places were very vivid and it was very easy for me to escape from my current world into the world of the Gilded age of the late 1800s I loved the descriptions of the time period getting a dance card filled, the lavish balls, the beautiful gowns That being said, unfortunately, this wasn t the book for me The content made me a bit uncomfortable at times and I didn t like the main character very much I think many people would enjoy this [...]

    12. It isn t very often I come across a book, especially from an author I previously haven t read, that impacts me in such a profound way so that I take it completely to heart Diana Forbes proves here that she is a master storyteller, and with subject matter that is equally informative, entertaining and moving I think Mistress Suffragette is an amazing book destined to find a much wider audience In fact I wouldn t be at all surprised if this is soon snapped up for a small screen or big screen transf [...]

    13. Mistress Suffragette is an accomplished book that does a great job of showing readers what it was like for women in the late 19th century The vivid reality Forbes creates in terms of the senses is quite remarkable Perhaps the gruesomeness of a lot of the oppression is not conveyed, but as this is a romance novel that can be forgiven.Many of the other reviews seem to focus heavily on the historical nature, and it is handled very well, but for me the romance and plot line were far fulfilling Pene [...]

    14. This is a complete fictional tale full of historical events This book was well researched and well written for the period of the Gilded Age The author Diana Forbes did her homework This book transports you to another time and place in both characters and settings Mistress Suffragette depends on men, like most women do at that time period, but is trying to find her own, independent voice This book is very well written and nothing was disappointing The dialogue was perfect and the characters were [...]

    15. Mistress Suffragette is a beautiful and heart wrenching tale about a young woman s struggle in a male dominated world I m sure this was written in a literal sense of the time, but so much is still relevant today, and with recent uncovered happenings in Hollywood the subject matter is even prevalent than ever Forbes is a very accomplished author, and she paints each scene in a seemingly effortless way allowing the reader to be whisked away along with Penelope Stanton s journey I loved the book r [...]

    16. A delightful read Mistress Suffragette was about a woman named Penelope Stanton trying to find her place in the world It was a time of turmoil, The Panic of 1893 She found herself thrown into The Women s Suffrage Movement where she excels Penelope meets a few interesting characters along the way The rakish Edgar Daggers is quite the interesting character.I enjoyed this Historical Fiction and would like to read from this Author.I give Mistress Suffragette 4 stars for its entertaining story and s [...]

    17. Mistress Suffragette was a fast paced, easy read that dove into the problems of a young woman whose plans for the future took an unexpected turn and how she came into her own The author offers a great attention to detail to bring the Gilded Age of New England to life, and the mix of history, intrigue, and a lead character longing for romance makes for a great story Written from the perspective of young Penelope, an idealistic romantic, it was satisfying to follow her progress to become a strong, [...]

    18. I was hooked on the story from the very beginning with the well written storyline that flowed effortlessly from page to page and the characters were so well developed that I felt like I was peeking through a window watching as the character s story unfolded This is the first book that I have read from Diana Forbes and it definitely will not be the last I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    19. Read full review misanthropester 2017 05 1This coming of age story succeeds because it uses its era to reveal to us the intense, some times messy as well as banal, maturation of its protagonist, Penelope Stanton, and by proxy, the age itself Readers who enjoy the speculative historical fiction of Diana Gabaldon as well as the literary fiction of Edith Wharton will find Diana Forbes novel than suitable.

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