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Witch's Mate By Alicia Montgomery,

  • Title: Witch's Mate
  • Author: Alicia Montgomery
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Can be read as a standalone werewolf shifter billionaire paranormal romance book The next arc of the True Mates Series begins with San Francisco Alpha Liam Henney and witch Lara Chatraine as they fight their growing attraction When a chance encounter with Liam Henney sparks instant lust, Lara Chatraine discovers that the Lycan Alpha may be her True Mate Lara Chat Can be read as a standalone werewolf shifter billionaire paranormal romance book The next arc of the True Mates Series begins with San Francisco Alpha Liam Henney and witch Lara Chatraine as they fight their growing attraction When a chance encounter with Liam Henney sparks instant lust, Lara Chatraine discovers that the Lycan Alpha may be her True Mate Lara Chatraine was born with special powers, but it comes with a price a curse, one that would put Liam in danger if they pursued their attraction Determined to protect him, she resists his advances and keeps the knowledge of their true connection to herself As Alpha to the most powerful clans on the West Coast, Liam Henney has a duty to his family and his people, not only to protect them, but also to produce the next Lycan heir But, weeks after their passionate encounter, Liam can t get Lara out of his mind The normally constrained and reserved Liam has had one thing on his mind to possess the bewitching beauty and make her his When members of the San Francisco clan turn up dead, suspicion turns to the bloodthirsty mages Liam and Lara must work together to stop Master Mage Stefan, and take him down before he harms people and exposes the existence of Lycans and witches to the world As Liam breaks down her defenses and stokes her desires, can Lara keep him safe from her curse and defeat the mages before it s too late Witch s Mate is a full length over 70,000 words werewolf paranormal romance with explicit love scenes, naughty language, and shifter suspense action with guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers Although it works as a standalone romance story, this book takes place in the True Mates series Though not necessary, I recommend you read the rest of the books to understand the world and the main plot.
    Witch s Mate Can be read as a standalone werewolf shifter billionaire paranormal romance book The next arc of the True Mates Series begins with San Francisco Alpha Liam Henney and witch Lara Chatraine as they figh

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    1. Finally, Liam gets his girl I ve been waiting for Liam to get a girl since the first book when he was talking to Alynna at her introduction party Throughout the series, he s struck me as a sweet guy who deserved his happily ever after I am thrilled that he got that with Lara Speaking of Lara, I loved her character and her parents I loved that we got to see her and Liam interact with them There may have been editing issues, but they did not take me out of the story Usually I highlight typos and o [...]

    2. I have read everyone of these books in this series I love each and everyone of them This one might be my favorite so far.Lara and Liam go at it hot and heavy in an elevator when he is visiting from California.But when he returns home neither of them can seem to stop thinking of the other Lara s not sure but Liam might be her True Mate When tragedy strikes in San Francisco Lara and another Dr must help Liam Who knew Liam was such a dirty talker Omg my heart was broken Good thing I only read HEA s [...]

    3. Witch s Mate Book 4 of the True Mates Series A Billionaire Werewolf Shifter Paranormal Romance by Alicia MontgomeryWhat a Fantastic and engaging story It s a great magical read I enjoyed reading these characters The twists and turns in this story makes it a really awesome read Their journey to love is wonderful ,sexy , funny and sweet I will just say that this story is a awesome journey of how and when feelings can grow and how things can change from a simple miss understanding to so much The s [...]

    4. Liam and Lara s story is great It is curious that many of the true mates are not Lycan It was interesting that Lara was aware that she might be a True Mate but that Liam really hadn t considered it might be a possibility Really liked that even though witches and Lycans aren t supposed to like each other Lara s parents and her coven accepted Liam from the very beginning I enjoyed the watching their relationship bloom and wonder if Liam is correct about the sex of the baby Look forward to the next [...]

    5. The San Francisco Alpha and the New York City witch get their story And while I loved not only the change in scenery a lot of the story takes place in San Fran but the new characters Liam s family is amazing, and I d like to get to know about his mom , there was one thing that struck an off note for me Beware going further in this review Here Be Spoilers.Liam, the San Fran Alpha, has always been a quiet, thoughtful guy But as soon as he scents his True Mate Lara He turns into a pushy, possessiv [...]

    6. Gets better and betterThe fourth in this series does not disappoint I thoroughly enjoyed watching Lara and Liam figure out that they are destined to be together Lara we got to meet in book three but I really enjoyed getting to know her character She s sneaky and in a guarding her heart kind of way She didn t want to let on what she knew about her and Liam She has an uphill battle I feel internally and with Liam She had so many fears and reservations to overcome Liam I thought was a butt sometim [...]

    7. I really enjoy this series and recommend you read them all in order to get the most enjoyment It can be read as a standalone.Lara is a witch helping the NY alpha understand magic so they can fight their enemy She does not expect to fall for Liam who is the alpha from San Francisco They have a very strong attraction His mother expects him to marry a shifter not a witch She fears based on her past that a relationship between the two could be very dangerous Lara tries to keep him at a distance but [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this story I loved the characters and getting to know them better I love how the books are interconnected but stand on their own This book could be read as a standalone but if you ve read the previous books you get some extra enjoyment as you already know certain characters and get to catch up with ones from previous books I loved getting to know Lara better and finally getting to see Liam find his true mate We get to know about magic and what is going on in the research lab, i [...]

    9. Finally a story for Liam Liam is the San Francisco Alpha that befriend Alynna back in book 1 A lycan in which Alex was jealous of In this story , Liam finally met his fated in the form of a young witch Lana,who is also Cady s cousin , is working for Fenrir Co along with Dr.Cross in the research to end the mages.The elevator mishap pushed both Liam and Lana together in a heated frenzy Lana,having believed she s cursed,tries to stay away from Liam as she was afraid for his life Liam who was alread [...]

    10. This visit with the Lycans of NYC ultimately takes us to the Lycan clan in San Francisco for the next beautiful True Mates romance We met Liam in the first book as a potential suitor for Alynna, Grant s sister He was absolutely swoon worthy then and is even hotter in this story We met Lara through Cady in book 2, and is she ever something The Witches haven t always had a good working relationship with the Lycans, so expect some controversy and attitude adjustments as the possibility of a Lycan W [...]

    11. Honestly I was fairly disappointed in this one I ve been enjoying ripping through the True Mates series, and was genuinely looking forward to when Liam would become one the MCs I feel really cheated, though What happened It seems that the story was torn between following Liam and Laura, and developing the overarching series plot dealing with the mages Each of the True Mates were supposed to be able to be stand alone books, even if much better being read in order I don t think that was the case h [...]

    12. Great series with witches and wolves If you like paranormal romances then you will enjoy the series It does have some steamy scenes so for mature readers only Each book adds on to the prior one You can read out of order but it will spoil some of the prior stories then We get to learn about Liam, the San Francisco Alpha and Lara, a witch working with the NY Lycan pack From the start Lara knows Liam is the one for her, but a fear from her past will cause her to do anything to stop the romance fro [...]

    13. The true mate series is literally the only paranormal I read Alicia Montgomery has me so hooked into this story The mages are getting daring and dark It s kind of scary at some points Also, Liam and Lara are Sexyyy together Wow I like the new addition to the group, Meredith She s spunky and funny There are some surprises in this book, especially near the end Oh I can not wait for the next one, she needs to write faster I thought I guessed who s story it would be but now I m left with a couple p [...]

    14. Another excellent book for this seriesWhat do u get when you mix witches and my fans together So hot passionate and steamy sex scenes Lara and Liam are made for each He is a real gentleman,sexy and strong Alpha She is a strong, powerful, independent, and blessed witch She knows they are True mates from their first kiss but she is scared Lara will do and try anything not to fall in love with Liam But Liam as other plans concerning the two of them I am starting the last book because I can t wait t [...]

    15. I think this book might have just caught me at a bad timewhich is a bummer because I really enjoyed the first 3.I can appreciate and understand the fact that Lara wanted to protect Liam by staying away from him Butif she recognized that they were true mates, why in a million years would she think that Liam wouldn t knowor at least figure it out I have the biggest pet peeve for characters who withhold pertinent information for no good reason If she told Liam about the curse and still fought the a [...]

    16. This is a hard series for me to gradeI have found the plots interesting, but am having challenges with insta lust sex borderline consent when Alpha Males who are generally nice supportive get hit with True Mate lust I am also having trouble with all the Heroines in the series who are also generally confident, capable and nice and then suddenly flip to pissy drama queens when stressed, so I find I am reading the books for the stories, but I am skimming over the sex stuff and the pissy scenes Fina [...]

    17. Absolutely, loved this book The story line and characters are great, the characters blend together great to make a great book This book came to me as a gift from the author and I ve enjoyed it very much It s the first book I ve read of hers and fourth in series, but I liked it alot I highly recommend this book to any who want to read a great vampire romance it has humor,romance,sex scenes, and danger.

    18. Witches,warlocks,wolves and mages Alpha wolf Liam and witch Lara have chemistry galore All their friends are finding their true mates but these two try to stay away from each other, This book keeps in line with previous theme and characters from those book show up This book will have you laughing,maybe yelling at some of the antics going on.Well written,suspense,hot sexy moments,some violence Hoping several newcomers will get their own book.

    19. Perfection This series just keeps getting better and better with each true mates match I can t wait to read the next book about Jade and Sebastian I also want to find out what shifter is Sebastian, cause if he was a lycan the others would know And of course there should be a story on Meredith and

    20. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader s Copy of this bookWitch s Mate is book 4 in the True Mates series and is about the Liam Henney, Alpha of a old and powerful family on the West Coast and Lara Chatraine a witch that is working with the New York Alpha against the mages.These two are not new to each other, they ve met before when rescuing her cousin from the mages that kidnapped her They also had a hot elevator encounter at the Fenrir Corporation It was so hot that neither can stop thinking [...]

    21. Loved it This is the 4th book in the series and it was just as exciting and steamy as the first I have really loved this series and love getting to know all of the characters in depthe shortness factor helps too Can t wait to read I m hoping Jade s story is next

    22. Lara is a witch Liam is a wolf alpha shifter of san francisco and wolves hate witches and witches hate them but the only problem is lara knows he is her fated mate they can t keep their hands off each other but how this will work out no one knows and the bad witches r after them and causing death in his pack members

    23. I love Liam and Lara They are so great together I love how he s so growly and protective and willing to do what he needs to to be with her Plus he and the Fenrir group make an amazing team I really enjoyed all the time they seemed to use to get to know each other Of course, things are getting crazier with the images still I can t wait for Jade s book

    24. Loving this seriesI knew Liam would get a controversial mate, but wow A blessed witch and so young too Great match though Downloading book 5 as we speak I wonder how many clans this could stretch to Hmmmm, to keep the series going maybe move on to the Lycan Council and the witches too Just an idea.

    25. Keeps Getting BetterLara and Liam s story is another great addition to this series Even though Witches and Lycans have had bad blood between them, the bridges are being mended, especially with two of them being True Mates I love the addition of Meredith.

    26. Absolutely brilliant loved this book From the first page to the last this book keep me entertained.Liam and Lara , a Alpha and a witch Sizzling, romantic,sexy and of course trouble from The Warlocks I look forward to in this seriesI loved it

    27. Absolutely loved A must read, No spoilers hereAlicia is a fantastic writer who pulls you into her world of paranormal romance and you fall in love with each book in this series Can t wait for the next book Loved

    28. Loving this series.This series keeps getting better and better Good guys, bad guys, all really hooootttttt guys Grab your book and sink your teeth in to at his series Cant just read one and be done, nope not happenjng.

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