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Sisters By Lily Tuck,

  • Title: Sisters
  • Author: Lily Tuck
  • ISBN: 9780802127112
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lily Tuck s critically lauded, bestselling I Married You for Happiness was hailed by the Boston Globe as an artfully crafted still life of one couple s marriage In her singular new novel Sisters, Tuck gives a very different portrait of marital life, exposing the intricacies and scandals of a new marriage sprung from betrayal.Tuck s unnamed narrator lives with her new huLily Tuck s critically lauded, bestselling I Married You for Happiness was hailed by the Boston Globe as an artfully crafted still life of one couple s marriage In her singular new novel Sisters, Tuck gives a very different portrait of marital life, exposing the intricacies and scandals of a new marriage sprung from betrayal.Tuck s unnamed narrator lives with her new husband, his two teenagers, and the unbanishable presence of his first wife known only as she Obsessed with her, our narrator moves through her days presided over by the all too real ghost of the first marriage, fantasizing about how the first wife lives her life Will the narrator ever equal she intellectually, or ever forget the betrayal that lies between them And what of the secrets between her husband and she, from which the narrator is excluded The daring and precise build up to an eerily wonderful denouement is a triumph of subtlety and surprise.With Sisters, Lily Tuck delivers riveting psychological portrait of marriage, infidelity, and obsession charting with elegance and insight love in all its phases.
    Sisters Lily Tuck s critically lauded bestselling I Married You for Happiness was hailed by the Boston Globe as an artfully crafted still life of one couple s marriage In her singular new novel Sisters Tuck

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    1. 3.5 Prose that is simple, exact and elegant An inside look at a second marriage, and a wife that tries to fit herself into the shape left by the divorced wife One of the quickest books I have read lately as these are snippets, snapshots, of different observations The second wife is our narrator, and it is from her we find out about the husband, herself, she has a remarkable memory for places and things The children from the first marriage, their conversations When she talks about the first wife [...]

    2. Sabotage is like the fiendish thief in the night.And, at times, we are the very ones who leave the door unlocked, inviting him in.Lily Tuck creates a little treasure box of only 156 pages But you and I will palm the tiny gems contained within for their eye catching glow that speaks to us in its brevity There s a trove of delicate threads that wind their way to the conclusion.Our narrator remains unnamed throughout this story But that appears to be the actual depth of the draw here Tuck positions [...]

    3. 5 First and second wives are like sisters Christopher Nicholson Winter Quotation before the title page What a delightful surprise I don t remember what prompted me to read this small book, but if I d listened to it instead of reading it, it would have been like sitting next to an interesting fellow traveller telling me about her life I don t mean the dreaded boring, smelly guy who spills over onto my armrest and chair I ve heard it said that a couple who have children together remain related as [...]

    4. Kind of weird, but kind of wonderful too This author packs so much in a scant 156 pages, I read it in under an hour Why do I mention this Because it s not a lot of time to invest in a completely different reading experience and for those of us who like to shake it up every now and then, I would recommend this highly stylized and sensual novel It s kind of masterful.

    5. Our unnamed narrator is unsure of her footing in her marriage She constantly feels like she s walking in the shadow of her husband s ex wife never good enough, exciting enough, motherly or wifely enough The book is presented as a series of short vignettes, almost like diary entries, and in each chapter the narrator shares various moments that inevitably made her feel insecure her stepdaughter s wedding, an argument with her husband, a chance encounter with her husband s ex, etc The narrator s wo [...]

    6. First and second wives are like sisters And isn t that often the case Fortunately my husband had an amicable and transparent divorce, but I distinctly remember past relationships and the obsessions I ve felt with the past Mrs So and So With Sisters, Lily Tuck aptly and skillfully captures this obsession Her unnamed narrator spends ample time fantasizing about the first wife what she was like, her habits and passions and how the twof them measure up o up Not unlike Daphne Du Maurier s unnamed sec [...]

    7. msarki.tumblr post 158752The remarkable flow of this fascinating short novel is mesmerizing A difficult proposition if forced to put it down, and rare in the book reading business A writer who knows words and what they do, who thinks about the many questions posed in life, and one who examines them with courage and relentless charm Lily Tuck is a great choice to spend extended time with I first heard of Lily Tuck in a fiction writing class Gordon Lish was conducting during the summer of 1995 in [...]

    8. It s curious to think about the strange bond that we share with our romantic partner s exes Nobody else knows our partner so intimately in their habits, strengths, faults, secrets and sexual proclivities Yet these exes typically remain people entirely unknown to us in reality unless our partners happen to still see them frequently So it s fascinating how Lily Tuck writes about this unique bond in her new novel Sisters where the unnamed narrator describes her preoccupation with her husband s ex w [...]

    9. This book is somewhat confusing to me It seemed to flit from one subject to another in random thoughts, although I did like the writing Some of the descriptions of music or art are beautifully written This is a very short book about a second wife and her insecurities always comparing herself to the first wife and seeming to fall short This is most liking true of most second wives, especially when there are children involved as there are here The ending is truly an end I m also sure this happens [...]

    10. I had no interest in reading a book about domestic strife, as I usually find that topic a bit unsettling However, this novel has received some great reviews, and I ve heard nothing but good things about Lily Tuck So I picked it up in the bookstore, sat down with it, and was still sitting there an hour later, halfway through the book Any author that can make me do that deserves my hard earned money So I finished this book almost immediately after purchase I bought a sandwich and finished reading [...]

    11. It barely took me an hour to read Sisters , Lily Tuck s latest novel novella short story Written in brief paragraphs, smoothly flowing in an almost stream of consciousness style, it makes for an entertaining and deceptively easy read In reality, in this book there is so much that is subtly suggested and cunningly implied, that it packs in its few pages the effect of a novel thrice its length.The unnamed narrator s marriage is haunted by the presence of her new husband s first wife ominously refe [...]

    12. Tuck s latest work is understated, seemingly simplistic, but full of innuendo, of the complexities of human relationships Otago Daily Times It took me a mere ninety minutes to read Lily Tuck s Sisters which might lead you to think it s a slight, inconsequential piece of fiction, but that s far from the case A sharp psychological study of obsession with a neat sting in its tail, it s completely riveting A Life in Books Weaving together a multitude of literary references, delicate symbolism and in [...]

    13. A one sitting read honestly you could read it two or three times in one sitting, it s that short about insecurity in a 2nd marriage Because it s like a short story than a novel you ll be better off approaching it that way, but you ll still be wanting because what there is is effective and interesting, particularly since this kind of book often has very little happen and in this one quite a lot ends up happening rather suddenly.

    14. This book is very different It s extremely short and doesn t have a lot of content However, I found myself immediately thinking outside of the book and filling in details about the relationships It was mildly entertaining.So I m still thinking about this book and I realize that I liked it a lot 4 stars haha

    15. We never learn either the ex wife or the new wife s name, but somehow, in just a few pages, we understand these women intimately The new wife is obsessed with the ex, beginning with a photograph of her pushing an old black pram and walking a black and white terrier while she was still married to her husband and they lived in France When the new wife has insomnia, she counts the number of times she, the ex wife, and her husband made love The new wife is so obsessed, she begins shopping in the sam [...]

    16. GNab I received a free electronic copy of this novel from Netgalley, Lily Tuck and Atlantic Monthly Press in exchange for an honest review Thank you all, for sharing your work with me I had not found Lily Tuck prior to reading this short novel I love finding a great writer with backstories to keep me going until their next hits the stands Sisters is an excellent tale, very witty in places and sad in others, about the obsession of the other woman wife number two about wife number one We cannot ev [...]

    17. I did not get this book at all It is a piffle, a nothing, and not stylistically impressive I would complain that it was a waste of time, but it wasn t even that I blew through it in no time at all It didn t even leave me enough to complain about Damn I did not like this book.

    18. A very short, rather endearing novel, that may not be long remembered Involves the wife in a second marriage Overall, I enjoyed.

    19. This book has a deceptively low score on Please don t let that scare you away To read the rest of this review Click Here.

    20. A very fast and entertaining book There seemed to be not much of a plot so you couldn t tell what was really happening I really liked it tho Surely kept you guessing Thank you to Netgalley and Grove Atlantic for letting me read this book While I got it for free, it had no bearing on the rating I gave it.

    21. I am a Lily Tuck fan and Sisters does not disappoint Tuck captures the awkwardness of being the second wife through literary and musical references A read between the lines story, I enjoyed this slim novel immensely.Copy provided by NetGalley

    22. What I loved about this book The prose was lovely The story unfolds in short, vignette like moments sometimes only a sentence, sometimes a few paragraphs It jumps around in time in a way that was never confusing, but mirrored perfectly how a person s mind moves about through the course of a day The main character s musings and mediations were both beautifully written and insightful There was a lovely balance between moments of introspection and analysis and moments that played out in scene, leav [...]

    23. First and second wives are like sisters Christopher Nicholson Winter This was a quick read, unusually written, narrated in the voice of the unnamed second wife The setting is present day New York, although it seems it might easily have taken place years ago The reader learns about the thoughts and conversations of the narrator through various brief exchanges with her two teenage step children who live with the couple She is insecure, jealous and lonely, constantly obsessing about how she compare [...]

    24. Just meh Will possibly not remember this book when the year is over It seems like the author can write well, but this book was not an example of it It is just vapid, nothing to write home about I can see the author was trying to write it as diary entries, and I can see the structure, but the structure alone did not impress me As for emotions and characters, the book is about the group of two dimensional characters, and no one was interesting, appealing, or was vivid enough to image I did not car [...]

    25. This is a very short book a novella I guess that admittedly packs a lot into a very short amount of space Wife 2 is obsessed with wife 1 after meeting husband while he was still married to wife 1 Nobody gets names in this novel the anonymous narrator calls wife 1 she I wasn t fond of the not quite out of left field ending, or our narrator, but why I really didn t enjoy this book very much was that I felt it tried much too hard to be literary and sophisticated, with all these references to other [...]

    26. It s impossible not to read this book in one sitting It s perfect for an autumnal weekend afternoon Tuck throws us into the mind of a second wife as she obsesses over the woman who used to have her name her new husband s ex wife It s a dark and twisty place that you by turns find yourself empathising with and unnerved by Tuck writes beautifully, jammed with subtle literary references that reveal than the protagonist would like to reveal The ending really knocks you for six 3.5 stars for sure.

    27. I wanted something short to make myself feel like I was accomplishing something while doing some boring household stuff, and this book was perfect It s not earth shattering, it is about a weird relationship between the first and the second wife of an unnamed person The second wife is obsessed, understandably, by the shadow the first wife continues to cast over her family Things happen It s a very slim novel, but concise.Gabra Zackman does a great job of narrating.

    28. Lily Tuck s novella is a fascinating exploration of marriage, second wives, infidelity and obsession The narrator makes the husband a villain the minute you hear his voice The plot unfolds as one expects but Tuck develops each character perfectly This is lovely, engaging storytelling.

    29. This felt like an outline of a novel bare bones with no character development The ending came out of nowhere and I could not muster an ounce of sympathy for the protagonist.

    30. An obsessive narrative from a second wife about the first Really love the prose and snippet style Simple story, very enjoyable.

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