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Ka: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr By John Crowley,

  • Title: Ka: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr
  • Author: John Crowley
  • ISBN: 9781481495592
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From award winning author John Crowley comes an exquisite fantasy novel about a man who tells the story of a crow named Dar Oakley and his impossible lives and deaths in the land of Ka.A Crow alone is no Crow.Dar Oakley the first Crow in all of history with a name of his own was born two thousand years ago When a man learns his language, Dar finally gets the chance to telFrom award winning author John Crowley comes an exquisite fantasy novel about a man who tells the story of a crow named Dar Oakley and his impossible lives and deaths in the land of Ka.A Crow alone is no Crow.Dar Oakley the first Crow in all of history with a name of his own was born two thousand years ago When a man learns his language, Dar finally gets the chance to tell his story He begins his tale as a young man, and how he went down to the human underworld and got hold of the immortality meant for humans, long before Julius Caesar came into the Celtic lands how he sailed West to America with the Irish monks searching for the Paradise of the Saints and how he continuously went down into the land of the dead and returned Through his adventures in Ka, the realm of Crows, and around the world, he found secrets that could change the humans entire way of life and now may be the time to finally reveal them.
    Ka Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr From award winning author John Crowley comes an exquisite fantasy novel about a man who tells the story of a crow named Dar Oakley and his impossible lives and deaths in the land of Ka A Crow alone is

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    1. Intellectually, I know that the world is unfair Somehow, though, that knowledge doesn t make it easier to accept the fact that John Crowley remains a relatively unknown and uncelebrated author His writing never fails to sustain me, engage me, move me not the easiest task, frankly , and, most of all, please me Little, Big is my favorite book no qualifications It brings me joy than anything else I ve ever read Now I ll have to figure out where Ka Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr fits in my reading l [...]

    2. John Crowley s writing is so graceful and lyrical and contemplative that his novels often feel like long elegiac poems masquerading as prose fiction His latest, Ka Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr is quite possibly the most John Crowley esque of John Crowley novels It is a beautiful work of art enchanting and reflective, rendered in stark images and hermeneutical musings on the nature of life and mortality It is also relentlessly and frustratingly cerebral intellectually and aesthetically satisfyin [...]

    3. We are still here udno je to ivi toliko razmi ljaju o smrti a mrtvi ba nimalo Ponekad se ini da je to sve to radimo Bar dok ne umremo O tome je ovaj roman O mestu sa druge strane svakog od nas, pa makar ono ni ne postojalo I o pri ama Uvek sam pristrasan kada itam, ali Krouli mi je posebno drag Litl, Big je jedan od onih Romana koje pi em sa velikim po etnim R, a ponekad i velikim V, kao u Velikih I zato sam i ovaj roman, kao prvi njegov koji itam to bi rekli in ril tajm, i ekivao kao leto u zim [...]

    4. Stories, Coyote said Not to tell you something you don t already know We re made of stories now, brother It s why we never die even if we do.In the near future, a dying man tells the story of Dar Oakley, a Crow who steals and then loses the most precious thing in the world and is doomed to eternal life The deaths and rebirths of Dar begin in Iron Age and medieval Europe then jumps to North America with Native Americans, the Civil War and ends with a world in gradual decline.I want to understand [...]

    5. a tremendous novel that seems doomed to be woefully underread the transportive, evocative prose we ve come to expect from crowley, superlative worldbuilding, an astute meditation on the power and role of storytelling, and a charming, at times heartbreaking, study of the morphing role of crows in myths and tall tales one of my favorites of the year and probably my third favorite after little, big and engine summer from a wonderful writer

    6. 4.5 stars Hmmm, a guy named John CROW ley, who s not too far from the end of his natural lifespan, writes a novel about crows and death Coincidence I ve appreciated animal based fantasy novels over the years e.g Watership Down , and this one sounded like it had some literary qualities It s probably in the realm of magic realism than fantasy, though, blurring the lines between the real world and a land of the dead, which is a place that, according to the storyteller, is really meant for the livi [...]

    7. Breathtaking and beautiful, Ka Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr is a major achievement in writing from a master of the craft The novel approaches in significance and power Crowley s earlier masterworks like Little, Big and Engine Summer, while at once surpassing those novels in grandness of scale This fine novel should be on everyone s must read list, particularly if you re a fan of beautiful prose and writing that has been honed to perfection throughout It also should appear on the ever present be [...]

    8. Ka is a story about a crow But equally, it is a story of death.Dar Oakley, or Dar of the Oak by the Lea, is our main avian character He seems at first a humble crow Through Dar Oakley the presumably human reader comes to know and regard the humble crow and his social relationships and hierarchies, his mating behaviors and general perspective on life The universe changes, however, when Dar Oakley comes into contact with Fox Cap, the harbinger of a nascent humanity into the world of the crow But e [...]

    9. I have not seen many or any folks talking about Ka Dar Oakley in the Ruins of Ymr by John Crowley I just finished it yesterday.It s an interesting blend of post breakdown of society not exactly apocalypse with History of Western Civilization Through a Crow s Eyes with Watership Crow plus Land of the Dead There s a framing story of Dar Oakley a crow telling the stories of his many lives he keeps getting reincarnated to a dying man, and then what happens after all the tales are told This was the f [...]

    10. This was a really poetic and interesting book, a ton like Watership Down, although its structure Dar Oakley lives many lives, stretching across history, doing things that are sometimes magical and sometimes just interesting sometimes made it too easy to put down.It s definitely not an edge of your seat book, but it s the kind of book that really makes you think about humanity, and feel as though this animal character has a lot to teach you about your own humanity And I did finish it all without [...]

    11. Every one of John Crowley s books seems to contain an ineffable insight, something no one else could express without seeming daft or flat footed, but which he forms into exquisitely revelatory and evocative turns of phrase Ka is a bit different, because its thematic concern is fairly obvious and universal It isn t different insofar as Crowley s touch is as light and eloquent as ever But while death is undeniably the theme of the book, and even though it s certainly thematically driven than any [...]

    12. Stories were the way People lived Like paths, they could be traveled in any direction, yet always ran from beginning to end This book is a slowly developing look at human nature as seen through the eyes of a crown, namely Dar of the Oak by the Lea The author does a very good job of making humanity appear alien and wholly different to everything else in Dar s experience The story takes on a mythic quality with echoes of Odysseus or Gilgamesh threaded through the narrative The story is slow moving [...]

    13. A tough book to rate, but uniquely and often beautifully written, and memorable I was frequently moved by the amount of emotion conveyed by both the Crow and the various shamans sensitive souls to whom he is attached Dar Oakley is an outsider, and feels deeply He witnesses human kind s folly and destruction, and learns a great deal about the world.But long stretches of this book also drag along Several trips into the Underworld feel repetitive, and Dar s syntax and crow descriptions of human obj [...]

    14. Dar Oakley was the first crow with a name Crows are birds of death and Dar Oakley than most He cannot die and he dies many times He crosses the ocean, sees an angel, and finds the Most Precious Thing This is not a page turner, though it is exciting in moments It is for those who love to breathe in a book like the steam from a hot cup of tea on a crisp autumn day It is scented like a whiff of herbs and melancholy like the end of summer.

    15. Wow Beautiful, sad, and awe inspiring The trite comparison would be to say this is like Watership Down except with crows, but not all of Watership Down, just the weird, mythic trippy bits And it is, except it isn t It s so much than that.

    16. He had no name for it in the language of Ka there was no name for it because he was the first Crow ever to feel it within him Pity for them in the awful complications of the lives they built for themselves, laboring as helplessly and ceaselessly as bees building their combs, but their combs held no honey, he thought now Useless, useless, and worse than useless, needless the labor of their lives, the battles and deaths, and all their own doing He lifted his wings to fly, to fly from this pity, bu [...]

    17. Ambitious Multi level Eye opening Fantastically realistic Sad, but truthful Ka Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr is all of the above My first book from John Crowley leaves me wanting , as the lyrical writing is perfect for stopping for a moment, meandering in the meaning of the thoughts brought forward through words Topics in this book include in depth thoughts of our world, our history, its people, death, religion, our journey for a purpose or nothing at all All this through the eyes of a crow, the [...]

    18. This is a book you live in for a long time, that changes your perceptions in subtle ways from day to day, that makes you see every animal you encounter with new eyes most especially Crows but you will wish you were born a Tern , and challenges your views about life and the afterlife in intriguing ways, all while anchoring you in mythologies both European and indigenous American that are both familiar and slyly novel I can t say I ve been impressed or affected by a book both in its content and i [...]

    19. The power of this novel is hardly apparent by the first few chapters, not even by the halfway mark Yes, it was interesting and got exciting as it went on, but it didn t seem to me that the story, as fantastical as it is, was going to be especially moving By the end, however, I was knocked sideways by this tale about the many lives of a crow, touched by a kind of immortality, who is an active observer and participant in the evolution of mankind from nomadic hunter gatherers to modern city dwelle [...]

    20. The hero of John Crowley s brilliant new novel, Ka, is a crow, Dar Oakley, who traverses both the realms of crows and of human beings Dar Oakley is an inquisitive crow, flying farther than most birds, and returning with arcane information about geography and human beings His stories seem fantastic to the other crows, who laugh at him until they finally follow him on a journey Dar Oakley is the first crow to give himself a name, and starts the trend of individual naming.John Crowley is a versatil [...]

    21. Crows are the death birds, and Dar Oakley is a crow Yes, this book is about a crow Or rather, the life of a crow who has lived, if not quite forever, for a very long time and through many lives, but all of them as a crow As you might expect, crows are not able to understand everything that people do, but Dar Oakley is curious about people than most crows, and across the span of his several long lives, he has been extraordinarily close to several individual humans One of those, an unnamed man li [...]

    22. Esta novela me produce sentimientos encontrados Tiene un planteamiento interesante Est bien escrita Pero me ha costado terminarla horrores La novela es una reflexi n sobre la muerte C mo diferentes sociedades humanas la han ritualizado, y c mo han imaginado la vida m s all de ella Para contar esto, Crowley utiliza la figura de un cuervo Dar Oakley que consigue reencarnarse a trav s de distintas pocas, observando desde su peculiar perspectiva imparcial los cambios en la vida y la cultura humanas [...]

    23. Well this was haunting and strange and consuming and basically everything I needed and expected from a new John Crowley novel, written about a crow, read in the darkest days of winter Why, he asked, did we come back by the way we did When it wasn t the way I went in She was looking far off, hand shading her eyes You never come out the way you went in, she said And if you go back in again, you never go by the same way Oh Because, she said, you never do go back anywhere You only go on Ymr, Dar Oak [...]

    24. Can Death die The Crow Dar Oakley has a story to tell You may want to listen, or maybe you remember it or feel it in your genetic bones, in the DNA that weaves together the history of this world.And what of the Other Worlds Are the doors closed, leaving us alone in the Now, or is our world reassembling into something else reversed, opposite, parallel, unalive Humans are careless of life.But this life we think we know is a construct It, we, are made of the stories we tell Death is made of stories [...]

    25. A beautifully written meditation on death, the shortness of life and the power of stories well told.A side wise glance at human history and our relationship to our own mortality, told from the view point of a crow perhaps The Crow who stole the thing humans prized most And lives ages and shares spirit quests with a early european shaman, a medieval Irish monk, a Cherokee story teller and a 19th century prairie spiritualist And a post apocalyptic narrator, who may or may not translate the stories [...]

    26. It s by John Crowley, so anyone who appreciates fine writing will know they are in for a treat The prose is exquisite, each word carefully chosen and placed just so It is not just the writing that sets this apart there is a story to be told and the tale is everything It s a story about the stories we tell of our lives and death and afterlife as told to us by a Crow Not just any old Crow, Dar Oakley has lived and died perhaps many times Through four of his lives we learn the tales of Crows and Pe [...]

    27. A big, dreamy fantasy about fantasy Or stories, anyway Where they come from, where they go, and what they think about when no one else is paying attention Crowley has written obliquely, of course about these things before, but never with as charming a protagonist as the skeptical psychopomp, Dar Oakley Dead is dead, he might say Except that the People of Ymr prove him wrong again and again Crowley describes Ymr as a ruin, but I m not sure whether its decline is supposed to be general or within h [...]

    28. Every rave review this book has gotten is deserved It s magical, mysterious, mystical, and somehow entirely believable, even though I don t know any crows who have lived for 2,000 years after finding an elixir of immortality that was meant for humans who learn to communicate with humans both verbally and telepathically and who struggle with existential issues like instinct and free will, individual conscience versus following the rules, and continuing to live after your heart is grievously wound [...]

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