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His Virgin: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance By Nikki Chase,

  • Title: His Virgin: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance
  • Author: Nikki Chase
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everything has a price Including her virginity.I m Caine Foster You know my name I own this city I keep strict control of all my relationships I always have the upper hand in business and pleasure So when a sweet little thing defies me, it pisses me off It makes me want to dominate her, bend her to my will, make her beg for my c ck I want to turn that angry fire inEverything has a price Including her virginity.I m Caine Foster You know my name I own this city I keep strict control of all my relationships I always have the upper hand in business and pleasure So when a sweet little thing defies me, it pisses me off It makes me want to dominate her, bend her to my will, make her beg for my c ck I want to turn that angry fire in her green eyes into sweet submission.I make her an offer She spends thirty days with me, and I solve her money problems No mess, no drama, no questions Just my filthy money for her pure innocence.But she s than I bargained for I have a new addiction, and her name is Daisy My dirty little flower.I m never letting her go now, contracts be damned.
    His Virgin A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance Everything has a price Including her virginity I m Caine Foster You know my name I own this city I keep strict control of all my relationships I always have the upper hand in business and pleasure So

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    1. 2.5 starsI had quite a struggle trying to read this story It didn t help matters that I felt rather disinterested as far as the main characters were concerned The plot of a rich boy propositioning a young, na ve girl is a thorough clich but what would have made even that work IMHO, is better characters and maybe a bit novelty in the overall story.Apart from the predictability of the plot, the character interactions were beyond irksome and emotionally stunted The age difference between the MCs w [...]

    2. This one was kinda slow and didn t make much sense I felt like I was reading two different stories I don t know if that was the point or not Characters weren t very thought out and didn t seem to mesh well It was an easy read, but not a great read.

    3. 3.5 Stars This was a pretty good story, but could have flowed a little better The emotions of the characters could have transitioned from one level to points beyond a little smoothly I do really love this author I don t think this was her best effort.

    4. DNF.Didn t care for the hero at all Do you know who I am I m glad you know how to talk to me properly I d have to let Dr Pratt know blah blah blah what are you 5 years old Be my pet for one month Stopped reading not long after that and read a few other reviews and see he s even engaged when he asked her to be his pet for a month Cheater cheater pumpkin eater I m out.

    5. 4.5 I like the tone of Nikki Chases writing, with this book being my favorite so far This was a fairly quick read with a lot of heat, some angst and a arrogant bastard who was my favorite part cause I like a jerk lol.Caine is a rich playboy who has a serious superiority complex He first meets sweet Daisy when he brings his father into the ER and refuses to wait his turn, which just annoys Daisy to no end She s having major money trouble after getting some custody of her brother She can t stand C [...]

    6. Daisy is a young nurse struggling to support her little brother who is living with her She has been stupid loaning money from a bad guy who now wants his 45000 back one day she he s an offer from the rude but very handsome billionaire Caine one month with him 24 hours a day as his pet for 250000 how can she turn that kind of money down I loved this story a billionaire romance is always hot I really liked that there was a twist in the story that made is so much exciting.

    7. Received an ARC from the author.Oh my did I enjoy this book to the fullest It had the action, dominance, sex appeal and family drama that gave me so much life Let me also preface this by saying that I ve been a fan of Caine Foster since reading Guilty A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance and Stripped A Bad Boy Next Door Romance, so I may be a bit bias.Caine Foster is a very wealthy, powerful man He is a Foster so he is well respected and women chase him for everything he has He is a very determined, ha [...]

    8. Like a moth to a flame I received an ARC of His Virgin by Nikki Chase As a first time reader of Nikki Chase I quickly became a fan She did an amazing job with this one Daisy is this strong and sassy young nurse that is doing everything she can to raise her little brother She gets involved with some bad people when she borrows money to help them survive Hot alpha Billionaire Caine keeps crossing paths with Daisy and soon this sweet intoxicating flower is all he can think about Caine will do anyth [...]

    9. I received this book form the author in exchange for an honest review Loved it If you have read Guilty and Stripped you know who Cain Foster is This is his story Reading the first two book isn t necessary to as they all read as stand alone.Cain Foster is young and wealthy His family powerful, though their business holdings are legit, that wasn t always so Daisy is a young nurse She lives paycheck to paycheck, trying to support her self and her younger brother.Cain and Daisy first meet when his f [...]

    10. Such an awesome romantic and erotic read Daisy finds herself in a difficult position She s working long hard hours as a nurse and trying to take care of her little brother, because her mother is not mother material She s even taken a loan out through a loan shark in order to take care of the legal costs of custody She happens to be on duty when Caine shows up with his sick father at the emergency room He s nothing short of an entitled prick It isn t until he sees her again at her second job whic [...]

    11. ROMANCE THAT SIZZLES WITH A TOUCH OF DANGERThis titillating story has blazing hot sensuous romance, intriguing plot, powerful vivid scene descriptions, betrayal, surprising secrets revealed, heart rending moments, suspense, action, danger, life threatening moments and a happy ever after when all hurdles are distinguished.Caine s stunning looks and dominate persona usually has him getting his way immediately When Caine meets the hard working, curvaceous, sassy nurse Daisy he is presented with an [...]

    12. I was given an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.Wow Nikki Chase gets better with every book she writes There was emotion, connection between the reader and the characters, and intrigue when it came to Caine One complaint that I have is that Pop Foster seems so different in this book from Cole s book, but then, I guess a life threatening illness can change you In Cole s book, Pop seemed to be a sadistic sole especially when it came to taking Cole s business away from him, but in th [...]

    13. This was a great book and very exciting.Daisy is needing money and needing it fast She works as a nurse at the hospital but she owes a loan shark some money She would do anything for her brother and that s just what she did Her friend even set her up to make some extra money to be a lingerie waitress She even got to meet the famous Caine Foster She doesn t like him from the first time she meets him He wants her and will pay to have her She decides to auction off her virginity.Caine knows that th [...]

    14. I found Caine to be cruel towards Daisy You can be dominating without demeaning the other person I do get him being a standoffish prick from what happened with his ex girlfriend but I struggled with liking him Daisy had a rough childhood and fought to get a better life The thing that bothered me was when she left to go with Caine she didn t tell her brother or Katie where she was going or how long she d be gone How can you leave your child her brother she has custody of without making arrangemen [...]

    15. Another great story by Nikki Chase about a billionaire, Caine, and the woman who he wants, Daisy Caine has been hurt in the past and doesn t believe in love so he uses women with no strings attached When he sees Daisy he knows he has to have her and uses money to get her Daisy needs money to pay off a loan shark and to support herself and her younger brother So when Caine offers her money to be his pet for a month she can t refuse The loan shark is breathing down her neck and she wants to put mo [...]

    16. Intense RomanceCole and Daisy meet at a hospital when he takes his father in for a heart issue She thinks he s a rich, arrogant jerk who uses his wealth and connections to always put his interests ahead of everyone else s He thinks she s a bit of a spitfire and likes the idea of a woman who doesn t immediately acquiesce to his demands he d like the challenge of that.Daisy s a good girl, who s put herself through nursing school while working several jobs, and fought to get custody of her little b [...]

    17. On the Fence3.5 starsThis is an interesting read, the plot is intriguing with a bit of suspense, the main characters and dialogue is satisfactory, but the chemistry between Caine and Daisy sort of fell flat for me I mean, sure he propositions Daisy to be his pet for a month, she counters the offer and throws in her virginity for a sizeable fee What transpires between them at first is a cat and mouse game Daisy is constantly off balance to see what s in store for her what will Caine make her do e [...]

    18. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Oh Caine Foster, rich, handsome and about to get his life changed in an unexpected way Meeting nurse Daisy is quite the shock She is quite a feisty little thing She works hard looking after her brother and needs money quick She owes to a loan shark Making a deal with Caine to stay with him for money is the only way out Oh Daisy, I so wanted to hug you All the time you only think of others and mostly your brother Jack You may not have mon [...]

    19. If you re desperate enough, some people will do anything for a buck Or 250,000 of them Daisy finds herself in over her head in debt to a loan shark and her salvation comes in the form of Caine Foster, who propositions her One month living with him, doing whatever he wants, and she negotiates the price.I enjoyed the mystery of who was behind the rise in criminal activity in Caine s company a lot The scenes between Daisy and Caine were hot, but I struggled with how unrealistic it was that Daisy wo [...]

    20. This is another take on a girl promising herself to a billionaire for a set period of time, in this instance for money.Daisy is struggling and is in debt to loan sharks.Caine is a billionaire without, it would appear, a heart.The sparks fly between them as Caine gets to grips with the feisty Daisy.Caine not only puts their relationship at risk, by disbelieving Daisy, he also puts her life in danger.The plot moves along at a steady pace as it emphasizes the importance of family, knowing who to tr [...]

    21. Let s face it, these bad boy romances whether they be billionaires, bikers, hit men, rock stars, or royalty are all sort of formulaic I m fine with that because that is a genre I enjoy What sets them apart is the writing and how well the author captures your attention with his or her words His Virgin is my third read by Nikki Chase and I really enjoyed it I liked the story, the writing is good, and the author made me care about these characters I also enjoyed the steamy scenes and I think they a [...]

    22. Choose love not money or pride The answer is always love Every time Caine s FatherThis is a wonderfully written and compelling story that we as readers have come to expect from Nikki Chase From the beginning the sparks fly between Daisy and Caine Through sheer determination and despite the handicap of a mother who not only shows no regard for her children but also leeches monetary resources from her daughter, Daisy created a life for herself as a registered nurse She even provides her little bro [...]

    23. Mixed FeelingsI don t really know how I feel about this story There were parts that I liked and parts that I didn t I can say that I wasn t a big fan of the H He treated the h pretty poorly for most of the book and manipulated her to get his way The h was ok, she was pretty strong in most aspects of her life unless it came to the H then she got all weak in the knees I wish we would of heard about the fianc she seemed to come out of nowhere And I wish the H had to grovel at the end, he had a lo [...]

    24. This is a case of a decent book being stuck with poor title.Caine and Daisy are both interesting characters She is definitely the sympathetic of the two, but as the story moved along I liked them both and eventually liked them together This effort has an intrigue element along with the romantic story I actually felt like the intrigue story line was the developed of the two and it would have been nice to see Caine and Daisy spend time developing their romantic relationship While the title is a [...]

    25. Ooo loved Daisy and Caine s story Daisy is a nurse and she has taken on her brother as her mum was so terrible to them, she has also taken a loan out from a shark who is hot on her case for getting his money back she meets Caine who offers her money to become his pet for a month Will she be tempted by the offer to help her.will have be able to keep her feelings out of it A really great read and highly recommended.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    26. 4 Stars His Virgin Loved this book Bumpy beginning for Caine and Daisy I can relate to her poverty and her desire to raise herself up from the ashes to have a better life This is the second time that I ve read this book Just as good the second time I gave his book a 4 Star rating because of his calling her his dirty slut Turn off Plus it didn t really seem to have the heat of their chemistry laden sexual relationship.

    27. Daisy is a nurse who is having financial problems She has sole custody of her younger brother because their mom is a horrible mom Daisy had to bribe her mom and go to court to win custody so she has a lot of debt One night she is working in admitting at the hospital when Caine Foster brings in his father Caine refuses to wait his turn and demands immediate attention Since his family was a big donor to the hospital, he receives it Caine s lack of manners and arrogance infuriates Daisy Then Daisy [...]

    28. Nice story but dirty talk was a bit much The storyline wasn t bad an I found the sex a bit too much for me personally Don t get me wrong I like it spicy but the dirty talk was a bit too much when its derogatory I just don t care for calling a woman a dirty slut while being intimate and her liking it Not my cup of tea but the suspense and drama is the reason behind the 4 stars as I said the story wasn t bad at all.

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