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Christmas Weddings By Georgia Hill,

  • Title: Christmas Weddings
  • Author: Georgia Hill
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Winter wedding bells are ringing at the Cupcake Caf It s winter in Berecombe and Millie s caf is up for sale Her final task as its owner is to host her friends Christmas wedding on the beach, only she s feeling anything but festive Putting her ex, Jed, firmly out of her mind is proving impossible now he s back working for her biggest rival.What on earth is Jed up to Winter wedding bells are ringing at the Cupcake Caf It s winter in Berecombe and Millie s caf is up for sale Her final task as its owner is to host her friends Christmas wedding on the beach, only she s feeling anything but festive Putting her ex, Jed, firmly out of her mind is proving impossible now he s back working for her biggest rival.What on earth is Jed up to Telling her he still loves her is all very well, but if her caf goes out of business, no one will buy it Christmas might be the season of good will towards men but can Millie trust this particular man with her heart again
    Christmas Weddings Winter wedding bells are ringing at the Cupcake Caf It s winter in Berecombe and Millie s caf is up for sale Her final task as its owner is to host her friends Christmas wedding on the beach only she

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    1. I received a copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.I loved Georgia Hill s writing style, I loved the characters But I wish backstory was mentioned somewhere I found it a little confusing whenever references from the other books were made The editing was very well done for this book I found Millie a little annoying as the book progressed but overall, it was okay I would recommend reading this book only if you have read others in the series.

    2. This was a true gem of a book I absolutely LOVED it It wasn t an overly long book but that doesn t take away from the story in the slightest Also the shorter book makes it perfect for grabbing a bit of reading while sliding those holiday cookie trays in and out of the oven A true feel good holiday book It s winter in Berecombe and Millie s cafe is for sale because it has not been turning a profit Her one last task is hosting a festive Christmas wedding for her friend She wants to get back with h [...]

    3. So lovely to go back to this beautiful Devon village to hear about Millie and her beautiful cafe It s a romantic book and a lovely light read and has you wanting to know what will happen next So lighthearted to read and full of fun and Christmas Millie just arrives back from her travels and she is upset the cafe sale still hasn t gone through and she was hoping it would do She starts working again but enjoys telling others about her travels she sees jed and she hasn t fully made up her mind abo [...]

    4. Millie s wish to travel has finally come true Her caf is for sale and her last winter in Millie Vanilla s Cupcake Caf is all about the wedding she s organizing It s going to take place at Christmas and will be located in the caf and on the beach However, Millie isn t having any sparkling and festive feelings She s having problems with Jed and doesn t know how to fix them He s keeping secrets from her and she has no idea what he s up to She only knows it involves her biggest competition, the riva [...]

    5. Christmas Weddings by Georgia Hill a fairy tale four star read This is the third book in the Millie Vanilla s Cupcake Caf series and I would highly recommend you read them in order to get the whole story, they complement each other as the characters get developed with each read If you fancy a great Christmas read, that will take you away all of the way to Berecome and will while away an hour or two while you read This is a sweet and tender read, there is a gentleness to the read that you can fo [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this combination of romance, secrets, weddings, beaches and of course Christmas, which provided the perfect finale to the Cupcake Caf series The storyline had me turning the pages rapidly and I was left with a lovely warm and festive feeling.

    7. Book three of the Millie vanilla cupcake series If you haven t read any of the books in the series I highly suggest that you start with the first book and work your way through as it will give you all the back story that you need to read this book If you are looking for a fabulous Christmas read then look no further then this book I am simply loving the Millie vanilla series and this book is no exception I simply loved it Millie is back from her jet setting and is determined to put her old life [...]

    8. This was a gloriously easy read which took me directly to South West England and the seaside The third book in the Millie Vanilla s Cupcake Cafe series, it sees the aforementioned Millie return from travelling determined to work out what is happening with the sale of her cafe and her relationship with Jed There are so many questions which need to be answered in this book Will Millie and Jed split forever Will Millie sell the cafe and move away from Berecombe forever Will the love stories that pr [...]

    9. I hadn t realised that there were other books in the series when I started this book, so I would have benefited from a little background I did read it as a standalone but I think it would be better to have read books 1 and 2 first Millie is a cute character and the story unfolds nicely but i did always wonder about certain elements which became clearer once the story nears its end A great supporting cast, particularly Eleri who appears to be floaty and ethereal whilst bringing a touch of magic w [...]

    10. This, the third novel in the Millie Vanilla s Cupcake Cafe trilogy, is entitled Christmas Weddings and is set in the winter months leading up to Christmas Millie has returned from her travels and is awaiting news about the sale of her beachside caf , determined to move on from her relationship with Jed and move away from Berecombe and her failing business Everything had been so promising at one time, she had been so happy and proud of herself, but after a rival business had set up nearby, well, [...]

    11. Thank you to Netgalley, the author and the Publishers for this review copy.This is the third and final part of the Millie Vanilla s Cupcake Caf serialisation It was originally released in three separate short novellas, but has now also been released as a full length novel I would advise that you read the series in order as the storyline from the other two books were referred to in this book.It has been a while since I ve read the previous two parts of this story and I found it hard to remember s [...]

    12. I ve enjoyed reading the first two books in this series, so I m pleased the final book has a festive flavour Like all of these Cupcake Cafe books, they can be read as standalone but I recommend reading the whole series, which is a lovely quick read, to appreciate the character development and the overall plot.Millie returns from her travels abroad, hoping to complete the sale of her cafe part of her wants to see Jed but she sent him away so there is no chance of that Another romance dominates th [...]

    13. It s so good to be back in Berecombe it feels like coming home for Christmas But all is not well as Millie returns from her travels and Jed sets off on his.Georgia Hill has another winner on her hands with this third book in the series All the angst and trials and tribulations of running a small business are there and then there s love and romance which seem to be a bit in short supply It s wonderful to catch up with all the previous characters and be introduced to a new one and see how they all [...]

    14. This is the third book in the Cupcake Cafe series and I must say perhaps my favourite of the three I loved catching up with Millie,Jed and all the other fabulous characters we ve been introduced to I have been left very happy with the ending we got here and feel we got a lot of extra little stories and amazing characters along the way I did not see the excitement with Jed coming at all I just couldn t put the book down until I had finished I shall miss this series and the characters but I can t [...]

    15. Last one in the series I enjoyed the story but because it was a while back that I read parts 1 and 2 I found it difficult to remember what had happened previously and there was no prompt at the start of the book Once I started remembering who everyone was the story seemed to be over.Although a lovely ending to the series I thought it was very rushed and could have done with a bit time to get the real lovey dovey feel.Might be better to read this series as one book if it gets published later on [...]

    16. What a fun, cute, romantic read This is another sweet addition to the Millie Vanilla s Cupcake Caf Mysteries Millie does not know what to do when the love of her life does things that make her question whether they are ever going to be together, things are not always so black and white now are they What happens when Millie decides that it is time to leave the sweet small town and go somewhere else, will she leave or will she stay This was a great story Thank you NetGalley and Georgia Hill for al [...]

    17. While this book can be read without reading the previous ones it does add to the story when you know the backstory to some of the characters The story was fun and well written, as always and it made me laugh a lot I find this series to be a sweet easy read and this one definitely captured the Christmas spirit.I received a copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

    18. What a lovely, Christmassy story, full of warmth and joy The course of true love doesn t run smoothly for Millie however , nor does it for her friend and free spirit Eleri, but the eventual happy ending drew a contented smile from me I m now feeling very festive but unfortunately I have a while to wait until my feelings match the season

    19. Millie is back in Berecombe with a hard decision can she really sell the cafe or is it possible to compete with the new business rival and to the point with Jed working for them A cosy quick read, good to catch up with the characters from the previous books and finish off the series nicely

    20. Nicely written but I had not read the earlier books in the series, so some of the characters and mention of past events meant nothing to me Hard to engage for this reason alone.

    21. What a delightfully easy Christmas read by Georgia Hill I was very excited about heading back to Berecombe and Millie s cafe I must say And this novella certainly didn t disappoint From the start there was just so much happening I couldn t put the book down As the book is on the short side, you get through it very quickly too wishing there was I really hope we head back to Berecombe in the future As I mentioned above, there is so much going on straight from the start of the book The book essent [...]

    22. A digitized ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Review WIP

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