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Tied By Carian Cole,

  • Title: Tied
  • Author: Carian Cole
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • MeMy childhood was stolen by a horrible man when I was kidnapped at five years old I ve forgotten what love, happiness, and hope feels like I am numb and lost, clinging to a childhood fairytale.HimHe s possibly as damaged as I am Maybe even He s scarred just as much on the inside as the outside Just like me Haunted by his own tragic past, he doesn t speak or smiMeMy childhood was stolen by a horrible man when I was kidnapped at five years old I ve forgotten what love, happiness, and hope feels like I am numb and lost, clinging to a childhood fairytale.HimHe s possibly as damaged as I am Maybe even He s scarred just as much on the inside as the outside Just like me Haunted by his own tragic past, he doesn t speak or smile He chooses to live in the woods, far away from society I ve been told to stay away from him, but I can t because he s the one who saved my life He s also the only one who has ever made me feel And now, I want to make him feel, too I d do anything just to see him smile especially at me Can be read stand alone This is a slow burn romance It is not erotica, nor are there lots of sex scenes This is about two lonely, damaged people learning to trust, love, and find happiness Their story does not revolve around sex There is no cheating in this book While the heroine was kidnapped and abused mentally and physically as a child, I do not give any graphic details about what happened to her out of respect to survivors who may read this book This book focuses on hope and moving forward and I felt there was no need to include graphic details to get the point across.
    Tied MeMy childhood was stolen by a horrible man when I was kidnapped at five years old I ve forgotten what love happiness and hope feels like I am numb and lost clinging to a childhood fairytale HimHe

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    1. It s LIVE This is a beautiful read about two broken people helping each other heal and finding home in one another If you enjoy emotional books then give this one a look I read it in one sitting and couldn t actually believe it was over when I got to the end I was wishing for an epilogue but there was an option to sign up and receive one via e mail Did so and now am patiently waiting for it An abducted girl, rescued 10 years later by a broken man A man who has been scarred in an accident and nev [...]

    2. REVIEW ALSO ON MY BLOG TIED KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS TIED is the second book in Carian Cole s Devils Wolves 2 series but can be read as a complete standalone Spoken in Dual Perspectives Tyler Grace and Holly Daniels meet in the most unconventional way, he s the Prince that came to her rescue The forest is where Tyler Grace can drop all his inhibitions and be at peace within himself, an outcast of the township at the age of sixteen because of his appearance, scars and cuts mar his body and hi [...]

    3. LIVE Tied Devils Wo4.5 epic stars 3 Is it possible to wish someone right out of your heart into existence Yes.Yes, it is.Now we just have to find each other again Such a beautiful,unique,emotional and intense story.I was hooked and I couldn t put it down.Tied wasn t exactly what I was expecting it was so much Ty and Holly are two broken characters and when they find each other it is so beautiful.I loved watching them trying to have a normal relationship first as friends and then in something . [...]

    4. Tyler was scarred, wild, and rough but Holly could not find it in her heart to fear him For in his penetrating gaze she sensed a savage pain she longed to soothe Holly was facing her own demons too and suffering from PTSD and other long term effects generated by her long kidnapping by a paedophile In Tyler s eyes, I see the man behind the scars and the mask The man he was before life tore him apart and drove him to hide in the woods Before some tragedy made him a man who could strangle someone t [...]

    5. It was all about Tyler for me He was EVERYTHING It s not to say that I didn t like Holly or that I wasn t sympathetic to her plight because I definitely was She was kidnapped at the age of 8 and eventually rescued by Ty 10 years later So I felt that Her and Ty were tied to each other in ways than one She s everything My past My present My future My twin flame the one who shares the path of my soul She was Ty s perfect match, in every way Their slow build that evolved from rescuer rescuee to fri [...]

    6. Heartbreaking beautiful story Carian Cole Did an amazing job with these two characters Holly and Tyler have been through some horrible things Holly so than Tyler, and while reading I was really amazed with how the author portrayed what Holly had been through but not letting it overshadow the entire story I love the parts of the story where we see Holly reclaiming her life and trying to figure out who she is and basically how to function and deal with the day to day stuff after suffering somethi [...]

    7. I won t be rating this book because I honestly don t know how to rate it.I m really torn about it and can t seem to make up my mind I felt like the heroine was really too broken and I honestly don t know how she ll be able to be with hero after everything that has happened to her Their first kiss doesn t happen until 68%They don t actually have sex until 98% I was liking the hero view spoiler until he went to hotel and paid a escort to have sex with him but instead of the escort, it was his sist [...]

    8. 4 Forver Linked Stars My first book by this author and it was so good It was an emotional story with a slowly building love story Two very broken people were tied together in ways they never saw coming and yet they were meant to be Ms Cole took care with the sensitive nature of the story and their growth was very realistic because of that I would have a loved a bit drama towards the end, but I was left with a huge smile on my face and a warm feeling in my belly I m going to go back and read the [...]

    9. 3,5 to 4 starsAn ARC has been kindly given by the author in exchange for an honest opinionI love Carian Cole s stories She can feature either perfect or broken heroes meeting their ideal female counterparts She gives us sweet romance stories spiced up with some bearable angst As Carian is a real animal lover she always features some pet to my great delight.I ve read and loved Torn, the first Devils Wolves book I was intrigued by Tyler, the broken and elusive savage of the family and could not wa [...]

    10. Tied is book 2 in The Devil s Wolves Series and can totally be read as a stand alone if you so choose.Tied brings forth a much different story than with Torn Carian s writing is mature, thought provoking, and delicate when it needs to be, to do this story justice Where Torn was a bit of taboo, this is a whole lot of two people coming together who have had some very f ed up things happen to them in the past, to living what amounts to the fairytale that everyone wants.Tyler and Holly meet in other [...]

    11. A fairytale in its purest form A Prince who doesn t want to be the hero and a Princess who refuses to become a victim even after the worst imaginable torment fell upon her.Exactly what I needed to read, in order to get out of my book slump 5 huge stars not only because I love Carian Cole and her crazy writing skills, but mostly because I fell in love with the story, the characters and every little thing in this book.Holly is a girl who went through a nightmare but kept her innocence intact She w [...]

    12. So here s where I get to tell you how big a dork I can be I decided to read this book because of the Title and Cover I merely skimmed the blurb I assumed from the title it was either an MC or Shifter Romance WRONG OMG, this book you guys Tied is a gut punch in the very best way It was completely unexpected and utterly spellbinding.The main characters, Holly and Tyler experience extreme hardships and traumatic events They re both broken and beaten down, but also doing the best they can to cope wi [...]

    13. This is seriously one of the best books I ve ever read This isn t a feel good, cotton candy romance These characters have each been through hell and have had to deal with the consequences of what has happened to them The writing was fantastic there were so many things I highlighted and I m not normally someone who highlights in a book I just couldn t stop myself These characters were complex and amazing I loved both of them and my heart broke for everything they went through and all they had to [...]

    14. A beautiful story of good triumphing over bad, of learning to live, love, accept and move on from a life of unadulterated horror and finding your prince at the end of it.I really do love this author s writing, she tackles very difficult subjects and handles them with sensitivity without pulling any punches.What took away a star for me is the ending seemed almost too easy, I kept on waiting for the axe to fall Also I wanted to see some sort of resolution explanation with her arsehole parents and [...]

    15. 3.5 starsThis was a hard one to rate which is why it s taken me a while to write this review There were lots of things I loved about this story Loved Holly and Tyler Holly had such a traumatic and tragic existence from the time she was 8 years old until Tyler found her ten years later And I loved how this story focused on her recovery rather than the details of what actually happened But I felt there was so much missing from the story There was mention of the man who took her having a family wi [...]

    16. I discovered this author with her first book Storm and Very Quickly became obsessed with her books I ve read most of them 3 or 4 times so far The first series is about a rock band and whenever I heard a song on the radio I liked, I pictured this imaginary band playing it Yes, I m that obsessed Not to say I was like that with them all There was one I only read once, not because it wasn t good, the main theme was just something I m not comfortable with Then she came out with a spin off series, the [...]

    17. Tied o segundo livro da s rie Devils Wolves e pode ser completamente lido separadamente do anterior, o Torn Nessa nova hist ria passamos a conhecer Tyler e Holly, dois jovens que possuem um passado traum tico e que juntos encontrar o alento um na companhia do outro.Tyler conhece Holly de uma forma quase surreal dentro da floresta que ele tanto ama viver e trabalhar Esse encontro ficou marcado na vida da garota e s depois de um ano ela consegue reencontrar o pr ncipe que a resgatou do mal Desse r [...]

    18. 4 this is our story starsTwo people interconnected, without knowing it, by their shattering pasts, burned, wounded and devastatingly broken, they ll find the meaning and purpose in depths of fissures, scars and traumas, while they both learn how to hope again the realms of realityTyler Grace a recluse, a scarred freak, filled with piled up guilt of events past that changed the paths of his family and his own, he s a miserable, bitter man whose life will irreversibly alter one day when he hears a [...]

    19. Tied had me from the opening lines in the prologue until the final sentence This book is exquisitely, hauntingly beautiful It s message is one of triumph over tragedy, true love overcoming self loathing, hope overcoming fear and most of all, the ability to shape our own destinies despite circumstances beyond our control at times This book assures us that we are the authors of our own ultimate fate I should warn you that you will need tissues at different pointsr both main characters, however, an [...]

    20. A 3.5 star rating from me for this one It was surprisingly enjoyable I tend to struggle with this subject matter But the majority of the horror surrounding Hollys past isn t described in great detail It s about her recovery rather than her actual kidnapping and abuse I would have enjoyed interaction with Tyler s family And there were a few things that weren t greatly explained which was disappointing It wasn t as enjoyable as Torn but that might have been because Torn was over a longer time sc [...]

    21. ARC kindly provided by author.In the past few years, Carian Cole became one of my favourite authors She did an amazing job with this one I read all of her books, and each time there is a new one out, I can t wait to get my paws on it Her writing is flawless, her characters are complex and intriguing and somehow, she manages to keep you interested for hours so yeah, I usually read her books in the matter of hours This is precisely why I love her I won t reveal details of what this book is about b [...]

    22. PERFECTION.Pure perfection.If you enjoyed TORN, you will definitely want to jump into this book right away This is a slow burn, angsty build up romance that had me hanging onto every single word These two characters have genuinely broken pasts and the way they find their way to each other is breathtaking Like, I just have no other words to say that it s such a beautiful read Carian Cole is a BRILLIANT writer I highly recommend this series

    23. I am done with life I swear to God this book obliterated me Holly s childhood was stolen by a monster and she had almost given up hope when a prince came along and saved her So what if her prince has scars, tattoos, a surly attitude and bucket load of issues He s still the one who saved her, who makes her heart race, who gives her shivers of the best kind Trying to fit into normal routine on top of dealing with the haunting memories isn t going to be easy for Holly but she is determined She also [...]

    24. Arc Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm beckiebookworm Oh My Giddy Aunt, This Book was so good, a real heart rending tragic narrative of events that when tied together make a catalogue of disasters that are so awful for both Tyler and Holly, yet needed to occur so these two damaged individuals could be exactly where they stand now together, United, mirrors to each others pain and anguish.I have read quite a few books by the talented Carian Cole adoring each and every one, but I can Honestly say Tied is [...]

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